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A Short Message from Jennifer

Dear Readers,

Gracious God! I give God the glory for bringing me through another year; when I know all too well, He did not have to: because looking back over the years, many did not make it. So! I say again Gracious God!

Saddle up readers! God willingly, our next publishing happenings.

The Inspirational Collections

1. The Rejected Heart of God’s Word

2. Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One: A Novel-The Matrimony

“The Rejected Heart of God’s Word” was inspired by a conversation that I was engaged in with a relative: which led to me praying in church at the altar on a Sunday morning, and it was then, God placed “The Rejected Heart of God’s Word” on my heart. The prologue in this book; I give a testimony of how this book came about.

A seasonal Inspirational message.

Hallelujah! It was God’s Grace and Mercy that you made it into another year. Give God the glory for bringing you through another year, when you could have been sleeping in your grave, with so many who did not make it. Each day God blessed you to open your eyes to another day’s journey, you ought to thank God for His amazing grace, because so many didn’t make it and because it was a blessing for Him to waken you, when He did not have to. I pause to thank You God for Your Grace and Mercy.

Continuing, it’s okay if you cry sometimes this New Year, Jesus got your back, He will fix it! It’s okay if life’s trials keep you weeping in the late-night hour, Jesus is right there with you, He will fix it! I know life gets tough sometimes, but you don’t give up and go astray, you keep holding onto God’s hand, with Him leading you-you will get through, because God will bring you through it all. It’s comforting to hearing when someone says, “it’s going to be all right”. Facing the truth: sometimes it’s not going to be all right, because God has His plans for your life, which does not include what you had planned for your own life. However! God is with you, He will bring you through whatever you are going through, this “New Year”, with His Grace and Mercy.

God be with you this “New Year”, keeping you on your journey. You made it this far, to see another year, go ahead and make some good changes in your life, make some changes within you, becoming a new you, dressed in new wine, leaving the old you, in the past. Go ahead and work on you changing some not so good habits to good habits. Change is good for the soul. It’s always good to work on yourself for the better. There is always something that we can improve about ourselves, including “perfect people”.

 Two Mighty Books in the Forecast

Burden Bearer Treasure Chest Sermons: Volume One-A Novel-God's Grace and Mercy

Content Coming...


Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Beginning

Content coming...

An enthralling, tribute book to The Williams Brothers from The Inspirational Collections.


Our Maximum Overdrive Inspirational Books

Just to mention, one aspect, The Inspirational Collections of books focuses on how life continues to evolve around the temptations of daily living. How can one differentiate between innocence discovering life's hidden secrets or the tenacious passion of seeking justice from old-aged dilemmas?

To emphasize, The Inspirational Collections of books, is beneficial to the world, because in today's society, aren't we lacking tradition with a new twist of flavor? Perhaps today's new school audience, is repetitious, "All about fun and propaganda!"

The ground-footing of The Inspirational Collections of books, is based on the premise, of each person's heart, longing for true love that rests on loyalty. In Christianity, each individual, in the Body of Christ, must always remember, to have the principle of being truthful in all your paths of life. Without, truthfulness, how can we, as Christians, have life more abundantly?

When considering, The Inspirational Collections of books, if doubt arises, when questioned, "Why this mother-daughter authorship?" The Inspirational Collections, is a fictional book series, which captures the behind-the-scenes, "What is this all about?" Come, read The Inspirational Collections Book Series, and pass the message to your colleagues, networks, and affiliates. The everlasting message of The Inspirational Collections Book Series: "In order to have the unending advantage of life, does it not begin with being at a disadvantage, to acquire the characteristic traits, to ultimately have the grace of honor and privilege?"

The Inspirational Collections, non-fiction memoirs and fictional book series is an influential asset to the world, because beneath the surface, the message from each story, is written with the intent to capture the readers, with the classic reactions, with the classic emotion, "Is this for real?", "Is this real life?"

The Inspirational Collections fictional book series serves as a spiritual guide in daily living, regardless if the book series is fictional, the book series proves to be personable, practical, and a relatable book series, that thrives in today's modern-contemporary world: especially in the Global Economy, in the Global Marketplace, and in the Global World, where each is distinct of each other. However, the three cannot function, independently, of each other. Our readers, our target audience are nationwide of every nationality.

Readers, if your curiosity is arouse about what the "Buzz" is all about, with The Inspirational Collections of books, please swiftly visit, to purchase The Inspirational Collections of books, that are available in "Paperback and Kindle (ebook) formatting, in the Amazon store.

The book title and a beautified book cover does not make the book a good read, the content does. I believe you will find the content in each book of The Inspirational Collections with maximum overdrive, to satisfy your whetted appetite, to curl up with a good book to read.

The Inspirational Collections

  • Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood
  • Pastor Jerome Cutler: Life Changing-The Sequel
  • Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking-The Final Chapter 

Each book on this website is copyrighted.

Please thumb through each page of our website, thoroughly, to acquire, in-depth, information, about The Inspirational Collections of books, especially the Collections’ page and Readers’ page. I have personally, tailored, each page, on this mother-daughter’s website, to give you a comprehensive and a background feel for The Inspirational Collections of books. Also, pause, at our Store’s page, which takes you directly to the Amazon online store, to purchase The Inspirational Collections of books.

Message Corner 

I personally designed this website for the purpose to give you a background feel for the Inspirational Collections of books, with the hope that my inspiring writings will be inspirational to my audiences.

Email Address: [email protected]