A Short Message from Jennifer

Dear Readers,

Cruising into the fall season, my hope is that Pastor Jerome Cutler: Life Changing-The Sequel, our second book released from The Inspirational Collections was inspiring to your wholesome self.

We are gearing up to release the final book of the Cutler Trilogy, “The Inspirational Collections of Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking-The Final Chapter. This latest book, from The Inspirational Collections book series, is the mightiest, of the entire Cutler Trilogy. I describe this book as a non-stop, action filled narrative immersed with a disarray of emotions, from every perspective of life, with the hopes that it will be heart-touching to each person’s spirit. Surely, you will shed a tear here and there, throughout the reading of this convincing, moving storyline.

Seasonal Inspiration

Never short-change yourself and settle for anything less. All things are possible with God. My encouragement for this fall season, is, standing solely on God’s Word, alone, is all you need, to get you through your journey. Take one day at a time and maintain strong faith in God; anything else, you are short-changing yourself. Nothing on this earth is greater than God’s Word. Nothing on God’s green earth, will ever supersede, the, God Almighty.

Do not let today’s standards deter you from God’s Word. God’s Words has not changed. God’s Word never falters, and God’s Word never goes out of style. God’s Word stands the same as it stood in the old testament, of the most difficult, biblical days of The Book of Deuteronomy. Perhaps your own, individual spirit is frustrated of the repetitive routine of pity parties, of daunting, dreadful past involving all your grievances and complaints, keep in remembrance, Christ Jesus, went to Calvary on behalf of all mankind. There was nothing beautiful about Christ Jesus, paying the retribution, on that old rugged cross, in the depths of the wilderness.

If I have inspired you, after the reading of The Inspirational Collections of books, then I am overly ecstatic and zealous, to have accomplished my ultimate goal.

The Inspirational Collections was God’s calling out to my daughter and I, as a mother-daughter authorship, Jennifer & Shareka, started this writing journey from January 2007. As a mother-daughter team, we have progress this far, by our unshakable faith in God’s directive paths. Failure is not our alternative, because we will not turn back, we will continue to keep pressing on, because we are standing on truth: this mother-daughter authorship is a part of God’s workmanship.

Jennifer's First Enthralling Memoir, 

Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One, 

Coming 2021 

A Brief Showing into The Storyline 

This is what I wrote when I looked back over my life...

My shared extensive notes are the focus of Dr. Reverend Alphonso Jackson "Under New Management Sermon."

First part of Dr. Reverend Alphonso Jackson's "Under New Management Sermon".

He started out speaking with tranquility, and singing with a beautiful sweet tune, about the birds and how humble they are and different from us humans. "A bird was bathing in a birdbath. It didn't need a big pool the way people did. The bird was humbled. It ate food off the ground,  unlike many of us who weren't humbled. Pride was a factor, ridiculing the word humble. Who wanted to be humble?"

"The sign at the grocery store read "Under New Management", he said, "But you go inside, and everything's still the same. Nothing has changed. Don't say that you're Under New Management when you remain the same."

He said, People come to church possessed with the dumb spirit. They can't open their mouth to praise God."

He preached about men coming to church chasing skirts. He made aloud dog sound. "Ruff! Ruff! Aroooooo! As he continued preaching, "Some of y'all can't praise the Lord the way you should, because y'all had no business there, because you are married."

Reverend Alphonso Jackson said, "Y'all younger ladies who walk around, showing your stuff, y'all know the day will come when you get older. Your stuff starts dropping, and your breast don't stand up anymore. Men going to trade you in for a younger model."

Under New Management

Sunday Sermon August 16, 2009, by

Dr. Reverend Alphonso Jackson of

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Miami Gardens Florida

Luke 11:21-22

Satan has power = Prince of power, Strong man = Satan. Stronger man = Jesus.

People come to church possessed with the dumb spirit. They can't open their mouths to praise God. Jesus is in the lead with the devil. For Jesus to cast out demons, He must have power over you.

Don't say you're Under New Management if you're doing the same old things. You need a difference. Their finances and emotions. Satan manages stuff badly. He had control over you = he allows you to fall in love with the wrong people.

Satan gives you stuff, but he has a hook on it with strings attached.

Blessings of the light and peace. If you are inquisitive to read teh remaining of this sermon, upon availablity, please pick up a copy of The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir.

Another Briefing into The Storyline

Her Strong Spirit Made Me Look at Her

Entering the class, I saw a new face. Her strong spirit made me look at her, and chills went through my body. She was cold, and her devilish eyes gave me the creeps when she looked at me.

Who is she? I wondered. She's a Jezebel.

"Once a cheater, always a cheater", she said, one leg folded in the chair and the other hanging down as if she were still a teenager, not forty-one.

"Once you go out there," she said, "you want to go back. You get bored with the person you're with. They no longer satisfy you. You need something else."

She was adamant, calm, cool, and collect.

"Yeah" one woman said, "But each person you end with is someone you're going to cheat on, too, because they lack what you need."

This act continues in Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir.

Oooowee! All hands-on-deck... there's no whispering going on in Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One. Encore, this cultivated, crafty memoir is like no other, without the boredom.

This mesmerizing, suspenseful memoir is written from a deeply rich, and creative angle, with an ingenious-plot, and ongoing twists and turns.

Hallelujah Jesus! I have a beaming smile in saying, "Count It All Joy", I have completed the writings of Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One, I did an earnest job for the Lord, in the writing of this memoir. Upon the availablity of this memoir, please do come read the all exclusiveness of my journey, in this well-suited and fascinating memoir.

Jennifer Up-And-Coming Memoirs

1. The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord's House: A Memoir-Volume Two

2. The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, My Experience with A Subsidy Publisher: A Memoir-Volume Three

"Count It All Joy"

by Tarralyn Ramsey

"When you are going through, and you don't know what to do

When the fire gets too high

don't draw night

Hold your head up high and be

of good cheer

All you need to know, your

deliverance is here

Count it all joy, count it all joy

Count it all joy, count it all joy

Count it all joy, count it all joy

Count it all joy, count it all joy."

Good God, what a beautiful, uplifting song.

Shareka, The First Reader

of The Inspirational Collections of

Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One, is compelled

to share with all readers, my inital, reaction.

After having a lovely breakfast with my mother, on a rainy, Saturday morning, I decided to be the first reader of my mother's latest memoir: The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One.

Enthusiastically, I dived into the beginning, overjoyed with smiles, because of the unexpected surprise: a down-home memoir reading, that graciously explains, why, to never deprive one's self, from discovering life, even if one, chooses to be defiant, to wisdom and the evident truth of God.

With all the catchy, newly innovation, of God's traditional phrases, such as cruising through and to season you, I fell in a daze, of forgetting about the daily routine of the life cycle: domestic duties, homework, tutoring etc. and I immersed myself in the teachings of learning how to differentiate the meaning of love at first sight, and the reality of a wholesome, fruitful marriage, that produces the gifts of children, love, celebrations, and having fun family events.

I followed my mother's memoir, story-trail, intuitively, and what stayed with me the most, well, it is no surprise to my naturality of wanting to know all the details, is a question to my morale: Am I never too busy to take a moment and acknowlegdge what is more important then I? My mother, softened my inner thoughts, regardless of the day of the week, to remind my spirit, God is always present, and to remember, to silently ask yourself, "Did you remember to be humbled, despite, the personal battles, we all endure daily?"

With all upliftment, I congratulate, my mother, on her biggest achievement, thus far: A memoir, that is for everyone, to start the healing of broken relationships, because forgiveness and restoration, will always triumph over being tenacious of not loving and being unforgiving.

Jennifer's Second Enthralling Memoir, 

Jennifer, My Writing Journey E​xperiences in the Lord's House:

A Memoir-Volume Two, Coming 2021

Speaking about my upcoming "memoirs". I give God the glory, for clearing the path, for me to make preparations to release my "first memoir", giving a testament about my journey. An amazing journey that would have been impossible for me to overcome, without God overseeing me, with His grace and mercy and with Jesus joined at the hips with me, as my guiding light, directing each of my steps, one step at a time.

I have been on my Jesus-Journey, since young-hearted. God has kept me strong-willed in surviving so many burdens. Through the storm and the rain, God brought me through it all. Because God brought me over, I am still here to tell my story, as I navigate onto another day's journey, taking one day at a time.

What I have learned on my journey, nothing happens without God allowing it to happen at the appointed time. Which is what happened with my "memoirs".

On my journey I have learned, it is not wise to take that leap to write a memoir, your life story, and share it with the world, if you are not wholeheartedly, at peace, with loving and forgiveness, towards others. Otherwise, you will hear all the noise in your writings, the anger, resentment, and the bitterness. You must be ready for this position, and to embrace it with grace. God must take you through the process of preparing you for something so delicate.

My daughter and I had anticipated on the releasing of my memoirs first. God redirected me to release our fictional books first. Which leads me to say, what I have learned in my journey, we can plan ahead in making the preparations for whatever we have planned for the future and so forth, but the reality of the truth is, everything goes according to God’s plan, inevitably. God always has the final, last word. God is the head of my life.

Because I am an "illustrator author", and an "illustrative author," it is not foreign that I have written The Inspirational Collections of books creatively and crafty. It is the who I am, my persona, my personality. I am a simple type of person. I like the ruggedness of God's nature. Contemporary is not appealing to my character. I am more of a traditional individual who is laid-back and down-to-earth.

I refuse to bow down and let "The Devil Ride," The Inspirational Collections. It is what a pastor so diligently preached along the lines, "If you let the devil ride, he will want to drive". No, no I am not going to do it. I will not let the devil ride nor drive. I have been on this "Detour Around the Wilderness Path," since January 2007. I have no intention of turning this ship around. I do not know about nobody else, but I am going to keep "running" for Jesus.  Hallelujah Jesus!

I am not reserved to give a testament for the Lord. I invite you to pick up a copy or copies of my upcoming memoir, "Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One," and read all about how good God has been to me and how He brought me over, through the storm and the rain.

My courage, faith and tenacity, has been tested, in steadfastly staying on God's course with "The Inspirational Collections". I am still here telling my story.

This memoir goes deeper, than my “first memoir,” giving grave-details into each act written within the gripping-plot. Many of these acts will be just as shocking to you as they were to me. I am sure once you read what I experienced and endured in the Lord’s house, you will ask yourself how did she endure all of that madness? Then I will say, only by God’s grace and mercy; listening to the whispers of His angelic voice, directing my paths.

Please do, shake some people out their sleep, by loudly heating-up your phone, spreading the rumor mail-buzz from coast to coast, telling someone and everyone the scope about my upcoming two memoirs, Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One, and Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord’s House: A Memoir-Volume Two. Oops! Don’t forget to tell them, that, they are not in the loop, if they are not peeping these laidback down to earth, non-traditional memoirs.

Due to the nature of the elements within “Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord’s House: A Memoir-Volume Two,” I will not give a snapshot into the testament of this emotional, and compelling wisdom-filled memoir. But! I will enlighten you, within this memoir, you will read in-depth, about my experiences in the Lord’s house, while on my 2009-2016, underground writing journey “Buzzin’ Around Jennifer’s Thoughts and Feelings-Book Buzz,” which details the real-world shocking revelations, of what I experienced in the Lord’s house, which will perhaps, leave you ponderous, or perhaps trying to wrap your mind around my discourteous experiences.

Shhh...this strong jaw-dropping intriguing, suspenseful ride, memoir, will leave you breathless. Do not be slow to picking up a copy of this different, phenomenal, and electrifying memoir, upon the release.

Our Maximum Overdrive Inspirational Books

Just to mention, one aspect, The Inspirational Collections of books focuses on how life continues to evolve around the temptations of daily living. How can one differentiate between innocence discovering life's hidden secrets or the tenacious passion of seeking justice from old-aged dilemmas?

To emphasize, The Inspirational Collections of books, is beneficial to the world, because in today's society, aren't we lacking tradition with a new twist of flavor? Perhaps today's new school audience, is repetitious, "All about fun and propaganda!"

The ground-footing of The Inspirational Collections of books, is based on the premise, of each person's heart, longing for true love that rests on loyalty. In Christianity, each individual, in the Body of Christ, must always remember, to have the principle of being truthful in all your paths of life. Without, truthfulness, how can we, as Christians, have life more abundantly?

When considering, The Inspirational Collections of books, if doubt arises, when questioned, "Why this mother-daughter authorship?" The Inspirational Collections, is a fictional book series, which captures the behind-the-scenes, "What is this all about?" Come, read The Inspirational Collections Book Series, and pass the message to your colleagues, networks, and affiliates. The everlasting message of The Inspirational Collections Book Series: "In order to have the unending advantage of life, does it not begin with being at a disadvantage, to acquire the characteristic traits, to ultimately have the grace of honor and privilege?"

The Inspirational Collections, non-fiction memoirs and fictional book series is an influential asset to the world, because beneath the surface, the message from each story, is written with the intent to capture the readers, with the classic reactions, with the classic emotion, "Is this for real?", "Is this real life?"

The Inspirational Collections fictional book series serves as a spiritual guide in daily living, regardless if the book series is fictional, the book series proves to be personable, practical, and a relatable book series, that thrives in today's modern-contemporary world: especially in the Global Economy, in the Global Marketplace, and in the Global World, where each is distinct of each other. However, the three cannot function, independently, of each other. Our readers, our target audience are nationwide of every nationality.

Readers, if your curiosity is arouse about what the "Buzz" is all about, with The Inspirational Collections of books, please swiftly visit Amazon.com, to purchase The Inspirational Collections of books, that are available in "Paperback and Kindle (ebook) formatting, in the Amazon store.

The book title and a beautified book cover does not make the book a good read, the content does. I believe you will find the content in each book of The Inspirational Collections with maximum overdrive, to satisfy your whetted appetite, to curl up with a good book to read.

The Inspirational Collections

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  • Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking-The Final Chapter 

Please thumb through each page of our website, thoroughly, to acquire, in-depth, information, about The Inspirational Collections of books, especially the Collections’ page and Readers’ page. I have personally, tailored, each page, on this mother-daughter’s website, to give you a comprehensive and a background feel for The Inspirational Collections of books. Also, pause, at our Store’s page, which takes you directly to the Amazon online store, to purchase The Inspirational Collections of books.

Message Corner

"Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One", will be my first memoir, to be released. Once, you read this distinctive memoir, without a doubt, you will be looking forward to reading my next memoir.

I must be forthcoming in telling, if you are looking for a boring memoir to read, unfortunately, this memoir is not for you. This memoir is like no other. This unique and fresh memoir is far from boring. Furthermore, it is entreating, filled with back-to-back action, that will grasp your attention like a magnet, from the beginning and hold it, to the very end.

Most definitely, this memoir is an impressive must-read. You do not want to miss out on this remarkable, impelling memoir, that will keep you on the boundary.

Stay in the loop, with "The Inspirational Collections" of commanding books, that are for the mature-grown-folks' audience.

I personally designed this website for the purpose to give you a background feel for the Inspirational Collections of books, with the hope that my inspiring writings will be inspirational to my audiences.

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