Season 2, Pastoral's Therapeutic Sermons

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"Waitin' on Jesus" by The Williams Brothers. A theme song for my upcoming book "The Inspirational Collections of Transition Journey." A beautiful and powerful book that God placed on my heart. Lord, I did a well pleasing job in the writing of this engrossed book. 

Oh yeah! The Williams Brothers, my people! "Waitin' On Jesus. I'm just sittin here waitin on jesus oh yes i'm gonna wait because my waitin days will soon be over."

Oh yeah! God is behind the wheel of The Inspirational Collections. 

Lord willing, below are "Season 2," upcoming real-world, real-time therapeutic sermons.

Season 2, sermons are leading up to my upcoming first memoir, "Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One." My hope is that you be speedy in picking up a copy or copies and encourage others, among your parishioners to also pick up a copy or copies; not just my memoir, but each Godsend book from The Inspirational Collections.

The devil, is the ultimate, biggest liar, in world history. Oh yes! God's People can come together in unity, on one accord, in building His kingdom.

This is a brand new day! The timekeeper of the past has no jurisdiction over the presence. Satan, the devil, is an untruthful, deceitful, shady character; if he thinks he can stop my daughter and I from building the Lord's house, he is a liar! The icy, cold, murky, shady character who is a straight-up liar. Oh yes we are going to build the Lord's house. We will not let him block us, in the end. We will not be defeated nor will we stop our reigns of God. Keep watch for our new page, on this mother-daughter team's progression, building the Lord's house.

Alert! Pastorals, God has redirected me to place these “seven” brawny, real-world sermons in my upcoming memoir, “Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One.” No worries! Ongoing God gives me an overload of sermons. Consequently, I have replacement sermons, cooking up. However, I will let these listed, inspiring sermons, remain until my updated list.

1. Playing House Living the Cohabitating Lifestyle: Part One

2. Meet Me at the Altar: Part Two

3. The Marriage Bridge-Building: Part Three

4. The Matrimony Troubled Times: Part Four

5. The Timekeeper of the Past: Part Five

6. Existing Doing Nothing! The Joy of the Lord: Part Six

7. Bonus Spring Sermon: Jesus is Good Enough for Me! I'm Not Gonna Appease the Clique to Blend!

Various Sermons

A preview of our upcoming Season 2, sermons. Two blockbusters real-world sermons, that are leading you at the front door of my upcoming two blockbusters fall books, “The Rejected Heart of God’s Word,” and “The Flirtatious Bus Driver.”

First Sermon:“Say No to God Talk!”

November 30, 2019

Jesus reigns! You say you are a Christian. You say Jesus is your Lord and Savior. You say you love God. You say your new home is in heaven. I have witnessed you on Jesus’ path for what seems a lifetime. However, when it was said to you. “Those relatives are “The Rejected Heart of God’s Word”. Each time I ministered God’s Word to them, they uttered the words “Say No to God Talk!” And they turned away deaf. This relative took the atheists standing. With a double-edge sword tongue she said to me. “Did I ask you about your God. That’s your God not my God. Keep your beliefs to yourself. Don’t force your God talk on me! I don’t believe in your God. He didn’t do nothing for me. I worked and got it on my own.” They know Jesus, but they chose the worldly lifestyle. They say a Christian life is boring. What is your recommendation on how to approach the relatives with God talk?”

Not only was it shocking, but it was mind-boggling when you responded, “Just hush about God talk, don’t talk God talk to them, just be a model of the Word.” How do one receive that from a long-standing Jesus-follower, when they tell you to hush about God talk, when Jesus’ blood was shed on the cross for all mankind? What is one to think? Are you living a double-standard life to be appeasing? Do you truly believe in God? Are you truly walking with Jesus? Or shall I say, how is that working out for you, as a reserved Christian, to minister God’s Word, amongst your relatives, and folks who surrounded you?

Well! I said, well! I don’t know about you, you, and you, but I can tell you straight up, I am not going to hell for you, you, nor you. Satan, you may as well stop in your tracks, and get behind me, because you cannot stop me from giving God the highest praise. No one, not one soul is going to silence me from talking about God, my God, God the Father.

Satan is a straight up liar! He puts on a jive-turkey entertaining show for you. It’s obvious that you have a situation, a sort of transfusion that has misled you to be reserved about the Lord. Perhaps the devil has broken your spirit. Perhaps you need to revisit the foot of the cross, and spend some time there, for the reasons that you say you are a Christian, but you are on the down-low with it. You are a discreet Christian who put God to the side to participate in worldliness. You are very sociable and outgoing with people from all walks of life, whom some of those people are sketchy, living devious lives, under the cover of night; thinking they won’t be seen. You hangout doing ungodly things with them, that a Christian has no business doing. Is it safe to say you are not fully committed to the Lord, and you practice reserving the right to spread the gospel?

Jesus is amazing. When it comes to serving Jesus, wishy-washy is out the door. When it comes to serving Jesus, you are either decisive or indecisive, there are no in between. You are either committed to serving Jesus or you are not committed, there are no in between. The portrait of Jesus was not wishy-washy and reserved when they made him carry his own cross, put that thorny crown on His head, whipped Him, nailed Him to that cross, and pierced His side. Oh Lord, Jesus was the sacrificial lamb on the cross, and they have fixed their mouth to utter the words, “Say No to God Talk.”

When you are reserved to let your light shine that you are a Christian, that is not pleasing to the Lord. Me personally, I will not cover, that I am a Christian, just to blend in with society, and the people amongst me. I will not hang out partying with you, on Satan’s turf. I don’t care what kind of gathering it is! If Jesus is not invited to the party, I’m not going. I will not put myself in an atmosphere, when I know clearly, that I have no business being there; knowing fully that Satan, the soul-collector will be there, racking up lost souls.

I won’t let no one stop me from running for the Lord. I’m not tired. I won’t stop no matter what. Even on my down days, I am going on running, for the Lord.

God can put you in a position to call on Him. He has the power to turn an atheist into a believer. Evil will not triumph over God.

It is good to evangelize, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, the gospel, no matter where you are, who is amongst you, and whose presence you are in. They are nothing but skeletons and bones.

Every day is Thanksgiving, the blood of the Lord, on Calvary. Perhaps if your poor decision to be reserved in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, you are not committed to the Lord wholeheartedly, and you are a pawn, of the devil using you in his dog-and-pony show-game. Perhaps it’s safe to say, the times that we are in, God’s Word needs to be preached traditionally, Bible belt and raw, not sugarcoated. The flexibility of preaching God’s Word lightheartedly and finessed needs to be re-evaluated. Please! I encourage you, do not take my word at face value, just take a major look at what’s going on, just not in the world, but within the Lord’s house, with His people.

Jesus ministered with love, grace, and compassion. Some lack compassion without a trace of emotions. Oh Lord, why has some hearts become hardened in ministering the gospel? Where has their compassion gone, for your people?

Mindful with a compassionate heart is good when ministering God’s Word. Ministering God’s Word with a bickering tongue, a lack of compassion for His people, is not warm-hearted to receiving God’s Word. Ministering God’s Word, must you be harsh “The Book of Proverbs,” and sensitive about every inkling thing, lose your temper about every spoken word against you, that one has taken out of context? You don’t have control over what comes out of people’s mouth. By the same token, people don’t have control over what comes out your mouth. Must you always retaliate to ugliness, with a frown, in a loud booming voice? Must you always retaliate to manipulative people who enjoy mind games? I must be forthcoming in saying provoking is not of God. Its unrighteous to hold to your old ways, when you have accepted conversion. Jesus ministered the gospel with gentleness, loving, and a caring heart, not with harshness. God is love, peace, kindness, and gentleness. The joy of the Lord!

Daily, as you navigate on your journey it is good to praise God for the following, instead of turning the cheek away from God with the frame of mind, “Say No to God Talk.”

1. God blessed you to see a new day.

2. God blessed you with good health.

3. God blessed you with food on your table.

4. God blessed you by healing your sick child.

5. God blessed you, stepping in when the devil tried to kill you.

6. God blessed you with a roof over your head.

7. God blessed you keeping you on your job to provide for your family.

Let me tell you something about my Jesus.

1. If you are sick, Jesus will fix it

2. When things are going downhill for you, Jesus will fix it.

3. If your husband has gone astray, Jesus will fix it.

4. If you have been lied on, Jesus will fix it.

5. If there’s turmoil in your home, Jesus will fix it.

6. If there’s trouble in your marriage, Jesus will fix it.

7. If your spouse is a long-standing grudge-holding person, Jesus will fix it.

8. If your “Christian” in-laws are long-standing grudge-holding people, Jesus will fix it.

It’s wise to depend on Jesus, not on other folks! There is nothing that Jesus cannot fix, and workout. Jesus is a burden-buster. Yay! I’m just one witness for the Lord. Whatever you are struggling with in your life, turn it over to Jesus, and let Him fix it. Jesus will straighten out your life good; all you got to do is turn your life over to Jesus.

When you feel like complaining visit some homeless folks, and spend the day with them, visit some folks in the hospital who know they are not leaving alive, to see another day’s journey, visit some folks who have lost their jobs, on the verge of bankruptcy, visit some folks in jail, visit some folks who went for a routine doctor visits, and the doctor told them there is nothing that they can do for their newly discovered terminally illness. Once you have gone down this journey, you will discover your life, your situation and your circumstances can be worse. Once you have gone down this journey, you will not utter the words, “Say No to God talk,” because you will realize how blessed you are.

Oh no, it’s not pleasing to the Lord when you do the following.

1. Pop off slick, sarcastic words, to be degrading towards others.

2. Purposely spiteful in a hurtful manner towards others.

3. Starring down at people with intimidation.

4. Take a ruling tone towards people because they disagreed with you.

5. Elevated your voice to threatening because someone called you out.

6. Constructive criticism in a ridiculing-hurtful manner.

7. Prejudge and judge.

Put asunder the self-righteousness attitude, not wanting to be corrected, losing focus on Jesus Christ and what they did to him on Calvary. It pleases God when you accept correction. Oh Lord, it’s time for a change!

When you don’t want to take accountability for your actions, when you don’t want to accept accountability for your actions, you try to spin it on other people, pointing the finger at everyone else, but yourself, saying something is wrong with everybody, but nothing is wrong with you. Everybody is wrong but you! You have all the right answers! When someone calls you out, you get emotionally broken up, tensed up, picking up your sensitivity-hatched, ready to chop off someone’s head, going after them with your doubled-edge sword tongue.

After all that God has done for you, you still turned away from Him, accepting all the credit for your achievements; with the mentality, “I worked hard for everything I have. I did it on my own. I got to where I am on my own. No one helped me. I don’t want to hear your God talk about the Lord did it for me. The Lord did nothing for me, I did it all by myself. I will not let the Lord take credit for something that I have worked for.”

It’s truly amazing when the wind blows raging, the rain comes down heavily, God throws an encounter your way, and suddenly you call on Jesus, when you have rejected Him for many years. That’s okay, that was the past. Today is a brand-new day. You are now on a new path, a different path, you are now on Jesus’ path. Jesus still loves you. He welcomes you with open arms. Our God is a loving, forgiving God.

My sermon’s main message. The troubled times that we are in, how can you get through one day without calling on the Lord, praying to the Lord? I don’t know about, you, you and you, but I need Jesus every minute around the clock, seven days a week. Without Jesus, you are not protected in this dark-old broken world. You are wide opened to Satan, the devil to swallow you up. Which is exactly what he will do.

Don’t just call on Jesus during troubled times, the loss of a loved one, whereas you are weeping and crying for your lost. The pain is so unbearable until you fall on your knees calling on the Lord. Invite Jesus to wedding, family gatherings, and to the parties. Jesus’ parties are amazingly “like no other.”

No one on earth is greater than God. God is God. God is the only living God. No one on earth can step into God’s judgement seat, rendering judgement.

Benediction. This year is ending. Embrace God’s talk the New Year. Living life without God’s Word in your life, is not a safekeeping life. It is a life drifting in the world without a purpose. Enter the New Year leaving the past in the past. Do not move forward into the New Year allowing the past to hold you in captivity, with the restraint and shackles. Mend the broken pieces with loved ones. The healing begins with loving and forgiveness. The healing begins when your keeper comes to you and authentically says I am sorry. I witnessed you without me, I saw you, for who you really are. I didn’t know how beautiful you are because I am on Jesus’ path, I understand that I am guilty for my indecent actions, but with God’s time I will grow on my everlasting journey, to be compassionate with Second Timothy Chapter Three and devote time to learning how to treat everyone.

The coming of the New Year, bypass “The Gentlemen’s Club,” depart from evil, depart from the sins of the world, depart from your cliffhanger, wayward lifestyle, quickly, not at the speed of a snail. Don’t bring those degenerates so-called friends with you into the New Year, leave them in the past. You cannot fix what you did in the past, but you can change and do better. Sanctification is what I am speaking about.

Parishioners, pastorals’ words are not going to always be sweet as honeycomb, the way you would like. To help you, sometimes pastorals must throw a loop, step outside the box, from behind the podium, with certain precise words to gravitate your attention; to wake you up out of your sins.

Speak to me Lord! Speaking to the trillions of “God’s Head Staff Members.”

This sermon puts you at the front door of my upcoming fall blockbuster book, “The Rejected Heart of God’s Word.”

Good tidings. With all the evil things that are going on in the world, God’s real-world therapeutic sermons, which emphasizes on daily life of what is happening in the times that we are living in, are greatly needed, for some folks, many folks, and the whole world.

Jennifer, I am, the Godsend unwavering voice behind The Inspirational Collections.

Second Sermon:“Sin is Sin!”

November 30, 2019

Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone. “Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am Chief.” Sin is everyone! Sin is all around us! It does not matter if you are well-off, living in a quality, impeccably neighborhood, sin lives amongst you too. Sin lives amongst us all. Sin walks amongst us daily. Don’t get it twisted, sin is not lovable. Sin is disguise wearing beautiful faces. Well, don’t you know? Don’t you know that, “Sin is Sin!?” Well! Don’t you know that sin is unholy?

Sin exist as the following, it is what it is, and it is called what it’s called, if it’s a donkey, it’s a donkey.

1. If the sky is blue, the sky is blue.

2. If the duck quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

3. If the grass is green, the grass is green.

4. If the grass is not greener on the other side, when you thought it was when you left your wife for the other woman, then the grass is not greener on the other side; “Sin is Sin!”

5. If’s it’s Noah’s Ark, it’s Noah’s Ark.

6. If it’s God’s Word, it’s God’s Word.

7. If you are a man, you are a man.

8. If you are a woman, whom God made for man, you are a woman whom God made for man.

No matter how you word it, cover it, tone it down, clean it, scale it, “Sin is Sin!” If you stepped out of your marriage, and then turned around confessing to your wife you made a mistake, begging for her forgiveness, that it will never happen again; once the fire has cooled off about your affair, you turned around and did it again! “Sin is Sin!”

God sees your sins. He has heard you over and over, throughout the course of your life, repenting over and over for your sins, the same rerunning sins. At some point God is going to confront you head on sending an encounter your way. An encounter that you did not hoped for, not anticipated on, an encounter that will cripple you, an encounter that will silence you in a frozen grave. People don’t you know there are consequences for your actions, your sins.

Folks lose focus on why they are in church attendance, getting sidetracked with stuff, that they should not be doing in the Lord’s house. When you, Ms. Jezebel entered the Lord’s house dressed in that skin tight dress without your undergarment, seated yourself in that front pew with your legs slightly apart, with the goal to tempt Him, God saw you before you carried out your temptation-flirtatiously plan, “The Flirtatious Bus Driver.” The Mrs. had already sniffed out your desires for her husband, before you carried out your devious plan. The Mrs. has been watching you discreetly, leading up to your temptation-flirtatiously plan. No matter where you are, even if it’s in the Lord’s house, “Sin is Sin!”

You see sin starring you in the face, you smell it coming from every which way; when it arrives in your face, you act on it anyway! “Sin is Sin!” Sin does not discriminate. Sin is not discriminatory. Sin comes in all shades of different nationalities. The color of sins smells like sin, and the color of sin is the color of sin, no matter how you dress it up, “Sin is Sin!”

The devil is a bold-faced liar! Of course, saints’ sin; everyone sins. We were born into sin. Some sin more than others. It does not matter who you are, your status, your Stellar reputation, and what your position is, you too sin. No one is a perfect “saint” who is exempt from sin. “Sin is Sin!” Sin is committed on different levels. Some are sophisticated with their sins, whereas others are not. No matter how sophisticated and smoothly you are with your sins, “Sin is Sin!”

Stop with the scratching of the head, trying to cook up a story to justify a little white lie, that it’s not really a sin, it’s just a little white lie, “Sin is Sin!” Regardless how little the lie is, you still sinned, and you are a sinner, that’s the truth. Even Paul, a great sinner, knew he was a sinner. He struggled trying to get over that he persecuted those who believed in Jesus, the Messiah. Moreover, a little white lie versa a big lie or a major lie is still sin.

Goodness gracious! When you sit around mourning indulging in pity parties because you have regretted going down the wrong path with Satan. That is a sin because you are wasting precious time in your life, not being productive for the Lord. You are wasting your time away mourning about something that you did in the past, something that you cannot change, something that is frozen in time. By the time you have snapped out of it, you are older, displaying your gray strands of hairs, that you have accumulated from all that worrying about something that had happened already. Let it go! Live your life. When are you going to forgive yourself for making one wrong decision? My Lord, what’s done is done, let it go, and move on, “Sin is Sin!”

When you are a social butterfly, with people from all walks of life, and have allowed these people to infiltrate your marriage, it will take the joy out your marriage, and cause an uproar in your family. Head of your household, when you have allowed sin to come into your home by the unrighteous company you keep, and has caused a major ruckus, turning your household upside down, accept responsibility for what you have done. You did it, you know you did! It is what it is, no matter how you spin it trying to justify its didn’t happened the way it’s worded, and sounded, of course it did. No matter how you clean up sin, curtailing it to fit neatly in a pretty box, with a bow on it, it’s sin, “Sin is Sin!”

When you walk around your house with the setting of the sun day in and day out, holding long-standing grudges against your wife, whom hand you took in marriage, but when you step out the front door of your home, you put on your window-dressing persona, having pleasant engaged conversations with the gentiles, it’s called sin, “Sin is Sin!” No matter how you explain it, cut it, dice it, “Sin is Sin!” Good God Almighty, I am putting you at the doorstep of “Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One.” The devil is a liar.

Well! If you want to go a few rounds disputing that you don’t sin because of your status, position, and who you are, I redirect you to God’s dominion, for you to take it up with the Almighty God, because I have already told you, the devil is a straight up liar! That’s what the devil specializes in, lies! He tell lies all day long, every day, seven days a week, tempting you with temptations, the things of the world. Go on be a fool! Go on and enter at your own risk challenging God, that you are sin exempt. Only a fool will challenge God, the creator. Only a fool embezzles money from God and thinking consequences does now follow. Nevertheless, when you challenge God, He will send an encounter your way, that will perhaps shock you out of your skin.

My sermon’s main message. Sin is not going anywhere. Sin is ancient history. Sin was here before God made man in his image; so, why have you chosen to live your life without Jesus? Why have you chosen Satan’s path? Why have you chosen a path of destruction, with a beast that will torment you till death! The ancient history of sin will forever be amongst us. Therefore, is it safe to say, it’s just plain dumbfounded to live your life without Jesus? Once you have chosen that path with the devil, only Jesus can offer you “salvation” to deliver your soul from the claws of the devil.

Hold onto Jesus don’t let go; Jesus loves you. You better believe nothing can change my perception, that living your personal life online will get you killed! Oh, please do not take my word for it, scratch the surface a little, and go check it out for yourself.

Benediction. As you move forward onto another day’s journey, do not be tempted by the things of the world. Stay focus on the Lord. Stay focus on your commitment to the Lord. Stay focus on living a righteous life. Do not let Satan temptation you to the material things of the world, a sale is going on today, catch all the deals, on Black Friday, a door buster one day sale. Those worldly temptations keep you shackled in debt. Debt that controls your life and your finances. Do not give material things that kind of control over you. Give it to Jesus.

Speak to me Lord! Speaking to the trillions of “God’s Head Staff Members.”

This real-world sermon puts you at the front door of my upcoming blockbuster fall book, “The Flirtatious Bus Driver,” and my upcoming memoir in the makings, “Jennifer, My Experience with a Subsidy Publisher: A Memoir Beneficial to the World-Volume Three.”

On the way, 2021, “Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One. If you are looking for a curtailed, doctrine-up, fairy tale memoir to read, unfortunately, this memoir is not for you.

Each inspirational sermon within The Inspirational Collections of books are signed, sealed, and delivered by God, Himself. I feel His presence all around me.

I am not letting anyone, anybody, nor anything stand between Jesus and I! 

God rows in seasons. My benevolence sermons row in seasons.

Jennifer, I am, the Godsend unwavering voice behind The Inspirational Collections.

"Let Jesus Be your Guiding Light"

December 8, 2019

Reign Jesus! Reign my Savior! “Let Jesus Be your Guiding Light,” if not, a deep sea of turbulence follows! “Let Jesus Be your Guiding Light,” by taking your hand, guiding you on your journey, if not, it will rain constantly, flooding your home, drowning you along with it! “Let Jesus Be your Guiding Light,” overseeing you and your family, if not, Satan, the beast that he is, will come in and disarray your intact family! He will shatter your life and ruin, your life, leaving you in shambles! “Let Jesus Be your Guiding Light?” during your trials and tribulations, if not, you are liable to have a mental breakdown and an emotional meltdown! “Let Jesus Be your Guiding Light,” in your turbulence marriage. If you turn your broken marriage over to Jesus, He will show you how to work it out, conversing about it on common-good ground. If not, Satan will turn your marriage into faded glory, followed by: the aftermath of infidelity, loss of loyalty, and domestic violence, with a load of confusion, that will have you standing on the edge of a cliff. After you have endured all that, it will make you appreciate the quality of life and the value of life.

What is that! We are not going to preach a trials and tribulations sermon today. We are going to preach on a “happy” sermon. The reality is that you do not have control over the sins of the world, to paint an illusion fairy-tale sermon, that sin does not exist in the world, by camouflaging for the moment, with a happy sermon. A happy sermon that is not going to help you, when you leave the sanctuary of the Lord’s house, entering back into the real world, on your drive home, you are highjacked. Please, someone! Please do tell me, how is a happy sermon going to help me, deal with this real-world high jacking sermon! Just because! Hello! I said just because it is the holidays, sin is still in existence. Sin is still amongst us! Sin will always be in the world. We go to bed to sin, we wake up to sin, and before we start each day, we celebrate because once again, we are given another day’s journey. Perhaps one has contributed to one’s trials and tribulations because one does not want to be bothered nor involved with the daily sins of life. Regardless, sin is not going anywhere, ultimately, it is your decision if you choose to live a fairy-tale life, daily. Sin will always be in the world. We dwell in a world of sin. Therefore, it is no need to be a negative person, reminding everyone of the sins of everyone. We all bear everyone. That’s just the way it is. It is nothing else that you can do to change it because we were born into sin. The church is about saving souls and helping people!

Bless your holy name. Jesus, You are holy and pure. When you don’t know where to turn on that rocky road, “Let Jesus Be your Guiding Light.” He will guide you gloriously! Jesus can do for you what the world cannot do for you! Jesus can keep you no matter where you are. Reign Jesus! Reign! When you are down and out weeping in the midnight hours, call on Jesus! He will cradle you in His arms and comfort you.

God’s Word will never fail you. When you are in bankruptcy, turn to Jesus! Turn it over to Jesus! Bow in prayer and “Let Jesus Be your Guiding Light.” When you turn to Jesus, He will guide you down the righteous path, bringing resolutions, to whatever it is that you are going through in your life. The devil is a condescending straight-up liar! Oh yes, Jesus can bring resolutions to any situations and any circumstances! “Let Jesus Be your Guiding Light,” if you trust in Him, He will move mountains in your life.

Hold on to God’s Word and don’t let go. Keep walking by faith not by sight! If you have been through a rough patch lately, call on Jesus! If you are going through a rough patch call on Jesus! If you just came out of a rough patch, still call on Jesus, because another one awaits you around the corner. Another day’s journey, it won’t stop because we lodge in sin. That’s the reality of the real-world, the rough patches keeps coming, and coming, on this journey, that each of us are on. You must stay in God’s Word prayed up.

The joy of the Lord! The devil does not leave well-enough alone. He keeps at you, starting stuff! He does not wait for a window of opportunity to start stuff; he just dives in and starts stuff. He starts warpath, with an electrifying smile on his face, that’s what he does. But you know what! God will show up and turn that electrifying smile, upside down. Why? Because God always win! When you are on a warpath with family members, this holiday season, turn it over to Jesus. If you “Let Jesus Be your Guiding Light,” not only will He work it out, He will mend the broken pieces. Oh Lord! Jesus is a keeper who will keep you sound. He is worthy to be praised! Oh Lord, Jesus is a keeper who will bring you out of the wilderness, gloriously. Lord! Lord! Jesus is the one to turn to in your times of trials and tribulations. He will take good care of you. All you got to do is let Him take the wheel of your life.

Oh my, I thank Jesus for keeping me. The devil has an epic laughter outburst when you are waddling in your trials and tribulations! I tell you the truth, the devil is dirty, he will not touch your life with goodness. His good-for-nothing-self validates a rough ride in your life. Watch this! If you trust in the Lord, Jesus will keep you, touching your life with goodness. Jesus validated keeping you better than anyone can! Oh yeah! Jesus is a keeper! Don’t take my word for it, try Him for yourself!

When the tides gets high, the wind is blowing too strong, stand on God’s Word; He will stand by your side during your ups and downs. Don’t crumble under the pressures of your trials and tribulations. Just because of the tailspin of your trials and tribulations, don’t throw in the towel on Jesus. If you trust Jesus, He will get you through anything and everything, any time, and any place. If you trust Jesus, He will show you how to take time for a breather from your daily life, regroup, sort out the issues, and deal with the issues, His way, bringing you resolutions and peace of mind.

Here’s the thing. The devil has many talents. His specialty talent is acting. He’s a great actor who wears many convincing, charming faces. He disguises that he cares about you. The fact is the he does not care about you. He sees you as an opportunist target! The special attention he gives you is an act. He is enormously attractive to your soul. Your soul is what piques his interest! Good Lord! That monstrous beast will tear you to pieces to get what he wants, which is your soul! He does not care if it’s raining, the lawn is wet, he will take your shoes off for you at the door, toss them away, and slam the door in your face, leaving you hanging out in the rain. If that’s what it takes to bait you into his trap, that’s the way the devil sees it, then so be it! You must look at this life thing head on, at face value. The devil has a non-kosher business going on, which is his job. What you must do, to defeat the devil is stay in God’s Word; which will block the devil from succeeding at his old-broken-down, no good-deed job!

My sermon’s main message. Don’t do it! Don’t do it! Don’t enter the New Year, in a time castle, dressed in old wine! Enter the New Year dressed in new wine! This New Year, “Let Jesus Be your Guiding Light.” Point blank! The devil is a lying tongue! Nothing he says panned out to be true.

Put asunder letting the devil be behind the wheel of your life. Turn the wheel of your whole life over to Jesus. Jesus will turn your life around shining in a new light. If you continue to let the devil drive the wheel of your life, you better brace for the worse, he will tighten the leash on your life, and your life will undergo turmoil-remodeling, leaving you with hospital hardware all over you, lying in that hospital bed.

Without Jesus tragedy after tragedy awaits you. There is nothing in the streets but a life cycle of violent demise. “Let Jesus Be your Guiding Light.” Let Jesus be your teacher, in which way you should go. Let Jesus guide you on. Let Jesus be the overseer of you and your family. Can’t nobody keep you and your family better than Jesus! Oh yeah! Jesus is a keeper!

Be strong this holiday season. Don’t throw in the towel on a Jesus. Jesus won the battle on Calvary. The blood of Jesus gave you “joy,” on Calvary. Whatever the battle is, turn over to Jesus. He will fight your battle and win. Jesus has won your battle already.

Benediction. When the road gets a little bumpy this holiday season, call on Jesus. Jesus will always be available for you. You can call Jesus anytime. He will never turn away from you. Do not take on the burdens of life on your own. Jesus is always there for you to lean on. All you need to do is call on Him. Go in peace, smile at some people in passing, letting your light shine.

Jesus, Jesus, daily the rising of the sun, You are my joy, my everything. When I break and look back over my life, and I can see the many times Jesus brought me out of the wilderness. Oh no! I never could have made it without Jesus, my guiding light. Thank You, Jesus!

Speak to me Lord! Speaking to the trillions of “God’s Head Staff Members.”

My hope is that this real-world sermon was inspiring to all.

Count it victory! I refuse to let defeat have the last word over my life. Each sermon that I write for my books, and post on my website, is the works of the Lord, guiding my fingers in what to write, and how to write it, giving me leeway to use my crafty-creativity, and sense of humor.

Grateful, we must be to God, the Father. He has given each of His children many talents to aid everyone on their journey, as a part of His workmanship, in doing His will. I will always acknowledge God’s people who has been inspirational to me, on my journey. I am not too proud to say thank you! Oh, this is just The Who I am, that is all. Personally, as an individual, God is the only living God whom I serve and worship. God is my boss.

I am out of here having me a “hallelujah Jesus’” praise party, to the sweetest sound of God’s music.

The Medley: by The Williams Brothers

“So Good”

“Ought to be somebody out there who knows that God is so good (so good, so good).”

“Sweep Around”

“You know there are too many people trying to take care of others peoples business and they can’t even take care of their own.”

“A Ship Like Mine”

“Go tell all of my friends that my ship just came sailing in.”

“Prayer Made the Difference”

“Many times in my life, I’ve come through the storms and rain. And time after time in my life, I’ve overcome the heartache and pain.”

“I’m Just a Nobody”

“I’m just a nobody trying to tell everybody About somebody, who can save anybody.”

Jennifer, I am, the Godsend unwavering voice behind The Inspirational Collections.