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The Inspirational Collections

Understand Why Jesus Is the Way to Heaven

This series of sermons focuses on the fact that Jesus is dependable. You can count on Christ to guide you through life’s daily challenges of sin.

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The Inspirational Collections Ministries

God's Grace and Mercy!

God is Turning it Around!

God Turned It Around!

Prophesy! Dreams! Visions!

My "burden-bearer," real-world, crafty sermons are "outside-the-box," to aid you in navigating in your daily life, to face adversities head-on, deal with it as it comes, go through it and not around it. Just get to it and stop procrastinating. You do not accomplish anything when you hide and run from life's challenges, the problem is always going to be there lingering in your daily life, causing you to stumble on your journey. “No weapon forged against you will prevail.” Isaiah 54:17.


Jesus is the Pathway to Heaven

Leadership, Our Main Audience, Buzzin' Around 

The Inspirational Collections of Books 

Looking closely into the window of my life story on The Inspirational Collections website is not where it is happening. It is happening within my memoirs and autobiographies. The Inspirational Collections is solely for marketing glimpses of my life story, and books with my creative writings to capture your attention, drawing you into the light of God’s Word shining on my life story a part of His workmanship, building His kingdom. However, if you are inspired and touched by my anointed and grounded inspiring writings, I am jubilant to have done my Father’s Will.

The editorial work for this book is moving forward into the new year.

An Introduction to Our Newest

Harken Collection

The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness

September 14, 2022

Lord willing, our first debut book from the Harken Collection is trailing behind ‘The Motivational Collections of A Woman in the Valley,’ ‘The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness’ introduces the act that led me to put my foot down with the gas pedal pressed to the floor.

A Living Testimony:

Last year I started writing the debut novel, ‘The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness,’ and I put it to the side due to setbacks with “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride,” with the plans to backtrack at a later time. This day I sat down at my workstation to complete the revision for ‘Jennifer, a Testament of a Virtuous Woman,’ when the Holy Spirit spoke to me and ordered me to complete ‘The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness,’ and so I got on it and completed it.

‘The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness’ is the portrait of the first debut novel for the ‘Treasure Chest Messages in a Bottle and Sermons’ that have captured your attention on The Inspirational Collections website, since 2017.

With this brief introduction to ‘The Harken Collection,’ hopefully all have been inspired by my ‘Messages in a Bottle and Sermons’ of the real ‘Character Crew Members intertwined with my creative writings from my life journey, experiences, wisdom, and what I have witnessed in my journey. For quite some time over the years, you have been swimming around our ‘Harken Collection’ of Books. The debut novel, ‘The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness,’ is on the horizon, with a new catalog of God’s Charity Donations from the ranking of this heartily novel.

Narrowing it down, ‘The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness’ polarized ‘Harken Messages’ of my inspiring writings, living testimonies, and various Messages in a Bottle’ that you have been swimming around on The Inspirational Collections website, and more importantly, we are swimming around my life story.

My hope is that this book is inspiring to all in the same manner as The Inspirational Collections website. If so, then I am jubilee, to know that I have done a well pleasing job for our Lord Jesus.

I have taken this moment to express that it has been rewarding to still be here a part of God’s workmanship sharing my living testimony, with God’s light shining on my inspiring writings. Graciously, I have not shifted from my path in diligently doing His good works for His Glory. Amen!

Just to mention a few downhome ‘Harken Messages’ in this enthralling book:

  •  Don’t Let Folks Be the Front Page-Story of your Life!
  •  The Lord’s House is Not a Hangout Joint.
  •  An Everyday Word of Encouragement, God Put Us in His Grace.
  •  Hanging with Folks Who Don’t Resemble the Church House.
  •  Don’t Do it! Don’t Give a Living Testimony.
  •  I’m Just Trying to Live and Survive.
  •  Have you Ever Been Tempted in the Wilderness?
  •  Wolves Dressed in Sheep’s Clothing.
  •  Folks Will Cliffhanger you to Save Themselves!

God ordered my steps with the mission of The Inspirational Collections. I did not consume myself with the how, I kept trusting God to provide the how as I progressed forward staying on His course.

When you are too close to victory, do not give up. You have come too far. Keep waiting on the Lord to bring everything together on His timing.

God’s Word gives us strength.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Coming to The Light the Winter Season 

'God's Party Good for the Soul'

Sweeping Around A Message In A Bottle 

"Bitter, Angry Folks Always Pouting About Old Yesterday's Journey,

Instead of Seeing God's Goodness"

January 12, 2023

Lord Willingly, Approaching January 12, 2023

Amen, Jesus Brought Me Through

October 11, 2022

Ooh wee! I never could have made this journey without Jesus, He stayed with me through it all, my hardest seasons. Hallelujah! Jesus brought me out in one piece when Satan was hot on my trail with the naysayers. Thank You Jesus, You Kept me, and You comforted me.

When I stop and look back over my life, I see all God’s goodness in my life and His greatness. I never could have made it through the low tides and the high tides without God’s Grace. You got to have God’s Grace to make this journey. His Grace brought me through it all. I kept on praying and holding on steadfastly. On my ‘Detour Around the Wilderness’, Spiritual Writing Journey I held out for Jesus, and I did not throw-in and quit.

‘Detour Around the Wilderness’ is our Underground Book Buzz, theme, since 2007. Amen, Jesus have been keeping my daughter and I on this journey since 2007, and we have no intentions of turning back. No matter what We are depending on Jesus and trusting Him, pressing on.

Thank You Jesus. I give You the highest praise for having You in my life. A life that You gave me. Through the rain, rainy days, the storm, stormy days, my Lord kept me, and He brought me through it all.

Swoosh! When the weather is stormy with high tides and the water is gushing against the rocks, Jesus will step in and calm everything, making everything all right. He did it for me. Amen, Jesus Brought Me Through,’ and made everything all right.

The rain has to stop, and the clouds will move on to the sun shining brightly. Amen, Jesus Brought Me Through.’ He did just what He said. I thank You Lord for not leaving me and paying my ransom on Calvary Hill.

After the stormy weather was over, the water settled and the wind stopped blowing, I felt like cooling water. Lord, I praise You and give you the glory for making a way out of no way for me.

Day by day, if no one can fix it for you, Jesus can. He rose victoriously with all power.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Glimpsing A Message In A Bottle "Swoosh! Like a Burning Fire"


January 26, 2023

You Can Take God at His Word


November 15, 2022

God’s Word is true, and He will come through for you. It’s just you and Him, go ahead and talk to Him, He is a listening ear. He is listening when your life is cloudy. He is listening when you are in higher tides. Go ahead and cry out to Him. He is an able God Who can bring you through anything.

Oh yeah! ‘You Can Take God at His Word.’ Hey! You can always depend on the truth of God’s Word.

  • If God told you He will do it, then you believe it, wholeheartedly!
  • If God told you if you trust Him, He will never leave you, then you believe it, wholeheartedly!
  • If God told you He will come through for you, then you believe it, wholeheartedly!
  • If God told you He will never forsake you and provide for all your needs, then you believe it, wholeheartedly!

Oh yeah, the place over in Zion, no one is crying, no one is worrying, and no one is struggling. God’s Word is true, go ahead and open your heart to God, ‘You Can Take God at His Word.’ He is the captain of everything.

Although you have never seen God’s face, He is there. ‘You Can Take God at His Word’ that He will never leave you, the dependable One.

When you have rejected forgiveness, your life does not resemble God’s Word, you are not applying God’s Word to your life, and you have rejected God’s power of not taking Him at His Word.

When you are selfish with being self-absorbed and only love yourself and your privileged lifestyle, your life does not resemble God’s Word, you are not applying God’s Word to your life, and you have rejected God’s power of not taking Him at His Word. God comes first, you do not put other gods before God, but God is always the center of your life.

When you are indulging yourself to pleasures of love than God, your life does not resemble God’s Word, you are not applying God’s Word to your life, and you have rejected God’s power of not taking Him at His Word.

When God says He is going to do, yes, He is going to do just what He said. God keeps His promises.

Even when you are riding out your storm, oh yes, God will come through for you. Even though you are feeling like you are going to drown at sea, God is not going to let you down. Jesus commanded the storm to be still. Jesus will command your troubles to be still.

He will command your opposition to be still., You got to trust Him to do what He said. You must learn that ‘You can Take God at His Word.’

We must obey God and He will take care of us the same way He took care of Elijah when He told him to go hide in the desert. Amen, Elijah knew to take God at His Word and obeyed. (1 Kings 17:13-14).

All believers must take God at His Word. All God’s Words comes from Him and we must be obedient to His Word.

Stop placing folks’ sins under a microscope; as if you are God, sitting on the throne in judgement, with all the power.

Jennifer Smith, The Inspirational Collections

The Harken Collections of Matters of the Heart

A Collective Memoir: Book Two

Jennifer Smith

Shareka Smith

‘The Harken Collections of Matters of the Heart’ is a heart touching book centered around daily life issues regarding the relationship Matters of the Heart, and a series of my living testimonies interwoven with real people from my life story. Throughout this craftily written book there are captivating daily life ‘Harken Messages.’ Below is a tour of a few ‘Harken Messages’ from within this enthralling thought-provoking book.

1. Kick a Field Goal to New Beginning.

2. Leveled to the Ground.

3. Saddled on the Couch Different Day and the Same Reruns Matters of the Heart.

4. Get Out the Wilderness Rain. And Go Home to Jesus.

5. Doing your Best with What you Harvested.

6. Touch Down! The Mountains Has to Move.

7. When Life Has Tossed You Aside.

Jesus, My Everlasting Everything

The Harken Collections of

Trouble Don't Last Always

A Collective Memoir: Book Three

Jennifer Smith

Shareka Smith

Brushing Around the Updates of This Rising Book

December 2, 2022

A joyful hello to all! Sincerely, I hope that you all have been enjoying; touring around the messages in a bottle, borrowed from ‘The Harken Collections of Trouble Don’t Last Always.’ This book concludes the memoirs of giving you a looking into scenes along the path of my life story. Then our path forward is moving on, proceeding forward with The Inspirational Collections books of my next memoir, ‘Jennifer, a Testament of a Virtuous Woman’, onto my autobiography, ‘Jennifer, Dawn of My Life.’

The Inspirational Collections Charity Donations for the Lord’s House of Prayer, will resume with our upcoming fictional books: ‘The Flirtatious Bus Driver and Jaxson Went Missing.’

The Holy Spirit has led me to open the Charity Donations for this book, for bids, from pastors who are in need of God’s charity for their church.

Keep looking for my daughter and I to open this book up, for bids, from the pastors. You will be welcome to send a voicemail to put in your bid, but our preference is an email, because messages and/or voicemails gets misunderstood by not being received, clearly.

Each of The Harken Collections books are completed, Lord Willing, we will be moving forward into The New Year with ‘A Woman in the Valley’ and ‘Trekking Through the Wilderness.’

Also, worth noting, keep your eyes peeled for the release of our fictional books that will open the door for new charitable donations for churches that are in need.

I encourage all to be supportive to view ‘Kate’s House’ on Amazon Prime Video. Graciously!

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Finish Strong

Jonathan Nelson


Borrowed from ‘A Woman in the Valley’ Introduction

Absolutely, winners go through stormy weather conditions, the weeping, and the tears, in spite of that you do not stop. Instead, you face it all, and you keep moving forward holding to your faith, trusting God, believing in you, and never stop believing that God’s in your corner fighting for you, backing you, and supporting you.

A Glorious Hallelujah Hello to Pastor Quentin Q. Byrd, at Freewill Missionary Baptist Church, from God’s Charity ‘A Woman in the Valley.’

Are you sure you want to hear my living testimony, because the totality of my inspiring writings is not shifting, it gets deeper and deeper. Reinforcing, now is the time to jump ship, if you do not want to embrace the Spirit of Truth of my life story.

'God's Party Good for the Soul' of 

Everyday Jesus in the Wilderness is in Progress

Laying Eyes on A Message In A Bottle 

"Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks"


September 15, 2022

Oh, Jesus, He’s the Rock! We do not have to wait for Easter to get ‘God’s Party Good for the Soul,’ started. Every single day is Easter dwelling in the wilderness. Let’s kick it forward with this message borrowed directly from ‘The Harken Collections of Matters of the Heart!’

God knows the times that we are living in our lives are at risk to ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks. Nowadays when we see someone stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire, or whatever, we are hesitant to stop, and help them, because of the times we are living in, whereas your life can be snuffed out in a blink of an eye. Good Samaritan lives are ongoing snuffed out from coast to coast.

Eyeing up a living testimony:

During fellowship, my husband's longstanding Christian sister and husband shared their living testimony with us. On their travels they saw a motorist stranded on the side of the road. He wanted to stop and ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks.’ She disagreed with him and told him that the stranded stranger can kill them. They went back and forth in disagreement about whether he wanted to stop and ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks,’ and she wanted to keep going for safety reasons. And so, they kept going at her request.

And so, I experienced similarities on our travels. My husband said we are not stopping. It’s dangerous nowadays to stop and help people. We kept going. Amen, people are crazy nowadays, and they will snuff out your life without a reason. You must always have your family’s best interest at heart and proceed with caution.

And I continue, well, come on, y’all know the drill, the Devil is a liar. The impeccable authenticity of God’s Word is never old fashioned and outdated. Amen, you can ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks’ in the dangerous times we are living in. Nowadays you must proceed as a Good Samaritan with caution, and practice being cautious. There are always better alternatives for ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks,’ than the traditional route.

To practice caution is to precede wisely to letting a stray person dwell in your home around your innocent children. You can assist them in other ways, such as finding a shelter establishment that offers such assistance, than to have your whole family lives snuffed out, or waking to the breaking of day being robbed, and your car stolen, too.

Love thy neighbor. All people qualify as our neighbor, and not just those in close proximity, whereas it’s easier to concentrate on a few than everyone. When we are followers of Jesus Christ, walking in the Spirit, we are ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy of Folks, your neighbor to others, and to all people of every nationality, especially those in dire need. Which is ‘Jesus’ Ministry.’

  •  Love thy neighbor is your family members ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks.’
  •  Love thy neighbor is your church family ’Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks.’
  •  Love thy neighbor is your home life surroundings ’Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks.’

The Parable of The Good Samaritan

‘And behold, a certain lawyer stood up and tested Him, saying, ‘Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?’

‘He said to him, ‘What is written in the law? What is your reading of it?’

‘So he answered and said, ‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your strength, and with all your mind, and ‘your neighbor as yourself.’

‘And He said to him, ‘You have answered rightly; do this and you will live.’

‘But he, wanting to justify himself, said to Jesus, ‘And who is my neighbor?’

‘Then Jesus answered and said: ‘A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, who stripped him of his clothing, wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead.

‘Now by chance a certain priest came down that road. And when he saw him, he passed by on the other side.

‘Likewise a Levite, when he arrived at the place, came, and looked, and passed by on the other side.

‘But a certain Samaritan, as he Journeyed, came where he was. And when he saw him, he had compassion.

‘So he went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine; and he set him on his own animal, brought him to an inn, and took care of him.

‘On the next day, when he departed, he took out two denarii, gave them to the innkeeper, and said to him, ‘Take care of him; and whatever more you spend, when I come again, I will repay you.’

‘So which of these three do you think was a neighbor to him who fell among the thieves?

‘And he said, ‘He who showed mercy on him.’ Then Jesus said to him, ‘Go and do likewise.’ (Luke 10:25-37, NKJV).

Everyday our loyalty to God is tested over the course of our lives in this unrighteous world. But as Christians we diligently ensure our stand to the end trusting God and standing on His Word.

Love is the center-heart of Christ. The tenacity for it is free of charge, a price paid on Calvary Hill. Go ahead and let love reside in your heart, a place where God’s love is undeniable for everyone.

God’s Daily Rates:

  •  God’s Daily Rates for the Sin: Jesus Christ paid the price on Calvary Hill.
  •  God’s Daily Rates for the Repentance: Jesus Christ paid the price on Calvary Hill.
  •  God’s Daily Rates for the Save Your Soul: Jesus Christ paid the price on Calvary Hill.
  •  God’s Daily Rates for the Transgression: Jesus paid the price on Calvary Hill.
  •  God’s Daily Rates for the Sinner: Jesus Christ paid the price on Calvary Hill.
  •  God’s Daily Rates for the Backslider: Jesus Christ paid the price on Calvary Hill.
  •  God’s Daily Rates for the Lawbreaker of the Lawgiver: Jesus Christ paid the price on Calvary Hill.

Uprooting the core message:

In our journey as Christians grounded in grace, we are called to care for those in trouble and not to pass them by. We must go beyond the typical expectations of helping others of God's restoration for His children in earnest. There are people in their daily lives who have frequently passed by those in need of their help, but they continue on their journey focused on themselves, caught up with everyday life. The command ‘Go and do likewise,’ meaning to ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks.’ We must not ignore the voices of the downtrodden folks crying out in the wilderness.

The act of the Good Samaritan was an act of compassion. The category of helping our neighbor is not limited. God does not have limitations of what He can do. God commands us to love all people and our neighbor. We must be like the Good Samaritan to all people who attended to the wounded man.

The parable brings to the light that our neighbor is the one we least hoped to be a neighbor. The neighbor is the other. Others are defined as all of us and every nationality. The antique story is you cannot be wholesome in serving God wholeheartedly with a discriminatory heart. A neighbor shows compassion, kindness, and empathy to others. God’s Life-Saving Grace and Mercy is for us all, not only for a certain class of people. Jesus’ final words ‘Go and do likewise.’

Sovereignty God, we are living in selfish times, whereas too many of us have the disposition of me, I, and myself. If you know folks are struggling, if you see folks are struggling, and if you are well aware that folks are struggling, and you are doing better than most, ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks.’ Stock their kitchen with groceries if you can. Help them with shelter and their bills if you can. Good Lord, if you do not pitch in and do something, you are not real for the Lord, when you are masking on the outside, telling other folks to ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks,’ when you have not adhered to ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks.’ Nowadays too many people are takers, with expectations to be accommodated, with their mumbling, grumbling, complaining, and their ungrateful demands, instead of partaking in givers. My Lord, there was a time period when people cared about each other and helped each other. Amen, we are living in the end days.

Keep Asking, Seeking, Knocking

‘So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

‘For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

‘If a son asks for bread from any father among you, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent instead of a fish?

‘Or if he asks for an egg, will he offer him a scorpion?

‘If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!’

The truth be told, we are not perfect human beings. Amen, there are people who hold on to begrudgingly, animosity, and bitterness, which harden their heart in not desiring to ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks.’ When your heart is covered with these harbored feelings, you have mumbled and grumbled about helping others, unwillingly. There are people who are takers, they take, and take, with expectations that they are entitled, and with an entitlement stance. They are not givers, and when they do give, they grumble about it. It is inspiring to address the truth of the ‘Matters of the Heart’ than covering.

Briefly expounding: You cannot change what happened in the past, you have to learn to accept it, confront it, deal with it, and press ahead with closure, instead of carrying it with you everywhere you go, letting it crush life out of you.

You can repair the damage and move on from a tragedy. Life goes on no matter how bad things are and what tragedy that has happened. We have to move on, we have choices, we have the choice to move on.

Love Your Neighbor

‘Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.’

‘For the commandment, ‘You shall not commit adultery,’ ‘You shall not murder,’ You shall not steal,’ ‘You shall not covet,’ and if there is any other commandment, are all summed up in this saying, namely ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

‘Love does no harm to a neighbor; therefore, love is the fulfillment of the law.’ (Romans 13:8-10, NKJV).

There are people who are ungrateful, with the mindset that you owe them ‘this and that,’ and you have to salute them. You should not take in the stress of such folks. Instead, you should turn them over to God and keep moving. When you had a negative experience with your Good Samaritan act, whereas people used you, took advantage of you with their demanding dictatorship, and so forth, do not let it taint your heart. Instead turn it over to God and stay true to who you are.

God knows each of our hearts. He knows the hearts of the oppressors, the haughty, the takers, deceivers, and dishonest people who use His name to gain wealth for the self-centered, wrapped up in oneself, as well as the Good Samaritan.

It’s heart-wrenching when you are at the bottom of the barrel like the wounded man, and people bypass you not offering to ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy on Folks.’ God knows when you are in the downtrodden season, you are feeling forgotten. I am reassuring you that you are not forgotten. God is with you, He has compassion, and empathy for you. He sees your life in shambles. Oh, Lord, if you keep holding on a while longer, God will fix it for you. God does these ‘fix-it-things’ for us because He first loved us. Glory Hallelujah!

We are our Father’s children. His image is reflected by those who cover themselves in ‘Be a Good Samaritan and Have Mercy for Folks,’ with compassion and kindness. Amen, even when we turn away God draws near to His children.

Cease from walking around as if you do not have a living testimony for God, pretending that you have not been through anything, and you are living the perfect life. A perfect life is an illusionist life. We all go through life’s trials and tribulations, no matter who you are.

Jesus is here with us, today. That third morning He rose.

Everything you do for the Lord, let it be for real.

A warm-hearted hello to Pastor Michael McCotter, Stairway Christian Worship Center, from God’s Charity Catalog, ‘Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride.’ Pastor, we had setbacks with this book, God stepped in and worked it out for us. We see the sun shining.

Amen, Lord willing, Pastor McCotter, you are in the first five disbursements without a hometown frontline pastor. We are trusting God for the highest of the highest said, which is what I told my Character Crew Members in 2009. God said all things are possible with Him. Amen!

Folks, I have been giving you a grand tour of looking into ‘The Harken Collection.’ I put in the mileage going the extra mile in my inspiring writing solely because Jesus first loved me and because I take my work seriously in working diligently for my Heavenly Father, pleasing in His sight.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

An Inspirational Sermon Coming

Approaching 2023


Let's see where God leads me in this sermon, that He placed in my heart abruptly.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Uprooting A Message In A Bottle

“Daily Life Trekking Through The Wilderness”

March 14, 2022

“Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness” is the headline for our daily journey, in God’s Grace, holding to our faith, belief, trusting the Lord Jesus Christ, and to not give up on hope.

We are soldiers in the Army of the Lord. We never give up in the wilderness. We trust Jesus and keep fighting as long as we have breath. Jesus is alongside us fighting on our journey. Amen, our bodies go through changes, and we get older, and old, yet we keep fighting until the end.

The wrong place at the wrong time in the wilderness does not exist, daily life is navigating in the wilderness. Daily life comes with many twists and turns, which becomes “Daily Life’s Trekking Through the Wilderness,” not knowing what is around every corner. We do not know everything dwelling in the wilderness that awaits us daily. But God knows, He watches over us daily, guiding and directing us on the right path. This is the nature of our journey, we travel day-by-day, with the good Lord, we are standing on faith, with uncertainty of the next second, minute, or are you going to make it through the day.

The cruelty of the wilderness is not a big game, this, of course, is real life that “Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness” is not a rosy picture instead it is daily survival of another day’s journey. Even though the wilderness is a treacherous place, whereas you are fighting for survival daily, you lack nothing because God makes provisions; He takes care of you.

Yes, indeed! It’s dangerous in the wilderness. If you shift an inch and step on the wrong path in the wilderness, your life can be snuffed out in a blink of an eye. Navigating through the wilderness requires strategizing to staying on course and not making a detour on the wrong path, for which is why you need Jesus alongside you daily to guide you, and to direct your path. Jesus is your daily overseer keeping you at bay from falling from Grace on the wrong path, whereas everything is stirring in the stewpot from all walks of life, ready to snuff out your life.

The wilderness is the reality of real life that we all must face. When you water down the Word, not prepared for the real world, you are an easy prey. The wilderness is bigger than you and me, we must know how to navigate through the treacherous weather conditions. “Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness” is treacherous weather conditions that is brutal. If you are not geared up in the proper attire for the changing of the seasons in the wilderness, you need the Lord on your side, because you cannot make it on your own. Nobody knows the wilderness better than God, the creator of all things. God created every inch of the universe; He is best qualified to know every inch of His own creations.

Because of 1 Peter 5:8, cutting you a little slack in the wilderness is not a sure thing and turning the cheek the other way is not a daily survival tactic. Undoubtedly, God let us go through the shifting of the unfavorable weather conditions to bring us closer to Him, to strengthen us, and to humble us, grounded at the foot of the Cross. Daily survival in the wilderness is like a retreat, you must be geared up in your “daily warrior attire,” just to make it through the day.

You have to stand up for yourself in the wilderness. If you attempt to tiptoe around the wilderness, it’s going to be a wild journey for you, navigating through some dangerous situations, encountering snakes, and crawly creatures, for starters. Absolutely, you must gear up daily in your “daily warrior attire.”

One lie in the wilderness can start an all-out war, which is not the melody of the Gospel. Lord knows, you need to have your survival gear because the night air gets chilly in the wooded wilderness. You know what you need to do to survive, now prepared yourself for the battle to make it through night and out the wilderness.

The echo throughout the wilderness is not the soundtrack of the Gospel. Nature is brutal in the wilderness. It gets cold, you better know how to make a fire to get you through the night, or it’s going to be a rough night, whereas you may not make it out. You must hold to your strongholds when you are trapped in the wilderness. Which is not a place you want to set up camp for the long haul, getting snuggled, anything is liable to cross your path and devour you. When you are trapped in the wilderness in the blanket of darkness, this is when you have attempted to sleep with one eye open because anything is possible to come at you from any angle. Before you close the one eye, you need to pray, reaching out to the Lord is your only chance; recite “The Lord’s Prayer” if you have to, because you can use the Lord’s help; all the help that you can get on “Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness.”

At the end of the day sometimes you have exited the wilderness broken, a mess, beat down, slaughtered, and banged-up, but God takes care of you, preparing you for the treacherous journey to do it all over again, “Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness.”

At some point the shock of the wilderness wears off, and you take one day at a time navigating through it, but you do not get used to it. You may think you do, but you do not. Telling yourself you get used to it is your way of dealing with it. Everyone breaks. We all have a breaking point.

Here I go bringing this message in a bottle to a core close.

Do not fret on your “Daily Trekking Through the Wilderness.” God will take care of you the same way He took care of David when he fled from Saul. God prepared a place in the wilderness for the woman who fled, where she might be taken care of for 1, 260, days, and He will do the same for you.

Complaining and whining about your journey in the wilderness is not going to do you any Justice! God knows the Israelites gave an overflow of complaining. Moses and Aaron knows about their overflow of complaining too, which their ears sustained.

There are people who have ongoing complaining in their daily life which is not healthy. They go on complaining the same as the Israelites. Instead of land of milk and honey, they get a desert and they constantly complaining about their conditions. They complain about the God-forsaken wilderness that they traveled through. After spending time in the wilderness bondage seems more appealing to them than their freedom.

The danger of the wilderness is not a fairy tale. The Israelites faces many dangers. They had fears and complaints about no food. They faced thirst, hunger, and attack. Their situation in the wilderness became dire, where they could not visibly foresee a way out.

Regardless, that we live in an unrighteous and unpredictable world God is good for His Word that He will never forsake us. He hears the complaining of the Israelites. He made provisions and provided their needs for sustenance with daily bread, quail for meat, and manna for bread.

These things that the Israelites complaining about are not much different from the times we are living in with the background melody that times are hard, homeless people have nowhere to lay their heads, people jobless, unable to pay their bills, and losing their homes, for which is the true reflection of the reality of hardships and difficulties in the wake of a global crisis filled with riptides and turbulence.

When you get the urge to complain in the wilderness, take a moment to reflect on your life and you will realize that your complaints are minor compared to how far God has brought you on your journey.

The Holy Bible gives us the conditions for which we must bear our cross day-to-day. The bearing of our cross is not for a season, a day, a moment, and a year, each day God gives us Grace and Mercy to a brand-new day, we bear our cross daily in the wilderness.

God does not want us to retreat from our feelings and emotions, He wants us to express ourselves in a healthy way, not to keep things bottled up. Our Heavenly Father made us with feelings and emotions. We are not perfect just as the Israelites are not. We all have complained, and we all have complaints. Our complaints turn us to God. Thus, God does not condemn us for complaining when we call out to Him in our sufferings, trials, and acrimony.

However, we must do our complaining in a healthy way, whereas we are not pestilences. Complaining can turn folks away from you, bitter a relationship, causes folks to regret being in your presence, and to reject your presence.

After you have taken a stroll through the hospital you will see how meaningless your complaints about your life, and “life’s trials” are. You will leave the hospital smiling with inspiring, and tears at the same time, because you have realized you are blessed to have your wholesome life; and you should not take it for granted.

Your stroll through the hospital will change your views on many aspects. You will be encouraged to face your obstacles. We must be thankful for life and our loved ones and stop complaining about all the small things.

We all have dark moments in our trials, but we continue our journey thriving. We bounce back resiliently in difficult situations and circumstances.

Journeying through the wilderness leads us closer to God and His Word. God has heard all our complaining. We should draw near to the Lord on our “Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness.” Your desire in the wilderness is not a God-forsaken clock time or location.

God brings healing to our suffering in the wilderness.

The glory of God is revealed in our daily life, daily bread.

“Daily Life Trekking Through the Wilderness,” we must hold to God’s unchanging hand. He loves us. “God is for us, who can be against us?” God is everlasting the same yesterday, today, and forever.

God ordained The Inspirational Collections. Folks doubted God’s Word with The Inspirational Collections. Naysayers stood by waiting and watching for us to fail at what God told us to do. We kept on moving forward doing what God told us to do, the same way He told Noah to build the Ark, and this is where God have led us, thus far, in “His Holy Plan,” through the wilderness of the rain, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

My daughter and I are walking in God’s authority with The Inspirational Collections. God validated this Spiritual Writing Journey that we are on. God is not a failing One. If He said it’s going to happen, then it’s going to happen, because God is best qualified for keeping His Word. Just because God has given you deliverance, a vision, an assignment, and a task, which does not mean the rain is going to stop. The daily trials are the essence of life, they will keep on rolling in with the high tides, clouds, and turbulence until your last breath.

Amen, I have a voice that is loud and voice-tress, which is a significant difference from my quiet spirit, the two are not the same. A quiet spirit does not mean you are not voice-tress. Pick up a copy of “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride” and “A Woman in the Valley,” and discover what happened to my voice, the matters of the heart.

I self-described my “quiet spirit” as settled, you will forget that I am there. I do not embrace gossip and things of that nature. I stay out of stuff and slip away without you noticing I am gone. He say she say conversations are not appealing to me. Once my husband told me, “You are so quiet I forget that you are here.” Which my late mother told me in similarity.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

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"Believe! With God you Can Achieve the Unachievable”

An Inspirational Sermon Written Three Years Earlier,

This Morning, the Holy Spirit Spoke to Me,

‘Now you Can Post it, My Child’

September 4, 2022

All right! Get onboard and let’s do this in kicking it forward in this sermon with ‘A Living Testimony,’ upon my endeavor of my Spiritual Journey 2007 and continuing.

One witness I am for God that the impossible is possible. For the scripture reads, ‘Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You.’ (Jeremiah 32:17 NKJV). At the start of my ‘Spiritual Writing Journey,’ my daughter and I started with our faith and stepped out in God’s Word, walking by faith not by sight. I started with blank pages staring at me, knowing only I can author my story, so I got busy, filling the pages with my inspiring writings, and I have not stopped. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ (Hebrew 11:1 NKJV).

January 2007, we stepped out in faith, standing solely on God’s Word. We stayed on God’s narrow path, with Jesus guiding us and directing our path, to where God has brought us over thus far, on our mother-daughter authorship Spiritual Journey. My daughter and I have had our moments, working together, but overall, it has truly been a blessing working with my youngest daughter, on this Godsend ’Literary Project.’ Graciously Jesus, with gratitude.

The joy of the Lord! Jesus You are so sweet, and You have done wonders in my life. Oh, wonderful Savior, I would not be here without You taking the unimaginable journey to Calvary Hill. Heavenly Father, I give You the honor, glory, and the highest praises for bringing my daughter and I this far on our Spiritual Journey, a part of Your workmanship. We had a hard, hard time on this project. The Devil tried to block the Spirit of Truth of my story from going the distance for God. On top of that the Devil was hot on our trail trying to stop us. I felt like I was in the middle of fire, but I would not break, I did not break, and I will not break. Breaking is not my character. I knew the fire that I was in was no comparison to Jesus on Calvary Hill, which made me stronger than before, determined to keep moving forward. I was unyielding not to be stopped. As we progressed forward, Jesus brought us over through clearing the path. I dared not complained, instead I am grateful for God’s Grace, because I knew it could have been worse.

God is truly amazing to have fixed it for this mother-daughter team. Only by God’s Grace and Mercy, my daughter and I are still here, after all that we have been through. Jesus is my guiding light, directing my path. I felt Jesus’ presence all around me. Jesus carried me, which was an amazing serenity experienced. I have not wavered from ‘God’s Unchanging Hand.’

I encourage you to never give up on God and to never stop believing. I never stop believing that all things are possible with God. The impossible is possible with God. ‘For this reason, we also thank God without ceasing, because when you received the word of God which you heard from us, you welcomed it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which also effectively works in you who believe.’ (1 Thessalonians 2:13 NKJV).

All things are possible with God. Although it is difficult at times in our wilderness journey of a world filled with unrighteousness, even for me, too, do not let your heart, and mind ponder on the negativity that you cannot achieve the impossible. If you ‘Believe! With God you Can Achieve the Unachievable.’ If you have strong faith, you can achieve the impossible. If you believe in God’s Word, you will achieve the impossible. Jesus is the bread of life. ‘And Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life, He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.’ (John 6:35 NKJV).

In your journey, you will have struggles, delays, hardships, anguish, and despair. In your journey, you will endure life’s challenges, trials, storms, hurricanes, and a few flat tires. Yes, life’s troubled waters can be unnerving. But do not throw-in and quit on God, because God will never forsake you. Absolutely, do not part ways with God and do not surrender to defeat, because God will shift the atmosphere. ‘Believe! With God you Can Achieve the Unachievable.’ Just relax your wholesome self, release your mind, focus on God’s Word. Don’t you feel the serenity of His presence? Don’t you feel God is working it out? Yes! Yes, God promised if you believe and trust in Him, all things are possible with Him. Amen, God will deliver on His promises.

Nevertheless, it is fine to build up your life again when destruction has plagued your life. Stop covering with the omission, when are you going to start telling the truth about how life really is, because that fairytale thing, everybody is not down with that! When you become an adult, you have to deal with adult issues, not when you were a child, spiritual growth is what I am speaking about.

It is pivotal that you stay grounded in God’s Word, the teachings of Christ Jesus Who is the only foundation of the church, to strengthen your faith and your belief. The world is a different lens from God’s everlasting Word. Believing in God is more than seeking the knowledge of His Word. You must believe in God wholeheartedly and walking in the Spirit living a faithful Godly life, with His Word in-effect alive in your daily life. To receive God’s blessings, your due season, you must be obedient to His Word and so much more that is written in The Holy Bible. When you do not stay in the Word, you lack faith, you become a backslider, and you become a lover of the world, desiring the fleshly things of the world.

When things does not seem possible, trust in God, holding to your faith. When things does not make sense, trust in God, holding to your faith. What is life without faith? What is life without hope? A spirit without faith is a lost soul. A spirit without hope is a dead soul. A life without Jesus is an independent and bewildered soul roaming the earth. Life is meaningless without the Lord Jesus Christ. ‘But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He Is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.’ (Hebrew 11:6 NKJV). Your soul does not have to be lost, dead, and bewildered roaming the earth. Jesus can save your soul. Jesus is available to save your soul, right now, at this very moment. All you need to do is reach out to Him and invite Him into your heart, accepting free salvation.

Making eyes at a living testimony:

Dr. First Lady at Yellowstone Christian Center Church, looked over at me, as if she were speaking to me, and preached along the lines of, ‘There is someone in here who is going to buy us a million-dollar house.’ Good Lord, what happened to contentment, gracious for God’s blessings, of your existing house. Pastors already live in an affluent community. I know this to be true, because God blessed my husband in the position to have resided his family in the same general area. Absolutely, my husband is head of the household who pays all the bills. Your wealth and recognition does not hold weight with God, it is meaningless. It is amazing how people have worked their entire life for material possessions and in the end, it is useless. It has no value in heaven. It has no meaning in heaven. ‘For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.’ (Ephesians 2:8-9 NKJV).

Some have faced hardships and despair, which led them to become a bit frustrated with, wanting to throw in the towel. Some say they have prayed and prayed; nothing has happened; it’s taking too long for God to answer them. Where else do you have to be? Why are you putting God on a time clock? Stop putting yourself in despair, stressing yourself with impulse, which will lead you to do something regrettable, because your faith is being tested. Everything happens according to God’s Plan, on His Grandfather’s Clock, when He says it’s going to happen, not when you want it to happen. Where is your faith to question God that He is taking too long? God will do it for you, just like He did for the Israelites, released them from mean old Pharaoh. Jesus will do for you what he did for the paralytic. “But you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sin”-he then said to the paralytic - “Rise, pick up your bed and go home.” And he rose and went home. When the crowds saw it, they were afraid, and they glorified, God who had given such authority to men.” Matthew 9:6-8, NIV. I thank God for the wonderful blessings of a new day, for waking me up on another day’s journey. I know my Father will never forsake me. Down through all these years God has been too good to me. He brought me over. He brought me from a mighty long way. God has given me His Grace and Mercy, over and over. He has given me joy in the midst of life’s trials and tribulations. Oh yeah! It’s a brand-new day!

The evil in the word affects our lives and it has destroyed many lives. When you are blinded by your own sins, you have a misgivings outlook, you cannot see evil staring you in the face. The world is not a charming path that you cannot bargain your way out of, without Jesus. You need Jesus to bargain for you, you need Jesus to deliver you! When you have stopped abiding in God’s Word, stepped back into the world, you have opened the gateway to the evils of the world entering your home, and making the atmosphere unpleasant with sin, because you made a detour on the ‘Broken-Backroad’ of yesterday’s journey revisiting your old habits iniquities; a path that God delivered you from.

With that said, your downfall sinful path has consequences that can cause a massive destruction in your life. Your downfall sinful path that you have joined forces with, you have opened the gateway to have brought an unpleasant scent into your marriage, doing sinful worldly things that you have no business doing, as if it is okay, with your spouse, daring them to question you or breathe a word of it. And when they do all, he’ll break loose with you causing a domestic disturbance. Free willing, you made the choice to make a detour on the ‘Broken-Backroad’ of yesterday’s journey. You caused this, you brought this to your door, and you brought this evil into your home, by turning your back on God, stepped back into the world, and participated in a mountain of sin, living it up, with unequally yoked folks. Living it up, with the worldly lifestyle. Living it up, with making a mess of your finances. Living it up, with your sinful iniquities. Living it up, with a horrendous misleading tongue. Everything that comes out your mouth is misleading, with the intentions to cover your sins. On this backslider path, you become stubborn, arrogant, and pig-headed. You become a sinful nature person. What spouse want to deal with that madness! You have brought division into your home your spouse is a Christian and you are a backslider. Good Lord! Why would you desire to return to a lost path, a world filled with nothing but tragedies, that God delivered you from? Only Jesus can deliver you from this backsliding path, with the possibility of sending an encounter your way.

All things are not possible with man, but all things are possible with God. God is a miracle worker Who can do anything and the unimaginable. In your journey keep believing that all things are possible with God, do not throw-in and quit on God, and do not abandon the work that you have started for the Lord. Instead maintain your strong faith in God and keep going and do not stop to throw-in and quit. You cannot let yourself be easily beset sin defeat you, with self-destruction. Yes, living in a world filled with sins and evils, it’s hard not to become dismayed and weary. If you call on the Lord and ‘Believe! With God you Can Achieve the Unachievable.’

My heartfelt inspiration to you: When you have had a frustrating day and you are in a frustrating season, do not surrender to the point where you don’t care, Jesus is your strong tower. God’s people are strong warriors who do not surrender to defeat. If you feel like you don’t have the strength to go on, you feel like you are going to crumble, sick to your stomach, and that life is too painful, get up from your ‘pity-party-pit-spot on the sofa, put a smile on your face, and start with one step at a time, taking one-day-at-a-time praying, and getting better, Jesus is your strong tower. Each day you rise, put a smile on your face, our magnificent Lord is with you, taking care of you; He is keeping you daily. You must gather up all the broken pieces of your life and work on putting them back together. Your situation will get better. The Lord is your helper, and He will take care of you, making your situation better from you becoming a trainwreck.

Benediction. Graciously, our God is always there for us all daily. If you have found out the truth about something that was devastating to you, turn to your place of mercy, Jesus, the Rock of Salvation is your place of mercy. Never think that you are alone, we all have endured finding out the truth about something that we never imagined, something that was hurtful, painful, and devastating. If you have not endured this, keep living, you will, because we live in a sinful world. Because of evils and sins, the Gospel truth is, your life will never be picture-perfect-clean-slate. But glorious our God dust us off when we get a bit of muddy and gives us a clean slate with repentance on Calvary Hill. The refreshing of rejoicing in the Lord will get you through it with His loving Grace making you feel secure, and His loving Grace will bring you comfort. Go in peace believing in God’s Word, holding to your faith.

Oh yeah! God can turn anything around. I encourage you to read The Holy Bible for yourself, there is no greater book on earth than The Holy Bible.

‘Assume Nothing.’ I invite you to pick up a copy of ‘Jennifer a Young-Hearted Bride,’ to discover what this saying is all about ‘Assume Nothing.’ On ‘A Road Trip to Kentucky.

Good Lord, if you are putting forth effort to embrace the Spirit of Truth of my life story, and my inspiring writings, because your preference is placated, now is the time to jump ship. The totality of my inspiring writings are not shifting from the truth of God’s Word. Either way we are focused on God’s Path to ‘The Undefeated Street: The Church House,’ to do His business. We are picking up new passengers as we progress forward.

One has no authority, and it is not your place to tell one how to give their testimony, what to say, and what not to say, it is God’s ultimate position to do so. God supersedes man.

‘But Jesus said to him, ‘Do not forbid him, for he who is not against us is on our side.’’ (Luke 9:50, NKJV).

Mighty is our God!

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

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