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The Inspirational Collections

Understand Why Jesus Is the Way to Heaven

This series of sermons focuses on the fact that Jesus is dependable. You can count on Christ to guide you through life’s daily challenges of sin.

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The Inspirational Collections Ministries

God's Grace and Mercy!

God is Turning it Around!

God Turned It Around!

Prophesy! Dreams! Visions!

My "burden-bearer," real-world, crafty sermons are "outside-the-box," to aid you in navigating in your daily life, to face adversities head-on, deal with it as it comes, go through it and not around it. Just get to it and stop procrastinating. You do not accomplish anything when you hide and run from life's challenges, the problem is always going to be there lingering in your daily life, causing you to stumble on your journey. “No weapon forged against you will prevail.” Isaiah 54:17.


Jesus is the Pathway to Heaven

Leadership, Our Main Audience, Buzzin' Around 

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Looking closely into the window of my life story on The Inspirational Collections website is not where it is happening. It is happening within my memoirs and autobiographies. The Inspirational Collections is solely for marketing glimpses of my life story, and books with my creative writings to capture your attention, drawing you into the light of God’s Word shining on my life story a part of His workmanship, building His kingdom. However, if you are inspired and touched by my anointed and grounded inspiring writings, I am jubilant to have done my Father’s Will.

The Newest Happening from The Harken Collection

The Harken Collections of

Trekking Through The Wilderness

             A Collective Memoir-Book One

Jennifer Smith

Shareka Smith


Moving Forward on God’s Timing to “Finish Strong”

A hallelujah Jesus hello to a few Pastors from ‘The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness Charity!

1. Pastor Theo Johnson

   Sweet Home Missionary

  Baptist Church, Cutler Bay, FL

2. Pastor Karl Francis

    Living Word Open Bible

    Church, Hollywood, FL 33024

3.  Pastor Derwin V. Perry

     Goodship Missionary Baptist

     Church, Millbroke , AL 36054

Give An Honor to God! The Ranking for ‘The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness’ Charity Financial Support Donations is Kicking off the Catalog with Jekalyn Carr and Pastor Mark Gibson, RLMBC, Raleigh, NC.

Oops! Some folks contact mailings are not posted on their sites!

The ‘fall season’ we are gearing up to send out ‘A Woman in the Valley’ Charity letters. The preparation for this book release is underway.

Trekking Through The Wilderness when you go through what you see, it makes you appreciate life.

The Inspirational Collections is sounding the ‘Good News of the Gospel.’

Ahh, aah, my daughter and I are holding onto God’s hand, and we are not letting go! “Time is filled with swift transition, you ought to “Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand.”

I have not seen my lovely niece in quite a while since she moved to Texas. I sent her a selfie. She said, “Auntie you are so pretty, you look the same.” I said God is keeping me.

-Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Fishing About A Message In A Bottle 

"Doing your Best with What you Harvested!: Part One" 


I Have Self-Described this Mighty Book, The Harken Collections of 

Trekking Through The Wilderness

May 18, 2022

The nitty gritty of Trekking Through The Wilderness is resistance, opposition, being pressed down, treading, your spirit being quenched, being trampled, daily disagreements, challenges, toils, trials, tribulations, and slaughtered in daily life. Although Christians are persecuted on a daily basis, yet, the good news is the sweetest victory is ours, we conquered the battles on Calvary Hill!

We triumph over our enemies, foes, woes, and sustained the fiery darkness of evil of everyday life while Trekking Through The Wilderness.

As Christians, we have adversaries that oppose us, but with God we overcome their hinderances.

That’s what they said the odds are against us, but victory with The Inspirational Collections is ours said the Sovereignty God! On the grounds of this, we all win with Charities!

“A Valley Place in the Wilderness” my life story entails that I know a bunch about beating the odds and keeping the faith. Within my memoirs I know a bunch about love and forgiveness.

So we soldier on Trekking Through The Wilderness, a part of God’s workmanship in the body of Christ.

An Introduction to Our Newest Collection 'The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness'

Looking around the Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness: Put on your walking sneakers and show up for "God's Party Good for the Soul" Trekking Through The Wilderness of these deep wooded daily life messages in a bottle to marketing our newest collection on the horizon, debut novel, "The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness: A Collective Memoir."

The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness guides you through the deep wooded terrain of daily life, what happened in the wilderness in my journey, and preview where the truth lies to the journey of my life story, all in a bundle; which is approaching sooner than later.

Keep looking for the season to embark on "God's Party Good for the Soul," of the intriguing messages in a bottle.

The Sweetness of the Lord

Doing the sweetness of the Lord’s work with love and kindness is making a difference and bringing about change in the community, the world, and lending a helping hand.

Christ the Savior is the main objective, to love for all equality, forgive, and to treat everyone right.

In this journey our plans are always “was the plans,” because God’s plans are forever the forefront plans to overshadow our plans.

Jesus is the anchor of this mother and daughter authorship!

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Canvassing A Message In A Bottle 

"Touch Down! The Mountains Has to Move: Part Two"


Daily Life Mountains

The Lord is Your Helper

April 25, 2022

Trekking Through The Wilderness daily, God is showing you the way, and He is walking with you, when you are troubled in your setbacks, yes, the good Lord is there to hold you, getting you through “Daily Life Mountains.” Don’t give up when you have worked, and you cannot seem to get ahead, instead remain faithful to the Lord. He is with you, walking with you on your journey. God may not come when you want Him to, but He will come in due time. He is the alpha and the omega who is always on time. If you hold on and trust Him, He will do just what He said, protecting you, taking care of you, and providing for your every need.

Hold on, and still trust and believe in God’s plan even when you are feeling like giving up because of all the pain, and your ups and downs, don’t throw-in and quit, the good Lord is there with you, keeping you, cradling you in His loving arms, and getting you through Daily Life Mountains.

Trekking Through The Wilderness is not easy, but you keep holding out for the Sovereign Lord, because somehow you are going to make it. God is Sovereign, and according to His Will He will do just what He said. You made it last season and you are going to make it this season with the Sovereign Lord.

Although it’s hard sometimes, but do not be anxious in your troubles, be still, listen to the Lord, and let Him lead you. Faithfully, sometimes it’s hard to be still when you are weighed down in your troubles, but you can do it step-by-step, because the Lord is on your side getting you through it. Pray to Him to pour His oil down on you and endow you with the power of the Holy Spirit. Thus, the mountains has to move out your way, because God is navigating your path, clearing away the mountains as you keep moving forward to reach Heaven’s doors.

God will always make a way out of no way in the wilderness.

We must humble ourselves to Heaven’s doors.

Every soul is worth saving.

The Lord is so good, He put us in His Grace.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Working Over A Message In A Bottle 

"Kick a Field Goal to New Beginnings: Part Three"



Absolutely, if The Inspirational Collections Sent you a Marketing Letter Through the Via Postal Service, Since 2020, a “Charity Financial Support Donations” Letter is in your Forecast, and If you Have Picked up the “Encouragement Torch” to Obtaining Copies of The Inspirational Collections Books, “Touch Down! The Mountains Has to Move.”

My hometown Pastor once preached: Sometimes God has to take you through “crushing seasons” to break you down because we become so full of ourselves, so selfish and self- absorbed, God has to humble us down.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Exploring A Message In A Bottle 

“Quite a Journey Trekking Through The Wilderness: Part Four”


Everyday Jesus in the Wilderness

God Will Do What He Said!

Trekking Through The Wilderness My Daughter and I Are Rowing in Seasons with Releasing Four Memoirs Before the “Field Goal” Release of My Debut Autobiography, “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride,” Bringing About Bundles of Charities!


  • Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride
  • A Woman in the Valley
  • Trekking Through The Wilderness
  • Jennifer, a Testament of a Virtuous Woman

We are victorious! God is a God of provisions who will make a way out of no way.

“For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.”

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Getting An Eyeful of A Message In A Bottle

"Get Out the Wilderness Rain and Go Home to Jesus!"


Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Uprooting A Message In A Bottle

“Daily Life Trekking Through The Wilderness”

March 14, 2022

“Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness” is the headline for our daily journey, in God’s Grace, holding to our faith, belief, trusting the Lord Jesus Christ, and to not give up on hope.

We are soldiers in the Army of the Lord. We never give up in the wilderness. We trust Jesus and keep fighting as long as we have breath. Jesus is alongside us fighting on our journey. Amen, our bodies go through changes, and we get older, and old, yet we keep fighting until the end.

The wrong place at the wrong time in the wilderness does not exist, daily life is navigating in the wilderness. Daily life comes with many twists and turns, which becomes “Daily Life’s Trekking Through the Wilderness,” not knowing what is around every corner. We do not know everything dwelling in the wilderness that awaits us daily. But God knows, He watches over us daily, guiding and directing us on the right path. This is the nature of our journey, we travel day-by-day, with the good Lord, we are standing on faith, with uncertainty of the next second, minute, or are you going to make it through the day.

The cruelty of the wilderness is not a big game, this, of course, is real life that “Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness” is not a rosy picture instead it is daily survival of another day’s journey. Even though the wilderness is a treacherous place, whereas you are fighting for survival daily, you lack nothing because God makes provisions; He takes care of you.

Yes, indeed! It’s dangerous in the wilderness. If you shift an inch and step on the wrong path in the wilderness, your life can be snuffed out in a blink of an eye. Navigating through the wilderness requires strategizing to staying on course and not making a detour on the wrong path, for which is why you need Jesus alongside you daily to guide you, and to direct your path. Jesus is your daily overseer keeping you at bay from falling from Grace on the wrong path, whereas everything is stirring in the stewpot from all walks of life, ready to snuff out your life.

The wilderness is the reality of real life that we all must face. When you water down the Word, not prepared for the real world, you are an easy prey. The wilderness is bigger than you and me, we must know how to navigate through the treacherous weather conditions. “Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness” is treacherous weather conditions that is brutal. If you are not geared up in the proper attire for the changing of the seasons in the wilderness, you need the Lord on your side, because you cannot make it on your own. Nobody knows the wilderness better than God, the creator of all things. God created every inch of the universe; He is best qualified to know every inch of His own creations.

Because of 1 Peter 5:8, cutting you a little slack in the wilderness is not a sure thing and turning the cheek the other way is not a daily survival tactic. Undoubtedly, God let us go through the shifting of the unfavorable weather conditions to bring us closer to Him, to strengthen us, and to humble us, grounded at the foot of the Cross. Daily survival in the wilderness is like a retreat, you must be geared up in your “daily warrior attire,” just to make it through the day.

You have to stand up for yourself in the wilderness. If you attempt to tiptoe around the wilderness, it’s going to be a wild journey for you, navigating through some dangerous situations, encountering snakes, and crawly creatures, for starters. Absolutely, you must gear up daily in your “daily warrior attire.”

One lie in the wilderness can start an all-out war, which is not the melody of the Gospel. Lord knows, you need to have your survival gear because the night air gets chilly in the wooded wilderness. You know what you need to do to survive, now prepared yourself for the battle to make it through night and out the wilderness.

The echo throughout the wilderness is not the soundtrack of the Gospel. Nature is brutal in the wilderness. It gets cold, you better know how to make a fire to get you through the night, or it’s going to be a rough night, whereas you may not make it out. You must hold to your strongholds when you are trapped in the wilderness. Which is not a place you want to set up camp for the long haul, getting snuggled, anything is liable to cross your path and devour you. When you are trapped in the wilderness in the blanket of darkness, this is when you have attempted to sleep with one eye open because anything is possible to come at you from any angle. Before you close the one eye, you need to pray, reaching out to the Lord is your only chance; recite “The Lord’s Prayer” if you have to, because you can use the Lord’s help; all the help that you can get on “Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness.”

At the end of the day sometimes you have exited the wilderness broken, a mess, beat down, slaughtered, and banged-up, but God takes care of you, preparing you for the treacherous journey to do it all over again, “Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness.”

At some point the shock of the wilderness wears off, and you take one day at a time navigating through it, but you do not get used to it. You may think you do, but you do not. Telling yourself you get used to it is your way of dealing with it. Everyone breaks. We all have a breaking point.

Here I go bringing this message in a bottle to a core close.

Do not fret on your “Daily Trekking Through the Wilderness.” God will take care of you the same way He took care of David when he fled from Saul. God prepared a place in the wilderness for the woman who fled, where she might be taken care of for 1, 260, days, and He will do the same for you.

Complaining and whining about your journey in the wilderness is not going to do you any Justice! God knows the Israelites gave an overflow of complaining. Moses and Aaron knows about their overflow of complaining too, which their ears sustained.

There are people who have ongoing complaining in their daily life which is not healthy. They go on complaining the same as the Israelites. Instead of land of milk and honey, they get a desert and they constantly complaining about their conditions. They complain about the God-forsaken wilderness that they traveled through. After spending time in the wilderness bondage seems more appealing to them than their freedom.

The danger of the wilderness is not a fairy tale. The Israelites faces many dangers. They had fears and complaints about no food. They faced thirst, hunger, and attack. Their situation in the wilderness became dire, where they could not visibly foresee a way out.

Regardless, that we live in an unrighteous and unpredictable world God is good for His Word that He will never forsake us. He hears the complaining of the Israelites. He made provisions and provided their needs for sustenance with daily bread, quail for meat, and manna for bread.

These things that the Israelites complaining about are not much different from the times we are living in with the background melody that times are hard, homeless people have nowhere to lay their heads, people jobless, unable to pay their bills, and losing their homes, for which is the true reflection of the reality of hardships and difficulties in the wake of a global crisis filled with riptides and turbulence.

When you get the urge to complain in the wilderness, take a moment to reflect on your life and you will realize that your complaints are minor compared to how far God has brought you on your journey.

The Holy Bible gives us the conditions for which we must bear our cross day-to-day. The bearing of our cross is not for a season, a day, a moment, and a year, each day God gives us Grace and Mercy to a brand-new day, we bear our cross daily in the wilderness.

God does not want us to retreat from our feelings and emotions, He wants us to express ourselves in a healthy way, not to keep things bottled up. Our Heavenly Father made us with feelings and emotions. We are not perfect just as the Israelites are not. We all have complained, and we all have complaints. Our complaints turn us to God. Thus, God does not condemn us for complaining when we call out to Him in our sufferings, trials, and acrimony.

However, we must do our complaining in a healthy way, whereas we are not pestilences. Complaining can turn folks away from you, bitter a relationship, causes folks to regret being in your presence, and to reject your presence.

After you have taken a stroll through the hospital you will see how meaningless your complaints about your life, and “life’s trials” are. You will leave the hospital smiling with inspiring, and tears at the same time, because you have realized you are blessed to have your wholesome life; and you should not take it for granted.

Your stroll through the hospital will change your views on many aspects. You will be encouraged to face your obstacles. We must be thankful for life and our loved ones and stop complaining about all the small things.

We all have dark moments in our trials, but we continue our journey thriving. We bounce back resiliently in difficult situations and circumstances.

Journeying through the wilderness leads us closer to God and His Word. God has heard all our complaining. We should draw near to the Lord on our “Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness.” Your desire in the wilderness is not a God-forsaken clock time or location.

God brings healing to our suffering in the wilderness.

The glory of God is revealed in our daily life, daily bread.

“Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness,” we must hold to God’s unchanging hand. He loves us. “God is for us, who can be against us?” God is everlasting the same yesterday, today, and forever.

God ordained The Inspirational Collections. Folks doubted God’s Word with The Inspirational Collections. Naysayers stood by waiting and watching for us to fail at what God told us to do. We kept on moving forward doing what God told us to do, the same way He told Noah to build the Ark, and this is where God have led us, thus far, in “His Holy Plan,” through the wilderness of the rain, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

My daughter and I are walking in God’s authority with The Inspirational Collections. God validated this Spiritual Writing Journey that we are on. God is not a failing One. If He said it’s going to happen, then it’s going to happen, because God is best qualified for keeping His Word. Just because God has given you deliverance, a vision, an assignment, and a task, which does not mean the rain is going to stop. The daily trials are the essence of life, they will keep on rolling in with the high tides, clouds, and turbulence until your last breath.

Amen, I have a voice that is loud and voice-tress, which is a significant difference from my quiet spirit, the two are not the same. A quiet spirit does not mean you are not voice-tress. Pick up a copy of “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride” and “A Woman in the Valley,” and discover what happened to my voice, the matters of the heart.

I self-described my “quiet spirit” as settled, you will forget that I am there. I do not embrace gossip and things of that nature. I stay out of stuff and slip away without you noticing I am gone. He say she say conversations are not appealing to me. Once my husband told me, “You are so quiet I forget that you are here.” Which my late mother told me in similarity.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Browsing Throughout A Message In A Bottle

"Throughout The Crushing Blows God Still Kept You"

"You Kept Me" by Rev. Luther

Barnes and The Restoration

Worship Center Choir

March 26, 2022

Saddle up! Pull back the curtains, dust away the piled-up dust, clearing the airways for my awe-inspiring message in a bottle.

Oh, weeping Mary! “Emanuel, Jesus of Nazareth, Ruler of the whole wide world, is alive, this is what I believe. I cannot speak for you, you must confess with your mouth that you believe. The “death angel” makes daily rounds, around-the-clock collecting souls. Many are not going to make it into the next season. Encore: I believe the worst thing on earth is to be caught dead without Jesus. If you do not believe, consequently, when you are barely hanging on, barely breathing, holding on in your darkest hour, perchance, you will believe Jesus died on Calvary. He went in the grave, and He rose, giving us the victory, the gift of life! Jesus rose with all the power in His hand, and healed you, which is why you are still here breathing, “Throughout The Crushing Blows God Still Kept You.”

“Throughout The Crushing Blows God Still Kept You,” because you are still here on your journey. Whether you believe that or not is your choice. However, God gives us free choice. Yet it had to have been God who kept us all because we are still here on our journey!

Today you are feeling good, tomorrow is a different day, which will not be the same as yesterday, which we all go through the crushing blows of life knocking us down. Though you get up and bounce back resiliently, because “Throughout The Crushing Blows God Still Kept you.”

Life has a way of tossing you back and forth in the trenches of life. By all means, life is hard, but you must keep the faith and not shift to giving up. Daily you need your warm coat when you have entered the world because the world is stone cold. Even so, “Throughout The Crushing Blows God Still Kept you.”

On the contrary, you are not here to sell your soul, therefore, who is keeping you Satan or God? Satan don’t keep anybody, we know what he is here for, and it’s not to save your soul. God is keeping you even though you have fallen from Grace, His hand is still on you. Be that it may, Satan is still lurking in the shadows having a field day with you, because you have unbolted the door for him to enter your life full-fledged, due to you have chosen the realm of sinning. Here’s the bulletin: There is nothing marvelous about the Devil, he brings worsening conditions adding to the crushing blows of your life. God is marvelous!

The Devil is on the move every day, and humanity is the prey. Do not lose focus in your unfavorable currents by letting the Devil get close on you and realize it’s too late, after he has unleashed his fury on you. When the Devil is close in your proximity, it’s either “fight or flight.” The Devil is not going to flight!

In everything you do for the Lord, you must put forth your best effort to stay focus, although it’s hard sometimes. Which for many are because of the distractions in their surroundings, and many cannot go without checking their emails every five minutes.

One more thing, with the passage of time, in this fast-paced world on your backsliding path, you should rethink your decision to reconnect with people from yesterday’s journey because it can be atrocious! Well, for one, they have thawed out issues that were tucked away in yesterday’s journey that has consumed them, waiting to scratch that itch to confront you, which will not end well.

Jesus the King carried His cross on His shoulders to Calvary, oh weeping Mary! Multitudes of people who have lodged in the valleys, gone through the hardships, trials, and tribulations will look you in the eyes and deny it. They have refused to “verbalize” a living testimony to what God brought them over from. They will not acknowledge that they need God’s Grace every single day. Instead, they practice the right to remain silent, which is a sin. When have you rifled through your life and see all that Jesus has done for you-you are lacking gratitude to withholding your testimony?

So with that, the perfect folks who lives a perfect life without any complications will tell you other people have endured hardships, trials, and tribulations, not them. Delightfully, we all know the Devil is a liar! Trials and tribulations does not target any certain class of people. Because of sins and evils we all have endured complications, and trials. In all essence, no one has special privileges which exempt them from trials and tribulations. If you have not experienced life’s trials, keep living, you will.

What-is-more, when you give an authentic living testimony without a pretty bow on it, the numbers are enormous of how many people have dwelled in the valley. Even strong-willed people have dwelled in the valley. It’s a folly thinking that you are strong-willed it exempts you from dwelling in the valley. My Lord! We all have dwelled in the valley, if not, keep on your journey and you will. No one is exempt from the valley, no matter how strong-willed you are. The world is not the portrait of God’s heavenly Word. Daily we live in a form of some type of valleys. Jesus is needed in your corner to make it day-to-day. Take a look around the globe and you will see the carnage for yourself. Yes, indeed! Take a look around you and in your household. God’s Grace have kept us through it all.

Every day is prevalent that we are grateful for Jesus’ Love and for the blessings He bestowed upon us with the rising of the sun, and the oxygen we breathe. I don’t know about you, but I can only imagine where would I be without Jesus. Good Lord, where would you be?

There are people who have gone down the wrong path, forged a deep relationship with the wrong people, and they have lost time, with regrets standing at the crossroads, not knowing which way to turn, because they were blinded. Which is why it’s unbeknown to them that God directed their blinded eyes in which way they should go, and He had their backs along, with Jesus being your guiding light. With that in mind, it is risky business looking for folks to tell you how to live your life. The Holy Book is the truth to living a righteous life.

Lend me your ears, when folks have turned a blind eye to the Lord on their own authority and refused to commit to God for all sorts of reasons, thinking that they have time, which is the front runner from their point of view, they will stand by their decision until God’s sends an encounter their way, or worse. Although the Devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy, for that reason, if it was not Jesus who kept you on your bed of affliction, then who was it? Who kept you and your family through the night? Who woke you up in the morning to a brand-new day?

And beyond that, stalling time is meaningless, the time is winding up daily, you don’t have much time as you think you do to straighten out yourself and your household before Jesus comes. Without Jesus you are on a deadening road. Do not wait until the clock stops ticking. Now is the time to prepare for your soul to go to heaven. Now is the time to make up your mind. While you are wasting your time negotiating with yourself trying to decide, I am going to keep on working for Jesus, keeping this message in a bottle moving.

Precious life should not be taken lightheartedly, you never know when your life will be upended. You are here today and gone tomorrow. The day is coming for each of us to exit out of here.

Gabriel, the angel, fear not Mary! The truth be told, you don’t want to navigate on your journey without God keeping you, it is hazardous to your health, it is not a good path to be on, it is a torturous path filled with heartaches and pains, which painkillers are useless. God has the cure. God has kept you all these years with His wonderful Grace, therefore, He is going to keep on keeping you, as He always has, because He loves you. God does not love only a certain group of people, He loves everybody. Just because you don’t like a bunch of people does not mean God does not like them. God loves everybody. They said it’s impossible to like everybody, but God said all things are possible with Him.

Do not let your trials deter you from being a warrior of the Lord. Life comes with many disappointments but do not be undeterred. It’s good for the soul to be still active for the Lord and not sedentary.

Today is the day you get off this path where you have listened to the wind, allowed folks to dump too much pressure on you, you took a walk in the midnight hours, now you are standing on the edge of a cliff contemplating whether you should leap off the cliff, with the thinking that you got to get out of here, and you cannot make it through the daily pressures of dealing with the pain. Do not give up, stop wrestling with yourself, where is your high hope? You have a great deal to talk about with Jesus, your consultant, who holds the key to what you need.

Nevertheless, God showed up and rescued you when you were about to throw-in and quit. That’s what God does, He is a ready and able God, who comes to His children’s rescue in due time. God is with you every time even when you are thinking He is not there. You had a long journey to arrive where you are today, with the Lord’s hands still on you. You should not give up on God. If God kept you and brought you through some dangerous stuff, you ought to holler out and tell the world! After God brought you through all of that you must keep on pushing yourself on your journey, and you must not give. What are you going to do when you give up? Where are you going to go? What is waiting for you when you give up? Whatever is waiting on you cannot be worthier than heaven.

Daily, “Trekking Through the Wilderness”, you must fight to stay afloat. Therefore, when you have found yourself off balance, standing at the edge of a cliff, it’s time for you to shift through your baggage, eliminating stresses from your life, by dropping some people. After you have done this, you have eliminated some stresses in your life.

Wow! While you are lodging in the pit of the valley don’t give up, it will be delightful when Jesus have exited you out. Keep up a good fight, smile more, you are not in the valley alone, Jesus is there with you. Do not expect folks to volunteer lodging in the valley with you, keeping you company; however, Jesus will lodge in the valley with you, comforting you, and giving you the strength to go on.

God knows that you feel all alone in the valley and folks have turned their backs on you. Stop shedding tears, Jesus is nearing to bringing you out the valley the same way He brought you out your previous valleys. Therefore, do not ponder that He is not going to bring you out this valley. Jesus is there with you, preparing you for a new path and shining the light on a new chapter of your life for new beginnings. Which you will be smiling from ear-to-ear.

What’s more, once you are out the valley, it’s only a bump in the rear-view mirror that you don’t look back on yesterday’s journey, but you keep moving forward.

We are at the nitty-gritty closing out this message in a bottle.

Heartily, in this journey, life will throw crushing blows our way, but we will not be destroyed. We get up, dust ourselves off and we soldier on trusting in God to navigate us through each crushing blows as they come. Because each day you draw breath, the crushing blows are coming. They are coming every single day, and they must land somewhere. Therefore, you must always be prayed up, anchored in Jesus, because today may be your day for the crushing blows to land on your doorstep. You don’t know what the next second will bring.

Regardless, if we are not prepared for the everyday crushing blows they are going to keep on coming. We do not know about when our next spiritual crushing blow will hit, but we need to always be ready and prepared.

Absolutely! Life throws crushing blows curve balls that we do not see coming. Life’s crushing blows are endless mountains that are mild or major as follows:

  • Loss of a loved one.
  • Betrayal.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Health crises.
  • Drawback from a rebellious child.
  • Homeless.

Matrimony shake-ups that all married folks endure, even the falsehood perfect marriages.

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kind…”James 1:2 (NIV)

Count it all joy, in spite of we were born into a sinful troubled world, and are pressed down on every side, but the God we serve will never abandon us. He is with us unfailing “Throughout The Crushing Blows God Still Kept You.”

Paul said “For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for him…” Philippians 1:29.

Daily we are faced with the troubles of the world, with God’s light shining leading the way, molding us, strengthening us in our faith, somehow we make it through the everyday challenges of life. Somehow we keep pressing forward, despite there is trouble on every side. With the good Lord we navigate through it, not destroyed; knowing that the Lord Jesus Christ is with us raised from the dead to ascend into heaven.

The power within us all indeed comes from our Heavenly Father. Throughout the crushing blows of life, we are the “jar of clay;” the people of God, who He molds and strengthen to be doers of the Word, doing His good works in building His kingdom, for which “Throughout The Crushing Blows God Still Kept You.”

“Throughout The Crushing Blows God Still Kept You.” Now it’s time for you to get up and soldier on. Of course! You can get up from life’s crushing blows. You do not have to stay down there because you have been struck by life’s crushing blows. Shoot! We all have received a sledgehammer from life’s crushing blows. We deal with it, get up, and get back on it!

Needless to say, it hurts when a sledgehammer has been taken to us. We are knocked down by the crushing blowback, heartaches, pain, and bruises. Good Lord! You don’t let it keep you bound downs there. Don’t stay down there too long because it is a hard feat digging your way out a ditch. Well, The Devil is a liar! The good Lord is faithful in helping you dig your way out the ditch.

When life’s crushing blows throw us for a hoop “Throughout The Crushing Blows God Still Kept You.” We suffer for a while, God lifts up back up to doing His good works for His Glory.

Assuredly, the enemy rejoiced when Jesus was once to the floor crucified, buried, for a brief time. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead the third day is surely at work in the Saints of God. Daily we get up from life’s crushing blows because God has graciously put us in His Grace. Our endurance of life’s crushing blows are no comparison to His Glory to come. Of how great thy God is.

Our Heavenly Father uphold us in His amazing hands daily, standing in the battlefield with us. For we are never in a battle without the Lord there fighting for us. Glory hallelujah!

God knows your struggles, your feelings like giving up when you are at your lowest, and the crushing blows keeps coming, but God is able to bring you through it all, making it right.

Life changes within a blink of an eye putting us in the middle of life’s crushing blows. But “Throughout The Crushing Blows God Still Kept You.” After the painful season of the crushing blows, the sun will shine again. God is always faithful.

Throughout your crushing blows days God is pushing you. He is still pushing you when life is bleak, and God is with you, working for you, bringing better days. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

We go through the crushing blows seasons for God to strengthen us for spiritual growth, strengthen us to receive His blessings, and to strengthen our faith in Him, doing His good works, fulfilling His purpose for our life. But what is amazing is that Saints of God stand on His Word daily and do not quiver from faith in any situations or circumstances.

In spite of whatever “crushing blows” life throws at you God is there keeping you. On the grounds of this, we soldier on loving the Lord Jesus and worshiping Him with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, in truth. With His mighty Glory we open our mouths and give Him the glory and the highest praises.

So, we soldier on keeping in remembrance that we are pressed down on every side, but not abandoned by our Lord, and not forsaken by His loving Grace.

If the crushing blows of life do not take you out, it will make you stronger!

When the crushing blows has you down keep trusting and believing in God.

Let the Word of the Lord resonates in your heart, mind, and soul.

Jesus’ ministry is the focus.

A Living Testimony:

As I have stated, I do not speak much about how the Holy Spirit leads me into my messages in a bottle and sermons. However, I will share how the Holy Spirit led me into this message in a bottle “Throughout The Crushing Blows God Still Kept You.” As I often do listen to the God’s Gospel music when I am working, on this day I was relaxing listening to “You Kept Me” by Luther Barnes. As I meditated on the lyrics the Holy Spirit lead me into this message in a bottle. Here and there the Holy Spirit spoke to me in directing me what to write, as usual, with me adding my own flavorful touch. Amen, during my writings the Holy Spirit moved me, and I break having myself a hallelujah Jesus praise party!

The Spirit of Truth, it is a lot to take in at once when the Holy Spirit is ongoing giving me an overflow of anointing inspiring writings. Amen, it is hard sometimes to take in so much information from the Holy Spirit and I become tiresome, yet I get on it and do not complain because I know all too well that God will not put more on me than I can bear.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

An Inspirational Sermon

“Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Matthew 16:24 (NIV).

“Pick Up your Cross Daily and Follow Jesus”

January 26, 2022

Leslie Harrington, the main character of “The Rejected Heart of God’s Word” lost her way from Jesus. She rejected “Pick Up your Cross Daily and Follow Jesus.” The forefront question, will she open her heart, invite Jesus in, and rededicate herself to the Lord Jesus? Invest in a copy and discover the joys of God’s Word shining in the light on my inspiring writings within this heart touching book.

Humbly be gracious to the Lord for bringing you to where you are at this moment in your precious life instead of leaving you on rugged territory, which is more rugged than the path you are on now. Humbly give the Lord thanks before getting out of bed and starting your journey.

Take a breather everything is going to be all right with many people slightly twitching during the duration of this sermon, because of the relatable issues, but somehow you will get through it. “The Spirit of Truth” is good for the soul, versus fables. Only the truth of God’s Word helps people in their daily life. Jesus’ work on Calvary’s Cross was for us all. On the grounds of this, we must maintain strong faith, and not be defiant to God’s Word. Do not allow yourself to backpedal in the realms of the “backslider-party-society” celebrating in sin, which is out of your elements giving time to the Devil’s domain celebrating in sin, with unequally yoked folks. Also, do not put away your cross to party with the Devil, which will cause you to be inattentive to monitoring your children on the internet.

The holistic look of the world is not the scenic of the Good Book. Daily we will endeavor the cross of long-sufferings, trials, and tribulations. Spiritual growth and improvement follow.

“Pick Up your Cross Daily and Follow Jesus.” The very essence is daily we pick up our cross and follow Christ committed in duty, dressed in humility bearing the little things that we should not pout about, but endured gracefully, placing our troubles, and trials at the cross that befallen upon us. But when life has stripped and taken you apart, the good Lord has all power to put you back together.

Do not let the fuming discomfort of life lead you astray from the Lord. The never-ending on earth we are going to endure struggles, challenges, disappointments, and hardships wherein many folks are barely hanging on, and many folks are barely getting by. All the same, we keep trusting the Lord to provide for us. He said He will never forsake us, because of this, we must always take God at His Word.

Following Jesus Christ, we must not be selfish in any of our ways, but pleasing to the Lord in everything we do, putting ourselves on the line daily doing the good works of the Lord. We must focus on the Lord not our own ideas.

“Pick Up your Cross Daily and Follow Jesus” you are to have love in your heart, because God is a God of love and forgiveness. The crown of life.

“Pick Up your Cross Daily and Follow Jesus,” sometimes we must pay a price in our personal lives. There will be times following Jesus will take us places we don’t want to go, but God said we must go.

“However!” Living the life of God comes with endless benefits. He is our refuge. When you are in the middle of the storm and rain, God is an able God who will keep you, watching over you and protecting you. God everlastingly does His best for us all who is perfect in everything He does. Absolutely nothing on earth can measure up to God’s best. God is forever at His best. Praise His name!

Shifting to “The Transfiguration.”

The story of the disciples on the mountain seeing Jesus in the glory “His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light.” The vital conversation Jesus had with His disciples concerning His identity, mission, and the meaning of following Him.

In the Gospel of Matthew 16:16 (NIV); Peter was precise when he disclosed to Jesus, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Peter lacked knowledge of Jesus’ mission. When Jesus began to entail to His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem and endure suffering, and death. Peter rebuked Jesus, “Never, Lord! He spoke. “This shall never happen to you!” Jesus turned to Peter and said, “Get behind me Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.” Matthew 16:22-23 (NIV).

The Transfiguration

“After six days Jesus took with him Peter, James, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. There he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light. Just then there appeared before them Moses and Elijah, talking with Jesus.” Matthew 17:2-3 (NIV).

This journey continues with Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 16:24-25 (NIV): “Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.”

Assuming Peter did not want to let go of Jesus. He wanted to savor the moment with Jesus, feeling attached and insecure of letting Jesus go, and he wanted to prevent Jesus’ journey to His death. Therefore, Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good for us to be here. If you wish, I will put up three shelters-one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah. “Matthew 17:4 (NIV).

Peter had a moment of weakness. We must not allow ourselves to become weaken as Peter, feeling insecure and lacked confidence, wanting Jesus to stay. Peter lacked the full understanding that Jesus came into the world to make the journey to Calvary. We must be strong in Christ and not allow ourselves to get attached to people, places, and things. God is our strength.

Continuing, “While he was still speaking, a bright cloud enveloped them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!” Matthew 17:5.

“When the disciples heard this, they fell facedown to the ground, terrified. But Jesus came and touched them. “Get up,” he said. “Don’t be afraid.” Matthew 17:6-7 (NIV).

After Jesus came down from the mountain, He entered a crowd of need. Jesus healed the boy with a demon. Matthew 17:14-21.

Jesus continued the journey of telling His disciples of what awaited Him in Jerusalem. “When they came together in Galilee, he said to them, and The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into the hands of men. They will kill him, and on the third day he will be raised to life.” And the disciples were filled with grief.” Matthew 17: 22-23.

“Now as Jesus was going up to Jerusalem, he took twelve disciples aside and said, to them, “We are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief priests and the teacher of the law. They will condemn him to death and will turn him over to the Gentiles to be mocked and flogged and crucified. On the third day he will be raised to life.” Matthew 20:17-19.

Jesus allowed the three disciples in the garden with Him to be watchful and wait while He prayed. They could not fulfill this task. When Jesus returned, they were asleep. Matthew 26:40.

Three times Jesus was arrested and abandoned by his disciples. Peter betrayed Jesus denied knowing Him. “One of the high priest’s servants, a relative of the man whose ear Peter had cut off, challenged him, “Didn’t I see you with him in the olive grove?” Again, Peter denied it, and at that moment a rooster began to crow.” The Gospel of John 18:13-27 (NIV).

Jesus did not hold their failing against them. Certainly, Jesus will meet them again in Galilee as the Resurrected Lord Jesus and allocated His objection with them. “Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. When they saw him, they worshipped him; but some doubted. Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:16-20.

Self-serving in this world has blinded many people to losing sight of the reality that there are people around the globe suffering and are in dire need. But many people reluctantly pour out their hearts to help others the way Jesus did.

Jesus calls us to pick up our cross daily and to follow His footsteps. He calls us to love one another with a compassionate heart. It is pleasing in God’s sight when we love others with the same self-giving love that Jesus has shown us when He laid down His life for us all. Picking up our cross daily is not anger, hatred and hostility, but to love all people, spreading the good news of the Gospel.

Let’s shift to some things that have folks twitching in their seats. But! Everything’s going to be all right.

My, my! People are naive to thinking once they have had a good time partying on the Devil’s turf, and when they are ready to return to living God’s life, that the Devil is going to cut them loose, without turbulence. The streets are not the portrait of a “love-letter.” The streets are loveless and toxic, which does not add any value to your life. The streets are not the same scenery as God’s, where God always has your best interest. The streets do not cater to hearing your beliefs in God. The streets have a one-way vantage point, the highway to “The Lake of Fire.” The streets will use you, tear you apart, and think nothing of it. When you lay down and let the world have a field day with you-you are dead, because you are living in a never-ending “hell-storm.” Every sinful action comes with consequences, which is why once you have touched the furnace of sins and got burned, you should never touch it again.

Very well, a Christian who is resistant to the obedience of God’s Word sin makes up their character. If you continuously have an appetite for the fleshly things of the world, it is good to pause and look at your life holistically and reevaluate if you are living your life in alignment with the living Word. When your life is parallel to the worldly way of living, you are not living the life of the living Word. God is not a matter of changes of the heart, whereas today He dwells in your heart, and tomorrow He does not. You either believe God’s Word or not. You are a disobedient child of God when you choose to carry your cross, thinking today I will party with the Devil, and tomorrow I will pick up my cross. Good Lord! Tomorrow is not a promised day!

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”1 Corinthians 1:18 (NIV).

Faithfully stand on His Word, a strong warrior, and cease grumping looking for someone to hold your hand having pity upon you. The people of God are strong warriors who should depend solely on Him. God will come through for His children. No one can do for you what God can. Therefore, you may want to rethink trusting people, and brace yourself for disappointments that they will let you down. Because of this, stop trembling in your faith and trust God.

Where is your faith in God! When the disciples asked Jesus “Why couldn’t we drive it out? Jesus told His disciples “Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there” and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

In this moment break the barrel of not surrendering to defeat by backing down instead get up and proclaim your victory now! Each day you must pick up your cross continuing your journey. We all go through the ongoing trials that comes with daily life and the shifting of seasons. Absolutely no one is exempt from life’s trials. That does not mean you lay down and take a beating from life, it means “Pick Up your Cross Daily and Follow Jesus,” taking one day at a time trusting the Lord.

Here's the truth, the Devil is an illusion of a character, and a soulless liar! He is the master expert manipulator who will carry out his sadistic terror on you. He wants you to give up on your journey. He will lure you into the thinking of yesterday’s journey, “I wish I have known this when I was younger, I would have made a different choice.” God will reign on you in the middle of your trials giving you the strength to make it. Along the way you will hit a few snags, but you pick up your cross, and stay on it because God will make provisions for your snags, sewing it up, and smoothing things out. That is what God does He fixes things. He is a sew-up-snags God! He is a smoothing-thing-out God!

The unstable times we are living in it is good for the soul to trim down your sins, get in gear on the righteous path, and get right with the Lord. You have a choice to pick up your cross daily, and not falter in God’s Word. In everything you do you have a choice. When you have realized you went down the wrong path heading in the worse direction, reach out to the Lord, He has all the power to redirect your path to the light, with confidence that you are on the righteous path walking in the light. The qualified best about the Lord is, He will never lead you wrong. Ephesians 5:16.

It’s hardly surprising with sins and all, but still, why would you navigate in the world without Jesus, it’s a racket out there!

Everyone must bear their own cross. When you are a Jesus-follower, you must take up your cross daily, and follow Jesus, for the rest of your living days on earth.

It’s an indication that you are not a stabilize Jesus-follower when you choose when you are going to pick up your cross. Some more than many have scheduled days for when they pick up their cross and the other days, they are living the worldly life; this path is not the way of the Godly life. When you are playing around disobedient to God’s commandments and regulations you are in a place of resistance to the Holy Word, the sanctification of the Holy Ghost, which your overall life is not of God. When you are resistant to God’s Word, you are committed to following the ways of the world, not the ways of God.

Right about now you ought to be tiresome of the impact that your profound sins have had on your life. Put away living in your recycling sins daily by choice, and “storytelling” that you are committed to Christ, carrying your cross daily, when it ain’t so! Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Put away untruthfulness, God sees your every move you make, and He knows your heart. Dressed in new wine, and conformity to God’s Word is a good combination than desiring the fleshly things of the world. The people of God are unworldly, sanctification separates us from the world, which we must practice in our daily life by picking up our cross daily to resist the sins, and temptations of the world, staying on the narrow path following Jesus. When you “Pick Up your Cross Daily and Follow Jesus” committed to the living Word, you become a new you, a “better you,” and pleasant to be in the presence of.

God knows sometimes your cross is hard to bear, and it is imperative that you stay prayed up docked in the Word. Otherwise, the Devil will not only mess with your life, but he will also infiltrate your life. Indeed, our God is a loving and forgiving God, but straightforwardly, it’s not pleasing in God’s sight for you to continuously in your daily life to be carrying on with the same recycling sins when you know better. When you are in-and-out of your life sinning daily you are not committed to God, which you are doubtful of God’s existence, and you are opposed to His Word. Given the fact that God is real, you ought to not play around with God, there are profound consequences.

Block’ up letting Satan take you for a ride with his web of lies. Start with yourself to make a change. Today is your turning point to put your pronounced sins behind you and walk on a new path with the Lord. The Lord is your salvation. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Personal Lord and Savior, this moment is extended to you to accept Him now. Free willingly accept Him now, ask for His forgiveness. Take Holy Communion. Drink of His Blood, eat of His flesh. To drink the blood of Jesus Christ is the only way to save your soul. The Salvation of Truth. John 6:53.

A closing word: When you travel the same road day-after-day without change, without spiritual growth, the Word of God is lacking somewhere in your life for you to mature in your faith. It’s healthy to take time and inventory your life to strengthen your faith in the Lord. But never forget that you picked a righteous road with the Lord Jesus, and you stayed on it.

“The Clock Keeps Ticking,” if you need a new story, pick up your cross and follow Jesus. He will take you to the water and baptize you, taking you by the hand and save your soul. A new chapter of your life comes with a new road that you have never been down before.

Do not allow yesterday’s regrettable downfalls to hold you back from making the shift to “Pick Up your Cross Daily and Follow Jesus,” putting a period on the chapter of your old life and write you a new story. In other words, stop letting your recycling sins keep you from your spiritual growth.

For many years docked in the Lord’s House you have been entangled in a web of living a double standard life, and you have made many mistakes stuck in a bad place, and circumstances, but the good news is that you do not have to stay in that place, going down that same road daily “if you do not like your story write a new story with Jesus.” You do have a choice to walk away from your old life and begin again, on a path to new beginnings. A fresh start on purging your mind, spirit, and soul is always healthy; a path we must all revisit from time-to-time, because we are touched by the filths of the world. God has forgiven you, now you must forgive yourself before you can profoundly move on to a new chapter in your life living the Godly life. It’s never too late to change from the wrong path that you are on. Now is the time to get onboard with Jesus and make your reservation to heaven.

There are people who have been on Jesus’ path for quite some time, but something went wrong, and they strayed from the Lord. Now their life is in shambles, they do not know how to clean it up, and they do not know how to come back to the Lord. Reach out to Lord He is closer than you are thinking. It’s all right to tell the Lord what is on your heart, He will understand, because He is a loving and forgiving Savior. That is what God does He is a loving and forgiving God who loves all His children. That is what God does He does not show favoritism He loves all His children the same of every nationality. Aren’t you glad we serve an amazing God!

The pathway to writing yourself a new story is possible with the Lord. Anything is possible with the Lord. Go ahead and do it now, starting a new journey with the good Lord. He will walk beside you, leading you and guiding you. Jesus is your friend who you can always count on. You can count on Him to get you through whatever you are going through to make the shift in your life to write yourself a new story. It does not matter what time it is when you reach out to Jesus He will come. That is the amazing thing about the Lord, you do not need to prepare to reach out to Him, you can abruptly reach out to Him without an appointment, and He will come to your aid. “God’s Joy” will pull you through every time! Aren’t you glad we serve a mighty God!

A new year, another day’s journey, and a new season always comes with new whispers, new drama, and new dramatics! It’s always something. If it ain’t that, then it’s that, which is the way the ball bounces in life. Whispers are incredibly old. Yesterday’s journey is a snare that can shift you off God’s course and into terrible tidal waves. Turn your regrettable things from yesterday’s journey over to God, if not, it will bound you. Do not let yesterday’s regrets block you from moving forward. You can put your old life behind you and begin again with Jesus. That was yesterday you turned your back on Jesus, and became a backslider, today is a brand-new day to write yourself a new story with the Lord. Folks if we have breath in our bodies there is always going to be a never-ending yesterday’s journey becoming the passage of time; “The Clock Keeps Ticking” forward.

Praise God! Now that you have shifted, you can take off the mask, dispose of it, and be who you are every day the rest of your life without the masking, and pretending. Doesn’t it feel good to be you again!

His benediction. On your journey do not fall prey to the temptations of the world and do not go astray from the Lord trying to make it without Him. It’s difficult to live this life without the Lord. God’s Grace is needed to make it in this murky world. When life gets too dark whereas you cannot see your way-out of darkness the Lord will shine His marvelous light directing you on the righteous pathway. God repeatedly led you out of darkness before and He will lead you out again. When the Lord brings healing, you feel refreshed and renewed. Many tried to make it without the Lord, but somehow you made your way back to Him, and He welcomed you back with His loving Grace. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

I am leaning on Jesus covered by His Blood giving Him the glory of an authentic living testimony within my inspiring writings, highlighting “The Spirit of Truth” of the unrighteousness that I have endured in “The Lord’s House of Prayer,” on my “Spiritual Writing Journey,” which the true account is detailed within the memoirs of “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride” and Jennifer, a Testament of a Virtuous Woman,” with the hopes that it will not happen to anyone else, bringing about change in righteousness.

I put my best foot forward diligently in my inspiring writings to be pleasing in God’s sight. A working-task for the Lord is not easy. If you are not going to put your best foot forward working diligently for the Lord, you do not have to move out the way, God is going to show up and do His thing any way, move you out the way, and open the door for someone else to step in and get the job done diligently. The Book of John.

Today “The Clock Keeps Ticking” for all who are alive, but for many people the clock stopped ticking in the darkness of the night and blanketed their eyes closed in taking their last breath. So, we bow down and say, “Thank You, Jesus” for bringing us throughout the darkness of the night when You didn’t have to.

At this moment open your heart to the salvation of truth. God has all power to deprogram your mind and reprogram it with His commandments, but it is not a straightforward process. Matthew 15:14.

A Living testimony: The other night my daughter and I were having one of our mother-daughter talks as we usually do. She was tickled when I said, “I did not like the writings classes in college. This writing thing is not my thing.”

She grinned and said…

Graciously, Pastors, my hope is that The Inspirational Collections of “God’s Party Good for the Soul” has been inspiring to all; “Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand.”

Lord willing, I will meet up with all the spring season, with the ongoing of “God’s Gospel Party Good for the Soul” with the next happening on the “Daily Life Trials” page.

In the meantime, keep looking for the release date for “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride.” God has given us a clear passageway moving forward with the release of the first memoir from The Inspirational Collections.

The Inspirational Collections is not for “Every Man for Himself.” You better believe when we receive “Harvest Blessings” the Lord’s Houses will receive blessings too!

“Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand.”

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

An Inspirational Sermon

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV).

The Way of That “Old Rugged Cross

“When God Changes the Course of your Life,

you Will Never Be the Same!”

March 26, 2022

Let’s do it! Rolling with this borrowed sermon from our newest book collection “The Harken Collections,” which is the only looking that will be given into this enthralling book. An introduction to “The Harken Collections” is coming at you the summer 2022. Ranking from this third book will send mailing to leaderships from The Inspirational Collections Charity Financial Support Donations,” for the “Lord’s House of Prayer.

Whoever professes oneself to be a Christian, ought to be a converted person in Christ, living the implantation of the new doctrine, the principles of “God’s Grace and the Holiness of God’s Word,” according to only His Word written in The Holy Bible. Living the holiness life does not mean you are bound from living a wholesome life of the joy of the Lord! The Gospel of John.

When you are a converted person in Christ, you have a new heart, a new spirit, and now dwelling in you a new light and life. You do not speak the way you used to, and you do not walk the path you used to. You are on a path of new affections and desires for the Holy Word. Your new ears listen to the Holy Word, acknowledging God in all your ways, delightful, and the joys. You now have new hands to do the good works of the Lord. Glory be to God!

As a converted person you are a new creature, letting bygones be bygones, moving forward on a new course of living the Godly life, have faith in Christ, and living the holiness of the Gospel, serving God. “When God Changes the Course of your Life, you Will Never Be the Same!” The Word tell us, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” This new path that you are now on, a converted person, you must let all old things go. You must let the old you go, leaving your old life behind, and not embarking on the things you used to do. You keep moving forward in Christ. You must eliminate people, old companions, acquaintances, and so-called friends, from your new life who are attached to your old life. If you keep them hinged in your new life, they will pull you back into your old life, a bad idea without mercy, and doing the things that you used to do, then you pick up the “old-story” of your old life, revered to the person you used to be, thinking there is a “problem with God’s Word.” There is never a problem with God’s Word, the problem is with disobedient children not abiding in God’s Word!

Take heart the good news of the Gospel is God has a plan for each of our lives; the prosperous and the hope of His plans unto us all. God’s Word alone is enough to change the trajectory of your life. Heaven and earth may pass away but the Word of God stands forever. When you have converted to God’s path, change comes. There are people who are resistant to change because they are complacent with their “old life.” Nevertheless, we must embrace change for spiritual growth, becoming more like Jesus in all our ways in our daily life.

Only the Lord Jesus can give you a new life. Your old life is a different way of life. Your new life in Christ is not the same heart as your old life, before you became a new creature. “If I can just touch the hem of His garment, I will be healed.”

Believers stop giving time in the surroundings that will corrupt your spirits, detouring you from the Godly path, and leading you to a path of ruins. When you are caught up in the “ruined path,” you have strayed from The Good Book. Your heart has shifted in this path, and you put God on the back burner, becoming a backslider.

God has “forbidden boundaries, “meaning He has rules, commandments, decrees, and regulations that we must abide in our daily life and when we are in the presence of His House. Certainly, you cannot walk with the Lord and live by your “makeshift rules.” Give the Lord Jesus Christ adoration and abiding faithfully in all your ways.

Pastor Jerome Cutler in my debut novel, “Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood” was caught in the “Devil’s potentialities,” which opened the door for him to facilitate his sinful nature endeavors. He lived a double standard life, living by his “makeshift rules,” until “The Holy Spirit” showed up and straighten him out. Repentance! The Redeemer of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Devil is a “red hot” character who will facilitate anything to make it happen his way.

The potentiality of the Devil is strong, but Jesus is stronger!

The potentialities of the Devil slithering his way into your home can be combated with you covered in the full Armor of God’s Word!

Even after our overflowing baggage of sins God still forgive us all! God is worthy to be praised!

Walking in the Spirit you cannot take the “Holy Ghost Spirit” lightheartedly. You must make a choice to walk in the spirit to be pleasing in the sight of the Lord.

  • Walking in the Spirit you walk like Jesus!
  • Walking in the Spirit you talk like Jesus!
  • Walking in the Spirit you love everybody like Jesus!
  • Walking in the Spirit you treat everybody right like Jesus!
  • Walking in the Spirit you let your light shine everywhere you go like Jesus!

Amen, my Lord! Walking in this sinful world you need to have on your shield of faith, the full Armor of God. You should not go to battle without the Lord! You need the Lord fighting your battles.

Each day God allowed us to open our eyes to a new day, it’s another chance to get right with the Lord, in alignment with His Word.

Each day God allowed lost souls who “disregarded His Word and rejected Him” to open their eyes to a new day, it’s another chance for them to be saved, and another chance to embrace the “salvation of truth.”

Whatever God said in His Word that what it is! His Word is solid, it settles it, and more importantly, God is who He said He is in His Word. Whether you believe that or not is your choice. Because you know what, God does not force Himself upon anyone. He gives us free choice and free will, to accept the salvation of truth, for which you must be born again to enter the “Kingdom of Heaven.”

Buckle-down! The waves have shifted to riding out the core of this sermon.

“For man also knoweth not his time: as the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and as the birds that are caught in the snare, even so are the sins of men snared in an evil time, when it fallenth suddenly upon them.” (Ecclesiastes 9:12, NIV).

The way of that Old Rugged Cross: Jesus carried out His Father’s plan on Calvary for all humankind! “For No Man Know the Day or the Hour: The Second Coming.” What will be going on with you when God Come; will you still be grounded in living the way of the world?

On the contrary! Jesus hung out on Calvary, stretched out on that Old Rugged Cross is a debt we can never repay. You are beholden in debt to Christ Jesus, your life came at a mighty price on Calvary. Whether you admit it or not, and whether you give your life to Christ Jesus or not, your life is not your own, your life belongs to God. Your life is God’s property, and He can come back like a thief at any time around-the-clock and take back what belongs to Him. And the thing is, He does not need your permission or anyone’s permission to do so. Because He is the Almighty God who can do as He pleases. “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.” (2 Peter 3:10, NIV).

Undoubtedly, God will stop the whole world to gravitate your attention, humbling you to call out His name. God will send a plague throughout the entire world to gravitate your attention humbling you to bow down to His Son’s Holy name, Christ Jesus, King of all Kings. God will bring you down from your well-off living the good life and put you in a situation that you never thought you would be in to humble you. Goodness gracious! God will reduce you from your proudest stance of the riches and put you with the lowly estates to humble you. God sees all His children as one, He does not care where you came from, meaning your contrasting background, and your nationality, He will still put you at the bottom of the barrel to humble you.

It’s good for the soul to accept Jesus into your heart. “When God Changes the Course of your Life, you Will Never Be the Same!” If you accept Jesus into your heart He will do for you what no one else can do. Jesus is a miracle worker. We all have a “stop time” on our life. The preservation of the “stop time” from expiring on your life is going to expire one day. You don’t want the Lord to “pass you by.” You want Him to be with you the “stop time” on your life. “Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior.” None of us are going to live forever in this unrighteous world. Daily your “stop time” is nearing expiration, you must be ready. At the last minute in your darkest hour are you going to surrender to the Lord or choose “The Lake of Fire” to be your new home? Recap encore message: your soul has to go somewhere. It is hotter than a burning wildfire in hell. Fire is fire, it’s hot no matter how it is worded and toned down. The Lake of Fire is not where you want to be. Embraced in the salvation of truth is where you want to be.

Here we go again! It’s the same old broken record playing the same old song. When are you going to change your record from playing that same old song, and find a new path on Jesus’ path? There is no time to wait, all these years you have risked waiting too long. Time is not on your side. We all are living on borrowed time. Even tomorrow is not guaranteed. “So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.” (Matthew 24:44, NIV).

Seasons and years have passed, how long is it going to take for many of you to surrender to the Lord? What is keeping you from accepting the salvation of truth. Don’t wait too long before your “stop clock” expired without Jesus saving your soul. God don’t want half of your life, He wants your whole life. When you have attempted to go against the clock, buying time on your “stop time” it is a losing battle. Time keeps moving passing the time away. Get onboard with Jesus the next second is not sworn.

Precious Lord, you had to have been there “At the Foot of the Cross” to have just a bit of a feel of how Mary felt watching her Son whipped and beaten. God’s Will of Christ Jesus on Calvary will never change. No matter how many different ways I have creatively worded the portrait of “The Gospel of Jesus’ Crucifixion” on Calvary in my anointed writings, it will never change. The scenery will always be as follows:

  • They spat on Jesus, and they kept striking Him on the head.
  • They made Jesus carry His own cross.
  • They whipped Jesus as He carried His own cross. Heart touching what Jesus did for all humankind.
  • They viciously put the Crown of thorns on Jesus’ head, releasing some blood.
  • They nailed Jesus to that “Old Rugged Cross.”
  • They whipped Jesus on that “Old Rugged Cross.”
  • They pierced Jesus’ side with a sword, and the blood released from His body, leaving Him lifeless as He let out a loud cry, taking his last breath.

Jesus died on Calvary for all humankind.

We will not have a full understanding of how Mary felt “At the Foot of the Cross,” because we were not there. Graciously, unimaginable what was roaming around in Mary’s private thoughts when she heard their voices talking amongst themselves, speaking unholy things about her Son. She was there in the middle of that horrendous atmosphere. She saw the hatred in their eyes. She felt the many evil spirits that were there just to acquire a glimpse of Christ Jesus on that “Old Rugged Cross,” that was pleasing to their wicked spirits, with the hope that he would beg for His life. But He never did, He was courageous in doing His Father’s Will. Mary smelled their violent scent fumed up the air. She had to stand there with a heavy heart listening to that old hammer making that same annoying sound as they nailed her Son to that “Old Rugged Cross!”

Graciously, unimaginable the mockery, the sharped pain in her heart each time she heard the nail pierced that “Old Rugged Cross.” Graciously, unimaginable every waking moment Mary reliving that scene over and over. Once you have gone through what Mary went through, our petty complaints are no comparison to Christ Jesus hung out on Calvary.

Moreover, many have been cavalier running the streets too long living in sin, for which you are way overdue to give your life to Jesus. Do not put off another day it may be too late. You are waking up on another day’s journey is not guaranteed. If you do not wake up tomorrow, what you had planned for your day is out the window! However! It is guaranteed that Jesus will save your soul if you surrender to Him. Once Jesus has touched you-you will never be the same and you will not feel the same.

The joy bells are ringing and a ringing with the angels singing and singing, it’s going to be a glorious day when all God’s glorified souls get together praising His Holy name. All the glorified souls are going to have a “Hallelujah Jesus” great time in heaven. It’s going to be a glorious day. Will you be ready for this glorious day when Jesus come? If you are not anchored in Jesus, you are not ready; you need to get ready now.

While you are navigating on a mercury path bound in your sins, the Devil is a false narrative who will tell you anything to capture you in the dark place of his burning web. Because you have sinned you are not banned from walking in God’s authority. Because you have sinned that does not the mean the totality of your heart is not restorable pleasing to the Lord. “When God Changes the Course of your Life, you Will Never Be the Same!”

On the other hand, the truth be told, there are folks who accepted Jesus, but they rejected the whole truth of God’s Word, because they are not committed to the Lord. They want to be with Jesus on the Lord’s Day and associate with the Devil Monday through Saturday.

The footsteps to Jesus’ door can save your soul. The angels in heaven are worshipping and rejoicing in the name of God’s Holy name, when lives are changed, when souls are saved, when His children repent, and dressed in new wine. We all need the “Holy Spirit” to fall down on us to live a righteous life, to talking right and to walking upright.

When life had dealt you a rocky hand, you do not have to stay on that rocky path, there is hope, for which hope, and faith is a good combination on the righteous path. If you are navigating on a rocky path, time is of the essence, that you invite Jesus into your heart. The good news is, if you give your life to Jesus, it’s a beautiful experience. When Jesus saves your soul, it will be more than the enlightenment of your day! It will be a glorious day. “When God Changes the Course of your Life, you Will Never Be the Same!”

It’s fine to release yesterday’s journey. You have been on that path too long, carrying the dead weight of yesterday’s journey which have been weighing you down. Leave yesterday’s journey behind and don’t be bothered with what happened back then. Stop giving time to yesterday’s journey, when you can be doing the good works of the Lord the rest of your life.

Now is the time for you to stop holding back and settle down with the Lord. Now is the time to get your life in order and burn the “disobedience-torch.” Stop it now, get your heart right with the Lord before the end of time is coming, and the coming of the Kingdom of heaven. Now is the time to surrender to Jesus, Immanuel. Jesus can save you from your sins.

Amen, Lord, if the walls could talk in our homes behind closed doors! You know, where the curtains are closed, and folks are on the outside trying to look in for a peeking.

Do not hold back trusting God. He brought you this far! God is all right. He always does just what He said! God always keep His promises.

  • You hold back trusting God, but you don’t hold back trusting the doctor when they prescribed you medication.
  • You hold back trusting God, but you don’t hold back trusting the car salespeople when they pitched a line to you that you won’t regret buying the vehicle.
  • You hold back trusting God, but you don’t hold back trusting the grocery store when you purchased their products.
  • You hold back trusting God, but you don’t hold back trusting the dentist when they numbed your mouth with medication to work on your tooth.
  • You hold back trusting God, but you don’t hold back trusting the bank when you entrusted them with your money.
  • You hold back trusting God, but you don’t hold back trusting folks’ advice and opinions, over God’s Word.

The people who you used to give time to and are still giving time to are not on your Jesus’ path, for which you are not their kind of people anymore. Once you decided to give your life to the Lord, you must leave yesterday’s folks behind. They are on yesterday’s path, and they do not fit into your new life. Worldly people are not receptive to God’s Word. If you attempt to minister God’s Word to them, they will utter, “Stop! I don’t want to hear your God talk. You used to be down with us, now all you do is talk that God’s talk.” You must let them go and stop giving time to none-spiritual minded, and none-¬like-minded folks and give more time to God.

Even more so, you are naively fooling yourself that worldly people will understand you and why you worship a God you cannot see. They are blinded to God’s Word. Until the blinders are taken off, they will not understand you and see things from your perspective. They will not be receptive to your views, and they will always question your commitment to a God you cannot see and why you are the way you are. I am speaking about sanctification and unequally yoked folks in your life.

Consequences follows for your actions when you have chosen to give time to folks from all walks of life, who are not on the same Jesus’ path as you. The two worlds will collide with you becoming a backslider. God has rules, regulations, decrees, and commandments in which you must abide. You cannot be a Jesus-follower and play by your own rules. Oh no! You just cannot do that. The key to a stronger, modest, and humble way of living is abiding in God’s Word.

When you encounter yesterday’s folks, keep on walking, and pray for them, because they will reject your God talk. They have a fixed mindset that it’s all about them, and they refused to abide in a God that they cannot see, and mostly they believe that they can make it in this unrighteous world on their own. Strong faith in your conviction is needed to minister to such a spirit. If you leap into ministering to them, do not fall weakened to their rebuttal language when they attempt to crush your faith.

Approaching a pagan to minister “The Good News of the Gospel,” requires you to be a strong warrior of God, solid in your faith and position; otherwise, I have witnessed that you will be crushed. Gator skin is needed when you are spreading-faith, in a world filled with backlashes from people of all walks of life.

Drop the baggage and repent if you have been a disobedient child of God. Forgive yourself as the Lord has forgiven you and move on to new beginnings dressed in new wine.

Whatever that will be happening with you when God comes back will be halted the same way God halted the world with the “pandemic.” Amen, when God comes, He comes hard and strong. Amen, when God shows up and shakes up your world, you will never forget it. That alone should put you on the rightly path with God.

“Now, brothers, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.” (1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, NIV).

Firsthand, speaking with such souls, many people know who God is, but they have chosen not to believe. They grew up in the church, but they have chosen to denounce Jesus is the Son of God. Many are struggling with childhood issues that have crossed over into their adulthood that as a child they were forced to attend church, to name one.

  • When you need God, absolutely you know who God is!
  • When you are stricken with a health crisis, absolutely you know who Jesus, God the Son is!
  • When you have lost your job and have nowhere to turn, absolutely you reach out to the Lord Jesus Christ!
  • When you have taken a beating from the world, absolutely you know the Word of God!

The good Lord tarries for His people, He cares, and He loves us all. No matter what the situation is before you, God will fix it. If you keep on trusting in Him, He will fix anything for you. He fixed it for me, and He will fix it for you. When you have tried God like I have for myself, you will see His amazing powers working in your life.

God has all power over life and death! Regardless of the passage of time The Holy Bible never goes out of style. When you have brazenly tampered with the Good Book of attempting to redefine God’s Word, you will be held accountable. With the passage of time God’s’ Word is not yesterday’s news; we are yesterday’s news. We are the ones who changes with the passage of time. With today’s technologies and so forth, we will never exceed God’s Word. He can burn it all down in a blink of an eye. God is only going to allow the world to progress with the passage of time as He says so.

And beyond that, God’s Word does not shift with the changing of time, because the passage of time as “The Clock Keeps Ticking,” it’s us who changes. The evolution of The Holy Bible is bigger than the globe; a globe that God created.

When the people of God practice “Every Man for Himself” we are not participants in unity building His kingdom. Sometimes you must be still and see the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. We must continue to practice sanctification in our daily life and not adhere to what is going on around us in the world. We must unite as a strong faith-community doing the good works of the Lord in building His kingdom and we must not let anything deter us from this.

Cease investing in things you do not need, building up the world, when you should be investing in building up the Lord’s House of Prayer. There are too many Saints of God for the Lord’s House to lack anything. If the Lord’s House is in a financial storm, God’s people ought to come together with resources to prevent it from going under. Isn’t this what the good news of the Gospel is about, the Lord Jesus Christ, building His kingdom; coming to each other’s aid, and lending a helping hand!

Benediction. Time is winding up with today’s “headline-grabbing race against the clock” that your body has a timeline to expire. It’s time to get yourself anchored in the Lord and your household together before it’s too late. Each time with the clock ticking God gives you another chance to accept the salvation of truth and thus far you have not accepted the invitation.

Glory hallelujah, for we do not know the “headline-grabbing race against the clock” because it’s not a promised day. For that reason, take a moment and look around the globe of yesterday’s journey and today’s “headline-grabbing race against the clock,” and you will be enlightened that we are living in a dying world. There is so much violence and hatred in the world until the world is darkened by the day and we go about our daily lives not noticing it. Because we are caught up in the rapture of daily life. What if the clock stopped ticking at this very moment and everything goes dark with the sun tucked away, certainly it will capture your attention. Which brings me to my point: sometimes God has to send an encounter our way or it may take a tragedy for us to see the light of His Word in truth to surrender to Him wholeheartedly.

Every day is “Black History.” We must move forward in unity for change not going backwards. Once you change inside and see the truth of God’s Word you will see the significance in helping others to bring about change, working together in unity doing the good works of the Lord; in building stronger families, communities, our youth, and building up the homeless to become self-sufficient. Which is a place they once were, but something tragically happened in their lives to have caused their homeless state. Sometimes people need a word of encouragement, and a helping hand. We must all stay on our ancestor's course of coming together for a change in our culture in helping each other and building up not tearing down. Our ancestors kept on trusting God, and they never stop believing. Because of their faith we are where we are today. There are people who will shield away from embracing this. But you cannot shield the truth. Spoken from The Inspirational Collections.

Today’s “headline-grabbing race against time” entails tomorrow is not guaranteed to you. Before you climb into your bed tonight you ought to let Jesus into your heart. Because while you are sleeping in your bed tonight your clock may stop ticking. Encore: It’s a sad thing to be caught dead without Jesus. The worse thing on earth is to be caught dead without Jesus. Your soul has to go somewhere. If your soul is not anchored in Jesus at the time of your stopped clock, it’s a dwelling place it will be “The Lake of Fire.” The Book of Revelation.

However, after saying all of that, with your last breath, if you reach out to the Lord for the salvation of truth, He will save your soul. Praise God!

The only living God is where eternal life is found who sent Jesus to save us all.

Jesus went up the hill, and He kept on walking. He kept on walking for us all. No fault in Him.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but the Word of God will never pass away.

Acts 2:38

God willingly we will meet up with all June 1, 2022, for God’s Party Good for the Soul,” on the “Readers Page.” My daughter and I are rowing in seasons, marketing The Inspirational Collections of books on The Inspirational Collections website, with messages in a bottle, and sermons.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

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“Charity Financial Support Donations.”

Within “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride,” one will read on my Spiritual Writing Journey, Pastors inquired, “Where am I going with my life story?” The below content answers the question. Everything happens on God’s timing, for which requires patience.

Hopefully, this informative data serves the purpose of giving a closer looking at The Inspirational Collections core purpose.

Saints of God does not get to decide who gets a blessing and who does not. That is God’s job. He is the Chief Cornerstone of His glorious blessings to all His children.

We are following God’s instructions with The Inspirational Collections doing what He ordered us to do, not what we want to do.

It pleases God when we follow His instructions for what He ordered us to do and not the way of our own. When we do things on our own without consulting God, we tend to make a mess of things.

The Inspirational Collections core purpose for God’s “Charity Financial Support Donations” is for the building of God’s Kingdom, which are as follows:

Our endeavor for the ongoing “Charity Financial Support Donations,” from The Inspirational Collections is in hopes for the leaderships of the Lord’s Houses of Prayer, embrace building God’s Kingdom with community outreach programs and services; the upkeep of the Lord’s House of Prayer, lending a financial helping hand to people in need; college financial programs support; opening senior citizens and homeless shelters facilities for dwelling attached to the church; providing shelter for families; educational support; rehabilitation support; and job training for getting back on their feet for self-sufficiency; self-reliance; and so much more work that needs to be done for the Lord.

Because of our solid and orderly lives, we tend to forget that the homeless people were not always homeless. They too were people with a solid and orderly life. They are people with degrees, who were doctors, and teachers; they were career people. Something tragic happened in their life that left them homeless. They need a lending hand. They need encouragement. They need the good Lord to send His soldiers with a helping hand. This is what we are supposed to do, help all people. Glory be to God.

We must keep in mind that our lives can abruptly come crashing down in a blink of an eye, and we will find ourselves on the homeless path, needing a helping hand, and somewhere to lay our heads.

On the same note, our lives are going swell today and with the good Lord’s mercy to wake us on another day’s journey, the portrait of our lives can shift quickly leaving our lives in shambles. God is powerful, all He has to do is blink an eye, and the whole world will be at His mercy, for which daily life should not be taken for granted. Your loved ones should not be taken for granted.

This heat of mine is bothersome when I see people hurting, living on the streets, especially when children are involved. God put The Inspirational Collections in my hands to do good. He knew I would get the job done. He has been training me for this position for a long time in the wilderness.

We tend to lose sight that we are not the only ones in the wilderness. It’s not about us. All of us are in the wilderness together. We must navigate in the wilderness doing the good works of the Lord, on the path of Jesus’ footsteps in His ministry work that He left for us to continue.

Yes, indeed, we pray for the lost souls, the poor, the heartbroken, the cruelty of the world, and so forth, but absolutely not, we do not recline looking for others to do what God called us to do. We have an obligation and a responsibility to do much more outside of the building of the church.

Must we be selfish thinking of our own life and not of others. Jesus cares for us all on His way to Calvary. When we work together, we all win. We cannot be consumed with the bad apples who used God for their own financial gain. The Judgment belongs to God. We must stay on the positive path in doing the good works of the Lord. We can move many mountains when we come together in unity, working together on one accord in the building of God’s Kingdom; retreating from building up the unrighteous world that we dwell in; putting ourselves in financial bondage to the things of the world. We must (Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand). What a beautiful melody I hear ringing in my ears.

We should love all in the body of Christ, the love on the cross. Heavenly Father fixes our hearts to love each other. Make us to see each other the way you do, which is to love all. Father, we are undeserving of your mercy, yet you love us still have mercy upon us all, even the littlest sheep. Lord forgives those who trespass against us.

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