A Short Message from Jennifer

Dear Readers,

Nobody Greater, than Jesus! Gloriously, this mother-daughter team has won another victory! Celebratory, we have released three books from The Inspirational Collections. What my daughter and I started out to accomplish on our journey with The Inspirational Collections, has come to pass. Hallelujah Jesus! I am persistent with The Inspirational Collections; I’m doing the Lord’s work. The tides got rough at times, trying to sink us, but we stayed afloat and did not shift to the right, nor to the left, we stayed on God’s course, on the straight-narrow path, with Jesus. Jesus is this mother-daughter team’s guiding light, as we navigate on His path in dropping these books, from The Inspirational Collections, in doing God’s will, as a part of His workmanship.

“The Rejected Heart of God’s Word” and “Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride,” are our next happenings. These blockbuster books are in a class by themselves. Not only will you be intrigued throughout the readings of these splendid, short and sweet books, but you will be on the edge to know what happens next.

Please do backpedal to the “Home Page” to sneak peek yourself through “The Rejected Heart of God’s Word” and "Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride.”

I pause to give God the glory, for clearing the path, preparing to release my first memoir, giving a testament to my journey. An amazing journey that would have been impossible for me to overcome, without God overseeing me and without Jesus joined at the hips with me, as my guiding light.

I have been on my Jesus-journey, since young-hearted. God kept me strong-willed in surviving so many burdens. Through the storm and the rain, God brought me through it all. Because God brought me over, I am still here to tell my story, as I navigate onto another day’s journey, taking one day at a time.

Seasonal Inspiration

When you possum down, drifting through life, a relaxed type of person rolling with the flow, in and out of that revolving door, tick-tock, the clock keeps ticking, and time passes you by. Time does not stop, giving you wiggle-room, for you to stop the clock from ticking, trying to go back in time and recapture lost time, that has sailed passed you, onto another day’s journey. Tomorrow is gone; the clock keeps ticking forward in time, not backward.

Some will battle to their last breath, that their life is their own, but our life is not our own. Our life came at a price, Christ Jesus, on Calvary. You must be productive in doing the works of the Lord. Which leads me to my message in a bottle...When your brother and sister, family are standing in need, do not turn the cheek the other way; go to their aid, when your brother, sister hit a rough patch, as we all do on this journey of ours.

Living in an illusion-bubble that life is happy all the time is not the real-world. If you have not hit a rough patch, keep living on this earth, you will. Because we were born into sin. Life is not going to be the illusion that every day is smooth sailing. Life can be brutal, cold, hot, and sometimes all three at once. Living on God’s green earth without a hitch, or hitches is an illusion living in a bubble. Which is why we must stay prayed up with God’s Word, the armor of God, and grounded at the cross.

Do not hold a grudge too long, or at all. Otherwise, you will find yourself saying after a loved one has demised, I wish I can call him/her one more time and tell him/her I love you.

This mother-daughter team is on one accord, as a part of God’s workmanship, sharing our God-given talents with everyone. Which leads me to say, Shareka’s added inclusion to this seasonal inspiration: “Don’t wait to tell someone that you care, you are concerned, that you love them, regardless, if you caused that person hurt or pain. With Jesus, the misunderstandings and the problems of daily life will always be worked out, but time will never wait, on you, to tell that someone, in that moment, when you are in relations with each other, to say the truth, I care.”

If I have inspired you, after the reading of The Inspirational Collections of books, then I am overly ecstatic and zealous, to have accomplished my ultimate goal.

The Inspirational Collections was God’s calling out to my daughter and I, as a mother-daughter authorship, Jennifer and Shareka, started this writing journey from January 2007. As a mother-daughter team, we have progress this far, by our unshakable faith in God’s directive paths. Failure is not our alternative, because we will not turn back, we will continue to keep pressing on, because we are standing on truth: this mother-daughter authorship is a part of God’s workmanship.

Jennifer's Second Enthralling Memoir, 

Jennifer, My Writing Journey E​xperiences in the Lord's House: A Road Trip to Kentucky: A Memoir-Volume Two

Speaking about my upcoming "memoirs". I give God the glory, for clearing the path, for me to make preparations to release my "first memoir", giving a testament about my journey. An amazing journey that would have been impossible for me to overcome, without God overseeing me, with His grace and mercy and with Jesus joined at the hips with me, as my guiding light, directing each of my steps, one step at a time.

I have been on my Jesus-Journey, since young-hearted. God has kept me strong-willed in surviving so many burdens. Through the storm and the rain, God brought me through it all. Because God brought me over, I am still here to tell my story, as I navigate onto another day's journey, taking one day at a time.

What I have learned on my journey, nothing happens without God allowing it to happen at the appointed time. Which is what happened with my "memoirs".

On my journey I have learned, it is not wise to take that leap to write a memoir, your life story, and share it with the world, if you are not wholeheartedly, at peace, with loving and forgiveness, towards others. Otherwise, you will hear all the noise in your writings, the anger, resentment, and the bitterness. You must be ready for this position, and to embrace it with grace. God must take you through the process of preparing you for something so delicate.

My daughter and I had anticipated on the releasing of my memoirs first. God redirected me to release our fictional books first. Which leads me to say, what I have learned in my journey, we can plan ahead in making the preparations for whatever we have planned for the future and so forth, but the reality of the truth is, everything goes according to God’s plan, inevitably. God always has the final, last word. God is the head of my life.

Because I am an "illustrator author", and an "illustrative author," it is not foreign that I have written The Inspirational Collections of books creatively and crafty. It is the who I am, my persona, my personality. I am a simple type of person. I like the ruggedness of God's nature. Contemporary is not appealing to my character. I am more of a traditional individual who is laid-back and down-to-earth.

I refuse to bow down and let "The Devil Ride," The Inspirational Collections. It is what a pastor so diligently preached along the lines, "If you let the devil ride, he will want to drive". No, no I am not going to do it. I will not let the devil ride nor drive. I have been on this "Detour Around the Wilderness Path," since January 2007. I have no intention of turning this ship around. I do not know about nobody else, but I am going to keep "running" for Jesus.  Hallelujah Jesus!

I am not reserved to give a testament for the Lord. I invite you to pick up a copy or copies of my upcoming memoir, "Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One," and read all about how good God has been to me and how He brought me over, through the storm and the rain.

My courage, faith and tenacity, has been tested, in steadfastly staying on God's course with "The Inspirational Collections". I am still here telling my story.

This memoir goes deeper, than my “first memoir,” giving grave-details into each act written within the gripping-plot. Many of these acts will be just as shocking to you as they were to me. I am sure once you read what I experienced and endured in the Lord’s house, you will ask yourself how did she endure all of that madness? Then I will say, only by God’s grace and mercy; listening to the whispers of His angelic voice, directing my paths.

Please do, shake some people out their sleep, by loudly heating-up your phone, spreading the rumor mail-buzz from coast to coast, telling someone and everyone the scope about my upcoming two memoirs, Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One, and Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord’s House: A Memoir-Volume Two. Oops! Don’t forget to tell them, that, they are not in the loop, if they are not peeping these laidback down to earth, non-traditional memoirs.

Shhh...this strong jaw-dropping intriguing, suspenseful ride, memoir, will leave you breathless. Do not be slow to picking up a copy of this different, phenomenal, and electrifying memoir, upon the release.

When I stopped and looked back over my life of that road trip to Kentucky, this is what I saw when we took

"A Road Trip to Kentucky"

Van Talk Driving from the Seafood Restaurant

Carla was upset and told Evan, “You can’t watch the game. We have to be in church on Sunday.”

My heart went out to her, and I felt her pain. The way Evan talked to her was obvious. They tried to cover it up, but he slipped many times since we arrived.

Evan held the steering wheel tightly in his hands and said, “I’m not going to church on Sunday! I’m watching the game!”

“For God’s sake, Evan,” Carla said, her voice rising, “It’s first Sunday. Are you going to send me to church by myself?”

Evan was very angry. He said harshly, “For God’s sake nothing. I don’t care if it’s first Sunday. So what?”

Carla became quite as he continued ranting and looking at her as he drove.

“They can manage without me. Those “impropriety” going to have to learn to do things without me. I can’t be there all the time.”

I’m out here to get started on this memoir in my cozy working area, that God has blessed me with. Every inkling thing in my life is a blessing from God.

My memoirs are not doctrine up nor written to appease a fairy tale way of life.

Jennifer's Third Enthralling Memoir,

Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord's House: A Memoir-Volume Three

This enthralling memoir is a continuance of "Volume Two", which starts out grand! Giving grave details of my journey of "Cold Creek Missionary Baptist Church, Florida, The Sunshine State," where "He, the pastor looked at my husband the way a man would look at a woman." Along with disrespectful Jezebels.

The Journey of

Cold Creek Missionary Baptist Church

Florida, The Sunshine State

Joining Day at Cold Creek Missionary

Baptist Church, August 2, 2009

She was a part of the ministry, who assisted us, Ms. Ministry was all over my husband, as if he was the only one in the room. She navigated through the paper process with ungodly behavior. She gave him extra attention in constantly asking him did he need help. He repeatedly told her he was fine. Each time she asked him, she bent over putting her chest in his face.

Good Lord, I went to church to hear God's Word; instead I had to deal with Jezebels sniffing around my husband and kickback podiums. Please do pick up copies of my memoirs and read all about it.

What a “Mighty God” we serve. Ooooh...Lord, “Count It All Joy". Bring it on Satan! I got my war clothes on. I have been up for the battle, since the day, I started working for God, young-hearted. Consequently, you must brace yourself for a sizable fire of heartaches, and perhaps panic- stricken, when your husband picks up those “keys", climb behind the wheel, take off his wedding band, and turn on the ignition and inexplicably disappear, with his cheater-face on. Into the cheaters-realm. Of course, without telling you where he is going, as he has been doing, since, the beginning of the marriage. I assure you, the likelihood of him going to visit his dear old grandma or going by Jack, his homey’s house, is not his destination.

Infidelity, causes communication silence, in the marriage, among other things. You must drop the notion that his infidelity cannot, happen in the low-key of the morning. It does not matter if it is broad daylight or dark-night, “It does not take a man all day to do what he needs to do.”

Wives when you are in an adulterous marriage, it is imperative to your sanity that you hold onto your faith and remain strong in God's Word, and not fall weakened to becoming brittle. With the passage of time you will heal and replace the pain with the joy of the memories that you and your husband made together, in the joyous times in your marriage. Your puppy-love marriage does not have to end in irreconcilable differences.

In thought, am I speaking about my memoirs or am I speaking about an upcoming fictional book, please pick up copies of my memoirs and discover the truth. "Gorgeous! Gorgeous, gorgeous, just handsome he is. Each time he exit his home into the world he turns the women's heads. Women found him attractive. He was well-styled. Charming, and meticulous in giving his infidelity track."

If you desire to read more of my life story, “The Marriage Matrimony,” please do pick up a copy of this fantastic memoir upon availability.

These are three spectacular and stunning memoir that you do not want to miss out on reading. If you are looking for memoirs that are different, unusual and not boring, these memoirs are for you. If you are looking for the boring traditional memoirs, then these exciting, action-packed memoirs are not for you.

Why not skip to our Store Page to purchase our released books from Pastor Jerome Cutler’s Trilogy. Our store page will take you directly to the Amazon online store, where our captivating books are available for purchase.

Oooowee! God is keeping this mother-daughter team. He worked it out for us. Popularity and status hold no weight with me. All that passes away, except for God's Word. I rather live right, in doing the Lord's work. Than to burn in "Hell". Hey, heeeey! Jesus really cares. It will be all right. Mmm-hmm! I'm having a praise party up-in-here, getting the job done for the Lord, with The Inspirational Collections. Hallelujah Jesus!

“There’s no superstars on God’s program!” Death does not dis criminate; death does not care who you are and your status. When death comes knocking at your door, no matter what your popularity and status is, you will not receive special treatment. You will go through the same process as everyone.

Oooowee! At Cold Creek Missionary Baptist Church in the "Early Childhood Development Ministry," Ms. Karen said to me, along the lines,"I apologize for being mean to you. You are a nice person. Pastor told me to behave that way toward you. Pastor wanted you in a different ministry, not the children's ministry."

I smiled. "I knew you wasn't that way.

What transpired in the "Early Childhood Ministry was ungodly and shell shocking to me. Oh Lord, we are living in the last days.

 Breezing Around the Happenings in this Storyline

at Cold Creek Missionary Baptist Church

Florida, The Sunshine State

My shared extensive notes are the focus of Dr. Reverend  "Under New Management Sermon."

First part of Dr. Reverend  "Under New Management Sermon".

He started out speaking with tranquility, and singing with a beautiful sweet tune, about the birds and how humble they are and different from us humans. "A bird was bathing in a birdbath. It didn't need a big pool the way people did. The bird was humbled. It ate food off the ground, unlike many of us who weren't humbled. Pride was a factor, ridiculing the word humble. Who wanted to be humble?"

"The sign at the grocery store read "Under New Management", he said, "But you go inside, and everything's still the same. Nothing has changed. Don't say that you're Under New Management when you remain the same."

He said, People come to church possessed with the dumb spirit. They can't open their mouth to praise God."

He preached about men coming to church chasing skirts. He made aloud dog sound. "Ruff! Ruff! Aroooooo! As he continued preaching, "Some of y'all can't praise the Lord the way you should, because y'all had no business there, because you are married."

Reverend  said, "Y'all younger ladies who walk around, showing your stuff, y'all know the day will come when you get older. Your stuff starts dropping, and your breast don't stand up anymore. Men going to trade you in for a younger model."

Under New Management

Sunday Sermon August 16, 2009, by

Dr. Reverend  of

Cold Creek Missionary Baptist Church, Florida

Luke 11:21-22

Satan has power = Prince of power, Strong man = Satan. Stronger man = Jesus.

People come to church possessed with the dumb spirit. They can't open their mouths to praise God. Jesus is in the lead with the devil. For Jesus to cast out demons, He must have power over you.

Don't say you're Under New Management if you're doing the same old things. You need a difference. Their finances and emotions. Satan manages stuff badly. He had control over you = he allows you to fall in love with the wrong people.

Satan gives you stuff, but he has a hook on it with strings attached.

Blessings of the light and peace. If you are inquisitive to read the remaining of this sermon, upon availability, please pick up a copy of The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord's House: A Memoir- Volume Three

Second Sermon that Touched My Life and Stayed with Me

His House Christian Community Church,

Florida, The Sunshine State

Visiting Pastor Preached

An Uplifting, Inspirational Sermon

He Gave a List of His Authentic Living Testimony

He Participated in the Following:




Cheated on His Taxes

Stole Money from His Job Corporation

“Have You Ever Been Up a Tree?”

Pastor started out by telling about his boyhood tree experience in saying, you know how teenagers are. They did things to him, took off his clothes and tied him up with a rope. Pastor found himself up a tree calling out for help. His father made him return to school to face what happened to him. He was humiliated, sham faced, and embarrassed because everyone at school knew.

Pastor asked the question: Have you ever had a memorable tree experience?

Luke 19:1-10

Zacchaeus had a memorable tree experience with Jesus. Luke 18

• No matter how desperate your situation may seem. If you call out to Jesus in faith, he will help you.

God is going to make it happen for the rich to use their money biblically.

Spiritual life is dead, if you are rich and have the greed spirit, love of money. Jesus has the token of life.

It takes courage to be kind to the lost. Jesus takes interest in everyone. He takes an interest in the rejects. Jesus loves everyone. Spend time with sinners. Dine with them.

Spiritual Poverty Up a Tree:

• Material

• Attitude

• Nasty and the list goes on.

Pastor recommended you read the book of Luke. They need a glimpse of Jesus.

Jesus is telling us we need to be a guest of a sinner. Zacchaeus was a rich man; he didn’t want to give up his possession to follow Jesus. It’s hard of a rich man to enter heaven.

Breaking it down in my own words of what pastor preached. When you accept Christ, becoming a Christian, most people want to leave their jobs, they want to disassociate themselves from those types of people, sinners they are. You stay on your job, help the people, lead by example, leading them to the light, Jesus. Wholeheartedly, I believe God has a business going on. He’s in the heart, mind and soul business. His agenda is to save as many souls as possible. By the same token, Satan has a business going on, too. Satan mission is to kill, steal, and destroy as many souls as possible.

The Church Happening in this Book

"I Don't Look Like What I Been Through"

Jesus is all right! He is dependable! Jesus is always leading all the Shepherds of the church because He went to Calvary for everyone’s sins. He brought me over! Oh… I cannot hang around this sermon too long. I’m getting in and out of this testimonial sermon, only sharing what God instructed me to share. I got to get out of here! I have full plate of work to do for the Lord. For the Lord knows, my testifying can only last for so long with the window of my lifeline because He will never forsake me because the Lord is my helper.

Good Lord! On my God’s predestined spiritual writing journey I had no peace in the Lord’s house. My hometown, “South Florida,” each church I walked into the pastors inserted themselves into my “Buzzin’ Around Jennifer’s Thoughts and Feelings,” inspiring writings, which put them right smack in the middle of my writings, becoming character crew members. Each time I was in church attendance, I have a whole book on what they said, indirectly to me, Jennifer. They always had something to say to me from their bullet pulpits. When working for God, sensitivity is out the window! Without faltering that’s my wholehearted belief. I became weary of their bullet-pulpits madness. I was in church to listen, to God’s Word. I was in church to praise the Lord because the Lord forever reigns. I was on a spiritual journey, with God, the overseer, directing my path and Jesus my Guiding light. Jennifer, what did they say? What was that all about? Oh, I don’t have time to get into that I’m on my morning exercise writing this this sermon, on my electronic device. I must write it, when God enlightens me and gives it to me, that’s how this writing task works for me. When I drop my memoir, “Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord’s House: A Memoir-Volume Two,” you can pick up a copy and read about it exclusively. The book of Judges.

In church attendance this Sunday, I had a “shell-shocked” spiritual encounter, directly from God. On our dinner date, I had my husband’s complete attention when I told him about this “shell-shocked” spiritual encounter. I started out saying, I have a testimony. Only I saw it. God silenced the noise around me in church. During praise and worship, the sanctuary went completely dark. There was a bright light shining on pastor. It frightened me I didn’t know what was going on. I looked around at you and everyone, they were all looking straight ahead. In my head I said, “What’s wrong with you all, don’t y’all see what I see?” Pastor sang you that song so hard and loud, until my ears hurt. He frightened me. “He looked at you like a man would look at a woman.” He was so close to the edge of that stage singing, with his eyes on you, the whole time, I thought he was going to fall off the stage. He snapped out of it when the assistant pastor came, he put his hand on his shoulder, pulled him away, speaking something in his ear.

My heart was beating. God lowered the hedges too low, revealing all that to me, in a flash, which seemed like eternity. That was not a pleasant sight to see. God gets down that way. He will lower the hedges and let you see some things you never imagined. He will lower the hedges to let you see some things about people, that will shock you out your skin.

My husband laughed loudly. “Pastor barking up the wrong tree. I can’t stand that junk.” Then he took a headful, serious tone and said, "I don't want to be bothered with a "sweet pastor." Of course, he said a mouthful, expressing his thoughts and feelings.

You better know it! My husband is a brawny “all man.” I have no complaints nor grievances in that department!

Oops! I got get keep moving on with this testimony, God changed the sequence order of releasing my brawny inspirational memoir. I will give an updated briefing on this soon. Keep your eyes peeled for this update, on the “Dear Readers” page.

This Sunday, from behind the pulpit, indirectly pastor said some things to me. It went something like this, in my own words. He talked to another pastor, and said, she looks good, she always dressed privileged. From reading her writings, she don’t look like what she been through. She appeared happy, always praising the Lord.”

Oooowee! Nope! “I Didn’t Look Like What I Been Through.” God is my keeper, God kept me. Going through the storms and rain I did not hold my head low; I kept my head high praising the Lord. I thank God for life.

When you are going through the storms and the rain, the trials and tribulations, the ups and the downs, don’t give Satan the victory, looking like you are in a storm, looking like what you been through. You can navigate through your trials and tribulations, without looking a mess, I know this to be true because I did it. God has dominion over my life, not Satan.

Oh yeah! With God overseeing me, with Jesus being my guiding light, I won the victory! I am still here to tell my story! I am still here as a part of God’s workmanship, with The Inspirational Collections. Bring it on Satan! It’s true, Satan tried to stop me and kill me. God said to me, “Stay on my course, my child. I got your back from the beginning to the ending, the alpha and the omega has already been written. You stay in my course and keep your head high. Take whatever they dish out to you, dust it off, and keep pressing on. You got the victory! Defeat will not have the last word over your life, I will.” This is what God said to me, while on my writing journey.

My family and I had been visiting a church for quite some time, in our community. Easter Sunday, their ritual church service started earlier than usual. Therefore, we were late upon arrival, when communion was in progress. There was a long line along the wall with people waiting to take communion. Pastor gestured for my family to skip ahead of the people in line. I expressed to my husband we should get in line, and not skip ahead. He insisted we go as pastor gestured. I told him to go ahead with our grandson, I will stay where I am.

As I sat a lady signaled me from the stage to come. I smiled, shook my head, and declined. I did not take communion; instead I prayed silently. I had a conflict of interest with the pastor when he gestured for us to skip ahead of those people who waited in the long line for their turns to take communion. I felt we should have gotten in line and waited our turn. I felt my family and I are the same as the people who waited in line. Therefore, we should not have been instructed to skip ahead of them. We should have gotten in line and waited for our turn. I just could not bring myself to skip ahead of those people who waited in line for their turn.

After service, there was a gathering in the foyer, the lady who signaled me to come onstage bypassed me with a cold shoulder.

Pastor and I engaged in a conversation. He asked me was everything all right? I responded everything is great. In thought if he had asked me what he really wanted to ask me. “How come I didn’t skip ahead of the people for communion when he gestured?” Then I would have told him why. This is what I would have told him from an upcoming sermon, “Jesus is Good Enough for Me! I’m Not Gonna Appease the Clique to Blend!”

Pastorals drew their own misconceptions, that I am into sermons, that is not so, it is not true, it is not the who I am. I am attentive, to pastorals’ sermons, to implement in my daily life of becoming a better person. If they had taken the time, to ask me, this is what I would have told them, instead of them drawing their own misconceptions conclusion.

I have the same mindset as Paul, when he said, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task, The Lord Jesus, has given me, the task, the task of testifying to The Gospel of God’s Grace.”

You can read more of this testimony throughout my up-and-coming memoir, “Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord’s House.”

Glory be to God. Before my mother’s passing, she said to me in our mother and daughter conversation, “Jennifer, God loves everybody.” I loved my mother dearly.

Glorious name of Jesus. A name I will never waver from.


A Tailored Sermon for "Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord's House: A Memoir-Volume Three"

" Thrown Under the Bus! Jesus Can Save You!"

An uplifting tailored sermon for this book coming...

An Inspirational Sermon

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. James 1:22, NIV.

“Electronic Devices Overshadowing God’s Word”

Keep your eyes peeled, for, if this digital age, inspirational sermon is coming to The Inspirational Collections website or an upcoming mighty book...

Heaven, the streets of gold, my new home! Jesus, I adore You, the sweetest name ever. Jesus, You are the same who never changes. Thank You, Jesus for the keys to eternal life, when You took the fall on Calvary. Good Lord! You have the right to your electronic devices. However! You do not have the right to your “Electronic Devices Overshadowing God’s Word,” in the Lord’s house, if it’s not used pertaining to the Holy Bible, because it is discourteous to God and pastor. God is priority and primary in the Lord’s house, Sunday, on the Lord’s day, and every day. Which leads me to open this sermon. When you are present in the Lord’s house, using your electronic devices for any other purposes, besides the Holy Bible, while pastor is diligently sermonizing God’s Word, not only are you apprehended to lacking interest in hearing God’s Word, but it is discourteous, to pastor, to be engaged in your electronic devices, texting, reading text messages, on social media, playing games and whatever else non-relatable things that you do, that is not relatable to the Holy Bible. Your electronic devices will never solidify God’s Word and God’s ultimate, inevitable power.

Count it all joy! You are a joy, Jesus! Behind the scenes, you do not know the diligent work that goes into writing a sermon. Some of you are attached to your electronic devices. You cannot put it down for one minute, without being tempted, to pick it up. A Christian should not be attached to people, places and things. Jesus is who you should be attached to. Your electronic devices will never do for you what Christ Jesus can! Encore! Your electronic devices will never solidify God’s power! Before service starts, you walk around with your head down, engaged with your electronic devices, texting, messaging and wherever else it is that you do, not paying attention, bumping into people, and other things. Some of you arrived on-time to church service, but you entered the sanctuary after church service has started, because you were busy on your electronic devices, which seems to be more important to you than giving God the respect to be on-time to church service. Your electronic devices are more important to you, than giving pastor the respect to be on-time, at the alpha of his sermon.

Sovereignty! God’s Word is very serious and is not to be taken lightheartedly. You must read the Holy Bible for yourself, believe in God’s Word, not hearsay of God’s Word. It is not good, when you listen to hearsay of God’s Word, because you are listening to, ideas, thoughts and feelings, emotions, opinions and speculations. You must gravitate towards God’s Word and listen to His Word carefully, without listening to the wrong messages of influencers. You must listen to God’s voice in His Word, not man’s voice. God’s Word is not to be accepted as man, but solely for God’s longevity, unchanging Word. God’s uses man as an instrument to communicate, amplifying His Word effectively. However, it is imperative that you develop your individual relationships, with God, read the Holy Bible for yourself, with comprehension, obedient and a doer of His Word. God’s Word is clear, there is no need to grapple over His Word, you should not be at odds over God’s Word. Some of you are heavily distracted with your electronic devices, during Pastor’s sermon, navigating your “Electronic Devices Overshadowing God’s Word. I have beard witnessed: At the end of pastor’s sermon, when he quizzed you on what he spoke about in his diligent sermon, you are not able to give details, because you did not receive the important, pivotal message of God’s Word, in his sermon, and you were not avid-listening, effectively, because you were engaged with your electronic devices throughout pastor’s sermon, or not intuitive to listening to God’s Word. You have role modeled this behavior to your children, which they have mimic your behavior. If you are in the Lord’s house to worship the Lord and to truly and effectively hear God’s Word, put aside your electronic devices and listen to pastor preach God’s Word, absorbing God’s Word, wholeheartedly. In the Lord’s house, the body of Christ Jesus, is the unity of the church, the gathering of Christians, the gathering of believer who has come together in unity; to truly hear the teaching of God’s Word. Do not let your electronic devices detach you from the holy reverence of God’s Word. If you are in the Lord’s house for any other reason, I recommend that you put in the mileage and spend alone time at the foot of the cross. Alone time at the foot of the cross on Calvary. Along time at the foot of the cross where Christ Jesus’ blood was shed.

The holy reverence of God’s Word, is not in the category where you can go back and forth saying you didn’t know it was hard work, working for the Lord, you want to quick, but you still want your blessings, your “due season.” Christ Jesus did not complain that it was hard work, navigating His way to that “old rugged cross.” Don’t say you are committed to the Lord, but you complain about the work for the Lord. Don’t say you are committed to the Lord, but you pick and choose what you are going to abide by, in the Holy Bible. Don’t say you are committed to the Lord, but you are at a crossroad, living a double standard life. Don’t say you are committed to the Lord, but you are not a doer of the Word; you are comfortable waiting for your “due season,” to fall from the heavens, without doing any work. You can sit back and watch the time pass by on your dream or you can make your dream happened. Good Lord! This write ends here. I invite you to pick up a copy of my second memoirs, upon availability, to see where I am going with this, on the unforgettable road trip to Kentucky! In thought, will my readers be shock as I was, after the reading of the “holy unrighteous” trip to Kentucky,” that left me shocked out of my skin and happy to be back in Florida? Upon availability please do pick up a copy of “Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord’s House: A Road Trip to Kentucky: A Memoir-Volume Two,” to see why and to understand why this was an unrighteous road trip to Kentucky!”

Without Jesus life is meaningless and life is valueless. Without Jesus life is without purpose. Be of good cheer, God watches over all His Children, keeping His Word, as we navigate forward, on our journey, forward together, in unity. Be strong on your journey and do not lose your faith. God’s Word is not cruelty, harshness, and discriminatory. God’s Word is love, kindness, peace, compassion, sympathetic, tenderness, thoughtfulness, joy, grace, harmony, tactful, and righteousness in one accord. On God’s path, the strait gate; the narrow path not the wide destruction gate and pathway; we care about each other, people, helping each other, with a compassionate heart, letting our bright light shine for God, because we are all in this life journey together, serving one another in unity.

My premise is that; I am going to keep it coming hard and strong; with these Godsend stout sermons. Because! Satan comes hard and strong. We will not be defeated by the adversary, because God came so we can have life more abundantly.


Our Maximum Overdrive Inspirational Books

Just to mention, one aspect, The Inspirational Collections of books focuses on how life continues to evolve around the temptations of daily living. How can one differentiate between innocence discovering life's hidden secrets or the tenacious passion of seeking justice from old-aged dilemmas?

To emphasize, The Inspirational Collections of books, is beneficial to the world, because in today's society, aren't we lacking tradition with a new twist of flavor? Perhaps today's new school audience, is repetitious, "All about fun and propaganda!"

The ground-footing of The Inspirational Collections of books, is based on the premise, of each person's heart, longing for true love that rests on loyalty. In Christianity, each individual, in the Body of Christ, must always remember, to have the principle of being truthful in all your paths of life. Without, truthfulness, how can we, as Christians, have life more abundantly?

When considering, The Inspirational Collections of books, if doubt arises, when questioned, "Why this mother-daughter authorship?" The Inspirational Collections, is a fictional book series, which captures the behind-the-scenes, "What is this all about?" Come, read The Inspirational Collections Book Series, and pass the message to your colleagues, networks, and affiliates. The everlasting message of The Inspirational Collections Book Series: "In order to have the unending advantage of life, does it not begin with being at a disadvantage, to acquire the characteristic traits, to ultimately have the grace of honor and privilege?"

The Inspirational Collections, non-fiction memoirs and fictional book series is an influential asset to the world, because beneath the surface, the message from each story, is written with the intent to capture the readers, with the classic reactions, with the classic emotion, "Is this for real?", "Is this real life?"

The Inspirational Collections fictional book series serves as a spiritual guide in daily living, regardless if the book series is fictional, the book series proves to be personable, practical, and a relatable book series, that thrives in today's modern-contemporary world: especially in the Global Economy, in the Global Marketplace, and in the Global World, where each is distinct of each other. However, the three cannot function, independently, of each other. Our readers, our target audience are nationwide of every nationality.

Readers, if your curiosity is arouse about what the "Buzz" is all about, with The Inspirational Collections of books, please swiftly visit Amazon.com, to purchase The Inspirational Collections of books, that are available in "Paperback and Kindle (ebook) formatting, in the Amazon store.

The book title and a beautified book cover does not make the book a good read, the content does. I believe you will find the content in each book of The Inspirational Collections with maximum overdrive, to satisfy your whetted appetite, to curl up with a good book to read.

The Inspirational Collections

  • Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood
  • Pastor Jerome Cutler: Life Changing-The Sequel
  • Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking-The Final Chapter 

Each book on this website is copyrighted.

Please thumb through each page of our website, thoroughly, to acquire, in-depth, information, about The Inspirational Collections of books, especially the Collections’ page and Readers’ page. I have personally, tailored, each page, on this mother-daughter’s website, to give you a comprehensive and a background feel for The Inspirational Collections of books. Also, pause, at our Store’s page, which takes you directly to the Amazon online store, to purchase The Inspirational Collections of books.

Message Corner Update About the IRS: Debut Novel The Inspirational Collections of Pastor Jerome Cutler Family Livelihood

Update: Updated content coming... God opened this door! I went in strong.

I kept the faith! No one on earth is bigger than Almighty God! The "IRS" does not care who you are, if they smell an unrighteous scent, they are going to show up at your door knocking.

Sovereignty! God, I put in the mileage working feverishly for You, with Jesus as my guiding light, on this "literary project" since January 2007, that was not an easy feat. Almighty God! This Christian company does not know my story, where You brought me from. This Christian company had me in the mix, to think that I would let "this" quietly breeze by with the passage of time...

Yes Lord! Everything occurs on God's grandfather clock. I did not ask to be a writer nor did I request to be a writer; God; ordained it! God commissioned I and God appointed I; to my Godly position as a writer. No one of mankind; is not equip to go up against the Almighty God.

These companies who were in conjunction with the Christian Company, will answer to the Internal Revenue Service. It's what I told my youngest daughter, the coauthor, "I'm not going to hell for anyone". Satan!  My soul is not for sale. It is what I wrote in my Barnes & Noble letter, who had my book for book of the month, they are a respectable company, they will risk their good name for an unrighteous Christian Company.

I invite you to pick up a copy of my first memoir, "Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One", upon availability and discover why "gospel" music will always be a part of my life. 

Oh yeah! Delayed! Still gonna happen! A big shout-out to a few of this mother-daughter team's prayer warriors! My inspiration! I warm-heartedly, thank you for praying for us.

"It's Gonna Happen"

by James Fortune (feat: Zarcardi Cortez)

"Ope Door Season"

by Deitrick Haddon

"Never Would Have Made It"

by Le'Andria Johnson


by Jekalyn Carr

"Keep The Faith"

by Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago

"My Due Season"

by Kenny Robinson

"Won't He Do It"

by Yvetter Simone

"Oh How I Love You"

by Zacardi Cortez

"Oh How Good"

by Byron Cage

Mighty is our God!


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