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The Inspirational Collections

Understand Why Jesus Is the Way to Heaven

This series of sermons focuses on the fact that Jesus is dependable. You can count on Christ to guide you through life’s daily challenges of sin.

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God's Grace and Mercy!

God is Turning it Around!

God Turned It Around!

Prophesy! Dreams! Visions!

My "burden-bearer," real-world, crafty sermons are "outside-the-box," to aid you in navigating in your daily life, to face adversities head-on, deal with it as it comes, go through it and not around it. Just get to it and stop procrastinating. You do not accomplish anything when you hide and run from life's challenges, the problem is always going to be there lingering in your daily life, causing you to stumble on your journey. “No weapon forged against you will prevail.” Isaiah 54:17.


Jesus is the Pathway to Heaven

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 The Rejected Heart of God's Word

Plowing Through A Message In A Bottle

"Battlefront Needy People"

January 29, 2022

Coming Momentarily

Oh Yeah! Wholeheartedly with Faith, A Hallelujah Howdy to My Pastor T.D. Jakes and 

Pastor Don Darius Butler!

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Taking Stock of A Message In A Bottle 

"Daily Cosmetic Covering the Issues: Part One"


A New you for your Change, A Bright Light Shining on a Better Servant for the Body of Christ

The “They People,” mainly Christians, are within my diligent inspiring writings on The Inspirational Collections website are real characters, in my journey who are explored within The Inspirational Collections of Books, which the real characters intertwined with my creative writings to help us all become "better servants" of our Lord Jesus, and in our daily lives. If you are going to help people, curtailing the Holy Word will not instill God-fearing, which is lacking in real time. "Battlefront Needy People".

Encore from my 2007, underground “Spiritual Writing Journey.” Do you really, really know Jesus or do you know of Him? Jesus brings new life a new you, becoming a new and better you, letting go of the old you, and the ungodly things that you used to do in your old life that was not of God. Now that you are walking in a new light with the Lord Jesus, embrace conversion for change, dressed in new wine; on a new journey with the Savior who came to save us all. Amen.

Sweet Jesus, every hour we need you. None of us would not have made this journey without Jesus. We made it because He cares, and He loves us all. Take a moment and look back over your life and you will clearly see God’s goodness that you never would have made this journey without our Savior. If yesterday’s journey left you bruised, turn it over to the Lord, He can turn it around. Each brand-new day is a new journey walking in the light, working on you, to becoming a new you for your change, and a better servant for the body of Christ for you to draw people to your bright light, leading them to knocking at Jesus’ door to save their precious souls.

In spite of the turbulence around us from coast to coast aren’t you glad God let you make it through, for the good of His glory when many didn’t make it? Aren’t you glad throughout your journey our Father has been keeping your precious souls and kept you in perfect peace to still be here? Gracious Lord.

Unspeakable joy, He reigns! Each brand-new day is another day for improving you. Let your light shine on the “better” changed you in His House, not the old worse you. You don’t know my story. I’m so close my oppositions are still on my trail. Oh, what a victory!

  • Dressed in new wine, be a “better servant” abiding in God rules, statues, and regulations in His House.
  •  Dressed in new wine, be a “better servant” refraining from igniting friction and strife in His House.
  •  Dressed in new wine, be a “better servant” with gratitude without the expectation of recognition or fame in His House.
  •  Dressed in new wine, be a “better servant” halting from crossing over into forbidden boundaries meddling in folk’s business and causing grievances in His House.
  •  Dressed in new wine, be a “better servant” love the Lord with all your heart, be kindhearted to others, love your neighbor as yourself, and treat everyone right in His House.

Here it is, even the new you need to be worked on because sins creeps in through the temptations of your worldly desires of putting you back on the path of your old track record; with the brewing of a new storm bringing your opposition to your front door. It’s always something every day with daily life itself! Daily you must gear up for the spiritual warfare to weather the storm. Which requires you to ongoing working on you become a “better you” because of the prevalence of sins, wickedness, and evils. Sometimes sins derail you off God’s course, tapping into your personal integrity, doing new sinful things that is out of character for you, which the new you need another new you to step out of your new sins that you collected along the way when you were derailed. It’s good to go through the purging process every now-and-then. People because of sin and the Devil is always up to no good deeds a new you dressed in new wine is continuously working on becoming a better you in His House and your daily life, with God your guiding light. The inviting, and pleasantly new-better you look good on you in His House than the old grumpy you.

Nothing stays new, even the new gets old, which requires work and repairs. Therefore, do not become complacent in the new you, because the new you is going to collect some smelly stuff along the way, which requires you to clean out some stuff becoming a new-better you again and again in this never-ending process because of the prevalence of sins, wickedness, and evils, which is why we need Jesus every single day around the clock. Sin is an everlasting revolving door in this old world.

The Word of God is forever pushing you, backing you, supporting you, and loving you for your change, conversion, which is the core of what I am speaking about.

Mark 12:29-31.

A Jesus makeover is always exceedingly good! Glory hallelujah.

We all must “Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand.”

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Shuffling Through A Message In A Bottle 

"Keep Up the Front: Part Two"


Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Looking Through A Message In A Bottle "If No One's Fighting for you, Fight for yourself, God's in your Corner: Part One"

November 21, 2021

Jesus, thank you for your faithfulness, and for still being there for me all these years. To enter the gates of heaven you can’t go around the bridge, you can’t go under the bridge, you must be saved through the blessed Savior to enter the gates of heaven.

Here it is, you should trust in Jesus, He is not the same as mankind, who loves you today, and tomorrow they can’t stand you, talking about you, and backstabbing you, putting stumbling blocks in your way. Jesus is who you should not give up on, go on and lift your voice calling on Him giving Him the highest praises.

God gave me a mission with my inspiring writings, I can’t stop, I got to keep writing. Thank You, Jesus.

If you don’t have a testimony about what the goodness of the Lord has done for you, God bless your soul anyhow.

All right! Let’s roll with this Message in a Bottle.

Here’s the insight: that’s what they said yesterday that you are going to fail, but today God said otherwise, that you are going to win the fight, running the race. When people have written you off as if they think that they have God’s power to give the stamp of approval or not for you to succeed without them, they are not the head of your life to determine such a decision. Listen, “If No One’s Fighting for you Fight for yourself, God’s in your Corner” fighting for you with all the power in His hand. When God is in your corner backing and pushing you that’s all you need, because God alone is sufficient.

Everyone must bear your own cross and stop looking for other people to handle your complex issues. Strengthen up and give it your all, fighting your own battles, and don’t be weakened to pulling others in your battle. You should retreat to the tranquility of Jesus because you are wasting your time depending on folks to fight your battles, they can’t fight for you the way Jesus can. If you believe they can, oh, it’s just an illusion, because no one on earth has the power to do what Jesus can.

So, with that, you must fight your battles, and stop looking for the whole clan to get it done. Just because you have the whole clan backing you in the battle, it’s not guaranteed that they are going to get down, and dirty fighting your battle for you, instead they will leave you standing there by yourself, because it’s their first brush with a real battle, or because when they have seen your opponent is the size of the Philistine who Young David extinguished, they are not going to stand with you for the battle, instead they are going to sprint! Why should they fight, it’s not their battle, and besides they have nothing invested in you, and what’s in it for them?

Furthermore, that’s what folks do, they excuse themselves to get out of things, but the truth is, if you see the way some of them get down on the battlefield, doing nothing, you would have come to the battle alone, realizing that you are better off trusting in the Lord, fighting your battle singlehandedly. Don’t you know “If No One’s Fighting for you, Fight for yourself, God’s in your Corner.” You gotta have mercy and thank God for bringing you through each battle. You gotta have grace and thank God for keeping you throughout the daily battles of life, when He didn’t have to. Absolutely, you need God’s Mercy and grace because those old ragtag battles are going to keep on coming.

Having said all that, life is not always, “Oh, I’m just peachy,” which you should be careful with your footing, life can be slippery sometimes leaving you broken. Because of this, sometimes when you get caught up in a web of confusion the best thing is to walk away, instead of hanging around a scope of friction setting, preserving a memory. Do not be a victim, instead, be a survivor fighting for yourself and solider on living your life.

Hear this, when your adversary comes they are coming hard and strong, therefore, if you are not geared up in the full armor of God ready for the battle, and you have retreated to shivering in a corner, they are going to show up at your front door, have a field day with you, kick your door in, and set ablaze your house, leaving you feeling like you can’t catch a break, which you will find yourself in the same boat as “John Wick, The Chapter Movies.” John was on a newfound path leaving his colorful path behind him until tragedy struck, and trouble came knocking at his door. John lost his wife, he had no peace when trouble came knocking at his door repeatedly, entered his home, beat him, killed his puppy, and burned his house down, leaving him with nowhere to lay his head, and not having time to grieve for his wife. John became a one-man army when he chose not to be a victim and to fight his battles, with a made-up mind not to be defeated, then to crawl in a corner and have a pity party feeling sorry for himself. Yes Lord, John’s adversary came after him at his home, and burned it to the ground, only to find himself running from John.

From my perspective the waging war was not about the principle, it was about the sentiments of his puppy killed, a gift from his deceased wife is what motivated him to keep going to finish it.

And on the other hand, the theft of his car was never about the materialistic aspect of it, it was about the sentiments of the memories that he had with his beloved wife, which was the driving force of strengthening him more, determined not to be defeated.

However, when it’s God’s battle not only will God put you down, but He will make an example out of you the same way He did Pharaoh, and his sordid army. It doesn’t matter if you bring the whole clan to the battle, God’s gonna move all of you out the way, and do His thing anyway as He always has done!

John Wick was in his bed minding his own business when his adversaries broke into his home, bringing about the war that he was engaged in, which he was on the same battlefield path as Young David. If your adversary scents your fear, they will chase you down and tear you to pieces. Also, when you are on the battlefield, you have a timeframe, it’s not good to drag the battle out, just get it over with, and move on!

John was focused, mentally, and physically fit to have substantiated when he got beat up and banged up, but he did not give up, he kept on going. They canceled John and suspended all his services, but he still stayed on course because giving up was not an option, Christ Jesus on Calvary! Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem. John Wick rode a horse out the stable in the battle.

On the battlefield John kept moving from domain to domain reaching for the victory. If he had to listen to folks lecturing him and calling on some folks then so be it! God said to use your enemy as a footstool, which is exactly what John did!

The Angel of death, no mercy! John Wick told them whoever comes after him he will kill them all and he did! That being said, clearly John’s adversaries didn’t know the extent of John’s determination to wake up to the dawning of a new day. Glory hallelujah!

The thing is, when you have transparency, you can see, and hear the message beyond the movie. The movie is not the focus, the main message is the focus of staying on course never giving up on God.

Cease overly reacting to your trials, instead think things through, otherwise, everything will weigh you down with you becoming overwhelmed. In light of this, do not pretend that everything is fine when it is not, and you are overwhelmed, which the battles are still coming, and “If No One’s Fighting for you, Fight for yourself, God’s in your Corner.” Accordingly, you gotta take time out to rest, otherwise, you are useless to yourself, lacking the strength to gear up for the next battle coming your way, which you must be ready for, because no one else is going to take care of your battles for you, which is pointless thinking that they would when they know a whole lot of nothing. It’s good to remain faithful that God will show up at the battle as He always has, never letting you down.

Another day’s journey another tormented trial, which trials come suddenly without warning, it just happens, which is why you must always be saddled in Jesus, taking comfort in His Word, and cherish the gift of life on this vibrant planet, because you never know the severity of trials. Even more, you cannot let your trials take over your life, which comes with many twists and turns, instead you must keep living taking one day at a time, taking care of yourself.

The barometer has shifted gears to a “flock-of-sins.”

Don’t do it! Don’t let a flock-of-sins gravitate your attention so quickly, pulling you into the mess, missing out on your blessings. “If No One’s Fighting for you, Fight for yourself, God’s in your Corner.” Long as you are trusting in God and keep on believing He will bless you with your cup runneth over! Good Lord, don’t take my word for it, try the Lord for yourself. Once the Lord has enlightened you with His marvelous grace, giving you an overflow of favor, you will not be the same, and the good Lord will keep on blessing you, if you anchored yourself in Him faithfully, and trusting in Him wholeheartedly.

When God sends many blessings your way, a flock-of-sins, which is everywhere, comes at you for the purpose of luring you to go astray, and when that happens you should turn around and go back the other way quickly. More importantly, you gotta be aware of your surroundings due to a flock-of-sins are everywhere. As a result of doing this don’t fall prey to a flock-of-sins, flee from them quickly and stay grounded in the Word on the righteous path, because losing your soul for a flock-of-sins is not worth losing your soul over, and you must not allow anything or anyone to deter you from God’s Word. Our Father’s Word is all we have. If you don’t have Jesus, what else is there, except for hell, saddled with the Devil as your guardian!

A flock-of-sins is not peace and quiet, which is going to bother you. Therefore, when a flock-of-sins has landed on your doorstep, you better fight with all you got, because “If No One’s Fighting for you, Fight for yourself, God’s in your Corner.” To be sure we are on the same page, a flock-of-sins is not inspiration, but a distraction from God’s Word. When you feel like you cannot go a couple of months without a flock-of-sins, and you don’t know what you are going to do, spend relational time with God, meditating on His Word, or putting to use working on you for a better you. You must not focus on a flock-of-sins, but you must focus on Jesus, who is here for you, and you need Him, which it’s better not to involve yourself in a flock-of-sins, because you cannot unload it by yourself, you need Jesus’ help, which going to take work and effort to get back on track fighting the battle.

From time-to-time you will have a brush with fear knocking you out your zone, this being so, if you are used to running away from fear, stop and take it far out to sea and leave it there, due to in the wilderness you are at the mercy of nature, which you cannot have fear when you are hanging out with a flock-of-sins, because you are going to be doing a lot of fighting on that non-believer’s path. Non-believers are on their own path, you are either on the path with them or not. With time winding up you need to make up your mind.

Hear it is, the day-to-day reality of the world is every day we fight for survival on this journey holding onto hope, trusting in God to bringing us throughout the day, and give us one more day of breath to get this life thing right. It’s no hiding place and running from your fears, it’s always going to be there. Fear will subdue you if you don’t face it, not back down, take a stand and conquer it, because fear is not backing down, that being so, you must always rely on God fighting your battles through your fears. Do not live in a fog, instead let your fears motivate you facing your cold fears and not let fear flood your body. Otherwise, fear will put you under drawing your last breath.

You must be compelled to fight your own battles with confidence, because other people are not at task to fight your battles. You either face your fears or run on a fearful journey of survival. Ultimately, you ought to face your fears, and not dive back into the past, which brings back trauma issues, putting you in a twilight zone, something you don’t need. There is always a way forward with the passage of time. Therefore, face your fears and put them in the rear view and never look back. Because of this, don’t dig up the past, leave it rooted in the past. Yes, it is difficult to reconcile with your past, but peacemaking can be done if you surrender to the Lord; God said all things are possible with Him. When you believe, God shows up, and removes the stumbling blocks from your life, giving you a pathway forward to a healthier journey leaving the past behind. Read the Bible and let God’s Word put things in perspective for you. Jeremiah 6:11.

When you are faced with fear do not put your head down and start to tremble. Hello! If you didn’t catch that, I said, stop trying to weasel your way out of your fears and face it, because if you don’t face your fears, you are going to have a trail of tears. You cannot stay in the place of fear, you need to be strong in your fears, don’t hesitate, don’t pause and succumb to fear when it emerges, which is the essence of fear that tries to weaken you. This being the case, you gotta keep fighting your fears and never back down to giving up. Never think that you are not equipped to handle your fears, all the tools you need to handle your fears are in the Bible. You need your tools the same way you need skill to be independent, so you don’t rely on others. Each time you are afraid fear wins. Being afraid is an illusion, we have strength in the Holy Ghost Power.

Anyhow, it’s very noble of you to face your fears, which is always there. Fear has destroyed people, their families, and dreams, but you do have a choice of how you use fear, but more importantly, you should not let fear control you, if you do, your fears will take over paralyzing you to becoming afraid, and weakening you in your faith, but Hope and Faith will strengthen you in thanking the good Lord for one more day, because He didn’t have to have blessed you to waken to a new-day. Some folks are not getting it! Each day we wake up to a new day is another blessing. Isaiah 41:10.

And another thing, your adversary will attempt to instill fear in you, and sell you a story that you are not strong enough to fight your battle, when the truth is, you are a strong “Christ Devine Warrior.”

Don’t roll with fear, otherwise, you are going to find yourself in the dungeon. Instead, you ought to rebuke “The Spirit of Fear."

And furthermore, God’s people do not go in shut down mode and surrender to fears becoming a victim. And more broadly, you cannot not let your tragedies define you, making you a victim, because taking the victim stance is a choice, which if you are a victim, you don’t have to be anymore. God’s children are survivors and we solider on living our lives in the name of Jesus!

Although, when you get caught up in a web of confusion the best thing is to walk away, instead of hanging around a scope of friction setting, preserving a memory.

And hear this, when things did not work out and you let yourself down, you gotta get back up and get on it again! Because if you want it, you gotta fight for yourself, not forgetting God’s in your corner.

My closing words: Paradise looks good when everything is all dandy until your adversary has come and taken what’s not theirs. Which there comes a time when you have to take a stand and take back what’s yours, fighting for yourself with God’s in your corner, otherwise, your adversary will forget the apology, keep what’s yours, and come back for more, because you solidified it doing nothing about it, hiding in a corner shivering, and letting your fears get the best of you. You gotta stand up fighting for yourself, not allowing you to be a prey, and snatch back your victory from defeat. Because when you doubt, your fears win, and when many of you reflect over your life, you are amazed that you have been running from your fears, thinking everything is perfectly fine, all the time is an illusion, which you always need Jesus daily, because things are not perfectly fine all the time.

Added to that, do not ponder over the reflection of your life wondering “what if” you did this and that, only if I should, have, could have, and would have; there is nothing that you can do to change the wheel of your old life, victory is the presence. Therefore, why ponder over something you cannot change. Now is the time to face your fears, move onto a healthier journey, and welcome on a new path to the beginning of your new life walking with Jesus and putting your old life behind you living your life pleasing in God’s sight.

Dealing with your adversary is serious business, because of this, you should not go back-and-forth with your adversary playing around, it can come back to bite you. Aren’t you tired of being a “falling soldier” to your fears? Aren’t you ready to stand up for Christ and be a divine soldier? If so, the Bible has all the tools to give you the “skill set” to brave it conquering your adversary, who is your biggest contender, the devil! That is why when you have the opportunity to stand up to your fears you should take it, and your adversary will flee from you!

Look, don’t let your fears be an “open door season” on you! If you are going to defeat your adversary to flee from you, observation of their history comes into play of how they get down and learning their weaknesses on how you are going to defeat them, because they are determined not to be defeated. So, once you have committed yourself to studying your adversary, and once you have mastered that, then it’s on for you to have the victory!

Here it is, the reality is, you defeat your adversary the same way they captured your attention. You flip-the-script on them luring them on your turf with the very things that are appealing to them, and then you make your move when you have captured them in the middle of their weakest time, indulging themselves in what they like. And when you charge towards them with the victory, they will not see you coming because they have been blindsided by their weaknesses!

Jesus on Calvary, a deed of mercy, we have a profound duty to abide in God’s Word, which we all are in the need of the Lord’s healing power.

Jesus on Calvary gave us the opportunity to open our hearts to Him, inviting Him in, and many have walked away, with a false illusion that they have a better opportunity in the world. Oh, how wrong they are. A little attitude adjustment is not going to put a flock-of-sins at bay, they need a major adjustment, Christ Jesus, who is a joyful source in our daily lives.

Christ Jesus said, “In my Father’s House are many mansions,”

Humankind does not have God’s judgment power, sitting on the throne. On the grounds of this, no matter what sins you have committed and how big your sins are you have the right to be in the Lord’s House. God loves us all and Jesus saved us all.

Do not punish yourself drowning in your sea of sins from the past. As the minutes ticked by you can walk away from your sins to new beginnings. Forgive yourself God has forgiven you. Whatever your sins are they have already been forgiven, therefore, the door is open for you to come on in and let Jesus touch your soul. Yes Lord, you ought to walk right on in that door and let Jesus save your soul!

Folks do not hold grudges against others and your loved ones, we must all love and forgive. Call someone and tell them that you love them, and you forgive them. When you practice loving and forgive in your daily life it’s pleasing in God’s sight.

Here it is, when Christ Jesus is anchored in you, He will give you a new mind to love and forgive, so you can put your troubles and the past behind you, which strengthen you to let it all go and move forward.

Added to that, sometimes tough love is not the solution, perhaps the solution is to love and forgive. There is redemption to turn your life around, living a wholesome life walking with the Lord. Everyone deserves kindness and compassion and one day we all will reach the place of the end of our journey.

Do not let your hopes dimmer, remain faithful in the Lord. With that in mind, evil is alive around-the-clock, because of this do not let the devil sidetrack you in sounding the Word of God, not encouraging God’s children, and replacing His Word with irrelevant bitterness, vengeance, bickering debates of who is right, and wrong, who did what, and on-and on. Here’s the wonderful thing, God’s Word is promising, and it is forever the focus in His House not mankind’s word, feelings, thoughts, and perspective of one’s opinion, philosophy and ideology, as if God favors one’s more than all His children. “God loves everybody,” which is what my mother told me before she passed away. The truth of God’s Word is what you follow not what mankind’s word. The truth of God’s Word is what the Saints needs, not a bunch of what so-and-so said. Ultimately, God’s Word is always correct over mankind’s word.

With that said, Saints enters the church doors for encouragement of God’s Word. Life survival skills are needed in the world, due to its easy for many to be discouraged in this old world, which is why you must stay in the atmosphere of God’s Word with Thanksgiving, and to strengthen you to triumph over every obstacle.

Regardless of which way you cut it and explain why the mockery-mocking in the Lord’s House is not pleasing in our Father’s House. Continuous God’s Word should be the focus, sounding in His House. Absolutely nothing should overshadow God’s Word in His House. It’s good Thanksgiving when the Saints hear God’s Word and not all the noise, which is “ole time Church,” where folks remained at the same church until the end of their journey. God loves the good, bad, ugly, and His disobedient children. God loves all!

Graciously, this life you live and learn by life experiences, which sometimes everything cannot be handed over to you on a silver platter, therefore, you must go through the trials and tribulations to acquire wisdom, by going through a series of tests and trials, which translates to your life experiences.

We must seek our Father’s face, behold His face, and turn from the wickedness of judging others.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Clocking A Message In A Bottle "When No One's Motivating you, Self-Motivate yourself, God's in your Corner: Part Two"

November 28, 2021

Unmotivated folks sit-back-and-wait to be pushed to be motivated, because they lack the desire to better themselves, which their complaints about their challenged life is a broken record that you don’t want to hear, because they are time-capsules complaints. With a lack of motivation, they struggled trying to find their way, and they never settled on a career path. Not just that, but do not let unmotivated folks become a space invader in your life. Do not depend on people to motivate you when they cannot motivate themselves, who live their lives in-and-out of the same revolving door going nowhere, and when the next season rolls around they are still going through the episode of in-and-out the same revolving door. For this reason, “When No One’s Motivating you, Self-Motivate yourself, God’s in your Corner.” Every tool that you need to motivate yourself is in God’s Word. Take time out and discover this for yourself by reading the Bible. It does not matter where you start reading, just read. Do not cringe and be apprehensive to journey with Jesus all the way; He is a mighty good motivational source. That said, it cannot get any simpler than the truth.

Dismiss self-doubt and roll with self-motivation! Folks who lack motivation are complacent where they are. They are settled folks who don’t apply themselves to put forth the effort to use their God given talents to reach their highest potential, instead they have settled for the minimum in life. They are not self-motivated, and they lack the will to change. Instead, they are shifty folks frequently pondering over the negativity that has happened to them, throwing hissy fits over it, instead of rifling through their lives getting it on solid ground with the Lord, and more importantly, they let fear be a stumbling block preventing them from succeeding in their lives as God intended, not fulfilling their purpose, and not realizing each day is a gift from God, the Father.

Here’s the kicker, it’s good when we motivate each other, but you can move beyond the need, and the expectation of others motivating you, when all you need are your tools from the Bible to self-motivate yourself to sprang into action exploring every opportunity, with a good strong work ethic, and character.

The story of your life: When you are not self-motivated it’s takes you longer to accomplish what self-motivated people accomplished quicker than you. Such as twins for example: one twin may start talking quicker than the other twin, which the task takes longer for the other twin to accomplish because they lack the motivation and the talent that enabled the other twin to excel, which each twin is different and unique in their own way. And also, I must suggest that this motivated thing starts in the early childhood years.

Drag your mind out the fog of depression because nothing is going to magically acquire self-motivation for you. For that reason, you must put forth the effort, and do the required work to self-motivate yourself, remaining on your moral compass path.

More-less, do not let other people be your cover story for motivation. Instead, let Jesus be your cover story, holding true to His Word not people's Word. When you depend on folks for motivation who has motivated you once before, what happens when you are in a jam, and you need to be motivated to make a crucial decision, and your “motivation-person” is not available to motivate you in making the correct decision? Which is why in everything you do, you ought to depend on Jesus who you can always reach out to. Don’t you know Jesus cannot be replaced, He is nonexpendable. And furthermore, you can’t even depend upon yourself, you must depend wholeheartedly, upon Jesus, the Son.

When you start something you don’t give up you finish it! If you are not motivated to finish it, then pick up your toolset from the Bible and finish it, because “When No One’s Motivating you, Self-Motivate yourself, God’s in your Corner.” When you are self-motivated you are going to do what it takes to succeed, the same way the paralytic man did what it took who was let down through the roof, with the help of his four crazy friends who stopped at nothing to get him to Jesus for healing.

Things are not going to move upwards for you if you are not self-motivated. If you want to obtain anything in life you need a plan, however, you must be mindful that your plan does not always goes as planned, but you don’t give up, you keep at it, critiquing your plans.

Don’t let other people be in the driver’s seat behind the wheel, handling your business for you, they are not like you, a button-down conservative person to get the job done, something they know little about. So, with that, you must not rely on others for making decisions in your life, instead you must be proactive in making your own decisions. But more importantly, they are going to disarray everything into a pileup mess, with the revelation of wanting to be seen and heard that they did a good job, when they did a horrible job. You are strengthening in Christ, to motivate yourself that you can handle it yourself, doing a better job than they ever will. So, you see, you have the truth on your side, therefore, why let others handle your business when they don’t have the truth on their side. Do you see the logic in this?

Absolutely! You have stepped into some mess when you have entrusted others to do what God entrusted you to do. Then they get sidetracked not getting any work done because they want to go down memory lane with you, which you should not go, because it’s the past with the scenery of watching a rerun movie. Do you see my point? If you need a confidant booster, reach out to the Lord, not other people. When God has entrusted you with a task tailored for you, why would you entrust it to someone else to get the job done? Are you lacking self-confidence in you, trusting more in people than our Heavenly Father? Hebrews 10:35.

Added to that, yes, it’s your business, but some people like to run from their fears of handling their own business, but if you hold on, you will make it, aren’t you making it? Haven’t you made it all these years with the Lord on your side?

Don’t go down in history letting a lack of motivation have defeat over you, you can rise up from failure. Do it now! Dismiss self-doubt of inadequacy and roll with self-motivation of adequacy! Get in gear and let’s do this and get motivated!

A word: No one can stand in the judgment for you, you gotta stand there for yourself. Yes, stand there in the name of Jesus, you gotta stand right there in the judgment. The book of life. The second book of record.

Let’s keep this message moving. No fault! The Judgment Hall. Pilate told them he could not find no fault in Jesus.

Pilate asked for water to be brought to him, because he did not want to be guilty of killing an innocent man. He found no fault in Jesus. No fault in Jesus!

Pilate said to Jesus, are you guilty? Jesus stood there in silence.

Pilate told Jesus He’s not talking to him, and he has the power. Pilate was mistaken that he had all the power. Jesus spoke telling Pilate, you only have the power my Father gives you.

Jesus the healer healed the sick, fed five thousand, He took in the crippled, opened blinded eyes, fed the hungry, and He raised the dead. No fault in Jesus!

Jesus walked on carrying His cross up the hill to save us all.

Must Jesus bear that cross alone?

They crucified Jesus on Calvary. No fault in Jesus!

The way of the world is not of God. With that said, when you are on your last breath call on Jesus and He will save your soul.

Well, now that you know the good Lord for yourself, what’s the plan for the New Year in doing the good works of the Lord, a “Christ Divine Soldier?” The Garden of Gethsemane. Mark 8:31-38.

When praising and worshipping unto the Lord and it is depicted on how you should praise and worship, it is not authentic. Praising and worshiping the Lord is from within, wholeheartedly, with a loving heart, I believe. 2 Chronicles 5:13.

I Have Slammed the Breaks Shifting Gears To "Stop Living off Everything's All Right and Make Everything All Right"

“Stop Living off Everything’s All Right and Make Everything All Right!” 

Thank You God for a New Day!

All My Long-Suffering that I Endured I Count it Victory! 

Thank You for Keeping Me, Jesus!

November 28, 2021

God said He will never forsake His children; yes everything is going to be all right; there is hope! There is always hope, which you must not let the darkness of this world cause you to lose your faith, hope, and joy! But you gotta “Stop Living off Everything’s All Right and Make Everything All Right!” Pick up your faith and make everything all right, instead of waiting on God to make everything all right. God has given you all the tools you need to make everything all right. Go ahead and pick up your hope-tools from the Bible, to do the work that is needed to make everything all right, instead of taking a sit-back-and-wait approach, sitting around pouting for someone to make everything all right for you. It comes a time when you must mop up your own mess. God is the way out of cleaning up your mess, and He is the solution to making everything all right, but that does not mean He is going to do the work for you. You gotta trust God and do what He tells you to do, which will make everything all right! With that said, put away being complacent in your trials and tribulations, instead be productive digging yourself out of the rut, and not look for God to do it for you, when He has provided you with everything you need to dig yourself out the rut by doing the work yourself. God wants all His children to be productive. 2 Corinthians.

Of course, God will be there for you, pushing you, and helping you dig yourself out of your trials, working towards working it out. When it is God’s Will, for everything to be all right, you cannot make it happen, it happens when God says so. Yes! God is there for all of us to depend upon Him. But God does not want us sitting on idle time waiting for folks to pick us up; He wants us to be productive in doing His good works and be a strong Christian in doing the work to make everything all right and “Stop Living off Everything’s All Right and Make Everything All Right!”

Even more so, don’t let people put you in the position for them to be dependent upon you, with them telling you, “I don’t know what I will do without you.” When the truth is they should be saying, “Lord, I don’t know what I will do without you; you did it on Calvary for all of us.”

Keep in mind when you choose to be complacent complaining about your situations and circumstances, instead of doing the work, you are going to struggle in that place for a long time. Why do that when your time can be shortened by picking up your faith-tool doing the work to make it happen. Yes! You gotta get up and make it happen, which means you must make the decision to pick up the Bible and read it; salvation is for free.

Essentially, “idle time,” is not the main focus that I and speaking about. The main focus is your ‘Homefront,” and when you hit hardships, there is hope; you must not pout, and whine about it, and doing nothing about the situation, but complaining about it and waiting for God to drop the solution out the sky in your lap, bringing resolution, without you putting forth any work in helping your situation. God shows us the way, He directs our path in which way we should go, but you must get up and do it yourself, making everything all right, and “Stop Living off Everything’s All Right and Make Everything All Right!”

Folks, day-in-and-day-out everything is not going to be problem-free; we are going to go through some stuff that’s going to put us in the atmosphere where everything is not all right, but you got to get up, do the work and make everything all right. Don’t have the notion that you are on your own attempting to make it everything all right, God is there with you, guiding you and directing your path. On this account “Stop Living off Everything’s All Right and Make Everything All Right!”

Well, the truth be told, stop heating up the phone about your situation to folks, as if they have a “magic pill” to make everything all right; absolutely no one has a crystal ball to guarantee you that everything is going to be all right, only God can make such a guarantee. If you are worried, you don’t know that our God has the power to make everything all right. The matter of the truth is that folks have their own problems, which they are listening to you, but they are not hearing you, because they are pondering over their own situations, and circumstances. “Stop Living off Everything’s All Right and Make Everything All Right!” You gotta have faith and take a stance picking up the Bible and reading it, to acquire all your “life-tools” to make it on this old journey, and to learn how to handle your own matters of the heart, making everything all right. If you can just learn how to anchor yourself holding on to our Father’s unchanging hand, He will lead the way making everything all right in due time. It may not happen when you want it to happen, but the God we serve will make it happen His way! He is a provisional God. Good Lord, don’t you know you have the power to make everything all right! Jesus gave us the victory on Calvary. He rose victoriously with all the power. All His children come lay before the Lord at the altar which afflicts you. Ye shall take all thy burdens to the Lord in prayer. Glory hallelujah!

Stop covering that you don’t know, when you do know the truth of why this mess is before you and stop pretending that you don’t know why this has happened, and waiting on God to clean it up, and make everything all right. You can make it all right yourself by embracing The Spirit of Truth, and take accountability, for your mess, repentance in getting right with God. Situations and circumstances does not just happen, there is a reason every situation and circumstance happen, which is “sins and evils.” On the account of this, take accountability and responsibility for your actions by embracing the truth of what you have done, which is a start on a healthier path to making everything all right.

When you are on a start to a healthier path, you realized your minute complaining about everything is not all right when everything is all right; everything will look differently to you that everything is all right if you be still and take a moment to look around the world:

• People are missing limbs.

• People are never leaving the hospital alive.

• People are living in the streets.

• People are dying in high-volume daily.

• People are killing their loved ones in domestic violence disputes.

And just lastly, folks, do you see where I am going with this, you must put forth the effort to help yourself instead of sitting back waiting on others to help you; there is hope! Hope is Christ Jesus, who came to save us all. You gotta be motivated to help yourself. Folks tire of you calling on them for help, and especially when they need help themselves, and more importantly they tire easily of you not getting up to help you. See, folks don’t have the kind of strength that Jesus have to keep putting up with your nonsense, and you wasting their time, not attempting to help yourself to make everything all right. They know you are using them, but it comes a time when folks putting their blockers on because they have done all they can do for you, now you must take it to the Lord in prayer and help yourself. Jesus is who you reach out to for help, He will show you the way to making it all right.

Oh Lord, the clock is ticking, folks! You better get to it and stop wasting the Lord’s time, alluding to the problem and make everything all right by taking care of what caused the problem. Sometimes we like to cover up the truth of our sins, which caused the problem by turning the cheek the other way, hoping that God will make everything all right, without consequences of your sinful actions. Yes, God will make everything all right, but you still must take accountability for your actions to find resolution to the problem in doing your part to make everything all right. Yes! If you trust in God, He will change your conditions and make everything all right. Amen!

Here it is!

• You don’t tithe properly, but you expect everything to be all right!

• You don’t serve God faithfully, but you expect everything to be all right.

• You don’t abide in God’s rules in His House, but you expect everything to be all right!

Expectations in folks is not good, they will let you down period! Only God keeps His promises. It’s amazingly how folks have expectation of God to make everything all right when they are not faithful to Him, but because we serve a faithful God, He makes everything all right anyhow! Amen. Folks ought to give God the highest praises in adoration for making everything all right when they know the truth that they are not deserving! Even with that! They know full well that they should not be here among the living, because of what they were embedded in before Jesus saved their souls just in time!

Many are blinded by their worldly involvements until they don’t see how good God has been to them, and the stormy weather He has brought them through.

Aren’t you glad we serve an Almighty God who has the power to give us divine favor to make everything all right in the middle of our, pain, sorrow, frustration, and agony. Yes! We serve an amazing God! If some folks not saying nothing, let me help you out! Aren’t you glad we serve an Almighty God who put food on your table, kept your house from going in foreclosure, cleaned up your wayward child and saved their soul, and deliverance you from that hospital bed. I thought I would name a few!

God blessed you with the gift of life, now work that thing out, making everything all right! Glory hallelujah! God is worthy to be praise, the prosperous of His glory. Rejoicing in the Lord!

God’s mercy endures forever! He is good all the time, even in the midst of our trials and tribulations He is still amazingly good, letting the sunshine to the setting of the sun, bringing us through the night with His marvelous grace. Amen.

A testimony: Just the other day biking and singing the Gospel when it happened too many times to count; one of my loved ones who was one of the “chiefs” who said my daughter and I would not make this journey that God laid out for us, rang me, demanding with a strong-arm tone for me to give them a few hundred dollars, and…

Moving onto another brief testimony: My delightful older sister struggled with cooking. I loudly laughed when she called me to walk her through attempting to cook a full “Thanksgiving” dinner. God bless her heart. After it was all said and done, she told me, how do you do it, that’s a workout,” and I said…

Jesus loves us all, even the little children are precious in His heart. Mark 10:13.

Pastors, my main audience upon the release of “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride” I invite you to be supportive and bring a bunch of folks to purchase as many copies as you fancy.

None of us have an exempt card from standing in the judgment. We all got to stand in the judgment one day.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

A Looking into Life Changing, Obtain an Edition

Life Changing

Turning The Pages of A Message In A Bottle

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Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Family Livelihood

Thumbing Through A Messge In A Bottle 

"The Never Give Up Street"


Jennnifer, The Inspirational Collections

Family Livelihood

Rummaging Around A Message In A Bottle 

"Healthy Living Prevention"


Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Folks! The Coauthor is the First Reader of "Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride", Here are Her Sentiments

Excitedly, this is my second reading, I read the original version, now I read the revised version. Within this revised version, is effortless writing from my mother, who knows how to come down to earth, with her stouthearted narrative voice. I enjoyed the wittiness of this captivating memoir, that holds your attention with a full range of mixed emotions. My favorite part in the story is “A Road Trip to Kentucky” because this part of the story entailed the shocking revelations of a virtuous woman, my mother, while being relational with family, and what is endured in a virtuous woman’s Christian beliefs. All in all, one will discover the truth of living, after reading my mother’s memoir: I read, “Because of my writing journey I found me again, my identity, my voice, my soul, and the who I am.” 

I highly recommend the reading of this matrimony story of my parents for yourself, for the blessings of your own sentiments.

The Inspirational Collections are not blessings for within but for everybody.

Oh my goodness! A little known fact about my mother, she can throw down on some good down home cooking.


It's On the Way, 2022!

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The Inspirational Collections First Memoir, "Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride"

Lord, you carried me thus far, I am still here, available for you to continue using me. Yes Lord! I get joy for what You have done for me, bringing me over from the beautiful, rugged mountains. Lord, I will give a testimony. Send me, I will go.

I Didn't Reach This Journey on My Own! God Brought Me to This Journey with 

The Inspirational Collections

January 15, 2022

All the good, our God is still working miracles. He is the everlasting God who is still doing what He forever does, healing the sick, providing for His children, and keeping us all in His comforting arms. God is still making a way out of no way for us all, as “The Clock Keeps Ticking,” with yesterday becoming the passage of time. God brought me over from the beautiful, rugged mountains when He didn’t have to; for that reason, I refused to complain. I have remained faithful to the Lord, but sometimes, I, a servant of God wept on my “Spiritual Writing Journey.” Though it’s “all the good,” Jesus was there alongside me, navigating me through the unfavorable weather conditions, which turned mean sometimes.

In the middle of the turbulence, I did not falter in my faith when the character crew members within my inspiring writings threw blows-after-blows on my path, attempted to block me, though it’s all the good, Jesus was alongside me clearing the stumbling blocks off my path as I navigated forward reaching this journey where I am today; a place they said would not happen, yet a journey God made happened. God forever make good on His Word.

Graciously, I narrate, I have seen many hallelujah days. In spite of weeping on bended knees I still have the victory in not letting defeat pluck out my faith! The Devil is a liar! God said yes to validate this mother-daughter authorship.

Our Heavenly Father did this for us and He will do the same for you. God’s Grace is forever sufficient! Graciously, our Father’s Word is reassurance that there is Hope. We must trust Him, what else is there!

Let’s roll with my compelling message. Absolutely, I do not believe in wasting God’s time, I bring His messages diligently. I strongly believe you must always put your best foot forward working for the Lord. Amen.

When you are in a sea of doubtful folks there is a possibility that you may become contaminated by doubtfulness as well. Because of this, it’s imperative to maintain strong faith, and quickly remove yourself from the doubtful atmosphere. A sea of doubtfulness is a sea of brokenness of needing “The Holy Ghost.” There is not a need to be doubtful because God is who He said He is in His Word.

Saints must not doubt God, He is the same God of yesterday! God is not a God who backs down from His Word. Saints must believe faithfully that God is working for the good in all our favor. This journey we must continue to walk by faith not by sight. Yes, we must faithfully wait on the Lord. Prayer strengthens us in our waiting season, in our due season.

My daughter and I would not be here with The Inspirational Collections if we had not waited on the Lord faithfully. We believe God’s Word and we kept on plowing doing God’s Will. Yes! It got hard sometimes with the shedding of tears on both our behalf’s, but we kept on plowing. God said He will not forsake us, and we believe that wholeheartedly, being of good cheer. Glory be to God! Hebrews 11:6.

What’s more, in our sufferings and hardships we thrive with endurance, and we still come out on top with courage. In times of hardships, we must pray and humble ourselves improving ourselves and we must still do good in helping people. During it all, we are still surviving and thriving, living life with the good Lord keeping us. Our hardships strengthen our faith to be more like Jesus. We go through hardships to humble ourselves and strengthen us in receiving our blessings. Our hardships bring us back to precious Jesus, on the path of righteousness. On this account, we stay strong with a positive frame of mind; we made it out this far, didn’t we! Job made it out all right! The Israelites made it out all right! Joseph made it out all right! Ruth made it out all right! Paul and Silas made it out all right! And the Hebrew boys made it out all right! God said everything is going to be all right, then you must believe everything is going to be all right!

Count it all joy, I have embraced The Inspirational Collections, fully committed to it, waiting on the Lord patiently, and ongoing giving Him the highest praises. Jesus is my sole focus in getting the job done that He ordained for this mother-daughter authorship.

I refused to let defeat have the victory! God said victory is ours. Nothing is impossible with God!

  •  Count it victory! We released “Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood.”
  •  Count it victory! We released “Pastor Jerome Cutler: Life Changing: The Sequel.”
  •  Count it victory! We released “Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking: The Final Chapter.”
  •  Count it victory! We released “The Rejected Heart of God’s Word.”

Count it victory! We are steadfastly on God’s course as He clears the debris off our pathway making a way for us to stay in the race moving forward with the release of “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride.” My daughter and I are still holding on trusting Jesus, our guiding light.

A brief intermission to express, the folks who I am speaking about in my inspiring writings needs to come pick up their harbored baggage that they left hanging out in my “Volvo’s trunk, fuming the atmosphere. God gave me deliverance. I gave all my baggage to God, holding onto God’s unchanging hand. It’s time for you all to come for your baggage with the release of “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride,” and “Jennifer, a Testament of a Virtuous Woman.”

As “The Clock Keeps Ticking “time is our greatest ally” to the truth of God’s Word. God keeps His promises, and He always reveals “The Spirit of Truth,” in-due-time. God is an in-due-time God who is good on His Word at bringing what goes on in the dark to the light. God will not waver He will do just what He said.

Victory is the Lord. Continuously, God’s putting in motion using all His children to do His never-ending good works. God does His greatest work through His chosen children, like Moses, Young David, Paul, and so many more to this day in real time.

Your living testimony is not authentic when you have accepted the invitation from others to tell you how to give it, what to say and what not to say. Just because the invitation is extended does not mean you must accept it, and it certainly does not mean it’s from God. The Devil extends invitation to ensnare you in his deceitful web. Which is why, you must follow God’s instructions and not others, which is the course I have been on since the start of my “Spiritual Writing Journey,” and I do not have any intentions of shifting. You don’t know my story. On the grounds I am God-fearing, and I trust God, I am following His instructions. If you are going to give a living testimony for the Lord, let it be real. All that you do for God let it be real.

Of course, people are not walking in your shoes to dictate your personal life to you. They have not walked in your shoes to know what you have endured and been through. For that reason, If people are not healthy for you, forgive them for their transgressions, and move on without them. Because you have forgiven people who are not healthy for you, it does not mean you have to let them remain in your life, you always have a choice. Never let unwarranted people invade your life dictating this, and that to you, instead be opened ears to “The Spirit of Truth.”

This heart of mine is not heartwarming with disappointment that a pair of historical churches located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is in the process of being transformed to nightclubs. It’s a hallelujah praise when Saints come together in the name of Jesus, encouraging each other, and helping each other in building God’s kingdom. When you want everything for yourself, it is not the coming together of God. God’s people emerged together. God does not want His people deeply divided in conflict. The Devil does not wait until darkness falls, he works around-the-clock, attempting to stirring stew, fuming in the Saints’ atmosphere; always looking for new soldiers to build up his sordid army. Because of this, cease casting in the light unsweetened talk about each other. When you have unsweetened talk about people you have an overflowing of unclaimed baggage in your own closet. Cease casting in the light digging around in folks’ yesterday’s, instead come together unified in God’s glory. When God’s people unsweetened on each other the Devil sits back being entertained. But! When God’s people come together on one accord it’s the most beautiful melody.

In the foundation of what our ancestors endured there should be more cohesion in the faith-Christian community.

Paul and Silas worked together for the goodness of God’s glory. Their loyalty to the gospel is a lookalike of how Saints of God should pull together.

Embrace our history! We must not forget Dr. Martin Luther King, and our ancestors, who traveled a colossal journey with long-suffering that we cannot even imagine having reached this place where we are today, which the history of our ancestors is where we stand today. No matter what, our history is forever a part of us. We must always embrace our ancestors with gratitude and humbleness. Their journey was a hard feat, but they did not give up on God. They kept on trusting Him and we must do the same.

We the people of God, a faith-community are to put aside our differences and come together to focus on God’s Word. We are to be mindful in our daily lives pleasing in our Father’s sight.

The Devil is a liar! When it comes to God’s Word “Every Man for Himself” is out the window. We the Saints are unified in God’s Word. We are all one under the body of Christ. Jesus kept on walking up the hill for us all, no fault in Jesus, our blessed Savior.

Despite the Devil is so confident with himself, so certain of himself, and so arrogant of himself, of course, he knows God forever wins; it’s you who the Devil attempts to lure into his deceitful web. Which is why it is imperative that you stay in the Word connected to the Almighty God.

Let us be glad rejoicing in the Lord! Hallelujah, we all must abide in God’s Word. In His House we have rules to obey and regulations to follow.

What a joy God gave us on Calvary!

Psalm 27

January 12, 2022, conversing with my analytical daughter, the coauthor told me it’s hard to impress me because I am a laidback, down to earth, humbled person. I smiled and said…”

“Daily Recovery, Clean Up, Mop Up Time”

We are Not Helpless and Hopeless; Jesus is with Us All!

Every single day is “Daily Recovery, Clean Slate, Mop Up Time.” As long as you have breath in your body and wake to the dawning of a brand-new day there is something to recover from. Ongoing we are recovering from the reality of this real life. Even so, if you are a perfect person without faults, you have absolutely nothing to recover from, because everything in your life is perfect, and you do not go through anything to recover from.

Daily life comes with “Daily Recovery, Clean Slate, Mop Up,” such as the following:

When you lost your job yesterday and rose this morning, you thank God for a dawning of a brand-new day, then you get on with your “Daily Recovery, Clean Slate, Mop Up Time” of working out your jobless situations. You do not waddle in it, wondering what you are going to do, instead you get up, get on it, and make something happen. We all have gifts and talents to help ourselves instead of depending on someone else to make it happen for us. With that said, you must do something, because bills need to be paid, your children need to be taken care of, and you have responsibilities and obligations.

God is forever in control. When nature brings a major natural weather disaster, you must trust the Lord. No matter what the outcome is you must still hold on to hope and pray.

A testimony: A voice crying in the wilderness, I know a bunch about surviving a natural weather disaster. Within my “Autobiography” in this chapter of my life story, God watched over me and my family giving us mercy in the mean weather conditions of “Hurricane Andrew,” bypassed our home with barely any damages, while all the homes around us were either gone, crumbled, and had unlivable damages. After the storm God brought us out the eye of the storm all right. You better believe when God says it’s going to be all right, it will! The thing is you don’t know my story. You were not there on my journey walking in my shoes.

After the storm, our “Daily Recovery, Clean Slate, Mop Up Time” started. I have a testimony. God spared my life to bearing witness for Him that He is still here working miracles. It was a miracle we survived the eye of the storm.

Absolutely it’s no secret what God can do. He brought us out the storm and He will do the same for you!

People do not complain, can you imagine our ancestors’ “Daily Recovery, Clean Up, Mop Up Time,” from what they endured every single day? Our ancestors worked together not against each other.

God gave His children the power to speak. In your “Daily Recovery, Clean Up, Mop Up,” speak to the mountain and tell it to move out your way. Jesus has the power to move the mountain out your way, you must believe that faithfully.

Life comes with crises and conflicts. You cannot sit on the sidelines of life. On the other hand, if you attempt to do so, life will push you into the daily life trials. The good news is, God will give you an “Avenue” out your trials the same way He parted “The Red Sea”.

“However,” each dawning of a brand-new day God gives us a “Daily Recovery, Clean Slate, Mop Up Time,” to clean up our lives shining in His light, giving us a fresh start to get right with Him.

It’s all right to put the cork in oddly dancing around your matters, and put forth the effort to backwash your matters, and stop letting them pile up, taking over your life with ongoing situations, circumstances, and use the Bible at your disposal to “Daily Recovery, Clean Slate, Mop Up Time,” to getting your life in order.

Put a stopper on ignoring the immense challenges of life instead you must face up to life, participate actively in your life, and not unload your matters of the heart in other folk’s hands to work it out, putting both of you in the matter, which can do more harm than good. God is who He said He is in His Word, for this reason, put your matters in His hand. God has the power to work anything out, making everything all right, if you trust Him. Glory hallelujah! It may not be all right the way we wanted it to be, but it will be all right the way God intended.

Some of you are not getting it. Yesterday your life was a mess, today God woke you to a brand-new day, giving you a “Daily Recovery, Clean Slate, Mop Up Time,” when He didn’t have to. Glory be to God.

The interior of your personal integrity, cease letting the matters pollute your life. Stop plotting and planning ugly for ugly, and wickedly for wickedly against each other, which in the end you are hurting yourself by tearing down your own life to becoming tiny fragments. God can give you a “Daily Recovery, Clean Slate, Mop Up Time,” to put the fragments of your life back together, if you trust Him faithfully. God is a “Daily Recovery, Clean Slate, Mop Up Time.” God can fix any fragmented situation.

Plug the efforts of appeasing people, attempting to appease people is never enough. You must know God’s Word to have understanding, not in conflict with His Word, which your energy should be put into living the Godly life righteously. Otherwise, the ugliest of sins will change the landscaping of your life.

Says who, according to who’s standards that you are safe inside of your guarded-gated community! No matter how careful you are in life and where you live you are detected on the Devil’s radar. You need to be guarded in the Holy Word.

Every day we wake up we do not want to go to war, yet every day is a “spiritual warfare,” but “The Good News of the Gospel” is, Jesus is our shelter, protecting us all, restoring our strength sustainably. The Lord will not forsake us, He is the captain of our daily spiritual warfare, alongside us all on the “daily battlefields” fighting for us. So, we soldier on our daily journey taking a new path forward on our Jesus-journey, embracing God’s Word in our daily life.

The livelihood of when all is going well in your life, oh what a time many let their guard down, forgetting about another storm is on the way. Those nagging storms are going to keep on coming, but God brings us peace in the middle of the storm keeping us calmed; the same way He calmed me in the eye of “Hurricane Andrew.” If you had seen what I went through in the eye of the storm, you would not complain. You don’t know my story. God dwells with His children daily, keeping us all the same as He kept all His children in the Bible days.

Briefly, I say to all the parishioners as myself, free your mind, relax, and retreat from pondering over tomorrow, a day that is not promised. Go ahead and smile, it’s good for the soul, to smile rejoicing in the Lord. I say this with all sincerity, we all have been through some tough waves but with the good Lord we rode out the waves because we are still here. All the good, keep your head up trusting God, because you know what! Everything is going to be all right because God said so.

Everything is going to be all right is not a “cliche.” God is who He said He is in His Word; therefore, everything is going to be all right. Glory hallelujah!

All the good, when life has knocked you down, get back up trusting God, and you never give up. Otherwise, life will rip you to pieces. You keep holding on moving forward, holding onto God’s unchanging hand.

When you were barely hanging on God was hanging on for you, because His infinity never-ending love for us all. God is not going to forsake you when you are going through it, He picked you up and restored your faith before, so what makes you think He is not going to be there for you and do it again? God did it once He will do it repeatedly. On the grounds of this, do not worry, instead keep rowing, God’s got you covered. God is your strength and your everything when you are weak. What about all the times God stood by you, He did not give up on you, He saw you through it all. When times were tough God took care of you. God keeps His promises.

  •  If you are frustrated, it’s all right, God’s in your corner!
  •  If you are hurting, it’s all right, God’s in your corner!
  •  If you are in the crushing season, it’s all right, God’s in your corner!
  •  If you are feeling like giving up, it’s all right, God’s in your corner!

It’s okay to get on bended knees praying to our Father. Have faith, everything is going to be all right. God is fighting for us all.

It’s time to step out the rain and back into His House where the glory of His Word is shining in the light, sounding the triumph that everything is going to be all right.

The tender mercy of God is upon us all on this journey of ours, but still there are going to be days of rain and thunder causing us to be down sometimes in this murky world. But the good news is, Jesus is there to take care of us as He always does. There is always a “BUT.” God can always convert your troubles into a “but,” fixing it and making everything all right. While the infinity God is working it out for you, He is working it out for the folks over there, the folks down there, and the folks up yonder, which means our God is a global God who is everywhere. If you believe that, then stop walking around with the dead look on your face. Pick yourself up and rejoice in the Lord. Our God is a God of the living not a God of the dead. So, we humble ourselves and say, “Thank You, Jesus.” Mark 12:26-27.

The Judgment Hall. Our blessed Savior. Jesus kept on walking up the hill for us all. No fault in Jesus our blessed Savior. Matthew 21:4-5, 8-10.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

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