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The Inspirational Collections Ministries

God's Grace and Mercy!

God is Turning it Around!

God Turned It Around!

Prophesy! Dreams! Visions!

My "burden-bearer," real-world, crafty sermons are "outside-the-box," to aid you in navigating in your daily life, to face adversities head-on, deal with it as it comes, go through it and not around it. Just get to it and stop procrastinating. You do not accomplish anything when you hide and run from life's challenges, the problem is always going to be there lingering in your daily life, causing you to stumble on your journey. “No weapon forged against you will prevail.” Isaiah 54:17.


Jesus is the Pathway to Heaven

Seasonal Burden Bearer Sermons

An Introduction to This Ten Part Series of Sermons “In the Way of Life’s Journey”

God showed up and placed the “In the Way of Life’s Journey” series of sermons on my heart. Good Lord! I did not complain about the overflow of sermons that God has gifted me with; instead, I got on it! We may not understand everything thing that God does, but God has a purpose for everything that happens according to His plans, not our plans.

“In the Way of Life’s Journey” sermons are about what is endured in everyday life. We are confronted with “In the Way of Life’s Journey” daily, meaning the everyday hassles of life, the problems, the situations, the disturbances, the grievances, and the debris of sins and evils that forces its way into our lives, that causes pain, suffering, agony, and heartaches. When you live a perfect life without life’s trials, you just keep ticking on because life’s trials are coming your way; it is no way around it, unfortunately, you must go through it. We do not live in a perfect world without the daily challenges of sins and evils. Woefully! If you live on earth you will be touched by the sins and the evils that are dwelling in this old world. You need Christ Jesus to help you get through it all.

My hope is that my diligent writings of The Inspirational Collections of sermons are uplifting and inspiring to you in your daily life. The authenticity of God’s Word will get you through the many trials of “In the Way of Life’s Journey”, which means life’s trials and tribulations, hardships, the daily battlefields of life, and knowing when to make a detour when sins and evils are coming straight at you, instead meeting it head on walking into an unholy messy battlefield that could have been avoided. Just because a battle crosses your path you do not have to fight every battle. You turn it over to God and choose your battles wisely. When you attempt to fight every battle that comes your way, it is guaranteed that you will have a heart attack, stroke, or develop some types of illness. Mankind is not equipped to fight every battle that only God is equipped to fight. You must know when to let go and walk away.

My core messages of what I am speaking about in this series of sermons is that Christ Jesus is dependable. You must ask yourself when you turn to other people and depend on their word and take their advice over God’s Word, what good is that going to do for you when they are not anchored in Jesus, God the Son? Jesus will never count you out, but mankind will. You can forever lean on Jesus and call on Him anytime. Jesus is reliable, trustworthy and He is your Devine helper in your daily life who is everywhere you are. God never said this life journey would be easy. When things gets dark and you cannot see through the fog, you do not make a detour from God’s path, you keep holding on trusting in God. The Lord is your helper to get through life’s trials. When life becomes overwhelming pray to God “Lord Help Me to Hold Out”. I am speaking about the substance of faith, hope, sanctification, spiritual warfare, trusting in the Lord, never giving up, and holding out for the Lord; moving forward on your journey not backward to open that dark cold chapter in your past.

God’s Word is dependable than anything on earth. God’s Word is dependable than any human beings’ word. God’s Word is everlasting that will never change. God’s language is care that inspires, faith, hope, joy, peace, loving, forgiveness, and self-confidence, just to mention a few. The Holy foundation of God’s Word can get you through any life’s trials.

God’s Word says in the Gospel of (Mark 13:31, NIV) 

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”


1. Your Lovely Song That Gets you Through the Day: Part One

2. The Devil Doesn’t Take a Day Off: Part Two

3. The Chief Cornerstone of Friction: Part Three

4. Young David: A Brave Warrior Keep Pressing On the Spiritual Battlefield, Don’t Stop!: Part Four

5. King David: Fallen from Grace Keep Pressing On the Spiritual Battlefield, Don’t Stop!: Part Five

6. Your Head Hung Low, Lift it: Part Six

7. Slothful Folks Stirring Up Confusion: Part Seven

8. Lord Help Me to Hold Out: Part Eight

9. God Has the Judging Authority: Part Nine

10. Listen to God’s Word Dismiss Myths, Get Healthy!: Part Ten


An Inspirational Sermon

"Your Lovely Song That Gets you Through the Day: Part One"


A Looking into an “In The Way of Life’s Journey” sermon that’s coming “The Chief Cornerstone of Friction: Part Three"

Please do be my shadow as I sneak peek you into this moving sermon, that starts out with the core of the below living testimony.

All the people at our home for a holiday “fellowship” dinner were from our church, except for one couple, my husband’s coworker, and her husband. Our church neighbor Mrs. Holier-Than-Thou lived across the lake, down from us, was sitting at the breakfast table in the nook eating and conversing with the other women who sat at the table. Mrs. Holier-Than-Thou was the loudest when she was discourteous saying things to my husband’s coworker that she had absolutely no business saying, especially as a Christian, especially in the setting, and especially in front of the children who sat there listening. She talked badly about his coworker’s “Miami” pastor.

I sat on the family room sofa looking and listening. Mrs. Holier-Than-Thou’s husband sat next to me and her youngest daughter kneeled at the table cracking pecans, eating them. Mrs. Holier-Than-Thou husband is very nice, the opposite of her. He gently said to me along the lines of Jennifer, I am so sorry about my wife. I don’t know why she does this. Then the daughter said in an upsetting voice mama is embarrassing. She always causes trouble. She does this everywhere we go. She makes me sick.

I notice my husband’s coworker was worked up defending her pastor. They were now in an intensely loud debate, that sounded more like arguing. I was concerned about her. She looked to be out of breath. She was upset. Therefore, I said to my husband, “Honey please go intervene. I am worried about her. Go give her water.”

Before leaving Mrs. Holier-Than-Thou’s husband leaned on the kitchen counter and said to my husband along the lines of speaking about the “submissive” word. Melvin, Jennifer is so soft spoken towards you. She calls you honey. How do you get her to be that way? I wish my wife would. She so loud.

Fast forward to after everyone departed except my husband’s coworker and husband. While tidying I heard a glimpse of their conversation at the door. She said to my husband along the lines of: MJ why do you have all these people in your home? They are Christians but they are not right. You don’t need all those people around you; you have a nice home. You have a nice, beautiful wife, what do you need with all those people? Their spirits are not right. You need to get rid of them.

While tidying the kitchen I thought upon her arrival with her husband. She was reluctant to come in. She thought she was at the wrong house it took them over an hour to get to our home. Twice she asked me did MJ live here. I smiled telling her yes. As they walked in, she said this is a beautiful house. I didn’t know MJ lived like this.

Oh yeah! My people!

The Williams Brothers Radio

-Jennifer, a benevolence of Christ Jesus on that "Old Rugged Cross"

"In The Way of Life's Transitions" Sermons Coming

Before the kickoff of the "In the Way of Life's Journey" sermons, hopefully the sermon below is uplifting to your spirit living your Godly life in the trying times that we are living in.

An Inspirational Sermon

“So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking. They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts. Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more.

“You, however, did not come to know Christ that way. Surely you heard of him and were taught in him accordance with the truth that is in Jesus. You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” (Ephesians 4:17-24, NIV).

"Let's Get this Transition Started from the Worldly Path to Jesus' Path: Part One"

January 26, 2021

Christ Jesus the giver of life made a way for sinners on Calvary. Jesus is the greatest love to have given His life on Calvary for all mankind. Prince of Peace our Lord and Savior. Never think that you got to this place where you are on your own. It was because of Christ Jesus on Calvary “At the Foot of the Cross”.

Wade in the water! Lord I stretch my arms to You. God Your children need a word from You for their pains. They need a word from You God, the healer. Each time I sit at my desk to write I am in the presence of the Lord. His Holy Spirit reigns down upon me.

Jesus You are the still waters that takes care of me with Your kindness, lovingly grace. Jesus You are the sunset to the setting of the sun. You live within my heart. Jesus You are amazing and everything that I need. Your mercy and grace is everything to me. Oh Jesus! You are the lamb on Calvary worthy to be praise. Jesus You are the redeemer. Jesus You are my daily oxygen that I breathe. Our Jesus keeps faith, hope, loving and forgiveness alive, because He is alive and well sitting on the throne at the right hand of His Father God.

Come all God’s children to the well to quench your thirst and hunger with His Word. Come all the sinners Christ Jesus will save your souls, lighting the way, clearing the path for you to walk the path of freedom. Bring all your sins and lay them down “At the Foot of the Cross” where Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior is waiting on you. Jesus loves you! Praise God He loves the whole world. God is love He wants all your love.

Glory hallelujah! Let’s get God’s validated sermon underway.

Glory to God in the most high is so good I love Him. Jehovah-Jireh You are amazing I give You the honor and the praises. Folks you better get on it, and run to your transition while you still have breath, trading your sins to follow Jesus. Oh yeah! “Let’s Get this Transition Started from the Worldly Path to Jesus’ Path”.

By any measure there are people who have been in and out of the Lord’s house for many years not committed to God’s commandments in their daily life. Are they saved? Are they just going through the motions? They routinely attend church systematically living the worldly life. They are ‘non-productive spectators’ in the Lord’s house. It’s not good when you have transitioned to Jesus’ path and you have not changed not one little bit. Change does not happen over night you must put forth the effort and do the work to change. For God’s Word says, “You, however, did not come to know Christ that way. Surely you heard of him and were taught in him accordance with the truth that is in Jesus. You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.”

God is good all the time He has given you a brand-new day to rededicate yourself to Him. Repent! Redeemer! Redemption! Stop carrying around your sins in your heart. Jesus has the authority to forgive you for your sins. Whatever God can do Jesus, can do. “In the Way of Life’s Transitions” a born again Christian comes with change living the Godly life. You cannot pour old wine into new wine. You must dress yourself in new wine for change. Will you be standing before God dressed in old wine? Tomorrow if the sun rises will you still be on the worldly path? Today pick-up your cross, your study tool, the “Holy Bible”, leave your old life behind and get on the strait and narrow path with Jesus. Living a double life becomes tiresome with a heavy weight on your shoulders. Just do it! Leave your old way of life behind and walk the “path of life”. You cannot turn back the clock and start your life over again, you can only move forward with the progression of time, transitioning to Jesus’ path, and never looking back on yesterday, because yesterday is not coming back, and you cannot change yesterday, but you can change you. The calling on your life is worth the transition. You ought to thank God for making it over to the dawning of another day’s journey when many didn’t make it. You ought to thank God for bringing you over, giving you the gift of life. For Christ Jesus declared “I am the bread of life”.

God is the base of His children’s life. When you stay in the base of God’s Word it strengthens you from falling weakened to the temptations of the world. A child of God brings about Christ Jesus “At the Foot of the Cross” joy, peace, loving, kindness, goodness, meekness, forgiveness, compassion, apathy, gentleness, consideration, understanding, unity, just to mention a few.

• A bitter person brings about bitterness!

• A mean person brings about meanness!

• A sad person brings about sadness!

• A sinful person brings about sinfulness!

• A wicked person brings about wickedness!

• A vile person brings about vileness!

• A kind person brings about kindness!

• A joyful person brings about joyfulness!

• A humble person brings about humbleness!

Christ Jesus is the reason we are here today. We never would have made it to this place on earth without Jesus. You ought to give Jesus praises for giving you the gift of life to make your transition when He took the fall on Calvary “At the Foot of the Cross”. God has brought many of you over out of the ruts from the bottom of the barrels, until you ought to ask yourselves, God what will I do without Your mercy and grace? God where would I be without Your amazing grace keeping me?

Listen: The plan is to stay the course with Christ Jesus, however, if you have given credence to Satan’s lies in swaying you to ride with him, you should be an adult, take responsibility, and accept the truth about you have signed up for Satan’s path, allowing yourself to be at his disposal having his way with you, and you lost your way from Jesus’ path to the worldly path, ‘just like sheep without a Shepherd’ watching over the flock. When you have signed up to ride with Satan you darn-well better be prayed up with faith, hope, strength, and have the will power to survive, because you are in over your head for a harrowing journey! Anything goes on Satan’s turf, there are not any rules and regulations. Satan vowed to himself to take as many souls as he possibly can. And he aimed to do just that! So you need to be in position prayed up, geared up in your war clothes, and ready to go rounds with that serpent. Well, I may as well enlighten you that you are not going to hit the jackpot of the following on Satan’s path.

• There is not joy on Satan’s path, none whatsoever!

• There is not peace on Satan’s path, none whatsoever!

• There is not unity on Satan’s path, none whatsoever!

• There is not meekness on Satan’s path, none whatsoever!

• There is not nurturing on Satan’s path, none whatsoever!

Oh Lord! You are confused thinking Satan is your bake-a-cake friend! Oh how blinded you are, Satan is not your friend period! Jesus is your friend. You are confused thinking that Satan is forgiving! Oh how wrong you are, Satan is not forgiving period! Jesus is forgiving. When you are on-board with Satan and embraced him into your life, you don’t want to get that serpent mad. Because if you do, my God! You better pray to God day and night for deliverance because Satan is going to do some unimaginable things to you that may send you to a mental ward preparing you for your own funeral. The real kicker is that Satan is a cold blooded, opportunistic peddler who peddle anything and everything to capture you in his evil web. He will go the distance to do whatever it takes for him to win. And you should gear up in your war clothes and do the same, going the distance for God on the everyday battlefield of life to win. You should never surrender to defeat.

Let it go! Just let it go and stop holding onto the loyalty of your opponent Satan who is your opposition leaching off of your fears, weaknesses, shortcomings, and your sins, with a stronghold. Just let it go and stop holding onto your ragtag “sinful appetites” of the world. Stop the long pause, just let it go, make the transition today to Jesus’ path and stop letting Satan take a deep dive in your life putting a bridge on your life. When your sins get too bad in your life, out of control, you need to quickly make some measures of making major changes in your life, gaining control over your life putting things in perspective. When your sins have gotten out of hand, you need to call on Jesus to help you clean that mess up! When you are burning wheels with Satan, with your headlights off and your blinders on He will turn the wheels of your life like a tornado, leaving scattered debris everywhere, and your life disarrayed! When you are burning the wheels on Satan’s highway and you have turned a blind eye to evil, trying to see the good is something that is not there, it’s a fatal weakness that will put you away. Good is not in evil, because evil produces evil; Satan is the root of evil. At this point in time you should flip the script now and transition on Jesus’ path, because sure enough, you are on dangerous grounds living the worldly life. While you still have breath you should transition to Jesus’ path, break loose from Satan now and get on with “Let’s Get this Transition Started from the Worldly Path to Jesus’ Path”.

Oh! And by the way when you have fallen for the temptations of sins and joined Satan’s party having a bashing time, you should turn around and rejoin God’s party, where the goodness of the Lord is always happening. Nothing good comes out of Satan’s parties. You should turn around now, back to God’s party before you get caught up in the crossfire that is always happening at Satan’s parties, where ruckus is always happening with folks getting banged up, messed up, and some folks lost their lives. Satan does not have a problem taking you out! This is real life, the everyday battlefield of life, on another day’s journey. Listen: it’s not even about you having a good time partying with Satan, it’s about him destroying you. That’s what he does, he comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan is at war to win as many souls as he possibly can to build up his dark army. Look! I can save you a whole lot of time and tell you now, if your so-called friends you hang out with is your “back-up plan”, when you are on the battlefield with Satan, that is your battle, your so-called friends are not going to come help you out, they will tell you ‘maybe next time’. You should always be ready for the battlefield because you never know when your adversaries are coming, who comes in different shapes, sizes, and nationalities to win. God said in His Word “So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking. They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts. Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more.”

Hallelujah Jesus! All my help comes from the Lord. God and I work well together. I am walking in God’s authority to remove any debris that attempts to block my path from doing His Will. If I have to crush some debris to get the job done, then so be it. Because I aimed to do just that. When Satan threw debris on my path I crushed it, grind it, swept it out the way, and kept pressing forward. And you must do the same! When you are constantly against transitioning to Jesus’ path, or transitioning to His commandments thinking you “got it like that” on the worldly path, look again! You are blinded to realize how wrong you are and that the worldly path is more brutal. The devil is a lie, and the biggest liar in my neck of the woods! What about your neck of the woods? Satan wants you to think so vigorously that you “got it like that” on the worldly path, when you don’t, and the truth is you are a lost soul. You don’t got it like that; you have not lived until you lived for King Jesus. Stop outsourcing your life in others peoples’ hands and trust in God getting on with “Let’s Get this Transition Started from the Worldly Path to Jesus’ Path”.

The Gospel of (John 6:35, NIV). “Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.”

Check it out: you have a false perception that you are living a good wholesome life without Jesus. Christ Jesus is the ‘bread of life’ who you need to live a kosher and wholesome life. You need to be filled with God’s Word to make it in this crumbling world. Not only that but when you are navigating in this physical world unaided with God’s Word, you need to be vigilant of your surroundings around-the-clock. Yes you have! You have been fiddling around on the worldly path for so long until you cannot see that you have been wasting your life away, without a purpose, living your life in circles, going around and around, in and out of that same-old-broken-down revolving door, that is going absolutely nowhere, but straight to hell-town, uptown, downtown, and all around town, spinning the same old dead wheels. It’s time to change course on Jesus’ path. My Lord! You need to get on it now and “Let’s Get this Transition Started from the Worldly Path to Jesus’ path.

Rejoice in the Lord, get right with God, and stop throwing down His commandments on the worldly path. Your life begun sometime ago, it’s not important where you have been but where you are going forward. You have been on that rugged worldly path too long, now is the time to call on Jesus, and surrender to Him. Go ahead you can make the transition going all the way for the Lord to save your soul. It’s good to blend in your daily life “faith, hope, loving, and forgiveness”. Shake loose those shackles on your feet and leaving the worldly path behind. Go ahead and dress yourself in God’s Grace that looks good on you. Let it go being a prisoner of your sins. Go ahead walk away from that old rugged path that you have been on far too long, “Let’s Get this Transition Started from the Worldly Path to Jesus’ Path”, and make that next chapter of your life journeying with Jesus all the way.

Living the worldly life is so much different from living the Godly life. When you are living the worldly life separately from Christ Jesus you are living blindly in darkness, without the endowment to see your way out, and you lack the endowment to understand what is in front of you. Lord have mercy on your soul! You are not married to the worldly path, you are just, occupying space. So just get on up, jump ship, and make your way over to Jesus’ path. When you have jumped ship off the worldly path you did the right thing and you should never regret it.

Each day we breathe on another day’s journey God’s light shines on our lives. You are living an unfulfilled life on earth when you are living without Jesus. This old journey you need to be spiritually fed with the Word of God, otherwise life is meaningless. You should not be curious to see where Satan’s bleak path will lead you. Instead, you should get off Satan’s path now, and not do so again, getting back on his path.

Satan is always expanding his business from coast to coast unleashing the flood gates of his temptations in collecting new souls. My goodness! I know sometimes it’s hard, but you must find a way through Christ Jesus to denounce your sins and the world to having dominion over you, and find a new path with Jesus. If you trust in Jesus, He will take the wheel of your life, and show you the way. Yes Lord! You must find a new path and stop allowing yourself to be Satan’s puppet, with him pulling the strings in which way you should go in your daily life. When you are Satan’s puppet you are a lifeless soul separately from Christ Jesus. When you are on Satan’s path you are not on a clear eyed journey. When you are playing by Satan rules it’s not for the long haul, because once he used you up raggedy for his self-serving agenda he’s going to discard you like garbage. When you are living your life separately from Christ Jesus you are a dead spirit in the trespasses of your sins.

Jesus is all right you ought to let him into your heart. Waiting on your life-long, so-called friends to come with you transitioning on Jesus’ path is not likely to happen. Sometimes you just, gotta walk away, instead of staying onboard with it. They are holding you back living the way of the world. Go on without them, to a brand-new start, where Jesus is waiting on you. It’s okay if your so-called friend don’t want to go, you must keep moving and make the shift without them; go ahead Jesus is waiting on you. You should not wait till tomorrow to transition to Jesus’ path, tomorrow may not come. When you make the transition from the worldly path to Jesus’ path you are born again, in a “Spiritual “Newness”, of life walking in the light with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You are no longer living the heathen life. You are now on a new path rooted in Christ Jesus and you must make a drastic change in your life away from your old path.

Going forward don’t try to transition on your own, let go and let God show you the way. Just let go and let our Father have His way with you. Let Him renew a new spirit within you. Let go and let God make you over. Let this old world go! You have a new home over in Zion! Let your old friends go you have a new home over in Zion. Let your old ways go you have a new home over in Zion. Let your past go you have a new home over in Zion.

All right! God gave you mercy and transitioned you to Jesus’ path, now He is keeping you with His grace, you need to do your part and stay grounded in His Word, an obedient servant. Now you ought to give God the praises for a new daybreak on another day’s journey. You ought to not never forget where God delivered you from. Where God brought you from is your strength. The new dawning on another’s day’s journey is mercy from God, the coming of the messiah. Hallelujah by the glory of Christ Jesus.

Jesus came into the world to save sinners.

God’s Word reads in the Gospel of (Matthew 9:10-12, NIV).

“While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and “sinners” came and ate with him and his disciples. When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and “sinners’?”

On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”

Hallelujah Jesus! The Inspirational Collections of sermons “came to town” to lead sinners to Jesus for saving their lost souls.

A recommendation.

Jesus the Bread of Life

John 6:25-59

The Holy Bible

This sermon is concluded with my message in a bottle: Let me be very clear that we are God’s people. I said that very pronounced. I am speaking about the “Strait and Narrow gate”. God’s Word reads in the Gospel of (Matthew 7:14, NIV). “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” The world is vicious and not courteous in their talk usage they use brawny talk. The world is not glorious in God’s Word. We are living in critical times and you should not navigate through the battlefields of the world without Jesus, your sword. Wherever you go your Jesus, your sword should be there. It’s good to remain focus on Jesus fully mobilize in God’s Word moving forward navigating on your journey. If you are weakened in your faith, the world will devour you. If you are not faith-strong, worldly people will manipulate you and take advantage of you, having their way with you.

Many worldly people have the misconceptions that faith-people, are receptive to discourteous, and they will remain silent, letting you trample over them, doing and saying as you please. Also, if you don’t play the game they want you to, they turn into a snake. God is who you trust and commit your loyalty to. It’s falsehood thinking that faith-people do not have expressions of the heart, their emotions, and feelings. I paused to briefly define “worldly people”: if you are not living a Godly life, you are a worldly person, a pagan, a paganism, a heathen. Hear this: when you are in a disagreement do not be intimidated by any situations whether it’s personal, business, or in your daily life, you should always speak your peace with God’s guidance. Do not let people dictate to you how you should express yourself in disagreements or whatever the situations may be to appease. Good Lord especially if they are not living a Godly life, you should not be listening to them anyway. God is the head of your life not people, places, and things. Forever more people are ongoing have a multitude blenders of disagreements.

The Holy Ghost Power of the renewal of Sanctification separates Christians from worldliness, by the blood of Christ Jesus. It’s not the charge of Christians to pairing up with worldliness in attempting to heal the land when only God has the power to heal the land.

On our daily journey we know what is coming, one day we will expire. So, why do many navigating on their journey without Jesus? Stop wasting your life away digging around trying to find a substitute path better than Jesus’ path. Such a path does not exist. Jesus’ path is the right path in life.

My sermon’s main message: Of course not, that’s not how this life’s transitions thing works. No one is going to chaperone you, walking you through life’s transitions. You must develop your own personal relationship with God and strengthen your faith, through your powerful weapon prayer, trusting in God, believing in His Word, and call on Jesus to lean on. You cannot count on folks to achieve only what God can. I am not speaking about carrying each other burdens. There is a difference. I am speaking about everyone goes through life’s transitions. We must work it out on our own with the Lord and not look for other people to mimic our lives. You should not be struck by your inner circle friends who you invested a lot of time in will likely leave you hanging. That’s what people do they leave you hanging. People are fickle, because of sins and evils. Encore: Pastor preached in his “Under New Management” sermon, ‘you be in peoples’ faces crying about your problems and they don’t even like you’. Life is tough you gotta have gator skin to get through it, because life’s toughest is gonna keep coming and coming. Listen: you can only depend on Jesus period. Jesus is who your help comes from, He is your “protective barrier”. Anything else is questionable. You should not navigate on your journey taking ‘this person and that’ persons’ word at face value. Everyone has something to say giving their unwarranted opinions and advice when they cannot manage their own life. Only God’s Word is solid to take at face value. It’s good to be careful who you open a dialogue with. Satan is not low-key He is transit always on the move all over the place having dialogue trying to attract you to his gloomy web. He’s over here today having a dialogue, then, he’s over there, ending up way over yonder continuing his wicked dialogue. When you have dialogue with Satan it can turnaround and cause a “hell-storm” storming in your life. When you have chosen to enter a dialogue with Satan you better be prayed up and a strong warrior of God, otherwise that serpent will see your weaknesses and devour you. Having a personal dialogue and ministering God’s Word is different. I am speaking about having a personal relationship with Satan, inviting him into your space, expecting a Godly outcome. I am speaking about pure evils, and that it’s negligent to inviting folks into your home around your innocence children and not knowing who is in front of you gracing your presence. You should not let people have access to everything in your life, especially your children, otherwise, it can bring you a tragedy. It’s healthier to be realistic about life’s transitions and face it.

Being in denial is not going to make it go away. If you don’t crush yourself with your crying, whining, and pity parties, Satan will crush you, and take charge of your life, driving the wheel, with the gas pedal pressed down to the floor. Look: stop living your life taking peoples’ word at face value and read the Holy Bible for yourself. God’s people are strong warriors; stop the whining and strengthening up. There are clearly significant challenges in life’s transitions, which is compelling for you to stay grounded in God’s Word to navigate you through any life’s transitions. You must keep your spirit higher in the middle of life’s transitions and not panic and don’t go astray from God’s path, just because of bumps and rough patches in life. Christ Jesus did not go astray from that “Old Rugged Cross”. He stayed on course, making His way to the cross, doing His Father’s Will.

His benediction. Jesus, Jesus , healer, healer, praises be given unto thee. Pray God’s children, Jesus is a prayer a way. Yes, He will come through for you. Believe in His Word and His promises. You got to believe, keep moving, Satan cannot stop you, only God knows your future. Our God is the Alpha and the Omega. One God one name above every name. Jesus is the fence around you protecting you. This place you are is not foreign, you have been in this place before. God brought you out before He will bring you out again. God fixed it for you before He will fix it for you again. The Lord is mighty and strong He will fight the battles of your storms. You should keep your head up and hold on when you have been in that old storm too long, and you felt like giving up on life. It’s time for you to be jubilant again, because God is about to bring you out that old storm, clearing away the dark clouds, it’s already done. God made you a promise that He will not forsake you. Our God the powerful healer will come through for you giving you deliverance. When you are in the middle of it you must still praise God, He will revive you. When I was going through it in the middle of it on “My Spiritual Writing Journey” I still praised God. When life knocked you down continuously, here’s what you do: keep holding on, because God is on the way to make it better. Don’t give up, you just, need to keep holding on. To get through the sea of life’s trials is to go through it, move passed it, not waddle in it. When you want to waddle and cry you just, keep holding on God is coming to your deliverance. God strengthen you in the middle of your trials giving you the victory, bringing you out victorious. Your downfalls is your victory. Your trials is your victory. Your pains and suffering is your victory. Your hardships is your victory. Isn’t God good all the time. Won’t He do just like He said He would. Hold on to your strong faith God will move mountains for you. God is here for you, He is available for you anytime. Do call on Him He will move mountains giving you comfort. God will do what He does, so hold on and stop worrying you are going to make it out that old storm. Let God have His way with you, you are not quite there yet, but if you keep holding on, the sun will get brighter, and the prairie of the wind will blow your way, sweeping the breeze gently across your face. I see the clouds moving and the sun beginning to shine upon you. God is working it out for your goodness. He is doing it now. He already worked it out. So smile and put away the tears, trusting, believing in Him, and be grateful that each day God gives you a new mercy when you open your eyes, with oxygen to breathe to the rising of the bright light of the sun. Lord Jesus reign on us and have mercy and grace on us all. God’s wonderful peace be with you on your journey.

-Jennifer, a benevolence of Christ Jesus on that "Old Rugged Cross"

A looking at a series of sermons in the making.

1. In The Way of Life's Transitions

2. In The Way of Life's Meekness

3. In The Way of Life's Valleys

4. In The Way of Life's Burdens

A looking into a sermon coming to this page within the ten part series of "In The Way of Life's Valleys" sermons.

"Never Give up No Matter What, you Can Do It Because you Have to: Part Two"

February 4, 2021

Oh yeah! God is still keeping me. He kept me here, on another day’s journey, praise God. I feel like “cooling water!” Christ Jesus is a vessel around me, with His loving grace. The God I serve is worthy to be praised! Amen, amen.

God’s door is open He has heard your weeping hearts. Yes Lord, I am a vessel for God’s glory. Our Heavenly Father is using me as a “chosen vessel” for the writing of each burden-bearer sermon from The Inspirational Collections, with encouragement, upliftment, and inspiration for your daily life, to ease your pains, and aiding you on your journey. God knows your troubling hearts. I have heard your heart-wrenching voices, your painful weeping voices, and I have seen the intense worrying on your faces. I have heard your voices about your everyday heavy burdens, about your kinfolks, about your sibling rivalries, about your financial hardships, and about your trials, that comes with everyday life, just to mention a few. I am a “common folk” just like you. Therefore, I am amongst you, and I have heard the “whispers” of your voices, that you lacked care to hear about the everlasting madness of the world; but you need to hear God’s Word to help you get through another day in this “turbulent” world, to help you navigate through the madness of the world, and to help you get through life’s everyday trials. I know you need to hear God’s Word to strengthen your faith, to aid you in rising above the madness in the world. I know sometimes many of you feel helpless. You must keep soldiering on, keeping the faith, listening to God’s Word, focusing on Christ Jesus, and do not give up. God is with you, always. He lives within you. Give God the glory that you are still here, on another day’s journey. Gracious God!

The Gospel Matthew 6:34, NIV: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

• Stop worrying! God will bring you over the same way He did the Israelites.

• Stop worrying! God will bring you over the same way He did Job.

• Stop worrying! God will bring you over the same way He did Joseph.

• Stop worrying! God will bring you over the same way He did Daniel in the lions’ den.

• Stop worrying! God will bring you over the same way he did Jonah.

Another day’s journey, if you think you are due for a break from life’s trials, that is not going to happen, because the clock keeps ticking onto another day’s journey. With each new-day comes life’s trials. That’s just the way it is the reality of life. You must try to do the best you can from life’s trials, heal from it and, move on. Christ Jesus was not given a break when they nailed Him to that “Old Rugged Cross” hung out on Calvary.

The Gospel of Joshua 1:9, NIV: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Life’s trials are something that you see everyday portrayed around the world from coast to coast. When life’s trials and tribulations comes your way, always do all you can, but “Never Give up No Matter What, you Can Do It Because you Have to”. You can count it victory, because you are still here, on another day’s journey. When life’s trials comes, ask Jesus to be a fence around you, to get you through it safely. No matter what your situation is Jesus will get you through it. When life’s trials and tribulations gets you down it’s good to keep moving and not look back, otherwise life’s going to get the better of you. If life’s trials injure you and you fall down, you get right back up, and keep moving, limping, if you have to. What you do is never surrender to defeat! Well! Okay, after you have taken a beat-down from the world, don’t stay down there, get up, gear up in your war clothes and battle up! You never, ever surrender to a beat-down. You always finish your rounds until you win. Defeat is never an option. Even a particle win is not acceptable. Christ Jesus went all the way on Calvary. Good Lord! Never give energy to reminiscing on your troubles, just, keep moving, and thank God for the many blessings in your life. God’s gift of life is enough to say thank You Jesus!

Nevertheless, your fears make you weak, but the Word of God makes you stronger. I tell you this, if you do not know how to battle-up for the battles, when Satan gets a hold of you and toss your back against the wall, you will learn how to battle-up for the battles. Because you know what! You are going to get tired of your back against that wall, and you are going to want out. Therefore, your only option is to quickly learn how to battle-up for the battle, to get out that rut, releasing your back from against the wall.

Oh God! Some of you just don’t get it, do you? When you take a moment to look back over your life you will see that you have seen many trials and tribulations on your journey to not let defeat have the victory! You had to have seen many trials and tribulations, because you are still here. Listen: when you woke up this morning you ought to have thanked God for bringing you through your trials and tribulations on another day’s journey. You have seen many victories this far, so, why let defeat have the last word? You ought to not complain about your trials and tribulations, because God brought you over this far. You ought to not fret about your troubles, because God shines His light on your life daily, each time He has allowed you to rise to a new day, bright as the morning star, shining upon the world.

Keeping it moving, you should not complain and pout about your life, it can be worse than what it is. Your burning complaints are not going to change anything, but cause you excess stress. You can be in the hospital on your death bed. You can be disfigured greatly than you can ever imagine. You can be in a wheelchair missing limbs. You just, ought to thank God each morning you open your eyes. Each day you wake up is not just another day, it is God’s grace. If you are struggling to digest what I am saying here, it will be good for your soul to take a trip to the hospital, a nursing home, and the cemetery, and see how many short graves are there versus long graves. Then see how that works for you. One would challenge you that the things you seen in those places are not something you see in your daily life. The things that you witnessed in those places, you would not want anyone to see. Such a sight will awaken you to the reality that life is precious.

Yes, life is brutal, and our life’s journey gets harder sometimes, but “Never Give up No Matter What, you Can Do It Because you Have to”. You better believe you need an anchor to get you through life’s transitions Jesus is your anchor. You better know how to climb, if you are not anchored in Jesus, because Satan’s path comes with a lot of ditches. So, you see, you need to know how to push-up, and climb out of life’s treacherous ditches. Otherwise, you are going to endure some long dark seasons. Yeah, well, it’s true! Satan is the biggest liar above all, when you take the stance and say, ‘I have never been through any trials. My life is perfect. Other people go through trials not me’. We all go through life’s trials, some more than others. This is the situation: We were born sinners we are going to die sinners. It’s good to die a “believer saved sinner”, then your soul going straight to “hell”.

Life is not nice and easy. Each person must workout their own salvation. But that does not mean you are alone, Jesus is there to help you get through it. Hold on, don’t give up on God He will be there for you in your time of despair. When life gets the better of you, you must keep going or you are going to be “stuck in a ditch,” and you will die, if you stay there. If you don’t know Jesus, you will get to know Him in the treacherous ditches of life. Life is like the ticking of the clock, it keeps moving, never stopping. You must trust Jesus and follow His path. The only reason you are breathing is because of Jesus. When life gets the better of you, you can always ride with Jesus, just you and Him, so, what do you say?

When you are out numbered in life’s race, with many trials, you should never give up, and let life rope you into the realm of defeat. You always finish what you started, “Never Give up No Matter What, you Can Do It Because you Have to”. Never say you can’t do it. If you can breathe, you can do it! If you can walk you can do it! If you can crawl, you can do it! if you can sit up, you can do it! If you can look up, you can do it! Your only option is to keep moving forward. The visibility  of the real world is not a breeze. I tell you this: no matter what happens, what the situations and circumstances are you never, ever give up! Some people have no idea what will happen if they give up. Let me enlighten you: you will drown! However! Jesus is hope who has the power to help you from anywhere, no matter where you are, and what the circumstances are, which leads me, to the core of this sermon: faith, courage, determination, resilience, strength, and triumph.

Sweet Jesus when you have tried to hide your tears God seen you. When you threw up your hands ready to throw in the towel God seen you. When you tossed and turned weeping in the midnight hours God seen you. God knows where you are at all times, and He knows what you are doing, you cannot run and hide. Jonah tried to run and hide from God. But Jonah couldn’t hide. God was looking at him the whole time. Instead of attempting to hide from God, you must pray. Instead of attempting to hide from God, you must stop struggling with life’s trials and let Jesus throw you a lifeline. You should not wait any longer to let Jesus into your heart. What are you waiting on? Surrender and let God use you for His amazing glory. Give yourself an offering unto the Lord. You are His property. He can make you over and renew a new spirit in you.

When your spirit is low and things are not going as you hoped keep pressing on. It is good to devise a plan when things don’t work out, but you “Never Give up No Matter What, you Can Do It Because you Have to”. You gotta keep pressing on. When your spirit is low do not lose your joy in your trials. Joy will come in the morning. Whatever you do! Don’t let anyone hijack your joy. Christ Jesus gifted you “joy” when He hung out on Calvary. Please! You be a fool and fall for that if you want to, that Satan don’t want to hurt you. Of course, he wants to hurt you. That is what he does, he comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Satan comes to steal your joy, don’t let him have it! You should take the road with Jesus and see where He leads you.

My message in a bottle: Can you put your pride aside from beaming in the “spotlight” and give God the highest praises while you are on top of the world? It is not about you it is about Christ Jesus on Calvary. Everyday life dominion! Can you please come down from the clouds of your accomplishments and give God the praises? One day the spotlight is going to dim to finally darkening and the world is going to crumble then what? Then what about your soul? God can help you out with that. He is a God of possibility and miracles. God is a God of possibility to clean up your life and renew a new spirit in you, giving you a new path. So I say, when people gossip about you behind your back, give a living testimony and tell how it really happened, tell the truth to put asunder their fabricated lies. Let God be in charge of your life. Read the Holy Bible, a book that never gets old.

God’s eyes over in Zion does not separate the privilege over here and the underprivileged over there. Our God over in Zion does not separate ‘this nationality from that nationality’. We are one under God’s umbrella. God loves all His children. Bigotry does not have a place over in Zion. There is no room in God’s kingdom for bigotry. Our God is a loving and forgiving God, and...

-Jennifer, a benevolence of Christ Jesus on that "Old Rugged Cross"

A looking into a sermon coming to this page within the ten part series of “In The Way of Life’s Burdens” sermons.

“The Everyday Challenges We Face as One Nation Under God: Part Four”

February 4, 2021

Christ Jesus defeated death when He rose on the third day. This morning, I rose, because of Jesus. I feel good, giving God all my continuously humbled thanks, loving and forgiveness.

“In The Way of Life’s Burdens”. This sermon is not about delving into the history of The Founding Fathers, and The Star-Spangled Banner. In a bundle I am speaking about the Biblical Truths “At the Foot of the Cross”, on another day’s journey in the everyday backbone challenges of real-time, about weeping in the midnight hours, about life’s scratches and scrapes, about life’s burdens, about your back against the wall, at a crossroad, and you don’t know which way to turn, about Jesus can lighten your burdens, if you trust in Him, and about God’s everyday mercy and grace. Ultimately God’s children must surrender with obedience to His Word and be a respectful member of the community as we navigate in an unchristian world.

Romans 13:1-7, NIV: “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgement on themselves. For ruler hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. For he is God’s servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. Give Ever what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.”

Graciously, we are all God’s people around the world, of every nationality, creed, and culture who navigate through “The Everyday Challenges We Face as One Nation Under God”. God did not design a specific challenge for “this culture, that culture, and the culture over there, God sees us as one. Keep in mind, some more than others goes through many and huge life’s challenges.

Daily around the world people are dying. People are starving. People are living in the streets without shelter. What about you, you, and you when you fall on hardships? Will you be among the helpless living in the streets? Or do you have a “back-up plan?” Well, I tell you! The devil is a bold-faced liar! Jesus, your back-up plan will and can bail you out of any life’s challenges. Jesus can put food on your table without any money in your pocket. Jesus is a miracle worker, who has trillions of His people networking all over the world helping every nationality. God has all the power with His original staffers in position all over the world helping every nationality. The Book of 2nd Timothy, Chapter 3.

No matter what nationality you are you will have your share of life’s challenges below as all the people of the world do. There is not an inclusion nationality, who does endure life’s challenges.

• Life’s hardships

• Life’s difficulties

• Life’s storms

• Life’s transitions

• Life’s valleys

• Life’s burdens

• Life’s dark seasons

• Life’s disappointments

• Life’s trials and tribulations

After God brought you out the storm, the sun is shining, and you see brighter days, that is the point in which you owe God the praises for bringing you out. Many of you could never have made it out a whole bunch of life’s challenges without God’s mercy and grace. But yet, you do not even say thank You Jesus. Pastor should not have to tell you to stand and give God the praises. You should do that anyway. You should do that anyway, ongoing picking up “life’s supplies” from the Holy Bible to keep you on solid ground in God’s Word.

As a strong nation and community we will continue to fight all life’s adversities and we will not be defeated. Each day brings to each of us a strengthening opportunity to grow our undying faith in God.

My message in a bottle. Merciful God! Many of you are pondering why do you bear more life’s burdens than others. If you attended church regularly and tithes properly, perhaps many life’s burdens will pass you by, instead of making a pit-stop by your residents each time they come to town. Oops! I caught wind of that, complaining about pastor’s imperfections. Stop acting a “fool”, as my grandma used to say. What about your imperfections? Who said you were perfect? When you are in the Lord’s house you should put your personal strife aside and always show pastor the upmost respect, respecting authority. In the times that we are living in, born in this old dark sinful, paganism world, can you find an up-righteous man as Job? Ultimately, it is good to listen to pastor Sermonizing God’s Word, implement it in your daily life, working on you, and becoming a better you.

Lovely life is when we love one another as a nation.

-Jennifer, a benevolence of Christ Jesus on that “Old Rugged Cross”

A Message from Jennifer’s Discerning Heart

"Another Day’s Journey, What Makes you Happy?”

Another day’s journey, January 24, 2021: A kiss for my husband, I returned to the kitchen to cook my “down-home” Sunday dinner for my family. While cooking I looked out the nook window at the lake and this is what was on my mind.

Another day’s journey, if your brand-new car makes you happy, what about when it gets old and rusty, and you need a new one, but you have been on the path of hardships for an exceptionally long time, and you just barely making ends meet? The invitation is still open; you can always ride with Jesus.

Another day’s journey, if your brand-new relationship makes you happy, and you say no one can make you happy the way that person does. What about when that person no longer makes you happy, and becomes a broken-spirited person, overwhelmed with life’s trials and tribulations, and they do not know how to approach life’s overwhelming trials and tribulations because they are riding the waves of the world, without Jesus. When you are riding the waves of the world you will have a cargo of disappointments. If you stay in the wind riding the waves of the world, you will be tossed “to and fro” from here to there like a ship at sea caught in a raging thunderstorm. The invitation is still open, you can always ride with Jesus.

Another day’s journey, if your ambitious high-paying job makes you happy, because now you can buy all the things that you wanted in life. What about when a recession comes, the company downsized, and you were the first on the list to let go, because you were the highest-paid employee; now you are “barely hanging on”. The invitation is still open, you can always ride with Jesus.

Let me move on past this, you all catch my drift.

Yes, you have the wrong perception that life is always going to be a brighter, sunshine day. That is just, not going to happen. Endurance! You will endure the battlefields of everyday life’s trials, challenges, and disappointments. But just, because of all this, you do not, give up on God.

What about when you are on your sick bed, are the things of the world going to do for you what God can? What about your troubles, are the things of the world going to do for you what God can? The things of the world give you a temporary, illusionary fix, that you are happy when the truth is you are not. The things of the world can never do for you what God can. The things of the world pass away but the Word of God stands forever.

Another day’s journey, it is harder to “shake off” stuff and give it to the “garbage collector”, when you are not riding with Jesus. Good Lord! That shake off stuff send people to the hospital onto an early grave, because of stubbornness, not acknowledging God, not abiding in His Word, and not adhering to His commandments and decrees.

Make up your minds, you are either riding with Jesus all the way or not. Stop switching-back-and-forth to the worldly path and God’s path. How tiresome and troubling! Many are confused only wanting to acknowledge God and not Jesus, thinking they can enter heaven without acknowledging Jesus. Merciful God on your soul. The world does not have your back. It is better to be in the Will of God “a Saint Sinner” then wasting your life away “a Straight up Sinner”. God is who can get you through the heartaches of life’s burdens, not your new car, your new relationship, and your high-paying job. When your banged up bruises from life has taken a toll on you God is there to get you through another day’s journey. He did it for me, He will do it for you. God is still here. He never went anywhere. The Lord is with thee. Pray to God for strength and direction. You gonna go through some stuff. You got to go through some stuff “At the Foot of the Cross “. Never think that God has left you, God is always with you, keeping you, and getting you through life’s trials that comes to make you stronger.

Hold on! Let me pause a moment to see what is going on here: Who are you people whining and continuously weeping about “this and that?” God’s people are patient and strong warriors to the end of the finish line. Christ Jesus did not whine and weep on His way to that “Old Rugged Cross”. Sampson was a unique strong man. Young David was a youth warrior. Joshua was a faithful Holy Bible soldier and warrior, just to mention a few. People hear this! When life gets tough you do not lay down and take a beating from the world, letting people crush you, and beat you down, with their belittling language usage, and unfairly treatment; you get on it, stay on it, and keep on it! Stop depending on people waiting for them to do it for you. God gave you the power. Step into your authority, do it, and make it happen yourself. Soldier on with strong faith. When you feel like whining and weeping about every inkling thing visit “At the Foot of the Cross”. You must hold steadfast on God’s path. Do not surrender to the world going to “this establishments and that establishment” buying “this and that” to make you temporarily happy. Stop building up the world and get on it, building up God’s kingdom. Good Lord! It is nothing but darkness in the world no matter how it is glorified. Joy is found in Christ Jesus.

Blindness has you confused with the misconception that the world can offer you the same “happiness” that only God can offer “At the Foot of the Cross”. Stop looking for happiness in the world. The world is a broken place that can never solidify God’s Word. God is who kept you here, still alive on another day’s journey. In spite, of the localities, conditions, and environment God has always been there for you, with His loving arms around you. Hey! You ought to go ahead and give God the glory for bringing you over out of some stuff. Jesus is the root, center, and the foundation. God is a provisional God, and He is an Inclusion God.

My testimony: “In The Way of Life’s Another Day’s Journey” when I went through my trials, I never questioned God why this happened to me? This day while clearing out my past on my January 2007, “Book Buzz: Spiritual Writing Journey” I said, “God are You still there I don’t hear Your voice?” God said, ‘My child you stay on my course, I’m still here keeping you, clearing the path as you move forward’. I never threw in the towel on God. I never became upset with God because of my trials. I kept on trusting God, I kept my head up, and I never stopped moving. This place where I am today is only by the grace of God.

Lord Jesus of prominent! Recently I said to the coauthor, “I am grateful to God for redirecting me to release “The Pastor Jerome Cutler Trilogy” before my first memoir. You would need to read my “Volume One” memoir to see why I said that.

Count it victory! I bared witnessed that God keeps His promises. Each day God open my eyes, to bear witness to another day’s journey I have a testimony, and I have a new sermon to write for the Lord Jesus. Glory to God, you will never understand the writing process until you sit down and write with blank pages starring at you. I got through each writing with God’s Grace.

"Christ Jesus is Why I do It"

The Inspirational Collections of complimentary sermons “Row in Seasons”, paying it forward, sounding God’s Word with daily life inspiration. I will continue bringing the complimentary inspirational sermons to The Inspirational Collections website until God says otherwise. My hope is that someone and many are saved on the path to Christ Jesus through The Inspirational Collections of sermons. Amazing Grace.

In other words, The Inspirational Collections of burden-bearer sermons are not written to cater only to Saints, but to lead sinners to Christ Jesus to save their lost souls, and to strengthen Saints in their faith from going astray on the backslider path.

Each real-time, daily life sermon, that I wrote diligently for the Lord Jesus; are written from my parishioner’s eyes, my journey, my wisdom, my experiences of living life, what I bared witnessed to on my journey, and many are written from my own life’s experiences, living the life of the Lord to bear witness.

Christ Jesus is why I do it, going the distance; doing the Lord’s work, diligently, without limitations, because He did it for me, on Calvary.

Each sermon, that is written on this website is for the core purpose of giving a background feeling for, “The Inspirational Collections of Books”.

-Jennifer, a benevolence of Christ Jesus on that “Old Rugged Cross”

"These Christ-Centered Sermons are Parallel to the sermons that are written in The Inspirational Collections of Books, which can be purchase in the Amazon Online Store"