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My "burden-bearer," real-world, crafty sermons are "outside-the-box," to aid you in navigating in your daily life, to face adversities head-on, deal with it as it comes, go through it and not around it. Just get to it and stop procrastinating. You do not accomplish anything when you hide and run from life's challenges, the problem is always going to be there lingering in your daily life, causing you to stumble on your journey. “No weapon forged against you will prevail.” Isaiah 54:17.


Seasonal Burden Bearer Sermons

An Inspirational Sermon

“The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation. He is my stronghold and my refuge, my savior-from violent men you save me.” (2 Samuel 22:2-3, NIV).

"Bailing you Out"

September 3rd, 2020

Oh Lord, Heavenly Father, reign down Your, boundless glory, grace, and mercy on the world. Be joyful in the Lord, our Savior. Rejoice in the Lord on your journey and be joyful. The Sovereign Lord is your strength and your stronghold.

Yes Lord! I am tearing down Satan’s kingdom with The Inspirational Collections burden-bearer sermons. God handpicked me and prepared me; taking me through the lengthy process for my position with The Inspirational Collections.

Christ Jesus is the foundation, base of my inspiring writings. I am not at a loss for words, when I say from my heart, that I am not too proud to say that I need Christ Jesus every second of my life. Christ Jesus I need You like a kite; need; the blowing of the wind, to fly.

That’s okay! I am waiting on the Lord! You should wait on the Lord too. No doubt about it. The Lord took care of you when you rose this morning; to a brand-new day. Our holy, wondrous God has been so good to you; and you do not even know it: because you are caught up in the world in regards to doubting Him, that He will come to your rescue: “Bailing you Out”. You ought to give God the highest praises for waking you up this morning; when hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, and trillions of individuals did not rise to see another day’s journey!

I am not weary of working for the Lord. I have been on this Jesus journey for a long time. Lord You have the world in the “palms of your hands”. Fix it Jesus! Fix it! Fix the world Christ Jesus! Fix the broken-hearted Christ Jesus! Fix the lost faithful souls who are “Barely Hanging On”. Christ Jesus! Fix the hopeless who need a “Bailing you Out” Christ Jesus. Fix it Christ Jesus My Lord Jehovah fix it for me Christ Jesus.

God the Son: Absolutely not! Your status and your power will never be greater then The Lord Almighty God. Having said that, you cannot give up now, have you lost faith in God until you have forgotten how good God is? God may not show up when you need him: but I tell you, He will show up right on time, because He is an “On Time God”. You must be hopeful and never stop being hopeful, and with that being said, everyone needs time to themselves, just relax, everything is going to be all right, do not give up on God, weeping, being sorrow, being pitiful, grumbling, roaring, whispering, and moaning about you need “Bailing you Out”, the Lord is going to come through for you. No, no, “Mary Don’t You Weep”, deliverance is on the way.

You must hold out for Jesus. There is hope for the hopeless who put their trust in God. There is hope for the hopeless, no matter what you are going through, God will give you tranquility in your heart, if you trust in Him. If you trust in God, He will give you tranquility in your heart, mind, and soul. However, I tell you, there is no hope for the hopeless who put their trust in mankind. God’s Word says, “The Lord is my rock”. It is God’s job to keep His children, not mankind, who cannot even keep themselves, and who are filled with empty promises. God is the rock who keeps His promises. It is good to follow Jesus, then falling prey to the blind leads the blind. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, I need Jesus around-the-clock. I put my trust in the Lord. No matter how dark it becomes, I’m going to keep on God’s course, holding out for God, for my ship to come sailing in, with Jesus, my guiding light, the captain of this ship, The Inspirational Collections.

All right! Let’s get it on with this sermon.

As “The Clock Keeps Ticking”, with the passages of time, God is still here “Bailing you Out.” God is still here watching over His children, working miracles around-the-clock; this is what our God does. God is still here providing for His children. God is always here for you, making away “Bailing you Out”, this is what our God does, just like He did in the “Biblical Days”. Sometimes you may feel like God is taking too long “Bailing you Out”, however, I give testament to He is not. God is an on-time God who does it when He says it’s your “endurance season”. But! When it’s time for it to be over, God will bring you out right-on-time. May God have mercy on your souls, if you did not learn the lesson while you were in your “endurance season”, otherwise, it’s coming around again for you to go through it again. God is God who can only do what He can, working miracles. Almighty God “Bailing you Out”, is what He does. You ought to give the Lord praises for “Bailing you Out”, too many times to count. There are many of you who God has bailed out so many times until you have lost count, however, you neglect to get on your knees and say, “Gracious Jesus!” However, you neglect to give a living testimony of what God has done for you.

Holy, holy, holy! You better know it, when you are looking for someone “Bailing you Out”, God can get the job done for you. God is your dependable stronghold. If God cannot do it for you, then! No one can. You better know it, that God’s “Bailing you Out”, is guaranteed, and that He will not give you rubbish talk. “I’ll see what I can do. I’ll get back with you. I need to talk it over with my spouse. I don’t know, I need to think about it, I’ll holler at you later, on what I decide”. Will people stand up and be counted when you need them the most? I tell you, the outlook for guarantees that people will come through on their word to “Bailing you Out”, the likelihood of that happening is unlikely. They are not inclined to lend themselves to “Bailing you Out”. 

While you are eagerly awaiting them to get back with you, suddenly you are brazenly enough to call them and asked to have they decided yet. They will put on a grand theatrical performance, and they will fall on deaf ears, pretending that they forgot, or they don’t recall the conversation. Once they have ended the phone call with you, they will mumble to themselves, “Do I look like the bank? My money is the bone of my bone, the flesh of my flesh, that’s my money. I’m not a wealthy flashy person, I have a modest income. I wish someone would drop me off a “Bailing you Out”, as well. “Or better yet, they will avoid your presence and decline your phone calls, or block your number, and perhaps go far as changing their number. Unfortunately, the percentage of this happening is higher, which is each time you call their phone it will rollover into voicemail. What is transparency is only God guarantees His Word and keeps His promises. Only God “Solidify His Power”. God’s Word does not say “mankind is my rock”. God’s Word says, “The Lord is my rock.” God is who you lean on, not mankind. God is who you depend on for “Bailing you Out,” not mankind. God’s people do not beg, you wait, you wait, and you wait on Jesus. Now that I have established the different between God’s guarantees and mankind’s guarantees, let’s crank this sermon up and get on with it.

The Lord is who you should invest your time and energy in. The Word of God says, “He is my stronghold, my refuge, and my savior-from violence”. Never forget, “stronghold”. The Lord is your “stronghold”. The disappointing truth is the people who you have invested so much time in, down through the years are not going to be there when you need them the most, however, it is guaranteed that Jesus will be there for you forever. Instead of giving God your time and energy, you gave it to people and your entourage, who added no value to your life. The truth always sounds a bit uninviting, because it is not watered down, appeasing to your ears, catering to the fairy tale, that you want to hear, to make you feel safe inside of your “illusion-bubble”.

Nonetheless, all the people who you gave your time and energy to are not going to hang around, when they lower your coffin in the ground. They are going to walk away and you will be left all alone. They are not coming back to visit you at your graveside; instead, they are going to move forward forgetting about you, as if you never existed, that’s what so-called friends and constituents do: and that is what the cliques does, as well.

Because of your financial sovereignty, you are not untouchable from the sins and evils of the world. Life does not discriminate. We all go through the endurance of life’s challenges. What you do is pray, pick yourself up and get back on it, never giving up on “God, Hope and Faith”. You don’t throw in the towel on God. Nothing on earth can replace “God, Hope and Faith”. You do not need to be present in the “Peaceful House of God” to have faith. God is anywhere and everywhere you are. Say your daily prayers. You do not need to rely or call on anyone to pray for you, you can open your mouth and pray directly to God.

Absolutely no one in this “old broken-down world” is above God. Having said that, you should not be utterly amazed, to God “Bailing you Out” because you should have faith that God always keeps His promises, and because God is God. God’s Word reads in the book of 1 John 5:4, NIV. “For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even out faith.” Never! Never, never doubt your faith that God will not come through for you. God always comes through, despite the challenges, the situations, and the circumstances. The truth of the light is when it comes to Bailing you Out”, God is always available to make that happen. “Bailing you Out", is not hopeless! Don’t try to do it on your own, let God do it. When you call on people for “Bailing you Out”, they cannot work it out for you the way God can, and they are not championing at “Bailing you Out”. Without a doubt only God is dependable for “Bailing you Out”. He will get the job done, giving you deliverance. God knows how to do it! You need to turn to God and let Him fix it! God is waiting on you to call on Him to come to your deliverance of “Bailing you Out”. Call on God now, He will come working a miracle “Bailing you Out”, with deliverance. You better believe God can fix it! No one can fix it the way God can. You ought to give the Lord the glory and the highest praises for “Bailing you Out.”

I pause to read God’s Word. It’s always good to read God’s Word. Amen, amen!” What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him? Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, “Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed”, but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by actions, is dead”. James 2:14-17, NIV.

Continuing, the realm of reality, that so many people have resistant and turned a deaf ears to: The inconvenience truth is that people are just not going to let you put them in bondage by cutting off their circulation of cash flow “Bailing you Out”. People are not going to agree to “Bailing you Out,” the way Jesus will. Subsequently, they may tell you they are, but! Seriously, they are not. Subsequently, they may tell you what is written in the scripture, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed.” Unfortunately, you have blindly theorized that there are things in the world for free. The truth is nothing in this world is for “free".

Even so, if a person who is a “philanthropist” gives you a “generous donations,” they had to pay for the “generous donation,” and they are going to claim the “generous donation” on their “income taxes.” Everything comes at a price, the same way Jesus came at a price on that “Old Rugged Cross”. People contemplate on “Bailing you Out,” with stipulations and strings attached, that comes with a higher cost, favors, and for you fulfilling their expectations.

Let’s not forget that they will constantly remind you of what they did for you, and they let other people know it too. However! If you do accept their terms, conditions, and stipulations, that comes with them “Bailing you Out,” you better hope that you still have a sound mind, because they will hound you like a bill collector about paying them back, or return the favor, and fulfilling their expectations.

You never know when you will need a helping hand “Bailing you Out.” Check this out: When God moves mountains “Bailing you Out,” you better believe He got your back, with continuous blessings. You can count on God continuously “Bailing you Out,” without any expectations from you. God continuously “Bailing you Out,” is for the long haul, without any stipulations, strings attached, favors and a lengthy, stressful process. When you are faithful to God, He keeps His promises. This is the God we serve, this is what God does.

The Lord Almighty God is continuously “Bailing you Out,” the same way He bailed out the Israelites, setting them free, from their captor, Pharaoh!

The “purest truth” of the situation is that everyone who knows you are not going to adhere to “Bailing you Out”, no matter what. God is your only and last stop to “Bailing you Out.” I pressed the “pause button” to give a brief living testimony. As I sat in the pew listening, on Sunday morning, the Lord’s day, this is what pastor preached from the podium, about a church member who put in a “Bailing you Out”, request.

In my own words pastor preached from the podium along the line of: A man requested that the church help him financially with his mortgage payment. Pastor said he pulled the man’s tithing card. His tithing card showed that he only paid “fifty dollars” in tithing for the entire year. He does not qualify for help. We don’t give back money.

You better know it, that there are prideful folks to admit that they are in challenging times. The uncomfortable truth of prideful people, is that on this journey we all will endure the seasons of “Bailing you Out.” If you have never endured the season of “Bailing you Out,” if God spare your life on another day’s journey, you will. The “Light of the Truth,” is that you are naive and you are not living in the reality of the real-world, when you are navigating on your journey with the illusionist mindset that your status, wealth and your notoriety protects you from the real-world of sins, evils, crime, and a pandemic. “Bailing you Out”, is a reality, it is real-life, that is going to happen to you, if you live on “earth.” If it have not happened, it is going to happen. We live in a world where anything is liable to happen, that can change your life in an instance, turning your whole life inside out, with a different outlook on your life as you knew it; leaving you not shock but devastated.

Even so, the wealthy have endured the season or seasons of “Bailing you Out,” before they became wealthy, and after they became wealthy too. The truth is God is in control of our lives, and the universe not mankind. God is real, He is not a myth, relating to “science of the mind.” God is God who shows up like a thief at anytime, anyplace, and anywhere, to take back His property. He does not need your permission, meaning your life. He does not have to give you a warning, however, sometimes He does gives warning, if He chooses, through sickness, gray hair of you aging, just to mention two.

“Just a Faithful Few Believers” in the God we serve. There are believers of God who believe, and they do not believe wholeheartedly, with lingering doubts, questing themselves if God is real or not. The people whom I am speaking about can be detected by their lifestyle. Look, here’s the thing, if you really want to know how a person is, look closely at their lifestyle. Their lifestyle tells a story of who they truly are. But I tell you the truth, the same people with lingering doubts about the questioning of God: Is God is real or not, fictitious, or just a fairy-tale? Will God remove all doubts when they are in a crisis-demand of “Bailing you Out”? My Lord Jehovah is the everlasting God, who will always tarry for me, toil for me, and will always be an on time God! The God we serve knows our minds, hearts, and souls. He knows when you have lingering doubts of His existence. But you know what, God still shows up “Bailing you Out”, blessings you still. He will not leave you alone. He does it because He understands. He does it because He cares. He does it because He loves you. God does it because He knows you are not perfect, and you are still growing in your spirituality. God does it because He knows as you continue growing in your spirituality your lingering doubts of His existence will dissipate.

The living Word of God.

“For we are glad, when we are weak, and ye are strong: and this also we wish, even your perfection.” 2nd Corinthians 13:9, KJV.

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Roman 12:2, KJV.

Going forward: Sometimes people become extremely comfortable, slacking on being faithful to the Lord. Which sometimes God will put you through situations that you never imagined you would be in, to humble you. He will send an encounter your way to stop you in your tracks before you drown in your sins. God does not do this to punish you, He does it because He loves you, He does it because He cares, and He does it because He does not want your soul dwelling in “Hell!” Whatever it is that you are struggling with, give it up to Jesus! He is dependable for “Bailing you Out.” God’s Word says, “He is my stronghold, my refuge,” Can I get one witness to say, “Amen?!”

With the approaching of the holiday seasons, and once it is over, many of you are going to be on the edge in lockdown mode in distress, because you got caught up in spending over your budge, spending too much money on “material things.” You got caught up putting yourself deeper in credit card bondage. Freedom is not when you are enslaved to credit cards debts, material possessions and living above your means, that is living in bondage, with less flexibility, shackled to avoidable bills. There are people who nurture their material possessions as if they have a place in heaven. The disappointing truth is that your material possessions are not going to heaven; not your big house, not your phat banking account, your million-dollar wardrobe, and surely not your fancy cars, just to mention a few.

Consequently, you are going to be greatly disappointed, when you turn to certain people for “Bailing you Out,” financially, only for them to give you a list of excuses for why they cannot let you “borrow money” from them to help you out, with your financial hardship. They will end the conversation by flipping the script, asking you to bail them out. You will probably be surprised of their response, because you expected differently, due to the nature of the long-standing relationship. Point blank the truth: On a person’s face they mask, if you looked beyond that into their character, you will, see who they are.

There are a lot of deceivers people in the world. However! If you give it up to Jesus, you can count on Him “Bailing you Out.” My Lord! Can I get one witness to testify that you can count on Jesus, “Bailing you Out?!”

“Bailing you Out”, is not just for poverty-stricken and the average folks. Who said, “Bailing you Out”, is always financially motivated? There are different situations and circumstances, that does not involve nor require a “financial,” “Bailing you Out”. At some point in your life you will call upon someone to “Bailing you Out”. If you have not, keep living and you will.

Just like that! Out of nowhere, God can change the course of your life, to cause you to go bankrupt, and live amongst the poverty-stricken and the average people. Please do not take my word for it, do your own independently investigation. There are people from all walks of life and including devout Christians who are millionaires and billionaires, with the belief that they have acquired their wealth all on their own, without God.

They are secured in their material possessions and their wealth, with the mindset, that they will never need a “Bailing you Out”. The reality of the truth is the devil is a liar! God is God, who holds the power to everything crashing around you, and including the “stock market”. God holds the power to the world widespread. The only secured thing on earth is death. God will bring you down to humble you, to let you know that He is the Lord Almighty God, who created all mankind and the universe. Why is difficult to humiliate yourself on daily basis with Christ Jesus? Even more so, God will put you in the position to liquidate your “materials possessions” for the sole purpose of “Bailing you Out,” meaning “bailing your own self out” of your financial bondage; an episode that you will perhaps not be enthusiastic about, but you will put a lot of effort in. God’s Word reads. “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Mark 10:25, NIV.

Below is just a glimpse of the portrait of “Bailing you Out”, and the list goes on and on.

1. You are experiencing financial hardship, you cannot pay your mortgage, your bills and you are on the verge of bankruptcy.

2. You are imprisoned, sitting in jail stuck behind those iron bars, the same way Paul and Silas were.

3. You have been put in an unwarranted conversation.

4. You are in deep financial credit cards debt.

5. You woke and discovered that your car was repossessed, and now you desperately need a car.

6. You are in a financial hardship, because your Baby daddy defaulted on his child support payment again.

7. You are in need your neighbor to help you change your vehicle flat tire.

8. You are experiencing your lawnmower broken down and you need to borrow your neighbor’s lawnmower.

We do not have control over the universe. We do not have control over the world. We do not have control over the next second. We do not have control over what tomorrow will brings, or if tomorrow will come. We are going to find ourselves in situations that we have no control over. Yes, if you are truly walking in the light, wholeheartedly with the Lord, you do see things coming your way, you do feel the storms coming, you do feel when all hell is about to break loose in the atmosphere. However, you do not see everything that is coming your way.

“Lord Behold”, if you are a person who is always caught up in mess, or find yourself right smack in the middle of it, whatever it is, then you need to pray and take a long look at you in the mirror, to see what is broken. Yes, something is broken in you, for you to ongoing finding yourself in the “middle of it”, the same reoccurring situations. Yes, it is time for a change for you to step back, examine you and make a change within you for the better, a change for a new you, dressed in new wine. Listen, just because you need a Jesus makeover, that does not make you a bad person. We all need a Jesus makeover continuously, because of the filth in the world, that will touch our daily life. Some will go rounds arguing and disputing God’s Word, however, that is on them.

We are going to find ourselves in situations that we did not ask to be in. This is a part of life. You must confront it, resolve it, and move past it. Life’s challenges are going to always come and go long as you are living. This is the way it is. This is real-life. However, the Lord is your strength to triumph life’s challenges. All things are possible with God, even so, life’s challenges. God’s Word reads. Isaiah 40:29, NIV, reads, “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak".

Yes, God will continue to “Bailing you Out”, because He loves all His children. However, yes you are mistaken if you have the mindset that God is going to continue “Bailing you Out”, for the same sorts of situations, just like that without sending, an encounter your way to humble you, and especially when you knew better to have allowed yourself to be in the same situations again. Walking in the light requires you to make the shift to conversion, for a change from the “old you”.

More importantly, when you have accepted Christ Jesus into your heart, that means you are on a different path, and you must leave the “old path,” behind you “emotionally and physically”. Sometimes God will allow you to remain in a situation and He will come to your rescue “Bailing you Out,” when you have learned the lesson that He intended, so, you do not do it again.

In every situation and circumstances, there is always a lesson to be learned. Just because you are looking for someone to “Bailing you Out”, that does not mean it’s going to happen. In some cases people must stand back, and not interfere with what God is doing in your life. You just don’t know what God is doing in your life to turn you around and straighten you out. God purposely put us in uncomfortable situations to humble us, to look at ourselves to change for the better. If your hot temper put you in jail and you need someone to come to your rescue “Bailing you Out,” you need to call on God for deliverance. You need to call on Jesus, only Jesus can save your souls. God’s Word reads in the book of Proverbs 19:19, NIV. “A hot-tempered man must pay the penalty; if you rescue him, you will have to go it again”.

We live in a sinful world, therefore, we do not need encouragement here and there, we all need encouragement, every day in our daily life. Encouragement is the reading of the “Holy Bible”. God is encouragement. God is your solace. If you are in a situation that calls for “Bailing you Out”: “The Word of God’s Grace and Mercy” is a good place to start in the book of Psalm 57:1, NIV. “Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me, for in you my soul takes refuge. I will takes refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed”.

What is more, if you are weakened in your faith, you are going to take a beating from the world.

You must stay in the Word of God to strengthen you, to travel with strong faith, through the sins of the world, if not, you are going to get caught up in the world, falling off God’s path, in need of many “Bailing you Out.” God’s Word reads. Psalm 23:4, KJV, reads, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me".

It is vitally important to your wellbeing to beware of your surroundings of the temperament of the world, that is a dark and perilous place, which will be overshadowed treating matters with absolutely sensitivity, with a strong possibility of upending your life due to senseless violence. Even so, there is still good in the world, because of “The Goodness of the Lord!” In your everyday life, the episodes of life’s challenges are going to keep coming falling on your path. You cannot wish it away, you must face life’s challenges. Consequently, turning a blind eye will not do you any justice, and it is not the solution. When you stand up and face life’s challenges, confronting it head on, that is the solution to moving forward on a healthy journey. Do not become weary, you will be just, fine because Jesus is by your side. You can always call on the Lord. He will answer you like He did with “Daniel in the lions’ den”.

Despite the worldly way of living does not fit living the life of God’s Word, however, in our Father’s eyes, we are good. In our Father’s eyes He forgives us for our transgressions. Trying your hardest to be good is not enough to withstand the sins and evils of the world, you must stay in the Word of God, to strengthen you to rebuff the sins and evils of the world, if not you will fall prey to the sins and evils of the world. Nevertheless the path of the world, things will worsen for you quickly. On the worldly path you will be hazy in a fog, with a strong possibility that will cause you to become financially destitute, just to mention a couple.

And very sadly, some have fallen short of the glory of God, no longer faithful to the Father. Some have fallen off His path, to the sins of the world. Some have fallen off His path to the evils of the world. We must be mindful that we are not equip with the tools to do the Lord’s job.

The “trying times” that we are living in, we must travel on our journey with common sense; specifically, that you cannot see the good in everyone, if good is not there! Hello! I said you cannot see the good in everyone, if only evil is dwelling in their souls.

Only God has the tool to deliver such evil souls from such sins. Only Jesus has the equipment to save such souls, who are possessed with such evils. If you try, and attempt to do the Lord’s job, by looking for the good in evil souls, trying to fix them, it can cost you your life, by you being too trustworthy. What you do is use the greatest weapon that God gave His children, “Prayer!”

Sit back, relax, exhale, breathe, and listening to the birds, releasing, chirping, musical sounds in the atmosphere. There is nothing you can do about the unbeknown of tomorrow, the day after and so on and so forth. I know the “stressful times” of life that we are living in can become overwhelming for you, not knowing the unbeknown. Your high priority is to remain faithful to God, with Jesus as your guiding light, do not doubt God, keep on His course, and adhere to His Word. God will forever rejoicing over evils. Jesus will forever rejoicing over sins. Loving and forgiveness will forever rejoicing over hate.

The tides are continuously turning on this life’s journey, with you constantly being hit by hard waves. Sometimes on your journey you will be on top of the mountain and sometimes the tide will hit so hard, causing you to fall down the mountain, however, you never give up on God. No matter how hard life gets, you keep waiting on God, because He is on the way to “Bailing you Out”. Although it is raining God’s light is still shining in your life.

When you find yourself at the center of a storm of thunderstorms and tornadoes, you seek shelter calling on the Lord, and you must keep moving forward, because “the hour glass” is times keeps unfolding, meaning, the ticker of the clock keeps on ticking, times goes on. God’s Word reads in the book of Matthew 6:25-27, NIV, reads, “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in Barnes, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”

Another day’s journey of tomorrow is not promised to the World. Each day you live will never be a perfect day. A positive word will never substitute God’s Word. A positive word will never overshadow the truth of God’s Word. A positive outlook will never erase what happened on Calvary. God does not promise positive days, and a positive tomorrow.

A positive does not eliminate the sins in the world. A positive does not eliminate the evils in the world. A positive is not the same as “Hope and Faith.” A positive outlook will not strength your faith; the reading of the “Holy Bible”, will feed you and strength your faith. Yes, it is good to have a positive outlook, on life, each day you arose, however, life’s challenges will still be there. So, you continue your journey with a positive outlook, navigating through life’s challenges, and face them as they come. However! You must not have a foggy outlook that you can wish life’s challenges away, with a positive outlook, because that’s just not going to happen, that’s just never going to happen, no matter how positive you are.

When life become unbearable filled with thunderstorms, turn to Jesus! You just keep holding on, the sunshine is on the way. Folks are not going to stick with you through “thick and thin,” however, Jesus will! Jesus will stick with you through the storm, riding it out with you gloriously, and I assure you “positivity “has absolutely nothing to do with it, it was the blood of the lamb.

Dear God, this brief living testimony happened because of You: Children are my heart. “Early Childhood Education” is my specialty, it’s what I went to college for, receiving my degrees in. More importantly, since young-hearted, I was very vocal about my dream to open my very own “Day Care Center".

No matter how hard I tried to reach for my dream to bring it to life, negativity was around, vociferously opposed, without any support nor encouragement. I never gave up on reaching for my dream. I held on to “God, Hope and Faith”.

It was a glorious celebratory when Jesus carried me throughout the process of bringing my dream to life. I never gave up and it happened. It happened and came to pass because it was God’s Will.

The mainstream of this testimony is that no matter how impossible it seems, that you will not achieve what you set out to achieve, I am here to tell you the devil is a hideous liar! All things are possible with God, if you believe. I have been believing in God since young-hearted, and I never stop believing.

I conclude my sermon with one of the many messages within my inspiring writings. Some folks think that they are imminently more important than Christ Jesus in their own minds. However, the gospel truth is that it is not about you and me, it is all about Christ Jesus. It is forever about Christ Jesus. I am committed to my conviction for standing solely on God’s Word, with The Inspirational Collections.

When you are stuck in a financial limbo, you ought learn to lean on Jesus, and solely depend on Jesus. The folks you thought were going to be there to “Bailing you Out”, ain’t so. They are not going to just, let you lean on them for too long the way Jesus is. It’s just not gonna happen.

Folks will leave you hanging out on a limb by yourself. Folks run out of patience with you, they get tired of you with your same old reruns calling on them, when you should be calling on Jesus. If Jesus cannot do it for you, nobody can! No doubt about it, Jesus can bail you out!

No doubt about it, Jesus will bail you out, when He didn’t have to! No doubt about it, Jesus always step-in right-on time. No doubt about it, if God waken you to the rising of the sun, thank Him for your health and strength. Thank Him for waking you up this morning, when He didn’t have to, because He could have stopped by, and folks looked for you the next day, only to find out that you are gone. Hallelujah Jesus.

Some folks ought to stop putting their trust in other people to “Bailing you Out”, No one can do you like God can. Stop praying for other people to come through for you, they will never come through for you the way Jesus will. This is what God’s Word reads. “Do not trust a neighbor; put no confidence in a friend.” Micah 7:5, NIV.

It will become an absolutely nightmare if you do not stop participating in “The Right to Remain Silent”. You know God blessed you, you know God gave you deliverance, you ought to tell somebody that you are blessed. You ought to be graceful for the Lord “Bailing you Out”, and that He Keeps on blessing you with His grace and mercy of the following when he did not have to.

1. He woke you up this morning.

2. He heals you over and over.

3. He got you through another day’s journey.

4. He spared your life when you could have been dead and gone.

5. He put food on your table.

6. He put a roof over your head.

7. He rescued you from the many life’s challenges.

8. He saved your tethered marriage.

A recommendation of God’s Word.

Acts 17:9

The book of Acts.

The entire “Holy Bible".

My diligent sermon’s main message. If you are facing despair call on Jesus. If you are struggling walking by faith and not by sight, you need to visit the foot of the cross and pray. If you do not know which way to turn, the reading of the “Holy Bible,” is a good start for guidance. Right here in this moment, when you have a sense of loneliness, call on Jesus! Silently people have all sorts of things roaming through their minds. You never know what they are thinking, but their lifestyle gives the visibility of the portraits. When you have the perception of worldly people that you want visibility of the unforeseen, then, you are struggling with your belief in God, because of the unforeseen, that you cannot see with your eyes. This means you are walking in the flesh not in the spirit. This means you are walking by sight not by faith.

Yes, you are struggling with your belief in God, when you have turned to people to do for you what only God can do. Yes, you are struggling with your belief in God, when you need to see it to believe it.

When things are going good for you, you should not boast about your good fortune. God can strip you of your good fortune in a blink of an eye. God’s Word reads in James 4:16, NIV. “As it is, you boast and brag. All such boasting is evil.” It does not matter how good things are going in your life, you must stay in the Word of God. Evil is always lurking in our environment.

Each time you step foot in the world evil is in the atmosphere. Things continuously goes horribly wrong on the beast path, that causes you to be off solid ground, drowning in your sins. You will be infected with grave sins on Satan’s path. That serpent is not keen on having compassion for you, that serpent will put you on ice in the morgue. Because of sins and evils everyone loses their way off God’s path, sometimes.

However, you are not completely lost, because of “The Cornerstone of Christ Jesus”. What matters is that you find your way back quickly back to God’s path. Otherwise, you will become confuse and lose your way on Satan’s path, with his deceitful web growing inside of you stirring up anger, bitterness, violent, hatred, and friction. You must stay on God’s path, living His way, not the way of the world.

God light does shine in your life when the darkness of life’s challenges, life’s difficulties, and trials and tribulations falls upon you. God’s light forever shines. A true believer believes in God: and never doubts His existence. A true believer sees the miracles that God has and is working in their life. A true believer feels God’s presence. A true believer feels Jesus carrying them. I give testament to this to be true, because I have experienced this for myself, many times, throughout my journey. I am still experiencing the wonderous of God’s miracles working in my life.

His glorious benediction. “The Joy of the Lord!” There is always hope, when you need “Bailing you Out”. Hope is when you are not looking your best, broke, and nowhere to lay your head. When you are in this situation you can always ride with Jesus! God guaranteed “Bailing you Out”, when Christ Jesus went to Calvary, on that “Old Rugged Cross”. I know sometimes, you feel that words are not enough, and that words are not going to sooth you, when you are restless in bed at night, with your eyes wide open. I cannot tell you a “fairytale”, that I have a magic pill to fix it for you. You must trust in God’s Word, and faithfully trust Him with your whole heart. You must never doubt God. You must never take mankind’s word over God’s Word. God knows you need “Bailing you Out”. Yes! God is listening. He will take care of you as He always has. So, why are you worried, doubting now, that God is not going to come through for you? He may not come when you want Him, but He always comes through when He says so. And you know what? When God comes through for you, He comes right on-time!

When the roughest weather conditions of the high tides and the blowing of wind is rowing consecutively in seasons, just hold on God is going to come through for you. Do not lean on your own understanding, you can always depend on Jesus. Stay on God’s course and keep pressing on my sisters and brothers, everything is going to all right!

Turn it over to the Lord, you can always depend on Jesus! You can always trust in Jesus! You just hold on, God always comes through for His children. There is nothing that God cannot do. Pray to the Father and He will keep you out of jail, He will keep you from going bankrupt, He will keep you out of debt, spending money that you do not have, and more importantly, God is God who has the power to “Bailing you Out”, of any situations.

God is your strength and your stronghold when life’s challenges gets you down. We all have been in that down place; Lord, I know I have many times. When you are going through life’s challenges, and you are trying to make it through another day’s journey in the madness of the world, focus on Jesus, giving Him the glory for bringing you out. If you trust in the Lord wholeheartedly, you will be all right, okay, you will be just, fine, because God is keeping you.

God’s Word reads, “I lift you my eyes to the hills-where does my help come from?

My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip-he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The LORD watches over you-the LORD is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD will keep you from all harm-he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both and forevermore.” Psalm 121:1-8, NIV.

This sermon is concluded with my message in a bottle: We are living in a technology world. The internet world is risky. You just don’t know who you are dealing with. Satan puts in a lot of effort in the episodes of the internet to entangle you in his world. He changes his identity everyday around-the-clock, playing makeup and dress up, masking and window-dressing to capture you in his deceitful web. Satan likes it when you are behaving in a reckless and cavalier manner, which makes it easier for him to entangle you in his web.

Sin navigated through the internet, therefore, the nature of your relationships with the internet world, you should not be gullible navigating through the internet world. Instead, you should be cautious of all times who you let into your personal life. Even more so, It is very, very, very unlikely that everyone in the internet world does not have the upmost integrity, and a high level of faith, of them shining in God’s light.

Sin ward off turbulence in your life. Partying with Satan in the internet world, and the world period, can cause irreparable distractions in your life.

Also! You do not want to intertwine with Satan, because he will not unleash you to go away quietly just because you chose not to party with him anymore, and chose to return to God’s path, He will descend his evil upon you, having you weeping in the midnight hour, struggling to keep your emotions in check, he will have you walking in a fog baffled, and he will shatter your life in a senseless act of violence.

Satan is beyond ruthless until he makes “Jaws” looks like a friendly shark. When you are merely looking for a good time partying with Satan, that is not all that you are going to get. Satan has strings attached, whereas he’s going to insert himself in your extremely orderly life and drive the wheel of your life to a dead-end road. Oh no, of course not! Satan does not discriminate he gravitates towards anyone, despite who you are, and your nationality.

After you have allowed Satan to drive the wheel behind your life, you must do the janitorial work for cleaning up the “unholy mess” in your life and not rely on others to do it for you. However! If you turn it over to Jesus, He will clean up your mess good.

Jesus’ main underline message is love and mercy. I know forgiveness is hard sometimes, but it is a beautiful experience, that I have experienced for myself. It pleases God when we practice loving and forgiveness. You are your brother and your sister’s keeper, to keep each other safe. Don’t take my word for this, read the “Holy Bible” for yourself. Go His children and keep the faith on your journey, taking one-day-at-a-time, with Jesus as your guiding light. As you return in the world, “God’s Peace and Glory” be with you on your journey.

Keep looking for the happening of our newest page coming “Sermons #2”, kicking it off with a benevolence sermon “I’m Just Trying to Live and Survive”.

-Jennifer, a benevolence of Christ Jesus on that "Old Rugged Cross"

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