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The Inspirational Collections Ministries

God's Grace and Mercy!

God is Turning it Around!

God Turned It Around!

Prophesy! Dreams! Visions!

My "burden-bearer," real-world, crafty sermons are "outside-the-box," to aid you in navigating in your daily life, to face adversities head-on, deal with it as it comes, go through it and not around it. Just get to it and stop procrastinating. You do not accomplish anything when you hide and run from life's challenges, the problem is always going to be there lingering in your daily life, causing you to stumble on your journey. “No weapon forged against you will prevail.” Isaiah 54:17.


Jesus is the Pathway to Heaven

Seasonal Burden Bearer Sermons

An Introduction to This Ten Part Series of Sermons “In the Way of Life’s Journey”

God showed up and placed the “In the Way of Life’s Journey” series of sermons on my heart. Good Lord! I did not complain about the overflow of sermons that God has gifted me with; instead, I got on it! We may not understand everything thing that God does, but God has a purpose for everything that happens according to His plans, not our plans.

“In the Way of Life’s Journey” sermons are about what is endured in everyday life. We are confronted with “In the Way of Life’s Journey” daily, meaning the everyday hassles of life, the problems, the situations, the disturbances, the grievances, and the debris of sins and evils that forces its way into our lives, that causes pain, suffering, agony, and heartaches. When you live a perfect life without life’s trials, you just keep ticking on because life’s trials are coming your way; it is no way around it, unfortunately, you must go through it. We do not live in a perfect world without the daily challenges of sins and evils. Woefully! If you live on earth you will be touched by the sins and the evils that are dwelling in this old world. You need Christ Jesus to help you get through it all.

My hope is that my diligent writings of The Inspirational Collections of sermons are uplifting and inspiring to you in your daily life. The authenticity of God’s Word will get you through the many trials of “In the Way of Life’s Journey”, which means life’s trials and tribulations, hardships, the daily battlefields of life, and knowing when to make a detour when sins and evils are coming straight at you, instead meeting it head on walking into an unholy messy battlefield that could have been avoided. Just because a battle crosses your path you do not have to fight every battle. You turn it over to God and choose your battles wisely. When you attempt to fight every battle that comes your way, it is guaranteed that you will have a heart attack, stroke, or develop some types of illness. Mankind is not equipped to fight every battle that only God is equipped to fight. You must know when to let go and walk away.

My core messages of what I am speaking about in this series of sermons is that Christ Jesus is dependable. You must ask yourself when you turn to other people and depend on their word and take their advice over God’s Word, what good is that going to do for you when they are not anchored in Jesus, God the Son? Jesus will never count you out, but mankind will. You can forever lean on Jesus and call on Him anytime. Jesus is reliable, trustworthy and He is your Devine helper in your daily life who is everywhere you are. God never said this life journey would be easy. When things gets dark and you cannot see through the fog, you do not make a detour from God’s path, you keep holding on trusting in God. The Lord is your helper to get through life’s trials. When life becomes overwhelming pray to God “Lord Help Me to Hold Out”. I am speaking about the substance of faith, hope, sanctification, spiritual warfare, trusting in the Lord, never giving up, and holding out for the Lord; moving forward on your journey not backward to open that dark cold chapter in your past.

God’s Word is dependable than anything on earth. God’s Word is dependable than any human beings’ word. God’s Word is everlasting that will never change. God’s language is care that inspires, faith, hope, joy, peace, loving, forgiveness, and self-confidence, just to mention a few. The Holy foundation of God’s Word can get you through any life’s trials.

God’s Word says in the Gospel of (Mark 13:31, NIV) 

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”


1. Your Lovely Song That Gets you Through the Day: Part One

2. The Devil Doesn’t Take a Day Off: Part Two

3. The Chief Cornerstone of Friction: Part Three

4. Young David: A Brave Warrior Keep Pressing On the Spiritual Battlefield, Don’t Stop!: Part Four

5. King David: Fallen from Grace Keep Pressing On the Spiritual Battlefield, Don’t Stop!: Part Five

6. Your Head Hung Low, Lift it: Part Six

7. Slothful Folks Stirring Up Confusion: Part Seven

8. Lord Help Me to Hold Out: Part Eight

9. God Has the Judging Authority: Part Nine

10. Listen to God’s Word Dismiss Myths, Get Healthy!: Part Ten


An Inspirational Sermon

"Your Lovely Song That Gets you Through the Day: Part One"


A Looking into an “In The Way of Life’s Journey” sermon that’s coming “The Chief Cornerstone of Friction: Part Three

Please do be my shadow as I sneak peek you into this moving sermon, that starts out with the core of the below living testimony.

All the people at our home for a holiday “fellowship” dinner were from our church, except for one couple, my husband’s coworker, and her husband. Our church neighbor Mrs. Holier-Than-Thou lived across the lake, down from us, was sitting at the breakfast table in the nook eating and conversing with the other women who sat at the table. Mrs. Holier-Than-Thou was the loudest when she was discourteous saying things to my husband’s coworker that she had absolutely no business saying, especially as a Christian, especially in the setting, and especially in front of the children who sat there listening. She talked badly about his coworker’s “Miami” pastor.

I sat on the family room sofa looking and listening. Mrs. Holier-Than-Thou’s husband sat next to me and her youngest daughter kneeled at the table cracking pecans, eating them. Mrs. Holier-Than-Thou husband is very nice, the opposite of her. He gently said to me along the lines of Jennifer, I am so sorry about my wife. I don’t know why she does this. Then the daughter said in an upsetting voice mama is embarrassing. She always causes trouble. She does this everywhere we go. She makes me sick.

I notice my husband’s coworker was worked up defending her pastor. They were now in an intensely loud debate, that sounded more like arguing. I was concerned about her. She looked to be out of breath. She was upset. Therefore, I said to my husband, “Honey please go intervene. I am worried about her. Go give her water.”

Before leaving Mrs. Holier-Than-Thou’s husband leaned on the kitchen counter and said to my husband along the lines of speaking about the “submissive” word. Melvin, Jennifer is so soft spoken towards you. She calls you honey. How do you get her to be that way? I wish my wife would. She so loud.

Fast forward to after everyone departed except my husband’s coworker and husband. While tidying I heard a glimpse of their conversation at the door. She said to my husband along the lines of: MJ why do you have all these people in your home? They are Christians but they are not right. You don’t need all those people around you; you have a nice home. You have a nice, beautiful wife, what do you need with all those people? Their spirits are not right. You need to get rid of them.

While tidying the kitchen I thought upon her arrival with her husband. She was reluctant to come in. She thought she was at the wrong house it took them over an hour to get to our home. Twice she asked me did MJ live here. I smiled telling her yes. As they walked in, she said this is a beautiful house. I didn’t know MJ lived like this.

Oh yeah! My people!

The Williams Brothers Radio

-Jennifer, a benevolence of Christ Jesus on that "Old Rugged Cross"

"In The Way of Life's Transitions" Sermons Coming

Before the kickoff of the "In the Way of Life's Journey" sermons, hopefully the sermon below is uplifting to your spirit living your Godly life in the trying times that we are living in.

An Inspirational Sermon

"Let's Get this Transition Started from the Worldly Path to Jesus' Path: Part One


The calling on your life is worth the transition. You ought to thank God for making it over to the dawning of another day’s journey when many didn’t make it.

The Inspirational Collections of complimentary sermons “Row in Seasons”, paying it forward, sounding God’s Word with daily life inspiration. I will continue bringing the complimentary inspirational sermons to The Inspirational Collections website until God says otherwise. My hope is that someone and many are saved on the path to Christ Jesus through The Inspirational Collections of sermons. Amazing Grace.

In other words, The Inspirational Collections of burden-bearer sermons are not written to cater only to Saints, but to lead sinners to Christ Jesus to save their lost souls, and to strengthen Saints in their faith from going astray on the backslider path.

-Jennifer, a benevolence of Christ Jesus on that "Old Rugged Cross"

"These Christ-Centered Sermons are Parallel to the sermons that are written in The Inspirational Collections of Books, which can be purchase in the Amazon Online Store"