Season 1, Pastoral's Therapeutic Sermons 

"Trust in God, Don't Be Easily Beset: Part One"

October 2019

Crime after crime, is what is displayed on "social media." The world has lost its way. Children are killing their parents, parents are killing their whole family, neighbors are spraying each other with bullets, people are marrying for beneficial purposes, killing for the mighty dollar, "the huge insurance money." Lord, we are living in the last days.

The visual portrait, displayed of the world on "social media," people are crying out in the wilderness, for help. They are easily beset to anger, short-tempered, they fly off the handle with flared tempers, which lead them to inflict pain, on their loved ones. 

My, my, my Lord. It is dangerous ground when you choose to use violence in the place of your words. People use your words to replace all that anger, that is built up inside of you, the anger that is boiling over. People use your words, instead of letting the “bothersome-issues” build up to anger. Then you become enraged and explode on your loved ones. When you continue that path of letting the "bothersome-issues" build up, you lash out, uncontrollably, and demise your loved ones, including your children. When you have demised your loved ones with your own hands, in your right mind, that is something that you will live with, for the rest of your life. That type of regret, to have demised your loved ones, is unimaginable.

Good God, the therapeutic release, where is your faith, people? What happened to your faith? “Trust in God, Don’t Be Easily Beset.” Pray! Be slow to anger. Have mercy for others the way God have mercy for you. Cease with the bitterness, jealousy, hardened-hearts, vengeance, vengeful, and “the I’m going to get you back for wronging me.” Lord their hearts have become so hardened, that they have lost their way, from you, referring to “King Pharaoh and his army, from God.” My Lord, people just stop with those time-thieving grudges.

Stop in-and-out of the Lord’s house, unchanged. Stop with your Sunday-ritual masking. Once you get home you take off your window-dressing complete mask and unveil, the mean person that you are. Unbelievable, you just returned from church, and yet, behind closed doors, you are not the saint, that you portrayed yourself to be in church. Lord, this is the work of the devil.

Some of you, are so bitter with spiteful hearts, until you go the distance of purposely stirring up confusion in the family, with the rumor mail. Some of you use your unfriendly, lethal words to tear people apart. You are this way because you lack trust in God. You are this way because you do not want to deal with your issues and do not want to work on your issues. You are this way because you have allowed, sin, into your home, that has contributed to your bitterness (the sins of the world, you mix lightness with darkness, the two don’t mix). You have fallen prey and weakened in your faith. People, “Trust in God, Don’t Be Easily Beset.”

My God, the ongoing therapeutic release, if the world only knew what goes on behind families’ closed doors, to cause such madness, to have demised the whole family. The troubled waters that are going on in families, around the globalized economy is quite serious. The horrendous bitterness, resentment, and yes, hatred in the family is causing confusing, to the breaking point of committing catastrophic bodily harm, within the family, without remorseful.

You must not be discouraged and throw in the towel on God, “hallelujah Jesus!” You cannot serve God and the world at the same time, serving multiple masters. God is God and He will not change. God is the same forever more. God’s Word last forever. You cannot serve two masters. You either going to love one or hate the other. People, God knows your hearts. Time never stops. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Are you ready if God comes for you right now, at this very moment? You need to get your house in order. Oh Lord, we are living in the last days.

There is a “moral decline” in the family down the hill, down the slope. What happened to the delicacy of the family unity, love, togetherness, and compassion for one another? A person or persons with a deep-sea temper, without a grip on their clinical-edge temper, can be devastating to the household. The waves of your loose temper is are a nightmare to your family. The family household is not a safe environment when you unleash your temper. Children are terrified of their parents. Parents are terrified of their children. The family is broken, fathers against sons, daughters against mothers. Turn your temper over to God. “Trust in God, Don’t Be Easily Beset.”

Cease with the blaming game. Cease with the transferring guilt. Take accountability for your actions, behavior, and temper. Take accountability for your flaws and stop taking your bottled-up “bothersome-issues” out on your family, causing domestic violence in your home. Take accountability for your flaws, and stop taking it out on the world, contributing to the sins of the world.

People stop contributing to bitterness, malice, vengeance, and hatred in the world. There is hope for change. Jesus is hope. Leave the old you in your rear-view mirror. Become a better you, me, and I, for a better world. Stay on God’s narrow path, strait gate. Otherwise, the sins of the world will obstruct the clarity of your faith in God, which clogs your mind, heart, and soul.

Oh, Lord! People don’t you know, life is death without God. People don’t you know, “If your soul is not anchored in Jesus, it will surely drift away.” God has won. The devil is a liar! God always win. The God I serve forever reigns. He is a mighty good God. He is my redeemer. God is a true friend. He is worthy to praise. Don’t give in to the devil. Turn it all over to God and live for the Lord. That is what the enemy come to do steal, kill and destroy. The devil’s goal is to steal, kill and destroy your family.

People, we were born into sin. Long as we are living on earth, we will endure the trials and tribulations of life. Time never stops. Each day is precious to not waste away. The Word of God will never fail you. It pleases God when His children practice loving and forgiveness.

In closing, my benediction. Whenever you have problems, call on Jesus. You can call on Jesus anytime. He will never say no. He will fix it. I tried Jesus for myself, He never said no, He fixed it. He will do the same for you. God loves all His children. Pray to God, children. Pray to God to wash you white as snow, the purging season. Pray to God to renew a new spirit in you. Repent to God, ask for His forgiveness. He will forgive you. Our God has already forgiven your sins. Jesus died on the cross for all mankind. Your sins has been tossed in the sea of forgiveness. You must forgive yourself, to move forward onto a healthier journey.

Speak to me Lord! Speaking to the trillions of "God's Head Staff Members."

Pastorals, just to mention three powerful upcoming fictional books, that God placed on my heart, “The Inspirational Collections of Jaxson Went Missing,” “The Inspirational Collections of The Secret Keepers,” and “The Inspirational Collections of Captivity, Another Man’s Wife,” are good follow-up reads, that will accommodates the highlighted real-world issues in this sermon, as each of my books do. Please pick up copies upon availability.

How did I develop this sermon? It was my downtime, involved in an activity, when I heard the whispers of the spirit, directing me. I paused, my activity, took out my electronic device and I typed this sermon in one gulp, without pausing. The whispers of the spirit directs me in the writing of each of my sermons, for The Inspirational Collections of books.

Keep watch for my next upcoming, real-world "benevolent" sermon: "Trust in God, Rebuff Domestic Violence: Part Two."

The gripping-plots of The Inspirational Collections of books are practical and relatable to daily life.

To portray through sermons that every day life is a "fairy tale," are illusion sermons. Every day life is not smooth sailing. The teachings of dealing with adversity and how to navigate through adversity is much needed. Please, please, do not take my word for it, thumb through "social media." Jesus on that "Old Rugged Cross was not a fairy tale.

Exchanging hands, inspiring a change from within, to make the world a better place.

It is not of God, for His Saints, to not work together,"exchanging hands."

Good God of mercy, my inspiring writings, are orchestrated, by God the Father, and God the Son.

There is no greater God, than God, Himself!

-Jennifer, "Send it on down, Lord. Let your Holy Ghost come on down.”

"Trust in God, Rebuff Domestic Violence: Part Two"

November 2019

Every day I breathe, God You are my inspirational joy. God’s people rejoice in His holy name. May God be with you this holiday season and may His many blessings reign upon you, with the hope that your souls be touched, delightfully, from this Godsend sermon. A sermon written diligently, with my whole heart, to aid you on your journey.

Domestic violence does not discriminate, nor is it discriminatory. It is astonishing, widespread throughout the world, within the families of every nationality, hidden behind the darkness of closed doors.

Nevertheless, this is not a fairy tale doctrine-up, “sweet-home” sermon; a fable sermon, that so many prefer to hear, this time of the season. Because they have turned their cheeks away from the truth. Window-dressing, with their public-persona and covering, due to the horizon of “domestic violence” happening in their own homes, that has filled their life with fear. Domestic violence is very much prevalent in Christian households. They yearn for this time of the year, to drape themselves with the falsehood of having peace and happiness. They will rather have plastered smiles on their faces, pretending for the holiday season that “domestic violence” is not happening in their homes; instead of taking a stand, using their voices, to confront the bottled-up, “bothersome-issues,“ to deal with the traumatic of those issues and reach out for help.

Lord, you are the fresh air that I breathe. It is healthy for everyone, to release the bottled-up “bothersome-issues,” and discuss them, to bring resolution to the issues before meeting-up for the holidays. If not, the world will remain the same, concerning the physically-combative aggressiveness of “domestic violence,” until, as a nation we take the first steps to look in the mirror, at ourselves, to make the change as an individual, to stop the horizon of “domestic violence.”

Each year you aged. Aren’t you tired of in and out of each year unchanged? Aren’t you tired of that same look on you, dressed in old wine? We are near the closing of another year. Why not start preparing to end the year on a changed note, “Trust in God, Rebuff Domestic Violence.” If the good Lord spares your life to see the New Year, why not start preparing to enter the New Year, a changed you, “dressed in new wine.” Oh Lord, don’t they know, Jesus on Calvary was not a fairy story. Oh Lord, don’t they know, peace and happiness is found within You, not in the material things of the world, and not in people. Oh Lord, don’t they know, only You can give them wonderful rest.

The truth be told, this real-world, non-fairy-tale sermon is discerning this season. To aid you, to confront your issues, deal with them, and put your issues to rest. A doctrine-up, fairy tale sermon is not going to help you, once you walk outside the church doors, entering back into the real-world. This season, if the tides gets rough, hold onto Jesus and don’t let go. Oh, my, my, my, my, whatever the situation is, still hold onto Jesus. He will keep you every day of your precious life.

Oh God in heaven, you are the bright morning light. This real-world sermon is displayed on “social media” around the world. This is the time of season, when many put on their window-dressing persona, trying their hardest to blanket the bottled-up “bothersome-issues,” instead of confronting them. Which for some folks, when they meet up for the “holidays, for dinner,” with the same-old hellraising, full-fledge brawl will break-loose, rumbling on the ground. Because of the bottled-up “bothersome-issues,” that leads to “domestic violence.”

There are sordid people in the world who reject “Trust in God, Rebuff Domestic Violence,” they reject, relish the change, because they are complacent in their sins, playing and living by their own rules. Which is self-serving and naïve. When questioned about their hot-headed temper, they are not comfortable answering to it, and discussing it. They will go radio-silence on you, quickly. Or, they will give you hedging answers, going off the subject. They will not come down from the cloud and admit their wrongdoings. They like always being correct and having the floor to centered attention. They are peculiar that way, fooling themselves with the mind-set, that it is all about them. When in fact, it is all about Jesus.

Good God of mercy, the therapeutic release, let’s dive into what has led to so many loving families to tailspin becoming “domestic violence” families. “Domestic violence” starts in the home. It is introduced in the home. Therefore, I pose the question is it logistic to assume “criminality” stars in the home? The most beautiful marriage can hide awful secrets of “domestic violence;” living a whopper of untruth. Husbands are head of the household. Husbands are supposed to protect their children. Husbands are supposed to protect their wives.

Jamar and Bella were blissfully inseparable at the beginning of their “young-love” marriage. They were once happy. Over time the bad things overtook the good things in their marriage. What went wrong in their marriage, causing Jamar to sleep on the sofa? What went wrong in their marriage, that put their marriage in a bad spot, causing “domestic violence?” What could have happened that turned their marriage dark, for Jamar to have given Bella the deep-freeze shoulder? Was it that Jamar was snoring loudly? Well, what happened in Jamar and Bella’s “young-love” marriage went something like this. Bella took to Jamar’s bad boy syndrome until she found out who he is, after marriage. She fell for his window-dressing persona. Bella had what seemed the loving perfect marriage, so she thought, until she found out they were not on the same page. Jamar has been stepping out the marriage, involved himself in the “ancient-dilemma Romeo-nesting” with other women.

Bella’s situation is a representation of what happens when you look at the exterior-camouflaged appearance of a man, and don’t watch your step, rushing into marriage, without taking the time to truly get to know him; bypassing, taking a closer look at his interior. Consequently, great repercussions follows for rushing into marriage, staining you with a touch-of-blinded sadness.

God, You are the morning sunshine. Infidelity brings discredit to the marriage, which causes “domestic violence.” It is living dangerously, when you are married, having an affair, that is not only scandalous, but it will put you in a financial mess, causing your finances to deteriorate. Infidelity will put a damper on the marriage, with a dark cloud hanging over the marriage. Infidelity is the ultimate betrayal in a marriage, that leads to anger and bitterness that can be heard in your voice. Continuing, it leads to resentment, yelling loudly, with a potty mouth, and tempers boiling over, onto “domestic violence,” leading to someone getting seriously injured or demised.

Infidelity and “domestic violence” are two firecrackers, that are dangerous entities, that leads to a spouse demised. Sometimes an affair becomes serious, where the spouse is in-deep, in the affair. Then that is when the plan is hatched to demise, the spouse for the insurance money, and to pursue a new life with their sidekick pleasure.

God is so, so good! The sidekick pleasure, now the new spouse, is blinded to know if the spouse cheated on their previous spouse and hatched a plan to demised them, they will do the same to them because of greed. They continue this cycle because it takes money to live. Therefore, this type of person repeats the crime again for the love of money, with the mind-set that they will never get caught. At some point, the insurance money is going to run out, they have grown tired of you, because you are a reminder of their past, and a reminder of their past lives (personalities). And that is when they hatched the plan to repeat the cycle to demise you, for the insurance money. This type of person cannot stop this cycle of committing such horrific acts. Jesus is the stronger man. Such a person needs Jesus’ help. If not, this person will continue the revolving-door cycle will continue.

Nowadays, the harrowing tale is, there are heartless people in this world who will demise you, think nothing of it and go about their normal day, as if nothing happened. A temperamental person is most vulnerable, to committing such horrific acts. Because of their build-up anger. They are blinded by rage. They go on an emotional rollercoaster rage. Entering a territory of “domestic violence,” with built-up raging-anger. They are at a boiling-point-of-no return, to restrain themselves from committing such horrific acts. it is dangerous when you wait until you reach the boiling-point, of becoming enraged, with “domestic violence, “that leads to screams piercing in the darkness of the night. Which ultimately, which inevitably, the “domestic violence” confrontation, leads to seriously, hurting a loved one. Oh God in heaven, we are living in the last days.

It is not mind-boggling, it is simple, cease the roughing-up your spouse and beating down your children. This is what happens when you mix lightness with darkness, bringing sin into your home. This is the outcome when you let the built-up “bothersome-issues” fester inside of you. Domestic violence is a chosen, cowardly act, opposed to surrendering to God, for help. Seek help for your raging temper. Cease with the squabble quarreling. Pray, people. Don’t lash out at your loved ones beating them to a pulp. Don’t lash out at your children, handling them too roughly, that leads to seriously injuring them, in many cases demising them. When you surrender to God for help, it is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of bravery. It is noble of you.

Praise Jesus. Bless His holy name. My main, captivating message in this sermon. Stop coming to the Lord’s house pretending to be committed to the Lord and you are living the life of the world. Jesus! God’s people pray to God for guidance. Hallelujah Jesus, my deliverance, Sovereign Lord! Cease from mixing lightness with darkness, the two together is disastrous. Step back, let God take the wheel of your wholesome self. When you mix lightness with darkness, sin manifest in you. Sin enters your home through you, when you mingle lightness with darkness. Lightness and darkness has nothing in common. The two does not mix. Lightness has no business hanging out with darkness drinking alcohol, engaged in worldliness. Sanctification separates you from worldliness. Make up your mind, are you in God’s corner or the devil’s corner? Lightness has no business with darkness at a strip club. Lightness has no business rolling with darkness. When lightness roll with darkness, lightness invites a shipload of sin into their home. Lightness cannot cleanup that kind of sin, in their home, on their own. Lightness needs a stronger man to cleanup that kind of sin. Jesus is the stronger man who can clean it up. No matter how many people you call on, no matter how many pills you wash down your throat, no one can do for you, what Jesus can do for you. If someone tells you otherwise, then it is not so.

The devil is a liar! God can fix a broken family. You can become that family father or that family mother again. You can take back your family and be happy again. Cease from letting the devil steal, kill, and destroy your family with “domestic violence.” Say “no” to “domestic violence,” and strive towards becoming a healthier family again; starting with spending quality time together.

We all carry some type of burdens of life, but it is not okay, to take your anger out on others, with “domestic violence.” An abuser must accept accountability for his or her actions, learn from it, repent, and to rehabilitate himself or herself, in becoming a better person for change.

Domestic violence is not OK. Domestic violence will continue in a relationship or marriage. It does not get any better. Realistically, people do not change, unless they truly want to change. A domestic violence abuser will not and cannot be rehabilitated unless they make that internal decision to do so. It is their characteristic trait. It is who they are. They chose to remain that way. They cannot be force, to change, it must be their decision to want to change.

Ooooh! Another blessing, on my Jesus-journey. Pastors, I am trying to end this sermon, I am on a roll. The Lord is speaking to me heavily. I got a grip on it now. I shall pick up this momentum, continuing in my part three sermon,” I don’t know how many sermons parts there are. I am listening to the whispering sounds of the spirit, directing my path, in the writing of each sermon. I thank God for the many blessings.

Count it all joy! I now give my benediction, with the hope that it will aid you on your journey. Do not place judgement on others. We have no right to judge others for their sinful acts. God holds the key to judgement. No one on earth is qualified for God’s job. On your journey, treat people right. Be kindhearted to others. Treat others the way you want to be treated. I know without a doubt, that down through the years, in each of your life, the Lord has been good to you. Otherwise, you would not be here breathing, on this brand-new blessed day. No matter how many times you have turned your back on God, some of you even threw in the towel on God at some point in your life, but still, God has been good to you. Our God is a loving and forgiving God. Praise God and give Him the highest glory and the honor; for our God is worthy to be praised. God’s children, do not be “easily besetting in your sins.” As you navigate on your journey do not dwell on the negativity in your life. The storm and the rain will pass. All things passes away, except for the Word of God. Go in peace God’s children and navigate on you journey kind-heartedly.

Speak to me Lord! Speaking to the trillions of "God's Head Staff Members."

My upcoming December 2019 fictional spinoff book from my life story “The Inspirational Collections of Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking—The Final Chapter” and my upcoming Fall 2020 fictional book “The Inspirational Collections of The Flirtatious Bus Driver,” are compelling, follow-up reads to this real-world sermon.

The Inspirational Collections of fictional, spinoff books from my life story, are written from a real-world angle, not a fairy tale. The real-world angle, that I write my fictional books from, deals with the current issues in today’s world. My hope is that these practical and relatable fictional books can aid people positively, on their journey, with the inspiration that hope is a live. Jesus is hope.

Stay tuned for my next upcoming December 2019, Godsend sermon, “Trust in God, Be Productive: Part Three.”

While I sat at my desk typing this sermon, I paused and looked out the window at the serenity of the lake, in my backyard. Lord, how beautiful it would be if the world was as peaceful as the lake’s waves slowly moving peacefully about. Oh Lord, how beautiful the world would be, if the world was as humbled as the turtles, flamingos, and birds, roaming around in my backyard, looking for food. I smiled when I saw the squirrel going up the tree, without a worry in the world. How sweet is our God? Lord, you are my brightest days who is the head of my life. You give me peace. Lord, I thank You for the constellations and the wonderful rest, that you have given me.

Clergy members, God’s whole staffers, therapeutic sermons are in demand and are scarce. Therapeutic sermons are highly needed to aid the world in navigating on their journey, to stop raising their hands infiltrating “domestic violence.” By all means do not take my word, read the Holy Bible for yourselves, and journey throughout “social media.”

Therapeutic sermons are a necessity, to aid the world on how to quench the adversity-spirit, when in battle. Therapeutic sermons are needed to aid the world on how to navigate when a storm is brewing in their marriages and how to navigate, when they are in the storm and the rain. Therapeutic sermons are a must, to aid the world to know that they have choices in the matter of “domestic violence,” they have healthier alternatives, than “domestic violence.” Instead of choosing “domestic violence,” they can take their troubles to God, the Father, He will work it out. They can take their problems to God, the Son, He will fix it.

Oh, what a pity, the times that we are living in, there are people who do not wants to hear God talk. They go as far to say God talk is a bit square. That is what they say until God sends an encounter their way, and then they fall to their knees calling on the name of the Lord.

We do not live in a fairy tale world. Subsequently, there is a necessity for the people to be fed with real-world sermons, to aid them with dealing with real-world issues and adversities. Therapeutic sermons are a necessity for the world, in showing them the harmonious path, to deal with adversities calmly, harmoniously, and peacefully. Which include God’s staffers, too, because we too, are not perfect. We too have struggles and shortcomings.

The Inspirational Collections of books, I will not allow anyone to take me off my focus, Jesus. I have not lost focus off Jesus, since the day, I started my writing journey for the Lord, January 2007.

-Jennifer, A part of God’s staff members.

"Trust in God, Be Productive: Part Three"

December 2019

Jesus, the light of the world, who gave His life for all mankind, on that rugged road to Calvary, carrying his own cross. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” Jesus did not sit around wasting precious time away. He was a carpenter. Jesus was productive in doing His Father’s Will, to make it to that “old rugged cross, on Calvary.”

Take my hand and lead me, Jesus. This holiday season, Jesus’ door is always open, inviting sinners inside of His house. He will shower you with His grace and mercy, to write you a new life story. He will give you a new living testimony.

Tick-tock, time never stops. It is sagacious to keep moving forward in making good use of your time. The times that we are living in are evil. We are living in troubled times. We are living on borrowed time. Who says tomorrow is promised to the world? God controls time. God is the timekeeper. God is the keeper of our lifeline. God just shows up like a thief in the night and in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and takes back His property, without permission. God is God, the creator. He does not need permission to take back His property. When God shows up to take back his property, it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. Our life is not our own. Our life came at a price. Jesus paid the price, on Calvary.

In all good faith, the truth be told, your time is used insignificantly, when you are hanging out in the streets daily, doing nothing with your life, but wasting it away on nothing that matters. You walk the streets going from house to house, among doing other useless things, getting into street fights, posting it on “social media,” proudly. Woefully, sometimes the street fighting leads to someone getting seriously injured or demised, and then you are hauled-off to jail. Good Lord, what my eyes have seen on “social media,” is gut-wrenching, and shocking to the core.”

Where is your ambition in life? You must pride yourself of this “valueless lifestyle,” of living an insignificant life when you are wasting your life away, hanging out in the streets, on the street corner doing nothing with your life, but passing the time away, with equally rag-tag, “trouble-making” friends. God blessed you to wake up another day, and what do you do. You start your day all over again, going about your daily routine, doing the same reruns, that you did yesterday, and the day, before which all ages live this meaningless lifestyle. Which also includes heritage people, doing the same reruns, like a broken record that keeps scratching, that they were doing twenty years ago, absolutely nothing significant.

Good God of mighty! There are people who live their life with the expectation that it is supposed to be given to them, for free, without working for it. They do not have “good standing” in the community, because of their impetuous crimes. They are the neighborhood nightmare. They are wolves floating around in society, who break into people’s homes, while they are out working, earning an honest living. They do their deed, ransacked the people’s homes and take what don’t belong to them. Some are brazenly to break into people’s homes, while they are home. You commit these brazen crimes without any remorse and sadness. Some of you are proud of your crimes. My, my Lord, we are living in the last days.

Pray to God, to deliver you from navigating through life in a haze despair. Make the righteous choice to put an end to the shenanigans of your high-powered career, street-glowing of crimes, going into establishments taking what don’t belong to you, stuffing merchandise secured in your clothes, and brazenly walking out the door, with other people’s merchandise. Once they confront you about taking their merchandise, you become angry, belligerent. Topping it off, you give them an ungodly curse out. Jesus! What has this world succumbed to? Nothing is for free in this world. Someone must pay for what you took. Even Jesus came at a price. Sin is all around us. Evil is all around us, with people possessed with evil faces. The terrifying traits of these evil-faced people is that they live in society amongst us. There are evil-faced people in the world who will snuff out your life. Lord, we are living in the last days.

The aimless life that people are consciously living by choice, they are presumed to be more productive transforming themselves into good old-fashioned type of individuals, motivated to join the workforce. Because the way they currently choose to live, they are too rambunctious, doing unimportant with their life.

A precious life is purposeless when you are stamping yourself with the notoriety as a career criminal, committing “senseless crimes.” It is prudent to get off the “comfy sofa,” and earn an honest living. Become independent self-reliant and financially self-sufficient, productive, in doing something significant, that is meaningful. God is a good source of dependency in times of troubled needs, because God, the overseer, redirects, everyone to utilize all your resources.

Redeem yourself of value to be productive by renouncing the level of deviousness of taking what does not belong to you, calling it your own. You must make your own way in life, by working, and not have the expectations for others to do it for you, and to give it to you for free. If you continue on this “taking what don’t belong to you path,” there are serious ramifications, of two things that are going to happen. One, you are going to end up in jail, with a permanent, spotty record. Two, you are going to end up in a cold grave, a place that will become your permanent dwelling place, a place you cannot return from. The cemetery is a place of no-return. It is essential that you have a solid footing on where you are going in life, to be a productive citizen, in acquiring self-reliance.

Parents are an enormous help when they have allowed their adult children to move back home. Because of their financial depletion, they have fallen on hard times. Your financial depletion occurred from spending a vast amount of money, living above your means, and due to you invested your money in useless material things, or fabricated wealth, among other reasons. What about your soul? You cannot take your material possessions with you, when you leave this earth. All things on earth passes away, except for the Word of God.

Before moving back into your parents’ home, you agreed to abide in their non-challenging house rules, work, help out with the monthly grocery bill, pay the monthly water bill, and attend church on Sunday. After you moved in, you threw, your parents’ house rules out the window. You do everything but what your parents have asked you to do. Just as you do nothing the Holy Bible says.

My Lord, when you asked your parents’ permission for you to move back home, they did not say we will discuss it and get back with you. Your parents did the righteous thing and helped you, to get back on your feet, and all you want to do is layup all day, in your parents’ home, complacent in your comfort zone, sitting, lounging, loafing, and heating up the phone having chatty-romance-pillow conversations. When the skies are draped with darkness, you run the streets with your long-standing boneyard, rough-false-friends, from your past. Instead of building a new crafty life for yourself, to move upward. This speaks volumes about you, that you are complacent in your parents’ home, and you do not possess motivation of going anywhere in life. That type of frenzy is unacceptable in your parents’ home, and your parents are not okay with it.

Your parents have allowed you to move back into their home, given you time to get yourself together, get your boyish or girlish ways out your system, with the hope that you will straighten up. You have been living home for quite some time and significant, idle time has passed, and you still have not straighten up. The thing about parents, they have lived long enough to recognize your game, and you cannot run games on them.

Once your parents have battered up, and take a firmer stand with you by waking you up early morning and tell you, that you got to get out the house and look for a job, you are not laying-up in their house all day, unemployed, you yield very little effort to resolve your unemployment situation, and if we got to go to work, then, so do you, you react to be a bit stunned. Your forehand become wrinkled with frustration, that leads to you making adult-antagonist noises, carrying on with rubbish talk towards your parents, as if what they said to you is impossible to phantom. You hurt your loved ones, when you say unkindly words out of frustration. As soon as it comes out your mouth, it is out there.

After you have decided to disrespect your aging parents in their own home, cuttin’ a fool, and not bringing down your snappy tone a notch, you have become a major league problem. It is unacceptable to layup in your parents’ homes, causing friction, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere, in their peaceful way of living. This type of behavior will put your parents in an uncomfortable position to make some life-changing decisions, concerning you. For some parents, they will deem that you have overstayed your welcome.

Merciful God. These are the times that we are living in. It is disrespectful to your parents, to talk rubbish to them, when they were quite kind, to have allowed you to take up residence in their home, out the goodness of their hearts. How grateful were you? You were so grateful until you were brazenly enough to push their house rules aside, make up your own rules, dictated your rules to your parents, and do as you pleased, with the notion that they should sympathize with you.

Because we were born into sin, everyone has a sob-story anyhow. Therefore, how long are you going to blame your dear old parents for your sob-story-issues, and the position that you are in? You have pity on yourself, telling your sob-story to anyone who listens. Get up and move forward on a new path. Your sob-story is a story of the past. When are you going to take accountability, that you placed yourself in the position that you are in? How many times are you going to point the finger at your dear old parents, blaming them for all your problems? When are you going to wake up and make the conditioning-productive change? Sooner rather than later you must leave your parents out of it and stop faulting, faltering them for your past-dead issues. That was then, the past. This is now, the presence. The past is an ice-cold place, that you nor anyone can change. When you decide it is time to put your past to rest, you must be ready to confront your past, accept that you cannot change the past, deal with it, bring closure and move on.

While your aging parents are alive, terminate this way of thinking that your parents are your dependency. God did not design it to be that way. Step up to the plate, be responsible, and denounce depending on your parents for you to function, in daily life. Depending on your parents to do it for you, to cover for you, is not realistic to have the mentality, that your dear old parents are supposed to keep covering for you and bailing you out. You will always be your parents’ child. However, I must be forthcoming in saying, you are setting yourself up with the dependency and expectations, that your parents are supposed to keep you, when you are healthy to work for it.

Absolutely, the truth is a bitter pill to swallow, but the truth is, the window is not going to be opened forever, for you to lean on your parents, with total dependency. The day will come when you will be faced to take care of yourself, when your parents are no longer able to care for themselves. When your parents have passed on, it is useless calling on your family members, relatives and other people; they are not going to let you lean on them. Jesus is your resolution. Jesus will let you lean on Him; Jesus will deliver you and save your soul. Everything on earth passes away, except for God’s Word.

Pointless, it is navigating through life, without a solid foundation. Jesus will give you a sense of direction. Jesus is your keeper. No one can keep you better than Jesus. Jesus will keep you better than your parents. Jesus is always available for you to lean on Him for strength, and to guide you onto the path of self-reliance. Call on Jesus, anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. He will show you the way. He will help you, but you must be a willing vessel to help yourself. You must do the work. You must be a doer of the word. God watches over you. Bow your head and thank the Lord, for allowing you to wake up and breathe another day.

While the storm rises, and the wind blows, do not let nothing shake your faith. If there is something standing in the way of you serving the Lord, get rid of it! Jesus is always dependable. He is the true-closest friend that you will ever have. He will stand by you, through thick and thin, no matter what. Jesus will never turn His back on you, the way your family members, relatives and so-call friends have.

Speaking from The Book of Exodus. Everyone will always have the power to decide between right and wrong, then ultimately make the choice in life, I love myself, and I love my family, especially my children, so I will always choose my life with God, the overseer of overseers.

Graciously, my Lord. My Jesus. My sermon’s main message. There are people who exist in the world with the perspective that it is all about them. When in fact, it is all about Jesus. They have gravened images of themselves stationed anywhere and everywhere, putting in a spectacle, destine for the light to shine on them. The lights shines on Jesus. Jesus is the light of the world. Our picture will fade away, just as each of us will, at God’s appointed time.

They are possessed with the outlook, that they are going to be young-vivacious forever. They are strong-willed with the mind-set, that they have time to commit to the Lord, later in life. Their min-set is that they are too young now, for such a commitment to the Lord. They want to live the worldly lifestyle and have fun. They have a false sense that the next second is promised to them.

Behold my Lord. They are blinded to the fact that their stunning-attractive looks will fade away. If the good Lord spares you to live a long-life, you will grow older and not be that young-vivacious person who you used to be, reserved to commit to a servant of the Lord. You will grow older, unable to care for yourself. You will revert to a baby stage, dependent on other people to take care of you. You will need someone to feed you, bathe you, dress you, help you walk, and stand. Nobody can take care of you the way Jesus can. Do not wait until you are too old for God to use you. Surrender to God, and let Him have His way with you, and use you now; while you are mobile, while you have breath in your body.

As precious time passes by, none of us are here to stay. We will all run our walk on earth, leaving this old world. You cannot stop the aging process internally. With today’s technologies, you can camouflage your external appearance by wearing youthful clothes. Even with that, you must color your hair frequently, to cover the gray, to conceal your authentic age. At an unspecified time, “Botox” is going to run its course, revealing your authentic age. Your skin can only take so much “Botox,” revealing your true age. Mercifulness it is not to be in the will of God. Mercifulness it is to be caught dead without Jesus.

Do not abandon Jesus, keep Him close to your heart, and do not let Him fade. Do not give up on God, by giving the devil victory. The devil is a crooked-underhanded character who wants you to give up on God. He plots and plans around the clock, with the intention to kill, steal, and destroy. You have come too far on your journey, to give up on God now. You cannot give up now. Time moves forward not backward. Do not look backward, keep moving forward. Lord, we are living in the last days. Jesus is coming back just like He said, He would.

Parishioners “tithe properly”. The upkeep of the Lord’s house is not for free. Nothing in this world is for free, someone has to pay for it.

Benediction. God’s children as you leave the Lord’s house, entering back into the world, the weight of the world can weigh you down. Do not let it weigh you down, change you as a person, and do not be dismayed by the sins of the world. Stay grounded at the cross. As the Lord’s given time in our lives, we all have endured disappointing days. If not, keep living you will. You must keep moving, rising above those disappointing days, and not let it weigh you down. With God, all things are possible. Remember where God has brought you from, and how good He has been to you. God has brought each of us from somewhere.

Stay humbled people. Take time out your day to have a little talk with God. Take the time to just say, thank You, Lord. Navigate on your journey peacefully, without all the noise of complaining. You have nothing to complain about. Things can be worsened than what they are. There are people in worse places in their life than you, who you would not want to trade places with. For heaven sakes, do not take my word for it, spend a day journeying throughout the hospital. While you are there, take a breather and talk to some people lying in the hospital beds, and you will come to realize how good God has been to you. 

Speak to me Lord! Speaking to the trillions of “God’s Head Staff Members.”

An upcoming stupendous book, “The Inspirational Collections of The Pastor’s Wife and Her Homegirls,” is an extraordinary follow up read to this sermon.

Keep your eyes looking for my Godsend well-conditioned New Year’s sermon, “Trust in God, is Fatherhood Gone!? Part Four.”

Pastorals, if you are intrigued with these “Godsend real-world therapeutic sermons,” each book from The Inspirational Collections, will be just as intriguing, especially my enthralling memoirs.

Throughout the writings of my fictional spinoff books from my life story, occasionally I will throw a loop with a memoir, here and there, or in between.

Without a doubt I say this, these real-world “therapeutic sermons” are prosperity to “Parishioners”,” and they are prolific in daily life of what is going on around the world. Daily living, “Parishioners” journey in the real-world, and have experienced, and experiencing the ongoing, never-ending real-world issues in their own lives, or dealing with it in their wayward sons’ lives, and rebellious daughters’ lives who have gone astray and have lost their way. Moreover, their lives are touched by their loved ones lost souls.

Pastorals, the conviction is that the real-world therapeutic sermons are not always what we want to hear, as a society. In view of the fact that they are not sugarcoated. Due to the fact that the truth is not embellished. And for the reason that the truth is not always pleasant and pleasing to our ears. Lastly, we do not like to be called out to the truth. Some people rather hear a fairy tale, doctrine up sermon, that is pleasantly and pleasing to their ears, just for the moment, giving them a false sense of hope, which hinders them from functionally navigating in the real-world through adversity.

Once you exit the Lord’s house, you are faced with the real-world, and “just for the moment, pleasantly-pleasing to your ears,” is an illusion, that is not going to aid you to deal with the adversity in the real-world. When you turn to the right, the left, and move forward, adversity is all around you. It is imperative for your own sanity and well-being, that you acquire the knowledge to aide you in navigating through adversity.

Subsequently, the real-world therapeutic sermons are a necessity, in today’s society, living in the real-world, that is. Adversity is not going no place. Adversity, is always going to be in the real-world, considering we were born into sin. As a society, a nation, we must learn to navigate through it not around it. Navigating around it is not an option.

The ray-of-sunshine has been slightly dimmed, worldwide, riddled with too much violence. On the contrary, the enlightenment of the real-world therapeutic sermons are vital in the aiding of ridding the world of violence, and every inkling matters that surrounds violence. Just to mention a few, robbing, stealing, home invasions, domestic violence, mass shootings, killing children, mothers, babies, grandparents, and sometimes the whole family.

Hopefully my writings will aid people on their journey, to enlighten them that our God is the same God who He was in the “Biblical Days.” He is the same God who heals and loves everybody. God is available to help you on your journey. He cares, and He is available for all His children, of every nationality, the just and the unjust. Our God is a loving and forgiving God.

Through my writings, my heart, hopes to inspire that hope is still alive. Jesus is hope. My hope is to reach hurting souls who have given up on faith. Because of the rough roads that they have experienced and are currently experiencing, in their daily life. To inspire them not to throw in the towel on the Lord, to have strong faith that Jesus is there for them.

Profoundly, saddened, there are hurting souls who have given up and turned away from God. Because they have been hurt by the “blowing-storms” of life. Through my inspiring writings, I hope to touch people’s hurting hearts, to let them know that through the trials and tribulations of life, they can reach out to Jesus. There is joy in the Lord.

I encourage all not to be self-absorbing of The Inspirational Collections of books. Spread the “good news” about The Inspirational Collections of books.

In conclusion, my hope is that this well of information in these real-world therapeutic sermons, that I have written diligently for the Lord, has been inspiring and enlightening to you, in aiding your “parishioners,” as a tool in their daily life.

Upon the release of "Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One," you want to be swift in picking up a copy. This enthralled memoir is filled with inspirational wisdom, confidence, and encouragement. In Chapter Seven of this memoir, it gives you a grand, sneak peek into my next memoir, "Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord's House: A Memoir-Volume Two."

We tend to lose sight that we are in control of our life. But the truth is, we are not. God is in control of our lives.

Blessings of the light and peace. Wholeheartedly, I keep holding onto God’s promise, as I navigate on The Inspirational Collections journey, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, through my inspiring writings, as a part of God’s workmanship.

Sovereign Lord, unimaginable my life is without Jesus. He gives my life meaning.

Jennifer, I am, the Godsend unwavering voice behind The Inspirational Collections.

A Testimony Sermon

"I Don't Look Like What I Been Through"

December 9, 2019

Jesus is all right! He is dependable! Jesus is always leading all the Shepherds of the church because He went to Calvary for everyone’s sins. He brought me over! Oh… I cannot hang around this sermon too long. I’m getting in and out of this testimonial sermon, only sharing what God instructed me to share. I got to get out of here! I have full plate of work to do for the Lord. For the Lord knows, my testifying can only last for so long with the window of my lifeline because He will never forsake me because the Lord is my helper.

Good Lord! On my God’s predestined spiritual writing journey I had no peace in the Lord’s house. My hometown, “South Florida,” each church I walked into the pastors inserted themselves into my “Buzzin’ Around Jennifer’s Thoughts and Feelings,” inspiring writings, which put them right smack in the middle of my writings, becoming character crew members. Each time I was in church attendance, I have a whole book on what they said, indirectly to me, Jennifer. They always had something to say to me from their bullet pulpits. When working for God, sensitivity is out the window! Without faltering that’s my wholehearted belief. I became weary of their bullet-pulpits madness. I was in church to listen, to God’s Word. I was in church to praise the Lord because the Lord forever reigns. I was on a spiritual journey, with God, the overseer, directing my path and Jesus my Guiding light. Jennifer, what did they say? What was that all about? Oh, I don’t have time to get into that I’m on my morning exercise writing this this sermon, on my electronic device. I must write it, when God enlightens me and gives it to me, that’s how this writing task works for me. When I drop my memoir, “Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord’s House: A Memoir-Volume Two,” you can pick up a copy and read about it exclusively. The book of Judges.

In church attendance this Sunday, I had a “shell-shocked” spiritual encounter, directly from God. On our dinner date, I had my husband’s complete attention when I told him about this “shell-shocked” spiritual encounter. I started out saying, I have a testimony. Only I saw it. God silenced the noise around me in church. During praise and worship, the sanctuary went completely dark. There was a bright light shining on pastor. It frightened me I didn’t know what was going on. I looked around at you and everyone, they were all looking straight ahead. In my head I said, “What’s wrong with you all, don’t y’all see what I see?” Pastor sang you that song so hard and loud, until my ears hurt. He frightened me. “He looked at you like a man would look at a woman.” He was so close to the edge of that stage singing, with his eyes on you, the whole time, I thought he was going to fall off the stage. He snapped out of it when the assistant pastor came, he put his hand on his shoulder, pulled him away, speaking something in his ear.

My heart was beating. God lowered the hedges too low, revealing all that to me, in a flash, which seemed like eternity. That was not a pleasant sight to see. God gets down that way. He will lower the hedges and let you see some things you never imagined. He will lower the hedges to let you see some things about people, that will shock you out your skin.

My husband laughed loudly. “Pastor barking up the wrong tree. I can’t stand that junk.” Then he took a headful, serious tone and said, "I don't want to be bothered with a "sweet pastor." Of course, he said a mouthful, expressing his thoughts and feelings.

You better know it! My husband is a brawny “all man.” I have no complaints nor grievances in that department!

Oops! I got get keep moving on with this testimony, God changed the sequence order of releasing my brawny inspirational memoir. I will give an updated briefing on this soon. Keep your eyes peeled for this update, on the “Dear Readers” page.

This Sunday, from behind the pulpit, indirectly pastor said some things to me. It went something like this, in my own words. He talked to another pastor, and said, she looks good, she always dressed privileged. From reading her writings, she don’t look like what she been through. She appeared happy, always praising the Lord.”

Oooowee! Nope! “I Didn’t Look Like What I Been Through.” God is my keeper, God kept me. Going through the storms and rain I did not hold my head low; I kept my head high praising the Lord. I thank God for life.

When you are going through the storms and the rain, the trials and tribulations, the ups and the downs, don’t give Satan the victory, looking like you are in a storm, looking like what you been through. You can navigate through your trials and tribulations, without looking a mess, I know this to be true because I did it. God has dominion over my life, not Satan.

Oh yeah! With God overseeing me, with Jesus being my guiding light, I won the victory! I am still here to tell my story! I am still here as a part of God’s workmanship, with The Inspirational Collections. Bring it on Satan! It’s true, Satan tried to stop me and kill me. God said to me, “Stay on my course, my child. I got your back from the beginning to the ending, the alpha and the omega has already been written. You stay in my course and keep your head high. Take whatever they dish out to you, dust it off, and keep pressing on. You got the victory! Defeat will not have the last word over your life, I will.” This is what God said to me, while on my writing journey.

My family and I had been visiting a church for quite some time, in our community. Easter Sunday, their ritual church service started earlier than usual. Therefore, we were late upon arrival, when communion was in progress. There was a long line along the wall with people waiting to take communion. Pastor gestured for my family to skip ahead of the people in line. I expressed to my husband we should get in line, and not skip ahead. He insisted we go as pastor gestured. I told him to go ahead with our grandson, I will stay where I am.

As I sat a lady signaled me from the stage to come. I smiled, shook my head, and declined. I did not take communion; instead I prayed silently. I had a conflict of interest with the pastor when he gestured for us to skip ahead of those people who waited in the long line for their turns to take communion. I felt we should have gotten in line and waited our turn. I felt my family and I are the same as the people who waited in line. Therefore, we should not have been instructed to skip ahead of them. We should have gotten in line and waited for our turn. I just could not bring myself to skip ahead of those people who waited in line for their turn.

After service, there was a gathering in the foyer, the lady who signaled me to come onstage bypassed me with a cold shoulder.

Pastor and I engaged in a conversation. He asked me was everything all right? I responded everything is great. In thought if he had asked me what he really wanted to ask me. “How come I didn’t skip ahead of the people for communion when he gestured?” Then I would have told him why. This is what I would have told him from an upcoming sermon, “Jesus is Good Enough for Me! I’m Not Gonna Appease the Clique to Blend!”

Pastorals drew their own misconceptions, that I am into sermons, that is not so, it is not true, it is not the who I am. I am attentive, to pastorals’ sermons, to implement in my daily life of becoming a better person. If they had taken the time, to ask me, this is what I would have told them, instead of them drawing their own misconceptions conclusion.

I have the same mindset as Paul, when he said, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task, The Lord Jesus, has given me, the task, the task of testifying to The Gospel of God’s Grace.”

You can read more of this testimony throughout my up-and-coming memoir, “Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord’s House.”

Glory be to God. Before my mother’s passing, she said to me in our mother and daughter conversation, “Jennifer, God loves everybody.” I loved my mother dearly.

Glorious name of Jesus. A name I will never waver from.

Jennifer, I am, the Godsend unwavering voice behind The Inspirational Collections.

A Testimony Sermon

Stay Updated Connected with Today's Juveniles,

The New Wave Generation

December 12, 2019

Blessed it be the Lord! The prospect of my grandson’s arrival was a joy to my heart. He will always have a special place in my heart. He is a gift from God to me. God stepped into my life “right on time” and delivered my grandson. God knew the specific remedy that I needed, when He blessed me with my grandson. I am eternally grateful to God for my grandson, a gift he is.

This testimony sermon is leading to my upcoming New Year’s sermon, “Trust in God, is Fatherhood Gone!?” Good Lord! Yesterday, my grandson, was a baby, today he is a teenager. One morning, he woke up with a booming voice, that overpowered my voice. My husband broke it down to me, that our grandson’s booming voice means that he is becoming a man. Growing up with five brothers, I never took notice to their booming voices. I used to look down at my grandson, now I look up at him. He is tall, the same as his father.

As a fairly, young grandmother, continuous, I have a good heart to heart talk with him, about the real-world. Because of my background in the educational field, I personally know that you are holding onto impossible, false hope, with a small chance, that your juveniles will stay on their proper and moral upbringing path, if you do not have a tight grip on them grounded in the solid-structured foundation of church, to know who their friends are, become acquainted with their friend’s parents, and sponsoring ongoing socialization activities at your home for them and their friends. It is critical to know who your juveniles’ circle of friends are. This is a very good thing because you know where they are and who they are affiliated with. It is important to be engaged in your juveniles’ life, keeping a handle on who their friends are, making sure they do not drift off into the wrong crowd, which means a negative, influential set of company that your juveniles will continue to keep. It may sound repetitious and typical, but as a parent, you have a responsibility, to keep your children safe, even if that means frequently doing a random inspection of their room and checking on them well-after bedtime, to be sure everything is on lockdown. This was my routine parenting techniques for my daughters and I, which followed over to my grandparenting skillset with my grandson, in this identical fashion.

We are a village-family, raising, my grandson. God has given each of us our positions within headful domestic duties, as well.

1. His father engaged with his son, grooming him into his manhood.

2. His mother nurtures him, with her motherly love, navigating him, through his early childhood, critical rearing years.

3. His aunt spends quality time with him, coaching him about the real facts of life and the “girlfriend and boyfriend” relationship connection, better known as “Boy Meets Girl” with the “Birds and The Bees Talk,” that is a part of life.

4. His grandmother, since birth, I have been very engaged and involved with my grandson, contributing to his strong personality of becoming the young teenager, who he is. It is most important to me, to coach my grandson, on how to treat a wholesome lady and to use his words to express himself, without utilizing “Abusive Powers”. My grandson is lovable, with an adorable, warm presence.

5. His grandfather, my husband, is an awesome grandfather, who, on a continuous, daily journey, contributes uplifting and positive, influential messages and parables to my grandson, through the use of old, ancient biblical stories and capturing his attention with the new commodities of his generational time. My husband has been there since birth, involved in our grandson’s daily life. Because my husband, has coached our grandson, he is better able, to navigate and relate, to the diversities of life, such as multi-culturalism. This village list will never have an end, in the contribution of helping raise my grandson because life never ends, with God, as the sun will always rise and the sun will always draw nigh to rest, always on God’s eternal clock, well onto the sunsetting hours, that will forever reign, there is never an end, to the upliftment of young people, even in today’s new times.

Personally, in my life, thus far, I know when you come at today’s juveniles with direct, straight-lace talk, firmly and steadily with a preaching, commanding tone, without compassion, they are not trying to hear that nor listen to your voice in the wilderness. Which means, you are not, going to be able, to get too far, with gravitating their attention to becoming a listening ear, especially a willing vessel, to apply your wisdom, in the upliftment of their young paths. They are somewhat alert, but they are not listening. In their minds, they want to jet-away from your presence, denounce your direct, straight-lace approach, that will perhaps spinoff to them becoming rebellious, with built-up hostilities towards you, causing a lot of grief and complaints to the family. The last intention you want, is to not, become a hinderance in your juvenile’s life, where you become a classic parable story from old, ancient biblical times, “Mom and dad, you are in the way of my own life.” It is all good to come down to their level on common ground. Which means it is paramount to “Stay Updated Connected with Today’s Juveniles, The New Wave Generation,” keeping the truthful communications lines open, on a good path, rather than a roadblock.

I have bonded with my grandson, since birth. Long as God gives me breath, I will always be here for him a part of his life; I am not going anywhere. I take a slightly toned down direct, straight-lace approach, with my grandson, without the hard-target tone, but in a more loving tone, with a listening ear to his words, thoughts and feelings. Just because he is the child and I am the adult, does not exclude his feelings, what he has to say, just because he is the child. A child has a voice, in the wilderness, as well. When a parent has a closed-ears-stance to their juveniles’ thoughts and feelings, that is not healthy! It causes friction and a ship load of problems to come, that could have been avoided.

I am creative in my personal approach to my grandson, whereas he does not want to bolt from me, to avoid hearing what I have to say. This way, when I captured his attention, he listens to me, I go places with him being a listening ear to what I have to say. I am never a flatline with him, maintaining a preaching tone, of speaking. I have spent great engaged-quality time with him. Which allowed me to acquire the knowledge to know what he likes, what he does not like, and how to approach him to make an impact on him of what I am saying, holding his complete attention. I do not talk at him; I listen to him speaking and what he has to say. I listen when he expresses himself. He knows my position, what he says matters. I want to hear what he has to say. I want him to express himself. I am big on expressing. I coached him the same way I coach my daughter, to be expressive, by the same token, be respectful when you are expressing yourself.

However, when I take my grandma’s authoritative voice, my grandson knows to get to it without giving me lip. He knows he is the child and I am the adult. He knows no matter how old he is, he is not to old to give me a kiss, regardless if he feels he’s too old for kisses. He knows he either gives up my kisses to me, or when he has his fellowship get-togethers with his friends, I’ll tell his friends, when they are not around, he gives his grandma kisses. Then he looks at me widely-eyes, while his friends are laughing loudly. So, for that not to happen again, he gives me my kisses. Then I smile walking off.

It is a massive game-changer when you speak to today’s juveniles, compared to the way you speak to adults. They will not respond to you in the same language used speaking to adults. They will not open up to you. It is critical to keep the communication lines open. To do this, you must, “Stay Updated Connected with Today’s Juveniles, The New Wave Generation.” Compromising is their language, to make progress, in you gravitating their attentions.

We must be mindful that we were once a juvenile. When you compromise with today’s juveniles, you make progress in gravitating their attention, with an impact on them being a listener ear to what you have to say. Take my grandson for example. He is the same as every youth in America, with “Smarter Living Guides,” the wave of the electronic devices, which are making juveniles invisible, isolated, with “Screen time,” computer games past time.

Age appropriately, I am ongoing compromising with my grandson, with him knowing the limitations on what I am not going to compromise on.

This day compromising was on the forefront. I said to my grandson, “Are you geared up for church tomorrow?”

He responded, “Grandma, can I take my phone?

“Your phone stays home. You always take it out when you gave me your word you wouldn’t.”

With a long face he said, “Grandma I promise I want take it out.”

“I compromised. You can take it but it stayed in the truck.”

A big smile. “Okay grandma, I love you.”

“Yeah, you love grandma more when you have your way. Give me a kiss.”

This Sunday, we arrived at church, I said to my grandson, put the phone in the glove compartment,”

“Grandma, please let me take my phone with me. I won’t take it out.”

Church service is about to start, no time to go rounds with him. “Okay, grandma is going to take your word. If you don’t keep it tucked away, next times it stays at home.”

With a big smile, he got out the truck. “Okay, Grandma.”

During praise and worship, I turned to look at my grandson. Lord behold, he had his phone out playing a game. I took it, put it in my purse. “You can join me in praising and worshipping,” otherwise your phone is on lockdown, the remainder of the day.”

Lord, I had me a laughter party internally. My grandson jumped up quickly praising the Lord, in a way I never seen him praise the Lord before. What do I say to that, “hallelujah Jesus!”

Just because your juvenile is of age, they are still a child, you still have a responsibility to keep your juvenile safe. Just because your juvenile is of age, does not mean they have leeway to dictate to their parents, to do what their friends are doing, and some worldly people are doing, wearing gangster accessories, looking menacing, and busting loose with their mouth to their parents. If you are not thinking about much who your juveniles are hanging out with, you should. Otherwise, they are going to pick up some habits that are not appealing to you. Chances are the first pick-up habit will be dictatorship to you. It will shatter your heart, the day a parent allows their juvenile to dictate to them, you are in for an-emotional-rollercoaster ride, of many episodes on bended knees, crying and steamed up. That is a hard hill to climb, that will send shockwaves through your body, when your juvenile has shifted on the wrong-worldly path, which will put a damper on their bright light, “the joy of the family.” Just because your juvenile is of age, and looks mature for their age, does not means they are mature to handle certain things that is age appropriate.

I tell you the truth, I have witnessed with my eyes the crippling of a “boy” transitioning into his manhood, and the many tragedies that comes with giving a “boy” everything he wants and letting him do whatever he wants, and have it his way every time. That is a demised path.

When you do everything for a “boy,” and gives him everything he wants, without working for it, spoiled him rotten, you have set him up for failure. Because you have spoiled him rotten, when he walks out the front door of his home, he don’t know what to do, and is not prepared for the real-world. Why? Because you have spoiled him, giving him everything he wanted, without having sit-down-engaged talks with him, preparing him for the real-world.

Your juvenile’s home environment is their first teacher. They are still learning, and have not transitioned into adulthood yet. It is imperative that parents be conscious to their juveniles are still a child, still learning and developing, who must abide in their parents’ structured rules, to survive in the wilderness. For a juvenile to step into their full adulthood, and the parents to cut the leash from them is a steppingstone. Consequently, juveniles are not an adult at the young-vulnerable ages of 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17, for their parents to cut them loose, full fledge from under their wings. Because of the times that we are living in, if parents cut their juveniles loose at such a young-vulnerable age, there is a strong possibility that they will end up in jail or an icy-grave.

I call my grandson “big boy.” Ongoing him and I go round about him trying to sway me to put his computer back in his room. I will not compromise. I compromised once, he did not follow the rules. Yes, he is of age where the computer can be in his room. But no, he is not mature for the computer to be in his room. I am the adult, he is the child. I told my grandson, our family the village are your first teachers. Once you walk out into the world, there is no compromising. You either follow the rules or you are going to jail.

This day my grandson came home and told me he did a “poll” at school. He told his friend why I said he could not put an earring in his ear. “His friends said I should let him get an earring in his ear. His teacher said what church has to do with him getting an earring, put in his ear?

I looked my grandson in the eyes, and said, “You are not getting an earring in your ear on my watch. Earrings are for girls. When you turn eighteen, if you still want an earring in your ear, then that’s your decision.”

“Grandma, you are old fashioned. The girl says I look good with an earring.”

“The girls and your teacher can say what they want. You are handsome without an earring in your ear.” After I spoke to his father, his father straighten him out quickly, along the line of, I didn’t say you can put an earring in your ear. It’s not happening. That’s final.

A child must always know their place. You are the child, I am the adult. A child has no business dictating to their parents what they are going to do and what they are not going to do. It is not a bit square to put your foot down with your juveniles, not giving in to their demands. Perhaps you are saving their life. Who’s in charge, you or your juvenile?

I keep current with this new wave generation. Frequently, my grandson is surprised when I come into his computer-space, talking to him about what’s current with his new wave generation ( hot-and-popping). He never knows what to expect from me. Ongoing I am creating with him, not to lose his attention. I would start out talking about something current with his generation. Then he starts laughing. Then he would say, things like, “Grandma, what do you know about that? How do you know about that?

I grinned and say, “The same way you do.”

“Aw, grandma, you don’t know nothing about nothing. You are old school.”

Now I had him hooked into a fellowship-conversation, no longer focused on his computer. Then I’d say, “Please, Grandma may be old school, but I’m not old, I knows all about new school business.”

Then he put on one of the new waves hottest songs, and tells me, “Now, I bet you don’t know bout’ this song.”

I tell him, “Please, just watch Grandma.” Then I start dancing and singing to the song. He gets up dancing with me. I out danced him, with him almost out of breath.

Afterward, with a big smile he said, “Grandma, where did you learn to dance like that? You always listen to gospel music.”

“Un-huh, Grandma showed you. Grandma knows how to get down too.” Then we both laughed loudly.

Wholehearted, unconditionally, I love my grandson. My grandson will always know his foundation premises. I have been there with him since birth, steering him on the righteous path. I refused to turn my grandson over to Satan, and let him be behind the wheel of my grandson’s life. Lord behold, that my grandson does not shift from God’s path, but if he does make that shift on the worldly path I am a “true warrior” of God who will stand to the end fighting for my grandson in aiding him back on Jesus’ path.

My sermon’s main message. The heart of this sermon is the times that we are living in you must “Stay Updated Connected with Today’s Juveniles, The New Wave Generation,” and to always be engaged, knowing what is going on in their lives and to know who they are keeping company with. Otherwise they will take a different path, a path that is intolerable, rejecting your authoritative position as their parents.

Benediction. We all have been through the storms and the rain. If you have not, continue living and you will. If you are currently in a storm, hold on to God’s Word. Just hang on in there. God is going to bring you out the storm stronger than ever to see brighter days. After God brings you out the storm, you will be all right. Thank God you are still here, breathing, on another day’s journey. Depart in tranquility God’s children with a joyful heart. Keep in remembrance that you can call on the Lord anytime, anyplace and anywhere, no matter what time it is.

Oh yeah! Jesus is a miracle worker. He fed five thousand, with two fish and some bread! Lord! I’m depending on you with The Inspirational Collections.

A briefing into a sermon in my memoir, “Jennifer, A Young-Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One.” Meet Me at the Altar: If you are not ready to settle down in marriage, vowing to a commitment, you have no business going to the altar, accepting his or her hand in marriage, it’s wise to make a detour rapidly away, far from the altar, with a wild look. Otherwise, you are going to have plenty of “hitches-days,” blowing your top, bawling like a baby.

I invite you to continue following this mother-daughter team, with The Inspirational Collections’ memoirs and fictional spinoff books from my life story. I assure you, that you will find more than what you bargained for. Or shall I say, you will find more than what you highly anticipated on.

These inspirational, brawny real-world sermons that are “burning up my website,” are leading you at the front door of each of my enthralling memoirs. Oh yeah! God is the captain of this ship., directing my path, that is. The Inspirational Collections of books are anchored deeply in the Lord.

Brace yourselves to hold onto something sturdy! This ship is about to become heated and flammable, giving sneak peeks, here and there, into my enthralling memoirs, of my real-life story.

No one can market my enthralling memoirs better than I can. No one knows my life story better than God, myself and I.

I must be forthcoming, my enthralling memoirs are not doctrine—up, fairy tales, embellished.

When the burdens of life, become overwhelming, pray to God and stream the sweetest sound of His music. That’s what I do, it’s the prescription that works for me.

Jennifer, I am, the Godsend unwavering voice behind The Inspirational Collections

"Trust in God, is Fatherhood Gone!?: Part Four" 

January 1, 2020

Gracious is our God for this New Year, onto another day’s journey. May God be with you, this New Year, bringing many blessings your way. When God has a blessing for you, no one can take it from you. If you are not on Jesus’ path, my hope is that you open your heart and invite Him in. Do not wait too long, letting it weigh heavily on your mind, with lingering doubts, if you should or should not commit to the Lord. Prolonging, to open your heart to invite Jesus in, maintaining the mentality that you will look into it and see what you are going to decide, is not good. Every day, time is slipping by.

Hold on, just a moment! I have paused to remark, stay with me, as I journey you through this sermon. I am leading you to the centered-heart of this spoon-filled sermon. Before I get there, I will start at the beginning, then I will take you to the middle, and bang! I land you at the centered heart.

The certitude of the book, “Revelation,” in the Holy Bible is not a fabrication. Each year God comes like a thief in the night taking back His property, which includes the whole world, despite your notable-privileged status. Sometimes God does not just come for you, He comes for the whole family.

Satan, the devil is the epitome of pure evil, a stone-cold beast who takes a shine off your life, and turn your world upside down, leading you down an avenue in a dark tunnel, whereas it is hard for you to see your way out without Jesus’ shining light. The devil sits back plotting and planning when to strike. His specialty is to hook you, capture you, and use you up until you are no longer useable. Once you are washed up, he rid himself of you and goes on the hunt for fresh-youthful lost souls. Once he uses them up too, he repeats the same cycle. The devil dances that way! He is dangerously clever and meticulous in the way he goes about doing his business.

The devil specializes in many things; tragedies is at the top of his inventory and itinerary because he is a traveler. He has no shame in navigating around the clock, doing his no-good deeds, that will not only leave you shaken up, but demised! He just shows up and tragically snatches up lost souls. That is what he does. That is who he is. That is his business. His business is to collect as many souls as possible, to build his dark army.

Good Lord, I tell you the rightly truth when I say, if your soul is not docked in Jesus, it is imperative that you dock your soul in Jesus. If your house is not in order, it is pertinent that you get your house in order. Don’t wait until it’s too late. You just don’t know when God is going to show up for you, breathing your last breath. Will you be ready if God comes for you this New Year?

Oh yeah! You can’t make these real-world sermons up. They are the real McCoy! Wake up, people, it’s a brand-new year! It’s time to make a change! There is a miraculous breakdown, in the family’s unit strong values, morals, and principles. There is a decline in the upholding of the Fatherhood’s dysphoria-role as head of the household. There are fathers who are not attending church with their families. There are husbands and wives attending church without their children, leaving them home doing their own things, with those electronic devices. It is merciful, that there are parents who have allowed their children to infiltrate-dictations to them, what they are not going to do and what they are going to do. Not attending church is one of the children’s dictatorship. They say to their parents, “Do we have to, go to church?” The parents do not respond with a, “Yes, you have to.” Instead they give in to the children, letting them have their way, staying home on a Sunday morning, entertained with their electronic devices. A man has to be a man on his own. “Trust in God, is Fatherhood Gone!?” Oh Lord, we are living in the last days, children are telling their parents what to do and children are dictating to their parents, the house rules.

God is worthy to be praised! I tell you, fatherhood, you are a portrait of what your sons will mimic. Are you listening? Amen! The devil craves for you and your family to stray from the church. Head of the household, it’s a necessity that you rebuild and reestablish your family, grounded in God’s Word. Take your whole family to church. It’s critical that you give your children a solid foundation in the church. The church is the place for your children. When they lose their way, they will always find their way back to their solid foundation, the church.

Children are a blessing to their parents. Fatherhood, head of the household, according to the Holy Bible, you have the responsibility to direct straightforwardly to your children and household on the righteous path, in maintaining God’s way. The times that we are living in, one would think fatherhood has more sense to be a stronger fatherly role model for their children, in directing them on a safekeeping path.

There is trickery in the streets, with the chances of your children falling into the clutches of the devil, the trickster. The streets will unleash their reign of terror on your vulnerable children. What is going on in the world cannot be rationalize. The devil does not rationalize to put himself in a better light, hiding the dubious character that he is. Don’t you know the devil transforms himself into the angel of light? The devil is unsympathetic, non-remorseful about how young your children are. He takes all ages. The streets are a nesting-breathing ground for Satan’s evil. The streets are a tragedy place for your children. The devil’s victory dance is the dark harrowing of the streets, that will take your children’s life, in a flash.

Oh, Lord, they think You don’t know. Lord, they think You don’t see them. Lord, don’t they know that You see everything, on earth, even in secrecy, under the blanket-darkness of the night. Lord, don’t they know You see the shocking things on the “mainstream of social media.” There are a significant number of people who have adapted and actively-participated on this unrighteous mind-set, which is, “Why should I get out of my snuggled-bed, get dress, and waste my gas driving to attend church and tithe, when I can keep my money and watch service online? Oh, I’ll just go online, and give God a tip, and keep what’s left of my money for me.

Oh peace of God, is fatherhood gone? The new different waves of technology is clogging the minds of Your people and steering a rising number of them from Your house, to online technologies, participating in worldliness. Lord, have they forgotten about “sanctification?” They stay home in the convenience of their homes watching church services online.

To know the Lord is to know, that there is unshifting validation that, God’s traditional teachings, will never forsake you. To know Jesus is to know Him and to have a relationship with Him. Do you really, really know Jesus? Or do you only know of Him? Or have you only heard of Him?

Our God is faithful, amen! “Trust in God, is Fatherhood Gone!?” Is fatherhood gone? I wish someone would answer me. Fatherhood, when you have allowed sin to overtake you and the devil have your back against the wall, it’s not a good feeling to be painfully riddled with guilt, wishing only if I had been a better father, my son would not be in jail. Only if I had spent quality time with my son, he would not have had the compulsion to join that gang. Only If I had been a better engaged father with my daughter, she would not have gone astray with that unsavory man. Only if I had not stepped outside of my marriage, my marriage and family would be in a healthier place.

The world keeps moving, times keeps on ticking, and your children keeps on growing, getting older. Fatherhood, the world is not going to wait for you to get it together. The world is not going to wait for you to catchup. You must not resort to your old ways. You must find a new path and provide for your children. While you are still here strong and healthy, with the clock ticking, it’s important to coach your sons to stay on a conciliatory path, with Jesus. Jesus will keep them. His Word will forever stand. Be a hands-on father. Be a better father, all around, to influence your children on the righteous path.

Too! Many! Lost! Souls! In! The! World! Fatherhood, loyalty to God is forever first. It is pertinent that you lay a good foundation for your children. Don’t let your sons slip away, street-hanging out on the devil’s territory, becoming a part of his dark-army. Talk to your sons, man-to- man with warm-heartedness. Spend time with your sons grooming them into their manhood. Coach your sons about life, self-sufficiency, and to be responsible. Coach your sons on how to stand as a real man. Coach your sons that “laziness” is a sin.

Grooming a son into a man is challenging for a mother, to do it all by herself. A mother nurtures her son, giving him her motherly love, and there to kiss away his scrapes and bruises. A mother gives it her best effort, to teach her son how to stand as a man, but she cannot replace the role of a father to his son. A mother cannot groom her son the way his father can. God ordained man the position, head of the household. If you are not ready to embrace your position as head of the household, then it is wise for you to reframe from going to the altar to say, “I do,” in marriage.

Good Lord, fatherhood! Take the time to coach your sons when they have entered into marriage, that their wives are their helpmeet. She is the weaker vessel, therefore, treat her gently as a flower, speak to her respectfully, in a loving manner, with a gentle voice, not to call her out her name, belittling her, in making her feel worthless. Coach your sons to use their loving words with their wives, not their fist.

Good Lord, fatherhood, it’s pertinent that you groom your sons into their head of the household position. “Trust in God, is Fatherhood Gone!?” You must take a stand for a change, stepping into your fatherhood position, to break the precursor cycle, of your sons choosing the harrowing path of crime. Too many sons are sitting in jail behind bars, doing serious time, life sentences.

Moreover, it is well-versed, to coach your sons to reframe from having children out of wedlock. When a man has children out of wedlock, still living at home with his parents, he is not mature for such responsibilities. A man takes care of himself, not look for someone who is financial stable to cohabitate with, or marry, to piggyback off, simply because his parents put him out their home; telling him, “Son, you need to man-up and find your own way for longevity, we cannot carry you anymore, you need to find your own path.” Well! Jesus is the right path to find your own way.

When you seek out someone to marry, because they are financial stable, after one month of marriage the enthusiasm of the newness of newlyweds is gone, the marriage vows are out the window, you are now on the hunt, looking for someone new, for your sidekick pleasures. This type of marriage is fussy, with a higher percentage rate of domestic violence, divorce court or leads to someone untimely demised. Which will leave your innocence children parentless, with one parent demised and the other jailed for life. Good heavens, I encourage you not to take my word; instead stroll through the “mainstream of social media.”

Nowadays, the numbers have risen tremendously, with the mother is both parents. Children are growing up in a single parent household, due to many different reasons. Trust in God, is Fatherhood Gone!?” There are too many young sons who are not men yet and they are incarcerated for unimaginable crimes, that they have committed. Oh, fatherhood it’s time to make a change!

Today’s portrait is widespread, that single mothers are raising their children by themselves, without the father. Without the father paying child support. A father who whines about paying child support for his own child, it’s time that your life needs a good going over. Your children did not meet you as a “boy.” They meet you as their father, a grown man, who should be taking cares of his responsibilities.

Whoa stop, with the blinded-eyed syndrome, Fatherhood! It’s time to buckle-down, with your adult sons and have a major talk with him about the true meaning of parenting, to save quite heavily for their children’s university education, head of household responsibilities, financial obligations, workforce-stability, and so forth. You have an obligation to coach your sons where they are lacking, in daily life. You are not helping your sons when you cover for them and pick up the slack when they don’t honor their obligations. You are setting them up to take a hard fall in life, which is defined as failure.

My God! Fatherhood, you have the power to determine if fatherhood is gone for you as an individual. Are you engaged with your children, meeting your overall obligations? If not, you are slacking in your role as head of the household, or co-parenting. It is imperative for the sake of your children, that you run to the plate, battered-up, and commit to doing a better job! A son needs his father to groom him into his manhood, accordingly to the Word of God.

A daughter needs her father’s love. God made daughter’s differently from sons. A father’s bond with his daughter is an everlasting, delicate bonded relationship. A father and daughter love for one another, will dwell in each of their hearts forever. This healthy bond embraces a father’s love for his daughter when she enters the real-world, now, as a young lady, and she experienced that first fall in the world. Her father is there to comfort her, give her, his fatherly love and encouragement, to step back into the real-world with her head up, and try again. He encourages her to never throw in the towel. A daughter is secured in knowing that her father loves her unconditionally, and he will always be there for her no matter what.

It’s good to always be more involved in your children’s life. If you are not on the right path with your children, you can turn your life around and become a more involved-engaging father, in doing the following:

1. Coach your sons on how to mow the lawn.

2. Coach your sons on how to earn his own keep.

3. Play ball with your sons.

4. Spend quality time having a father and son day, frequently.

5. Groom your sons in the way a man should go.

6. Be gentle and soft spoken with your daughters. If not, and you chose to be harsh and rugged around the edges with her, you are teaching her, it’s okay for a man to treat her badly.

7. Talk to your daughters about the facts of life.

8. Bond with your daughters, for a quality father and daughters’ relationship. A daughter’s relationship with her father is important.

9. Educate your sons and daughters about the real-world; if you don’t, the real-world will, which will not be appealing to you.

“Trust in God, is Fatherhood Gone!?” Well! Fathers, is Fatherhood gone? Is Fatherhood gone to the point of no return, in fulfilling your fatherly responsibilities to your children, and to your position as head of the household? Well, is it gone, fatherhood? There is a moral decline in fatherhood not working, not stepping up to the plate taking care of their children, and household responsibilities. Is Fatherhood gone, due to you have adapted the frame of mind, “No skin off my back,” everybody knows I’m lazy?” Are you lazy to the point that you want to be taken care of by women, as the provider? You want to be head of the household, but you have assumed a different role, “a stay-at-home dad, wearing an “apron,” while your wife is the breadwinner, taking care of the head of household responsibilities, that God ordained for man, “head of the household.” According to the Holy Bible, a wife is her husband’s helpmeet.

Clarification, I am not speaking about the dads piggybacking off the “Women’s Liberation Movement.” I am speaking about the Holy Bible. I am speaking about a stay-at-home dad, the caregiver, and the wife is the financial stability. I am speaking about the “Mrs. Financial Stability,” comes home from work, and she still has to cleanup, cook, and juggling the children attentively.

My Lord, fatherhood, is it too much to ask for you to be compassionate, help your wives out with the chores, and put an end to burning your wives out, as if they are robotic. I am throwing it out there, if a wife must take on her role and her husband’s role, then husbands, you are causing her excessive stress. You are weighing her down, by not carrying your own weight, presumably excess baggage.

Undoubtedly, this new generation mentality of a stay-at-home dad, does not sit well with traditionalists. The way a traditionalist sees it, be a man, roll up your sleeves, get out there and work like a man, earn your own keep, take care of your family, as head of the household, the position that God ordained man.

Be a good father to your children. Put an end to having children out of wedlock, because you don’t want to commit to the responsibilities, that comes with marriage, the head of household obligations. Do the right thing and put a ring on her finger, and do it God’s way, not have it your way. Your way is the sinful way, having children out of wedlock, still living at home with your parents.

Oh yeah! It comes a time when a man ought to detach himself from living under his parents’ roof and stand as a man. A man takes care of his business! He does not munch off his parents, with the expectations for them to take care of him, and to continue keeping him on their health and dental insurances. Fatherhood, man-up to the plate, get-on-up out of your parents’ house and do right by your children, pay your child support.

Man-up to “fatherhood,” and put a stop to your juvenile behavior, in making her take you to that courthouse to file for child support, just for you to take care of your own children. It’s irresponsible to try and escape parenthood. It’s sensible to rid yourself of that lazybones spirit. It is a parasite-disposition, that prevents you from upholding your fatherhood responsibilities. Some of you have no intentions of stepping into your fatherhood role. Undoubtedly, your behavior and actions have validated, that you are extremely comfortable as a “leech!” Man-up to the plate, into your fatherhood’s shoes and take care of yourself, your children, and your responsibilities. Good God Almighty! For the sake of your children, it’s good sense to rid yourselves of the mentality of wanting to eat, but you don’t want to work, for a righteous living.

Bring it on! Oh yes, please do bring it on, Satan! I’ve been geared up with my war clothes on for the Lord, since eighth grade. God always win. I am at the centered-heart of this spoon-filled sermon. Fatherhood and grandfathers who are well-off, thinking you “got it like that.” Well! You don’t get it like that, especially if you are spoiling your sons or grandsons, and not instilling a strong personality in them. Stop spoiling your sons or grandsons, giving him everything they wanted. You have spoiled them badly with every electronic devices, games, and God knows what else! The devil will take away the innocence about your sons when you spoil them, terribly. When you spoil your sons, you are setting them up to proceed down a harrowing-dark path with the devil. When they walk out the front door of their homes, the real-world is not going accommodate them, in the way you do, by telling them yes, yes, yes. The real-world is going to introduce them to the word “no, no, no.” And that is when your sons’ troubled path starts, because he is not accustomed to the word “no,” and he is not accustomed to being told no.

Spoiling your sons or grandsons is not “cute.” When you have spoiled a “boy,” you have opened the door to the “road map,” for the devil to walk right in, and snatch him up. Actually, the devil is older, wiser, with more worldly experiences than your sons; which is his stronger hand for enticing your sons into his web. The devil sits back waiting for the “ripest” time to snatch your sons up. The devil is likely to snatch your sons up because once he enters into the real-world, he will reject the word “no.” He is going to want it for free, because you have provided everything to him for free. Then, oh, my, this will lead to him taking it, and joining the criminality-career of the world, that has plagued people with the fear-factor of the world. A criminality-career path that so many young people are being demised by drive by shooting. A criminality-career path that so many young people are participating in deadly school shootings.

Mm-hmm! Yes Lord. This is the heart of the jigsaw completed portrait, of what I am speaking about in this sermon. The streets are an imminent danger for your sons, if they are not educated on how the real-world works. The devil will not subside, he will keep at your sons, strongly peddling his temptations until he has mastered capturing your sons. Once the devil put his leash on your sons, they are like a time bomb waiting to explode! Fatherhood, it is mistaken for you not to educate your sons to be street smart, on how the real-world works. It’s not in your sons’ best interest to be naively street smart, on how the real-world works. This will lead to your sons making a sharp 180, from their proper upbringing, and collectively choosing the devil’s wide-destructive gate; instead of God’s straight gate. Unfortunately, this will lead to the revelation of your eyes being enlightened, by your sons’ mayhem, cold-evil crimes, which you will see them in a different light.

Fatherhood, you are mistaken, if you have the outlook that it’s not important to educate your sons to be street smart, on how the real-world works. This type of outlook is a “devastating analysis!” In essences, it is vital to educate your sons in the early stages of their lives, to be street smart, on how the real-world works. Because the devil is lurking for a collision course with your sons, to scoop them up! The devil knows your young sons are fragile-minded, easily to break. He is un-phased of your sons’ young ages. His goal is to use any means necessary to attain positive results in capturing your sons’ attention, to be a soldier in his dark army. The devil is demented- minded, and he is definitely not a conciliatory character, by any means! He has a mission, and he’s focus on achieving his mission, to ensure that your sons rack up many crimes, and label them in receiving a “scarlet letter.” Therefore the devil is bold, crafty, dramatic, trickery, and cunning, without a template in the way he goes about capturing your sons’ attention, in doing his harrowing deeds.

Don’t you know! I said, don’t you know the devil takes pleasure in corrupting your sons! When your sons have stepped foot on the devil’s “playground,” there is a strong possibility that they are at risk of being here this moment and gone the next second, just like that in a blink of an eye; with gravediggers preparing an early grave for them.

Just if, and I say “if” your sons should happen to lose their way, off that righteous path, and you don’t know where to turn for help, to help your sons, back on the righteous path, turn to Jesus. He will lead you. He will guide you, in what to do.

My sermon’s “alarming” main message. The portrait of the world is a dying world; a dying world that is the Lord’s battle. This dying world is a portrait of the world has lost its way. The value of humanity has declined at its highest level. People are out of control, living by their own unorthodox rules. Oh Lord, look what the world has succumbed to.

This rising of the moral decline in family values, morals and principles, has peaked its highest; of parents not teaching their children self-supporting life skills, and there is a lack of independent spirits. There is the expectancy that everything should be handed to them on a silver platter, rather than stepping into their head of household position, and work for it daily.

Tradition is the principle reason to reevaluate raising your children on the traditional values, morals and principles, which is good and healthy; compared to what is going on with today’s generation, in today’s society. Things are a mess, and out of control within the families. Things are a living nightmare in the world.

And not surprisingly, there is a dim-view of crime blanketing the world. Everywhere you turn there is some type of violence-act in progress. Lord, the devil has a strong-hold on too many souls. He has a hold on a high velocity of people who are soulless, walking the earth committing sinful acts daily; they are violent, quick to anger, bringing their dark-harrowing acts to the light. The sordid truth is the devil has nations against nations, fathers demising their whole family, mothers demising their babies, children demising their parents.

The rise of evil in the world has made the devil’s job quite easy, in capturing lost souls. He will use any inducements to entice you, into surrendering to his temptations. The search for lost souls are not like a needle in a haystack, for the devil. On the contrary, the devil really knows how to do it. He captures your attention, by spinning you into a web of temptations. The devil journeys around the world Collecting lost souls. Your appetite for the things of the world makes it quite convenient for the devil to snare you up in his web, while you are hanging-out in the world engaged on his territory, feeding your worldly “appetites.”

The world has tremendous pockets of criminality. Evil anticipates on trouble, that’s what evil does. Evil lurks everywhere. You are not shielded from evil, no matter who you are, and you are subjected to a predator attack, of the dark deeds. You do not need to deposit yourself in harm’s way, harm will find you. Regardless, if you are living a privileged, boring life, harm will come to you, too. Your sheltered, wholesome upbringing does not do you any justice, blocking you from harm’s way either. Your status does not shield you from the sins of the world. The escalation of the rise of violence around the world, is an alarming bell that is ringing loudly of the dark-troubled times, that we are living in, with many sliding into despair.

From coast to coast around the country, this is the reality-portraitists of the real-world. Traveling to church, grocery store, sitting at stop light, in the bank making simple transactions, in a popular old establishment having dinner, and so forth, can be a nightmare, by encountering a breakout of senseless violence.

There are existing people in the world, with the precise mind-set, that their guard-gated community protects them from evil. It does not matter if you live in a guard-gated community or the picture-perfect, manicured-lawn community, evil will find you. Evil will find its way into your well-guarded neighborhood. Evil will find you in your nice, beautiful, and peaceful community. The real-world facts of life is that you are not shielded from evil. Evil lives amongst us. The world is not equally yoke. The world is filled with people from all walks of life, the same as the world is filled with people from all walks of different religions.

There is not a cure for evil. We were born into the evils of sin. Sin is evil, and evil is sin. Sin is all around us in this dark-broken world. Jesus is the resolution for evil. Jesus can help you navigate through evil. He can help you overcome the tragedies in life, that has been caused by evil.

The pain of the truth can be overwhelming, and devastating for some; however, because the truth is inevitable, you close your ears to evil. In doing this the evil does not go away. You must stop-busying yourselves, to not deal with the issues and the tragedies. You must confront them, deal with it, and move on. If not, it will eat at you and you will become a bitter person, using harsh words to invoke a wave of unsettling emotions, which leads to some people becoming unhinged. You must move on and get past the issues and the tragedies that have happened in the past.

Certainly, it is true, that the immense level of evil in the world is hard to get your head around it. It is not healthy to sugarcoat and turn a blind-eye, and be closed ears to the evil, that is going on in the world. You are setting yourself up with an illusion, when you say that will never happen to me or my family, that happens to other people and their family. Evil does not discriminate. None of us are untouchable from evil. The terrifying traits of these diabolical-evil people is that they live in society amongst us.

As a nation, why not come together to make the world a better and safer place? There is too much evil in the world. People are dying in the hundreds and thousands, daily around the globe. This real-world therapeutic sermon is not a happy illusion of the real-world. The portrait of the real-world is not glamorized, as a fairy tale, that so many have a false sense that it is; because they have shielded themselves to live in a bubble, that is not realistic, and they only want to hear “doctrine-up, fairy tale, happy sermons, that are not realistic of the real-world, that we live in. How do you navigate through the world of a “doctrine-up, fairy tale, happy sermon, when evil is all around us?”

It is naive for you to navigate in the real-world with a false outlook of how you wished the real-world was, which is a ray of sunshine, nonviolent, and the serenity sound of the seaside. This way of thinking is dangerous, to be blinded by the authentic portrait of the real-world, by rationalizing to put the world in an illusionary-better light. The chief-principle reason is when you have that outlook, you open yourself up for people rolling up on you, with the tendency of rage. Realistically, you must always be aware of your surroundings, even in the Lord’s house.

With God, all things are possible, despite the truth of adversary, not wanting anyone to have life more abundantly.

Benediction. Sweet Jesus, the sweetest name I know. As you embark on your journey, remain realistic, that the way of the world is not of God. The revolving of the world is everlasting changing. As the clock ticked forward in time the world is turning. Do not fall prey to what is going on in the world around you. Remain focus on God’s Word, and do not waver from it. Do not adapt the way of the world. The world must adapt to God’s Word. Go, go into the world and let your light shine. When your bright-light shines, it draws people’s curiosity to you, for them to ask you about your bright-light. That’s when the door of opportunity has opened for you to tell them about Jesus, our Lord and Savior who is everlasting joy.

Speak to me Lord! Speaking to the trillions of “God’s Head Staff Members.”

Pass it on...the anger and the bitterness from the past eats you up inside. With the passage of time, the bitterness mounds, the anger grows stronger and the animosity is heard in your voice, visible in your appearance and disposition. Let the emotions of your overwhelmed feelings about the past go. The past is a deep-freeze Skelton place, that will never see the day of light again, and breathe the fresh air of the ocean breeze. Compounding the past with the presence is a recipe for disaster. There is nothing you can do about the past. If the past changed your life, which was life-altering, this New Year, leave that dark chapter in the past. This New Year focus on the presence, in mending the broken pieces, in putting things right. Make that turn on God’s path putting your life on a good-solid, and positive realm.

I'm giving a warm-hearted shout out to Pastor Gino Jennings. Each time Pastor Jennings hit that counter with his "knuckles," I jump! LoL on my way out of here.

Jennifer, I am, the Godsend unwavering voice behind The Inspirational Collections.

"Trust in God, The Hitches of Daily Life: Part Five"

February 1, 2020

Benevolence Sermon coming...

"Trust in God, Everything's Going to Be All Right!: Part Six"

March 2020

Conclusionary benevolence sermon coming...

“God Trying to Tell you Something is a Myth!”

God is God, meaning, He does not need to “try” to do anything. God’s existence is not a myth, meaning, God does not need to extend Himself to you nor ask you when you are available to serve Him. He just does it! “God Trying to Tell you Something is a Myth,” because God is God, He tells you what He wants you to know through His channels. Why would God “try” to tell you something when He is God, the creator of the universe?

God is God, He does whatever He wants without permission. He does not need permission because He is God. Great is our God.

Perhaps, this is a sermon brewing in the making, God will let me know. Thus far, this is what God, has given me for this write.

Continuing with what God gave me on my morning exercise.

God is God, if He wants you to know something, He tells you. It is up to you to accept or reject what He has told you. If you reject what God has told you to do, then don’t say God tried to tell you something, but you did not understand it, just tell the truth and say you rejected what God told you. Go on and tell why you rejected what God has told you to do, which probably is you are not ready to fully commit to God, to accept conversion because you are enjoying the contamination of the world and that God’s way of living is boredom. Did I get it right? Of course I got it right, regardless, if you admit it or not.

Sovereignty! You only have two options, people, heaven or hell! Which is it going to be for you as an individual, heaven or hell? I do not write fairy tale sermons to appease illusionists’ appetites. God has brought me this far, standing on His Word, it’s too late for me to turn back now. I’m in too deep with God!

Jesus, the sweetest name I know, my King. God showed up well after the midnight hour continuing this real-world brewing sermon. I write it as God reveals it to me. Let’s get to it, life is too short to waste God’s time, not being productive for Him.

Well, well, will you look at this, you are jubilant and geared up quickly for pleasure-time with your men’s day out at the Miami Dolphin’s game and the other events that you meet up for. But! You are not as jubilant to do the Lord’s work, going the extra mile to work earnestly, diligently, and “feverishly” for the Lord. My belief is you are a “Counterfeit Christian” when you complain about working for God, feverishly. “God Trying to Tell you Something is a Myth,” you understood when you were informed, that the church needed your and others help after church service. It was loud and clear what was asked of you in advance. Instead, you complained being tired from the game yesterday. You complained about you needing to get home to rest, you are mentally drained, and you are not putting in the overtime for God today. But! You put in the extra time for the “Tailgate Party,” and hung out after the game. Nope! They are not going to do it! There are Christians who are not going to go the distance for God. They will put every complaint on the forefront, not to go the extra mile for God. Not me! I will continue to work “feverishly” for the Lord, going the extra mile. Some have complained, “I left that church every time I turned around, they were always asking me to volunteer my time, as if I don’t have a life outside the church.” It is not a “myth” when Jesus went the extra mile on Calvary for sinners, without complaining. Jesus knew His destination was to that “old rugged cross,” to do His Father’s will. When you are committed to the Lord, you are obedient in getting the job done. When you are committed to God, the complainants are out the window. When God calls me to work in the midnight hours, I have nothing to complain about.

Just hush with the dripping tears, you knew better when you made that cohabitating decision. “God’s Trying to Tell you Something is a Myth,” when you knew exactly what your mama was telling you, when she told you not to cohabitate with him. You understood when your mama told you he will string you along, moonlighting, with his sidekick and when he gets tired of you, he will dump you for his sidekick or someone new. Either way he’s dumping you. The dripping of the tears are way too late; you cannot retrieve those years he stole from you. You allowed this man to use you, while he was seeing her on the side. Now you are a mess because she is wearing the engagement ring that belongs to you. Well! You ruined the chance of him putting the ring on your finger, when you made the decision to cohabitate with him. He does not want to marry you, because you know how he is and he knows you will get in his face making a splash, going rounds with him, rapid about your feeling, with the same old broken story, that he cheated on you, which leads to you becoming a nag, and perhaps escalate into an argument. A man does not like to be nagged. You don’t want to admit what hurts the most is he stole several years of your life and you are not a spring chicken anymore. This is what happens when you do it your way and not God’s way. This is the way the ball bounces in the real-world. This paragraph is leading you into a mighty sermon in my first upcoming memoir.

Hey! Every time I turn around God keeps blessing me and blessing me. I have a testimony about Jesus, kicking it off with “Jennifer, A Young-Bride: A Memoir-Volume One.” Oh yeah! I am leaning solely on His Word as He is guiding me with The Inspirational Collections. I am leaning solely on His everlasting Word. Oh yeah! I have earned my testimony; I have been through some stuff.

It is about Christ Jesus and The Serpent in the wilderness. Christ Jesus was put to the ultimate test, forty days and forty nights, in the wilderness, being tempted by Satan himself. The message of this great story of Christ Jesus in the wilderness for forty days.

Oooowee! If you are not swift in picking up a copy of my first upcoming memoir upon availability, you have missed out on the blessing of a mighty inspiring book.

As “The Clock Keeps Ticking,” this real time, brewing sermon continues. This is what God revealed to me, as I saddled comfortably in my recliner, with the lamp dimmed, preparing for my downtime entertainment.

Now that God has delivered you out the storm, He is no longer on the forefront, you have put Him on the back burner. You have forgotten that God kept you while you were in the storm. “God’s Trying to Tell you Something is a Myth,” you clearly know of and understood God’s commandments. Not only do you know of God’s commandments, from, you heard pastors preached God’s commandments over the course of the years, but you have read them in the Holy Bible. Unfortunately, you pretended not to have comprehended, when pastor preached that you cannot party with God and Satan, simultaneously. Therefore, you willingly chose Satan over faith, by pretending there is nothing wrong with you partying on Satan’s turf, hanging out with your unequally yoke childhood friends from the past, who are on a different path than you. You know, that is the life that does not represent the Lord. God’s path and Satan’s path are two very different paths. Every Christian must be able to differentiate the two. You know you have no business partying with Satan and hanging out with your past, and then when you find yourself in another storm you run to God. Let the truth be told, you brought this storm on yourself by brazenly hanging off a married man’s shoulder, bubbly, so excited and engaged in things you had no business engaged in, when your husband drove up, and saw you, it became a bona fide street-brawler, involving, your husband and him. Now your husband is off to jail for assault. All this could have been avoided if your childhood friend crushing on your husband had not snitched you out, by calling your husband and sent him a picture of your involvement, because she wanted him. All this could have been avoided if you stayed home with your family, instead of going out on Satan’s turf. Not only that, but Satan set you up, with you forgetting, that we are living in the digital age where eyes are everywhere. You were so caught up in your own sin until you overlooked the obvious question, “Why does your friend have your husband’s number stored in her electronic Rolodex? This is what happens when you play around with Satan, he will bring your life from the highest to the lowest.

Good Lord! This paragraph is leading you at the front door of my upcoming first memoir and an upcoming book, “The Pastor’s Wife and Her Homegirls.”

A peeking into this brewing sermon ends here. Stay onboard with this mother-daughter team to see where God leads me, with this real-world mighty sermon.

When life keeps knocking you down, don’t you dare stay down. What you do is have the courage to get right back up and keep moving forward. You must be strong and not give up. God is alongside you, carrying you through anything.

These entreating sermons that I have earnestly written on this website, are parallel to the mighty sermons that I have written within “The Inspirational Collections of Books.”

This sermon is coming to our "Various Sermons" page, in its entirety.

Jennifer, I am, the Godsend unwavering voice behind The Inspirational Collections.

"God will Make a Way out of No Way: Spring Bonus Sermon" 

March 2020

Bonus benevolence sermon coming...

I am leading you into my bonus spring sermon, “God will Make a Way out of No Way,” which closes out the six Godsend sermons for Season One.

God is God. God is always here watching over His children. As “The Clock Keeps Ticking,” God is always here helping His children through the challenging times in this fractured world, that we are living in. Hold on! Don’t you dare give up in despair. There is nothing God cannot fix and mend. God is always here to get you through the challenges of daily life. With the passing of each moment of time, ticking, by God is always here making a way out of no way, clearing the pathway and paving the way for His children, onto another day’s journey.

God is God. God is always here opening blinded eyes to the backsliders who turned away from Him, no longer receptive to His Word, bringing them back knocking at His door, where He saved their lost souls. God is standing at the door to welcome His lost children back home. He is ready to embrace His children in His warmest arms and cradle them, with loving and forgiveness.

God is God. God is always here working miracles just like He did in the “Biblical Days.” Almighty God knows all His children’s names. He do not need to look through your electronic Rolodex to know who you are when you call Him. He knows your voices from your prayers and your personal relationship with Him. He hears the anguish in His children’s voices. He knows your pain. He is always here, a phone call away to come by and see about you. God is always here, available day-and-night for you to call Him. When you make the call, God will come see about you.

If you don’t know where to be this New Year, you should be in route to Jesus’ pathway. This New Year stay on God’s path and do not part ways. If you happened to fall off His path, spring into action and get back on quickly as possible, otherwise, Satan will meet you head on. I assure you, that you do not want to meet Satan, the predator head on. The catalog of his presence, behavior and atmosphere is not alluring.

When God blesses you with a vision there is nothing no one can do to stop it. I invite you to stay on board with this mother-daughter team to see where God is leading us with the New Year’s vision that He revealed to me, concerning the pathway to...

I feel good working for the Lord. Can’t nothing else make me feel any better, then working for the Lord. Jesus is good enough for me, for my self-fulfillment. I do not take credit for the writings of my work. It is the work of God who I credit, working through me, the same way He used Moses to tell Pharaoh to free His people.

God did not give me the vision to write a book of sermons. I am obedient to the Lord, in the writing of these benevolent sermons posted on my website. Must we put a price on everything? Must everything be about money? What happened to generosity of the heart! What happened to helping each other. Nothing is hidden from God. I have witnessed first hand that there are consequences for not being obedient to the Lord. As the clock strikes midnight, the sound of the wind blowing can be heard, when God just shows up like a thief in the night.

Jennifer, I am, the Godsend unwavering voice behind The Inspirational Collections.

"These Christ-Centered Sermons are Parallel to the sermons that are written in The Inspirational Collections of Books, which can be purchase in the Amazon Online Store"