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Understand Why Jesus Is the Way to Heaven

This series of sermons focuses on the fact that Jesus is dependable. You can count on Christ to guide you through life’s daily challenges of sin.

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God's Grace and Mercy!

God is Turning it Around!

God Turned It Around!

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My "burden-bearer," real-world, crafty sermons are "outside-the-box," to aid you in navigating in your daily life, to face adversities head-on, deal with it as it comes, go through it and not around it. Just get to it and stop procrastinating. You do not accomplish anything when you hide and run from life's challenges, the problem is always going to be there lingering in your daily life, causing you to stumble on your journey. “No weapon forged against you will prevail.” Isaiah 54:17.


Jesus is the Pathway to Heaven

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An Inspirational Sermon

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 (NIV)

"Get on Bended Knees Praying Away Your Troubles"

September 22, 2021

Count it all joy! Glory be to God for a new season, new mercy, new grace, and new blessings! The Joy of the Lord! God is worthy to be praised, hallelujah! Graciously, to our Heavenly Father for another day’s journey shining in His marvelous light and to still be here doing His good works.

God alone is the highest of all things and there is nothing in the universe higher than the Almighty God. God never changes, He is the same God He was yesterday, today, and forevermore. There is nothing that God cannot handle.

• Graciously, you’d better believe God can handle your overflowing troubles, “Get On Bended Knees Praying Away Your Troubles.”

• Graciously, you’d better believe God can restore your misappropriated finances, “Get On Bended Knees Praying Away Your Troubles,”

• Graciously, you’d better believe God can mend your brokenhearted marriage, “Get On Bended Knees Praying Away Your Troubles.”

Hold on to your faith. On this journey we must trust in Jesus, our salvation. Our Christian journey is not going to always be easy. However, God will give us the strength to overcome any situation. Our heavenly crown is worth the journey.

Conclusively, no matter what troubles fall on your path never give up on hope and faith. Ecclesiastes 9:4 (NIV): reads, “Anyone who is among the living has hope-even a live dog is better off than a dead lion.”

During our Christian walk through the peace of God’s marvelous light, the test, trials, pain, sufferings, and sicknesses, but our life that God called for His people is wonderful. Graciously, Jesus overcame the world.

Jesus lightens our burdens. Our Lord and Savior tells us that this walk of life on earth will not be easy, take His yoke. Jesus on Calvary is the authentic Christian walk of life, therefore, we will endure pain, sufferings, tragedies, malevolent, trials and tribulations. We will endure the acts of God, natural disasters. I am speaking from Matthew 11:30.

Because of Jesus on Calvary, we are able to walk through the troubles of life and triumph. Victory is “At the Foot of the Cross.”

On Jesus’ journey to that “Old Rugged Cross”, He told His disciples that He will suffer, and so will they, and that they will scatter and leave Him alone at His darkest hour. Also, Jesus told His disciples after His mourning they would “rejoice.” Our Savior told His disciples that He would send His Holy Spirit to guide them and comfort them.

The endurance of our troubled times we must trust in the Lord that His Holy Spirit is with us. There is strength in the Lord. Therefore, we must not become weary and backslide into the world thinking that it is better, because it is not. There is nothing better about riding Satan’s storm. Jesus overcame the world, therefore, why would you backslide off Jesus’ path?

Hold on daily, ready for the unexpected, especially if you are riding Satan’s storm, which taking a breather is out the window. Readiness and geared up in the full armor of God is the position you want to be in daily. I rephrase, we don’t know what tomorrow brings. You got to always be geared up in the armor of God, because you never know when you are going to be thrown into a battle. You got to always be ready for the “Spiritual Warfare.” If you are willing to ride Satan’s storm over Jesus’ path, may God help you! After you have realized that you made a mistake riding Satan’s storm, there is still hope, your life is not over, your life is not done, Jesus can save your soul. Now is the time to accept salvation.

God help us all. Satan’s storm is bigger than you think. Without a doubt, you can’t ride his storm by yourself. You need Jesus to ride out the Satan’s storm. You need Jesus to ride out any storms. Otherwise, you will be blown away. If you keep riding that storm with Satan, perhaps, your last breath will be upended like the blowing of the wind.

The truth be told, when you are in the eye of the storm of your troubles, the way I was, your only option for survival is holding on to God’s outstretched hand. With that said, you will not find peace in Satan’s storm. Peace is found in Jesus Christ, eternal life. Not only does Jesus have the power to save our souls, bring resolution to any situations, and circumstances, He has the power to withstand anything. He has the power to give you deliverance and to bring you over the rugged beauty mountains. Praise God!

Certainly, it is important for Saints to stay embedded in the Good Book. Which gives us the strength to fight the everyday battles. Satan is powerless going up against God. God has all the power, and He will forever have the victory. Glory hallelujah!

Merciful Jesus, you ought not enter the Lord’s House “cool and collective.” Instead, enter giving the Lord the highest honor, glory, and praise. It’s about Jesus our everlasting Savior.

What’s more, there are troubles that you bring upon yourself when you are present in the Lord’s House playing around with God, making up your own guidelines to abide in as if God is not real. Folks are not mindful playing around with God, in His House, not truly believing in His Word, God-fearing, that is. We must own up to our sins and repent, God will forgive our faults, which we are covered by the blood. It’s a privilege to be in the Lord’s House, at-the-least we ought to say, thank You Jesus for caring on Calvary.

Undoubtedly, we all have something to be grateful to God for, bringing us through our troubles, tests, and trials. It does not matter who you are you will never be the front runner in God’s Word. Jesus will forever be the main attraction on Calvary. There are Saints who have entered God’s House repeatedly, cool, and collective, barely opening their mouth giving God an Amen, and barely saying, “Thank You Jesus for waking me up, in the morning.” Don’t you know God has the power to letting your eyes remain closed, not seeing another day! If you are tired of saying, thank You Jesus for waking me up, in the morning, then are you tired of God allowing you to wake up, each morning? Are you tired of eating the food God put on your table? Are you tired of the refuge for God’s shelter? Downheartedly, many of us are not grateful and deserving of God’s amazing grace.

Glory hallelujah! Instead of crying out to Jesus about your wants, with many complaints, it’s glorifying for us to cry out to the Lord thanking Him for the little things; for keeping you healthy, when you could have had an incurable disease. Oh Lord, many worry and complain about “this and that,” when it could have been so much worse. God dwelling in your heart hearing your little prayers is a God of prayers. Our God is an able God, a faithful God, and a God of provisions.

In addition to that, put away crying out to God complaining about selfishness when you live in a four-hundred-thousand-dollar house, when you drive a top-of-the-line vehicle, when you shop at the top-of-the-line stores, when you eat the best food that money can buy, and so forth. You are blessed and don’t know it, or you are not grateful, and you want more and more, not considerate of the poor, because you are well-off. Which is it? Navigating in this world Jesus cared for the poor.

Alright, here we go of what I witnessed on my spiritual writing journey there are three types of Saints, which are Obedient, Disobedient, and Stubborn “ODS”. Firstly, the obedient Saints does what the Word says and pay their tithes, offering, and first fruit cheerfully. Secondly, the disobedient Saints are penny pinchers who are inconsistent in tithing, abiding in the Word, they give a little and keep the remaining for themselves. They are debt folks who live above their means, which is why they are penny pinchers. Thirdly, the stubborn Saints have the thinking that they are going to do exactly what they want to do, playing by their own rules not abiding in God’s Word, they selectively pay their tithing, bypassing offering, and first fruit altogether. They are me, materialistic folks always thinking about themselves, buying things that they don’t need, which means they are “wasting people”.” They are constantly buying things that they don’t need, which leads to them becoming hoarders. The moral of this paragraph: once you know the truth about the Saints you have understanding on how to proceed with the truth of the situations and circumstances.

Matthew 25:40 (NIV): “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’

Proverbs 19:17 (NIV): “He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done.

John 12:8 (NIV): “You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.

There are people who are thinking that there are some things that God cannot do. God has the power to do all things. There is absolutely nothing that God cannot do. He is a God of possibilities. God alone is the highest of all things. There is nothing in the universe higher than the Almighty God.

Also, mankind does not have the power to determine who is saved and who is going to hell, only God knows that. Only God has the judging authority. Judge not or ye shall be judged.

Continuing, all God’s children gets dirty. God has the power to give you a clean sweep, wiping that stain away. He is a healing God. He is a problem solver God who can wipe-your troubles-away. He is a fresh-start God, getting rid of that troubled stain that would not come out. You tried everything to get that stain out and it just wouldn’t come out. You let it soaked overnight with a special cleanser, the next morning you woke up, and that troubled stain was still there. Good Lord! Your only option is to rely on the Lord because He is the only one who can rid that stain. Here’s the thing: can’t nobody do for you what Jesus can, He can wipe that stain away, and give you a fresh start to new beginnings. Some of the things that we all have done, that we regret doing, we ought to give God a hallelujah praise for “a clean sweep”; old school would say “clean slate.” Yes, our God is a “clean slate God”. You gotta have faith, there is nothing that God cannot do.

Further, there are people who say everybody knows can’t nobody do you like Jesus. Well, folks if you want Jesus to do for you-you must invite Him into your heart, believe that He is the Savior, and accepting salvation. The question remain will Jesus do for you if you are not walking in the light, you have rejected Him as your Lord and Savior, and you have rejected His existence? Here’s the thing of what I believe, regardless that you have rejected Jesus Christ, and you are riding with Satan, even Satan and no one else can do you like Jesus.

On the other hand, there are believers who truly don’t believe can’t nobody do you like Jesus. The truth be told, “can’t nobody do you like Jesus,” period!

Let’s pause and hear from some witnesses! God is a merciful God. Good Lord! Don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and ask God’s witness Job what He did for him.

Job waited on the Lord, God stepped in at the right time and delivered Job from his pain and suffering and He will do the same for you during your troubles. Hold on to your faith the same way Job did. After the duration of Job’s troubles, God stepped in, and gave him a clean slate living a long prosperous life.

At sea in the unfavorable weather conditions, my daughter and I, were holding on in the storm for ten years the Almighty God stepped in and brought us ashore, at the right time, and not a second late.

If you saw what we went through; you would not complain about your troubles. Instead, thank God for being alive, and keep moving forward and never look back on yesterday’s troubles. Yesterday was then, this is now.

Good God Almighty! That mean old Pharaoh was chasing God’s people, the Israelites, trapped at the Red Sea. They were surrounded by water without an exit. Well! God stepped in, dried the land, divided the water, parted the Red Sea, and put a roadway for them to exit out of there. Oh yeah! Our God is a merciful God, still here working miracles the same way He did in the Biblical times.

Good Lord, if you called on Daniel in the lions’ den he will tell you God is a merciful God!

The goodness of the Lord! Don’t take my word at face value that God is a merciful God, ask the five thousand hungry souls on the banks of the river who Jesus fed a multitude with two fish and five loaves of bread. What a miracle that was! Glory hallelujah!

The truth be told what God did way back in the Biblical times, He will do the same for His children today, the way He kept Joseph in a foreign land. The Hebrew boys will tell you God is a merciful God. Yes, indeed! They will tell you our God is a miracle worker. For sure they will tell you God is an in-due-time God.

Not only is Satan adaptable but he is adjustable. He goes where the souls are, blending. Now is the time for you to get off Satan’s path while you still have breath. It’s smart to be done with the worldly lifestyle and shift gears on Jesus’ path.

Alright let’s get to the core of my earnestly written sermon!

Folks! Every day we must clutch to our journey, for the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy, trying to reduce us to throwing ourselves pity parties. When you are caught up in riding Satan’s waves you’d better hold on to something tight, because that’s going to be a hell-of-a-ride. Oh, and don’t try to call anyone, your best hope is to have faith in Jesus to show up and catch you before you go under the deep blue sea. Jesus doesn’t have to show up, but He will, and He did on Calvary.

Hold on to your faith, troubles are not going anywhere. Jesus made it clear when He arrived, that it would be trouble. “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Although we are faced with troubles, we must put away our doubts, stay faithful in the Word, and “Get On Bended Knees Praying Away Your Troubles.” Quietude time with God is good for your wholesome self.

Although we are faced with trials, we must put away our fretting, stay faithful to the Word, and “Get On Bended Knees Praying Away Your Troubles.” Quietude time with God is good for your wholesome self.

Although we are faced with challenges, we should put away our worries, and “Get On Bended Knees Praying Away Your Troubles.” Quietude time with God is good for your wholesome self.

When troubles come your way, which they will, always seek God in prayer on how to confront troubled times and deal with it in your faith.

Dilemmas and troubles come in many different forms such as the following:

• In the form of hardships.

• In the form of disagreements.

• In form of forgiveness.

• In the form of daily life.

Adverse currents will come in our daily life, we conquer it with Christ. When God’s hand is on you, you will be all right in your adverse currents.

We can think what we want. God thoughts are not our thoughts. God is the higher power. Psalm 62:11 (NIV) reads, “One thing God has spoken, two things have I heard: that you, O God, are strong…”

We can have a plan all we want, but your plan does not go as planned, things does not go as planned. God has the last word on our plans before the sun goes down.

When God came and delivered you from your troubles, at-the-least, you ought to say, thank You Lord! Oh yes, God did deliver you from your troubles, because you are still here.

When God came and delivered you from a troubled season, at-the-least, you ought to say, thank You Lord! Oh yes, God did deliver you from your troubles, because you are still here.

When God came and delivered you from your trials, at-the-least, you ought to say, thank You Lord! Oh yes, God did deliver you from your troubles, because you are still here. You ought to thank the Lord for everything He has done for you. For all that Jesus has done, on Calvary, at-the-least you ought to say thank You Lord; a price that can never be repaid. Holy, Holy, Jesus, the Bright Morning Star, the power of The Holy Ghost.

When you feel that God is taking too long to answer your prayers, you must be patient and wait on the Lord. God does not show up on your command; He shows up when He says it’s time. God puts His children through tests daily. There are times when He may not show up, for different reasons, perhaps, the front runner reason is that you need me time with you, meditating on God’s Word to humble you. Praying to the Father requires patience. Faithful is our everlasting God.

God does not always answer your prayers when you wanted Him to, don’t get mad at Him when He does not answer you, when and how you wanted Him to. God does His thing at the appointed time, when He says so, not when we say so. However, God is an in-due-time God, who always steps in on-time. When you know what you know, can’t no one shift you and tell you otherwise, and their challenging fancy words and knowledge is insignificant to you. There is no one on earth greater than Jesus Christ.

“Get On Bended Knees Praying Away Your Troubles;” is what you do when troubles fall on your path. You must fight against the elements of your troubles. Count on God, He will navigate you through it, coming out stronger. God will do for you what He did for me. He did not take me around it, looking for an alternative detour to hide from my troubles on my “Spiritual Writing Journey,” the good Lord took me through it like a “Roaring Lion”.

On the other hand, absolutely, you have more options instead of facing your troubles head on. Here’s an option: you can stand on the sidelines, look at your situation from every angle, and so forth, assessing your situation, instead of trusting in God. Here’s another option: you can stand on the sidelines and analyze or contemplate how you are going to tackle your situation, speculating on how each scenario will play out, or have faith in God. How is the assessment angle working out for you? Oh, and by the way what exactly is it that you would have yourself do, to rectify your troubles, if you have rejected to abiding in God’s Word? When you have ran out of options you can try Jesus.

Further, how many options do you think you have besides Jesus? The fire is burning daily, which means Satan has up his game, and he aimed to meet his quota, at any cost! If you get in his way he is going all the way to extinguish you off his path. Are you going to face the battle or play hide-and-seek, watching from the sidelines trying to determine your next move? You’d better hurry, because while you are trying to figure this thing out for your next move, Satan is on the move getting closer to his quota. If you are lacking the courage and the strength of a strong warrior to battle up for the spiritual warfare, and brazenly give up to losing the battle, then, perhaps it’s time for you to get off the battlefield and let someone else get the job done for God, the same way Young David did. God not even playing, the stakes are higher in “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride.” I am not backing down from working for Jesus, what about you? People had the misunderstanding that I was going to fold, which is not my character, due to my goodhearted daddy seasoned me, the kind of season nowadays that will land you in a jail cell next to “Paul and Silas,” which is portrayed in my “Autobiography”.

Day-by-day you need Jesus. Its folly to try and live your life without Jesus. It’s all right to cry when your troubles become overwhelming. If you have faith in our Lord, King Jesus, He will come to your rescue. When you are so tired and afraid Jesus is available for you to lean on.

An illusionary path you are on when you are thinking you can hideaway from life, maneuvering on your journeys, day-by-day trying to avoid life, then you are not truly living. When someone has sold you a story that they have the antidote for your troubles, it’s questionable, and you should flee from them. Jesus is your antidote. He has the power to navigate you through your troubles. It’s not realistic trying to live your life shifting here and there trying to avoid your troubles, trying to avoid hurt and pain, and so forth, which is not the reality of the world we live in. You must let the troubles run its course, it will subside. When you don’t deal with your troubles it’s like a wound that does not heal, which will leave you in the wake of battle emotions.

And beyond that, due to we were born into sin we are going to endure the troubles of the world. Encore: That’s the way the ball bounces in life, daily, life is going to keep coming at you, and when life’s mishaps finds its way to your door, you must learn to deal with it, navigate through it not around it, dressed in the full armor of God, and keep on dribbling the ball.

The Spirt of God is with you fighting your battles. If you are weakened in your faith, not dressed in the full armor of God, perhaps you will be devoured. Also, when you run from the mishaps of life you are going to be beat down, dragged through the mud, and so forth. Strong warriors of the Lord are ready for the battle daily. They face the battles of life and soldier on always ready and geared up for the next battle. Because long as you are living the battles are coming.

God knows and He understands that sometimes your troubles are hard to bear. When troubles comes, don’t take the outlet of digesting over-the-counter medication and sleep aids, which is not healthy for your organs. Instead “Get On Bended Knees Praying Away Your Troubles.” When you listen to folks telling you to take sleep aids instead of you trusting in God, what happens when your organs goes badly from taking over-the-counter medication? Are they going to donate their organs to you? Before putting medication in your body, you should always do your independent investigation of what you are putting in your body, and the damage it causes.

The appeasement of following the blind is not good, going against God’s Word, agreeing with folks to appease. The blind and stubborn folks are empty-handed, not knowing nothing about nothing. Not only will they tell you wrong they will lead you wrong. Reject allocating yourself to become caught up in the falsehood of peoples’ word. When you read the Bible for yourself the truth is before you, not falsehood.

When troubles comes your way “Get On Bended Knees Praying Away Your Troubles.” You gotta take up your “praying-torch” of God’s Word, and pray your way out of some stuff, and while you are waiting on Jesus to come through for you, keep on it, and stay on it, working in the vineyard. Don’t follow the unrighteous, unproductive crowd who are sitting around waiting on Jesus. Be a productive servant while you are waiting on Jesus.

The goodness of the Lord! Don’t complain about the stain of your troubles, instead, at-the-least-you ought to say, thank You Jesus, that you are not bound in a wheelchair spoon-fed. Aren’t you glad God woke you up this morning when He didn’t have to. Aren’t you glad God woke you up this morning without being in a hospital bed. At-the-least say, thank You Jesus, for being good to me. Whatever your troubles are and whatever you are going through God has the power to wipe away the stain from your troubles.

God knows sometimes the lingering stain of your troubles won’t wash out, and you cannot take it anymore. This is what you do, stay in the Word, and “Get On Bended Knees Praying Away Your Troubles,” because God has the power to wipe that troubled stain away. But sometimes God is going to let you go through your troubles a bit longer, to humble you, to strengthen your faith, and to learn the required lessons from your troubles to not find yourself in that troubled situation again. I will rephrase. When God sends a message, it is good to have received it, otherwise, you are going through the same storm again. Oh yes, we do tend to bring troubles upon ourselves. We tend to architect our troubles, bringing them our way by putting ourselves in the wrong atmosphere, giving time to the wrong people, getting caught up in sinful things with them, that you should not have any involvement in, because it’s not of God, and now you have found yourself in conflict with God’s Word.

God has the power to give you deliverance from those old troubles. Oh yes, God will give you a clean sweep, and open the door for you, on a new path, to new beginnings of starting a new chapter in your life, if you trust in Him. Yes Lord, it’s difficult to try to move forward when your troubles are lingering. God must step in and clean that mess up, removing that stain of your troubles, clearing the path for you to move forward.

On this old journey troubles are recurring, but you can dodge some of the troubled stains, if you stay on course, embedded in God’s Word. Good Lord! We all have been in that place where we messed up, some more than others messed up badly. On top of that we all had things that we have regretted, that we wished we never did, and wished we had a clean slate from. If you have never been in this predicament, keep living, you will. Of course, the perfect people will find themselves in this predicament too!

Nevertheless, when you go around some people they throw your regrets in your face, meaning your past. And then you are reminded of all that madness. Here’s the thing, when people remind you of who you used to be, and the things that you used to do, things that you tried to put behind you, and move on from, perhaps, it’s time for you to cut some people loose, and perhaps, it’s time for you not to grace some people with your presence, frequently, especially, if they keep throwing your regrets in your face. Perhaps they are a troubled stain that needs to be wiped away from your life. Yes Lord, it’s time for you to step on a new path, making healthier memories, and to receive your new blessings. Hallelujah!

When you are trying to put your troubles behind you, you must work on some things. You must work on you, change some things about you, clean up some things in your life, and eliminate some folks. Impossible it is for you to expect change without doing the required work. God is the substance of Faith and for your change. The Holy Bible is filled with all the tools that you need for your “spiritual change,” to renew a new spirit within you, and strengthening your faith. Without faith it is impossible to please our Heavenly Father. Glory hallelujah!

God knows that troubled stain is a constant reminder of your past. If you need a troubled stain removed from your life, stay grounded in the Word, and “Get On Bended Knees Praying Away Your Troubles.” God is the only one who can clean up your life and wipe away that nagging troubled stain, that has gotten on your last nerves. You need God to remove that troubled stain, giving you a clean sweep, because each time you tried to remove it, you made a bigger mess. God is an able God, who can handle all troubles, no matter how big they are God can still handle them. God has the power to handle any troubles, depression, turmoil, marital problems, hardships, heartaches, to name a few. When God gives you a clean sweep, you feel like cooling water! Oh yeah! Glory be to God.

With Jesus, you can move pass your troubles. You don’t have to stay in that dark place where the sun does not shine. Get up, step into the light, and let God’s light shine on you, leading you out your troubles, into a new chapter of your precious life, onto new beginnings, doing the good works of the Lord. Gracious Jesus!

To eliminate troubles from your life, you may have to walk away from some people, places, and things. You may have to let some old habits go. Surrender your troubled stains to God, in exchange for a clean sweep, internal and external. God our consolation is waiting on you, the Father is always ready to renew a new spirit within you, giving you a fresh new start to a new beginning, wiping away the tears, pains, and sorrows.

• When folks talked about you in the middle of your troubled storm, praise God anyhow!

• When folks lied about you in the middle of your troubled storm, praise God anyhow!

God will give you the victory to walk out of your troubles. He will shift the atmosphere and elevate you to the next level, out your troubles.

Saddled up folks! I am at the closing of my sermon.

God of mercy, you should not leave home without putting on the full armor of God. The days are evil, which we are living in evil times. The signs of the end of the time is here, which we are going to see troubles at our front door, frequently. In our times of trouble, we must not let our troubles hinder us from walking in the light; we must continue to love the Lord, serve the Lord, and we must worship Him in spirit and truth, wholeheartedly.

Daily it’s hard for Saints to navigate in this old harsh world with so much evil living amongst us. We must stay grounded in God’s Word to navigate us through it. Otherwise, you will get caught up with evil for evil. Continuously, praying is good, asking God to help you deal with your troubles, and protect you in the wickedness that dwells amongst us.

Evil is everywhere. We are living in wickedness. Realistically, it is a false thinking that you can hide from evil. Your gated community does not protect you from evil, instead, it gives you a false sense of protection; God is your protector. Your wealth does not protect you and your family from evil, especially your children. You need Jesus in this “icy-cold” world. Ephesians 5:15-16 (NIV) reads, “Be very careful, then, how you live-not as unwise, but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.”

When you care more for the pleasures of the world God will not know your voice when you have resorted to Him, because during the pleasures of your wealth and the good times; you never resorted to Him. You should not get above yourself when things are going well for you. That is when the devil comes knocking at your door to steal, kill, and destroy. The evil times that we are living in, no matter how good your life is, and everything is going positive for you, you always need to be spiritually fed, otherwise your spirit is going to be a mess, deprived of God’s Word. Rely on God when things are going good in your life, don’t only rely on God when things are not going positive for you. Everywhere you go keep the Lord close to your heart, for He lives within you. The Lord is needed in your daily life to keep you at bay, dealing with the avalanche wickedness in the world, crime on crime, meanness on meanness, and sins on sins. Wickedness is of the devil not God. Stop letting folks use you as a garbage disposal with their residual insignificant fault-finding. Shake it off and focus on Jesus in your daily life.

Because you have made a mistake and stepped on the sinful path, you are not married to that path, go ahead and divorce that path, now, while you still have breath. Once you have reached that place of crossing over deep into sin, you cannot run from it, you must face it and repent. When the fog has cleared, hopefully, you will have clarity to let this burden go and find your way back to Jesus’ path.

Day-to-day our survival depends on Jesus, the Word of God, whether you admit it or not. God has the universe in the palm of His hand. He controls the sun, giving us light. He controls the air we breathe, giving us oxygen. Without the oxygen we die, just that simple.

The longer you stay in that troubled place the grass keeps growing higher blocking your view from Jesus’ righteous path. You must keep the grass low so you can always see Jesus’ path otherwise, the grass and the weeds covering the righteous path will blind your view from following the righteous path.

Navigating in this world you must be prepared for whatever comes your way. You are setting yourself up for disasters when you have turned a blind eye to thinking the troubles of life will pass you by. Surely that’s not going to happen. We were born into sin, therefore, the troubles are coming your way and it’s going to keep on coming. You need the Lord on your side to help you navigate through all your troubles. When you are navigating through your troubles you must not become motionless, you must keep clutching on to your journey. Once you have stopped moving it’s easier for trouble to land on your doorstep and it’s easier for the devil to back you in a corner and have his way. Daddy and Mama are not going to always be there for you. You need Jesus, the Holy Ghost Spirit. However, there are people thinking that they can handle their troubles on their own, only making it worse. Which is when they have realized that they need to resort to the Lord.

If God’s people would humble themselves and pray, God will heal the land. Glory be to God. Everyone needs to be ready for the Second Coming, because Jesus is coming back just like He said He would. Whether you believe that or not is your individual choice.

God’s merciful love endures forever. The unseen attributes of the Sovereignty Lord are the goodness of God’s love, kindness, charity, compassion, long-suffering, mercy, grace, and peace. When we have opened our hearts to God, filled with the Holy Ghost, God’s glory shine within us, drawing people to His marvelous light.

We all have off days, but if the devil catches you off guard waddling in your troubles, not covered in the full armor of God, only Jesus can help you. Don’t let the devil plant the seed of doubt that the Lord cannot help you overcome your troubles. When you trust the Holy Ghost Spirit, what can hurt you? Every day is a spiritual warfare. Therefore, you must be geared up, and ready for the fight every day, just to get through the day. You must not give up the fight, instead, you must keep the faith, be hopeful, and confident.

Rebuke the devil, do not take on your troubles by yourself, becoming overwhelmed, leading you astray from God. Trust in God turning your troubles over to the Him. God wants all humankind to be saved, not condemning to “hell”.

Further, repeatedly you tried it your way and it didn’t work, now is the time for you to depend on Jesus. When you are tired and you have fought all you can, and have done the best you can, depend on Jesus. When you have done all, you can do and prayed, let God take over praying for you. Romans 8:26.

Satan lives many lives masking around-the-clock, to be successful in His agenda, which is to weaken you to doubt God’s power, so he can collect your soul. Satan is collecting souls building his dark army. God is peace and He has the power to crush Satan, beneath our feet.

Undoubtedly, to get you through the odyssey of your troubles all you need to do is trust in Jesus. Ask Jesus to be a fence around you and protect you in your troubles. Also, if you have been struggling with your troubles, weighed down with your burdens, and heartbroken, give God a thank You for making a way out of no way to still be here.

God is the greater good of the world to have sent His only Son into this troubled world for all mankind. With that said, when you were drowning in your troubles, and the Lord came to your rescue, say, thank You Jesus.

My sermon’s main message. The Lord is the rooftop of our troubles. God understands the why of our troubles. When you reach your heavenly home, you can say goodbye to your tears and all your troubles.

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Revelation 21:4 (NIV)

Count it all joy! Be a good cheer in your troubles, hold on, and don’t give up, instead thank the Lord for Calvary. Jesus has the key to eternal life. Jesus is the key! We must treat everyone right, the way we want to be treated. We must follow Jesus’ path to love and forgiveness.

Hold on to your faith in your times of troubles trusting in God, He will bring you through it. When you know God is real you do not need anyone trying to convince you that He is real, because you truly know Him for yourself.

The catastrophes that are going on around the world “The Second Coming” is not far. Judgement day is nearing. The “Death Angel” is coming. God loves all His children. He does not want anyone to perish in hell.

Also, your perspective is thinking you are better off living the worldly life than the Godly life, your aspired wants, desires, and accomplishments are not fulfilling in your life. The Word of God fulfills your every need. Satan is always lurking in the shadows for the precise opportunity to snatch up your soul. Now is the time for you to saddle up, accept salvation and strap yourself down in God’s Word, and transition to the Lord’s path.

Jesus, The Good Shepherd gave His life for all humankind. Therefore, you cannot go around Jesus to enter heaven, you must go through Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and Life. Jesus is the pathway to heaven, there are not any other avenues, which mankind cannot redefine the Bible, suitable for their beliefs. Everything on earth will wither away, the Word of God will forever stand.

Against the clock! Absolutely not, you cannot live against the clock, the clock keeps ticking, with time winding up. Don’t wait too long, the day will come when your clock stops ticking, as each of our clocks will. Satan will lie to you and take you out the equation of life. He does not have the power to do for you what Jesus, the deliverance can, which is get you in and out of daily life situations, saving your soul.

Ouch! Satan is mad when Jesus Christ saved your soul.

Ouch! Satan is mad because you believed Jesus is the Son of God, The Holy Ghost Spirit, and that you believe in communion and Baptism.

If my inspiring writings leads one person to Jesus’ light to save their soul, I am jubilant. Hallelujah Jesus!

What a friend we have in Jesus. We will not carry our troubles in heaven. My hope is that we will all meet at the gates of heaven. 2 Peter 1:11.

Count it victory! My faith is my perseverance in getting me through life’s troubles.

My daughter and I are soldiering on God’s narrow path working for Jesus. We will not be deterred.

Love and forgiveness.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12 (NIV)

Benediction. Living sounds like the joy of the Lord. Living smells like the scent of God’s sweet Word. People step out into your joy and live life. Stop being afraid to live. Even Jesus lived when He walked this old earth. When you are living in fear you are keeping yourself in bondage by the devil. Stop letting life live you and you live life. Stop letting people and fear control you and live life to your fullest potential. God is the head of your life not mankind. Step out of your fears and let God use you to do His good works. Step out of your fears and be a witness for the Lord giving an authentic living testimony, that will help people. Enjoy living God’s joy because one day it’s going to be gone. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

A Looking into Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride: A Memoir

A Road Trip to Kentucky

In Carla's Kitchen

Carla did not waste anytime starting in on me, with gossiping. Automatically I knew she was going to get on my nerves, because intensive gossip is not my cup of tea, but I can do it if necessary. As I cleaned the chicken, taking off the skin, she stood near the counter, next to the refrigerator watching me in a joyful mood, when all of a sudden, she said, “I didn’t know Ben was so violent.”

“What did you say?” I asked.

She smiled. “I didn’t know Ben beat Beatrix. He doesn’t seem like the type.”

I thought about that and asked, “Who told you Ben beat Beatrix?”

She searched for words, and I knew she wouldn’t be honest with me. “Didn’t you tell me that?”

I looked in her eyes. “I never told you that.”

“Your husband must have told me.”

“No, my husband didn’t tell you that. He probably told Evan, and Evan told you.”

“I think that’s how I found out.”

The coauthor and I were conversing. I expressed to my daughter, "Pastors are going to be outraged about what transpired in this book, especially the church acts, and "A Road Trip to Kentucky". My daughter put on that smirk and said..."

The coauthor read the original version of the upcoming three memoirs, and the revised version of "Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride". Both times she was outraged in disbelief.

In addition, I followed my daughter in the reading of the revised publication of “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride”, she was entreated and delighted, having a hearty of a time reading, asking me ‘this and that”. She took a whole bunch notes and a mouthful to say, with that smirk on her face! She was beside herself about my “Spiritual Encounter” in the Lord’s House, because of the various virtuous woman teachings that each situation has to offer. From learning to withstand different personality traits and sheer shrewdness. It was shocking for her to see a Man of God behind the podium, participating in that Jezebel madness. When she reached the reading “A Road Trip to Kentucky” just shocking it was for her, leaving a distasteful reaction because of disrespectful drama that was not of God, from Pastor Evan and First Lady Carla. My daughter asked me how I sustained “A Road Trip to Kentucky”, the average person would have told Carla a “thing or two” and packed their bags and left.

From Shareka, the Coauthor: From my intimate readings from my mother’s writings, “A Road Trip to Kentucky”, my mother has shown that she is a virtuous woman of God, never unshielding or backsliding to worldliness. My mother maintained her Christian stance and disposition, despite the harshness endured. What a beautiful example of a virtuous woman that showcases why Christ Jesus is our everything, each, and every day!

Folks! The Coauthor is the First Reader of "Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride", Here are Her Sentiments

Excitedly, this is my second reading, I read the original version, now I read the revised version. Within this revised version, is effortless writing from my mother, who knows how to come down to earth, with her stouthearted narrative voice. I enjoyed the wittiness of this captivating memoir, that holds your attention with a full range of mixed emotions. My favorite part in the story is “A Road Trip to Kentucky” because this part of the story entailed the shocking revelations of a virtuous woman, my mother, while being relational with family, and what is endured in a virtuous woman’s Christian beliefs. All in all, one will discover the truth of living, after reading my mother’s memoir: I read, “Because of my writing journey I found me again, my identity, my voice, my soul, and the who I am.” 

I highly recommend the reading of this matrimony story of my parents for yourself, for the blessings of your own sentiments.

The Inspirational Collections are not blessings for within but for everybody.

Oh my goodness! A little known fact about my mother, she can throw down on some good down home cooking.


"Leaning On Jesus"

The Journey of Where God Brought Two High School

Sweethearts in a Long-Standing Matrimonial

Coming 2022

Editorial Remarks on “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride”

September 1, 2021

Gracious I am for God’s guidance in leading me to Tyler for the overall editorial work on my memoir. I am very pleased with his diligent work. He is such a joy to work with. His feedback from my memoir is, he finds it to be a dark story, but I am in a better place, it’s enjoyable to read, with comedy, and my story makes you reflect on life and to be grateful.

The Rejected Heart of God's Word Released July 1, 2021

Good tidings! My daughter and I are devoted servants of Lord. Research is absent from my sermons. The truth of God’s biblical, written word is the source of my inspiring writings. The Inspirational Collections of Burden-bearer sermons are written exclusively from my life experiences, what I have witnessed on my journey, and the endurance of my wisdom, foretold in my own words, a servant messenger of God.

We all have a story, we all have a living testimony, the question remains how far are you willing to go, to tell your story, authentically, giving a living testimony unto God? Believers walking in the truth of God’s Word is on the faithful path of all or nothing for God. If you are not going to go all the way for God and tell the truth, get out the way and let someone else do it, the way God said, the truth of His Word!

Jesus Christ the name above all names. Glory be to God!

One God, One Faith, One Baptism!

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