The Inspirational Collections Highlighted Two Approaching Memoirs 

Welcome aboard The Inspirational Collections official website! If you are new on board this website, and you are lost without clarification of what my daughter and I are speaking about and the purpose of this website, well, here I go, clarifying. We are speaking about Jesus, the Savior. We are speaking about God, the Father. We are speaking about the sins of the world. We are speaking about daily life. The Inspirational Collections books are written diligently, speaking about Jesus, the Son of God and God, the Father who sits on the throne in heaven.

Within each of The Inspirational Collections of composed fictional books, I have created scenarios of fictional Christian families going through the trials and tribulations of the sins that exists in the real-world, the real times that we are living in. In each book, I have highlighted how each family triumphs over the sins of the world, that are likely to touch every family in the real times, that we are living in. Perhaps even your family has been touched already by the sins, that are displayed in each book, as I have. If not, keep living on earth, you will be touched by the sins of the world. Why? Because we were born into sin. Sin is all around us. Sin is amongst us daily, wearing different faces, wearing different hats, every day, all day long, seven days a week.

An Inspirational Message from Jennifer

“Life is Not an Illusion”

“Jennifer, A Young-Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One,” is not an embellished memoir written from a fairly-tale angel for you to temporally feel a spark of joy. That is a fairy-tale illusion. Life is not an illusion. Each of my memoirs are written in truth of what I experienced on my journey in this old, shattered world.

Each of my memoirs does not give a false illusion that evil does not live amongst us, that evil is not in the world, that evil is not all around us. To have the mindset that evil does not exist in the real-world is an illusion. Life is not an illusion. Each of my memoirs and each fictional spinoff book from my life story are not cute fairy-tale storylines that fit neatly in a box with a beautiful red bow on it. The Inspirational Collections of books portrays the real times that we are living in not an illusion world whereas everything is sweet. The Inspirational Collections of books portrays the real-world that we are living in.

When you live in an illusion you are the perfect victim to be preyed upon. You are the perfect victim for a tragedy. You are the perfect victim to be taken advantage of. When you live an illusionary life, you are not strong in your faith, you are not strong in your Christian walk with Jesus. When you let your light shine in God’s righteousness, you contribute to overshadowing the evil in the world.

Life is not an illusion. A fairy-tale prayer with carefully chosen, elaborate words is not going to help you. A truthful authentic prayer to God will help you. God wants a relationship with you. God wants to hear your voice. When God knows your voice, that is when you have a relationship with Him. It is good to pray for yourself in your own words, using your own voice.

When you stop and look back over your life, it is not a fairy-tale that God brought you out of. You never could have made it out of what you endured in the wilderness without Jesus! A fairy- tale story did not bring you over Jesus brought you over.

When you paint a false illusion of the world through your writings you are not helping anyone. When you paint the true portraits in your writings that is when there is hope that you will touch someone’s life or some people’s lives, turning it around in assisting them on the righteous path.

Jesus on that “old rugged cross” was not an illusion. Daniel in the Lion’s Den was not an illusion. When the three Hebrew men were thrown into The Fiery Furnace, by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, that was not an illusion. When God put Jonah in the bottom of the belly of that great fish that was not an illusion. God used Moses, gave him special powers, to demand freedom for His people and to lead them out of slavery in Egypt into The Promised Land. Great us our God!

Oh no, without a shadow of a doubt, no boredom is going on in my memoirs and The Inspirational Collections of spinoff books from my life story. I do not write boring books. The gripping plots in each of The Inspirational Collections of books entails the real-world, the real times that we are living in. Mainly my books are not boring because I lived a drama-filled life, which makes The Inspirational Collections of fictional spinoff books from my life story exceptional inspirational books, as well as my memoirs.

The rumor mail-buzz, on our ship: This mother-daughter team's ship is about to get crowded, picking up new passengers from coast to coast, of every nationality, on our independent marketing campaign. We must keep this ship moving standing solely on God's Word, depending only on God, with Jesus directing our paths.

The Inspirational Collections of books are anchored in Jesus! This mother-daughter team has no intention of turning this ship around, throwing in the towel on God. We never wavered from God's course. We are moving steadily forward across the ocean, making pit-stops, picking up new passengers along the way; inviting them onboard with this mother-daughter team, to build God's kingdom.

No matter how rought the tides get, my daughter and I, are staying on God's course. We don't know about you all, but we know can't nobody do you like Jesus!

A Word to Our Passengers

Our website is solely designed to be informative about The Inspirational Collections of books, giving you a background feel for our book. Please cruise through our website to familiarize yourselves with our Inspirational books.

Our newest happenings is my upcoming three memoirs. You do want to keep your eyes peeled for these once-in-a-lifetime memoirs. These memoirs are unique, crafty and written with creativity, that will maintain your attention from the beginning to the end. Below is a short briefing for each memoir.

Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One (This memoir opens the door giving an up- close look at me, Jennifer; and a look into when I started my underground writing journey, the New Year, January 2007. Also, you will meet some of my character crew members).

I am a go-getter type of person, who believes in getting the job done, for the Lord. When writing I have the mind-set, if I am not going to put forth my best effort, in writing for the Lord, move out the way and let someone else do it. Anything less is unacceptable. Having said that, because The Inspirational Collections of books are fictional spinoff books from my life story, therefore the writings of these books are personable to me. My daughter and I, take, The Inspirational Collections of books seriously. Moreover, the books are practical and relatable, written from a real-world angle. I take my time earnestly writing each book, to be pleasing in the Lord’s eyes.

When I shared with my daughter, the coauthor, that God placed The Inspirational Collections of fictional books on my heart, she said to me, "Another boring Christian book. Christian books are boring, Mother.”

I assure you my daughter was singing a different tune when she read Pastor Jerome Cutler Family Livelihood. Each new book that I began to write she is anxious to read them. A few books, she put me on a time clock, just so she can read them. I often tease her about her boring Christian books statement. And she tells me each time. “Mother, I take that back, your books are far from boring.”

I thank God for bringing my daughter and I together, as a mother-daughter authorship. Within my spirt, not only do I encourage mother, but I would like to see more mothers and daughters working together.

Another Brief Showing into the Storyline, Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One

How Did I Capture My Character Crew Members’ Attention?

I captured my character crew members’ attention quickly. I used my creativity in capturing their attention. I knew to capture their attention, I had to step outside of my quiet-spirited persona, my character and captivating in my writings, that was out of character for me. I knew I had to be loud in making a lot of noise. I made a personal decision to do what was necessary to capture my character crew members’ attention. Therefore, I stepped out on faith and purposely wrote my writings raw, from a slightly firm angle, with the use of captivating-striking words. This was challenging for me, but then again, those who knows me, knows I do like a good godly challenge.

I exclusively used my creative writings, clearing the character crew members’ junk out my Volvo’s trunk. I creatively took their junk out my Volvo’s trunk and used it on the frontline, to capture their attention in reading their own junk that they left hanging out in my trunk. Putting their junk on the frontline was A Return to Sender,” message telling them to come pick up their junk in my trunk. I didn’t want their junk hanging out in my Volvo’s trunk any longer.

I saved me for the back burner, which became “Buzzin’ Around Jennifer’s Thoughts and Feelings: Book Buzz-Part Two.” What I learned on my writing journey, “Buzzin’ Around Jennifer’s Thoughts and Feelings: Book Buzz,” when folks read about their own junk, you capture their attention quickly and successfully. This is how I hooked the character crew members’ attention. I hooked them on my inspiring writings from my underground “Buzzin’ Around Jennifer’s Thoughts and Feelings-Book Buzz,” leaving them with a whetted appetite to want to read more more of my story writings.

I engaged in personal conversations, e-mails, phone conversations, with the character crew members, which allowed them to ask me questions about my inspiring writings. Many of them wanted to know when I was mailing the next subscription. I drew them into my life story, reading about their own junk, in telling them “Y’all, Character Crew Members, I’m Truckin’ your Junk out My Trunk. You Need to Come Pick Up Your Junk!” This was my number one successful angel for capturing the character crew members’ attention, quickly. I had great confidence, that I would be successful, because Jesus was my guiding light and God was directing my path.

My Passion

Art, painting, arts and crafts are my passions. My book covers are unique and creative, drawn by me. I do have a passion for art. I am crafty with my hands. I enjoy making old things new again. I enjoy creating new bountiful things, pleasing to the eyes. When I am involved in these passions, it is very relaxing. Which puts me in the mind-frame of a different world. It is somewhat hard to explain the feeling. This passion will always be a part of my life.

Often when I visited the "Post Office" employees and customers complimented me, on my drawings, that were on the subscription envelopes. It was Inspirational to me, when the “mail carrier” said to me, “Are you the artist of those drawings?”

I smiled. “That’s me. I like drawing.”

She said, “I delivered one of those the other day, with your drawings on it. Very nice, your drawings put a smile on my face. It’s nice to look at.

I thanked her. She expressed her thoughts to me. “When I saw your drawings, I said she must be a teacher or something, because drawing like that takes times and patience.”

My Dexterous Hands

People have told me, that I have dexterous hands. It is because of God and my father. God blessed me with dexterous hands. My father used his dexterous skilled-hands, to help develop my dexterous hands.

People have told me, that my home is emasculate. It is because God and my mother. God made me who I am. My mother taught me how to keep a house. My mother taught me the threes, Cook, clean, and do laundry, and a bunch more.

My daughter, Shareka, the coauthor expressed to me, “Mother, you have dexterous hands.”

I have dexterous hands because of my father contributed to the creativity of my God-given hands, such as helping him build our barbecue pit, put up panel in our home, lay bricks, and he taught me how to clean our family boat.

The Journey of

Cold Creek Missionary Baptist Church

Florida, The Sunshine State

Joining Day at Cold Creek Missionary

Baptist Church, August 2, 2009

She was a part of the ministry, who assisted us, Ms. Ministry was all over my husband, as if he was the only one in the room. She navigated through the paper process with ungodly behavior. She gave him extra attention in constantly asking him did he need help. He repeatedly told her he was fine. Each time she asked him, she bent over putting her chest in his face. 

Good Lord, I went to church to hear God's Word; instead I had to deal with Jezebels sniffing around my husband and kickback podiums. Please do pick up copies of my memoirs and read all about it.

What a “Mighty God” we serve. Ooooh...Lord, “Count It All Joy". Bring it on Satan! I got my war clothes on. I have been up for the battle, since the day, I started working for God, young-hearted. Consequently, you must brace yourself for a sizable fire of heartaches, and perhaps panic- stricken, when your husband picks up those “keys", climb behind the wheel, take off his wedding band, and turn on the ignition and inexplicably disappear, with his cheater-face on. Into the cheaters-realm. Of course, without telling you where he is going, as he has been doing, since, the beginning of the marriage. I assure you, the likelihood of him going to visit his dear old grandma or going by Jack, his homey’s house, is not his destination.

Infidelity, causes communication silence, in the marriage, among other things. You must drop the notion that his infidelity cannot, happen in the low-key of the morning. It does not matter if it is broad daylight or dark-night, “It does not take a man all day to do what he needs to do.”

Wives when you are in an adulterous marriage, it is imperative to your sanity that you hold onto your faith and remain strong in God's Word, and not fall weakened to  becoming brittle. With the passage of time you will heal and replace the pain with the joy of the memories that you and your husband made together, in the joyous times in your marriage. Your puppy-love marriage does not have to end in irreconcilable differences.

In thought, am I speaking about my memoirs or am I speaking about an upcoming fictional book, please pick up copies of my memoirs and discover the truth. "Gorgeous! Gorgeous, gorgeous, just handsome he is. Each time he exit his home into the world he turns the women's heads. Women found him attractive. He was well-styled. Charming, and meticulous in giving his infidelity track."

Well, folks, I have given you another sneak peek into “Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One. If you desire to read more of my life story, “The Marriage Matrimony,” please do pick up a copy of this fantastic memoir upon availability.

These are three spectacular and stunning memoir that you do not want to miss out on reading. If you are looking for memoirs that are different, unusual and not boring, these memoirs are for you. If you are looking for the boring traditional memoirs, then these exciting, action-packed memoirs are not for you.

Why not skip to our Store Page to purchase our released books from Pastor Jerome Cutler’s Trilogy. Our store page will take you directly to the Amazon online store, where our captivating books are available for purchase.

Oooowee! God is keeping this mother-daughter team. He worked it out for us. Popularity and status hold no weight with me. All that passes away, except for God's Word. I rather live right, in doing the Lord's work. Than to burn in "Hell". Hey, heeeey! Jesus really cares. It will be all right. Mmm-hmm! I'm having a praise party up-in-here, getting the job done for the Lord, with The Inspirational Collections. Hallelujah Jesus!

“There’s no superstars on God’s program!” Death does not dis criminate; death does not care who you are and your status. When death comes knocking at your door, no matter what your popularity and status is, you will not receive special treatment. You will go through the same process as everyone.

Clearing Out More of My Past

A butterfly found a resting spot on top of my Volvo, but that is okay. I got to keep moving clearing out my past. Jesus, you are my solid-rock and my inspiration, as I navigate this Volvo, clearing out more of my past. Heavenly Father, you are my constellation. It is the same car with a different load from my past. Some of it is hot, a fire extinguisher will not help. I had to call the fire department to put out the flames. I got the gas pedal down at full speed. There is more of my past to clear out. I do not waste time with the  Lord on my side, I will be just fine. Those who hurt you, you must find loving and forgiveness, toward them in order to move on living a healthier life. It is what I have learned and experienced in my journey, “Hallelujah Jesus!”

Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One

Delving into this entreat, cultivated and crafty memoir, "The Marriage Matrimony" is the highlighted main attraction. Each chapter in this non-traditional, creatively memoir, gives you an insight, into my life story. This gripping memoir is not a biography, it is an introduction into my life story. Throughout this memoir are my captivating thoughts and feelings, filled with many inspirational messages. Saddleback and relax, as I cruise you throughout this dynamic-wisdom filled memoir.

The Inspirational Collections of strong-electrifying memoirs are not the typical traditional memoirs, with my face plastered on the book covers, of any of my book. It is not about me. It was never about me. It is about Jesus. It has always been about Jesus.

I am content with my laidback, down to earth persona, steadfastly on God's course. I have no intention of shifting from His course.

Heeeey! It's okay, get over your transgressions. The sun keeps rising and the sun will keep setting, onto a brand-new day; for you to start over fresh, to a new beginning, a new you. Yes Lord! You give us a wonderful chance at a new beginning, daily living.

It's back to "The Clock Keeps Ticking," do not keep waddling in your transgessions. Stop with the pity parties! Get over it, already. Let go of your transgressions, forgive your heart.

Who said you are going to be perfect overnight, you will never be perfect. All you can do is pray, and keep striving towards perfection, with God. 

Hey! 'God's Staff Members,' we won't stop. Look at me, Jennifer, the main character of "Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One", so can you.

God Was Watching at Yellowstone Christian Center Church

Florida, The Sunshine State

Multicolored balloons decorated the beautiful brightly sanctuary for First Lady Dr. Clarice Williamson’s birthday. First Lady sat on a stool in front of the congregation, dressed in a green jacket, long brown skirt, and spiked heels.

First Lady sat on the stool, with a pompous disposition, greeting church members, surrounded by the church Armor-Bearers. On either side of First Lady, the Armor-Bearers men held white containers to collect First Lady’s birthday money, as congregation members came up and dropped some in for her. I watched with unsetting thoughts roaming around in my head, as those men clutched those white containers as if their lives depended on it.

After the birthday money was collected, First Lady stood on stage and announced there was birthday cake in the back for everyone. She dismissed the congregation, telling us to get some cake.

As the members left the sanctuary, First Lady called loudly, “Can someone bring me a small piece of cake? Just a little one?”

My carefully, cultivating writings delivers this sermon in its entirety in "Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord's House: A Memoir-Volume Two, "Among other captivating-enchanting sermons.

The Inspirational Collections comes with a grand purpose. To build the Lord's house for a "Godsend Pastor".

-Jennifer,"Oh, yeah! God is so amazing."

Jennifer's Second Enthralling Memoir,

Jennifer, My Writing Journey E​xperiences in the Lord's House: 

A Road Trip to Kentucky: A Memoir-Volume Two

An Overview of Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord's House: A Road Trip to Kentucky: A Memoir: Volume Two

Within this enthralling memoir, I take you on a voyage, throughout my journey through the Lord’s house, exclusively focusing on “Yellowstone Christian Center Church, Florida, The Sunshine State,” while at the start of my “spiritual writing journey.”

What happened in the Lord’s house and what I experienced on my “spiritual writing journey,” in the Lord’s house was a shocking revelation to me. I never would have imagined what I experienced in the Lord’s house would have happened. As a child growing up in the church, I never witnessed the things that I experienced on my writing journey in the Lord’s house. I am forthcoming, today, about what I experienced in the Lord’s house crosses my mind. But I do not dwell on it. I let them sail on not disturbing them. What I have learned on my journey is that your past will always be a part of your life, it will always be there. But you can move on with your life living a healthy life. The thing is before you can truly move on, putting your past behind you, you must confront your past, deal with it, bury it and move on. This is what I experienced on my “spiritual writing journey.” This is the heart of what my “spiritual journey” was for: finding out the truths and confronting the truths and my past. You can move passed the past. My past does not define who I am today. God defines who I am. God has the last word over my life.

What I have experienced in the Lord’s house on my writing journey felt like I was in a war zone. I could not believe what I was witnessing, only to realize the sad truth that this was happening in the Lord’s house. Some of the things that I witnessed blew my mind, feeling as if I was on Satan’s territory. I had to deal with disrespectful Jezebels chasing my striking husband for his attention. One Jezebel went as far to “stalk” me in the Lord’s house. On top of that I had to deal with kickback pulpit ministers who personalized my inspiring writings. If you are going to give an authentic living testimony for the Lord, it’s all or nothing.

Good Lord, my living testimony for the Lord is written with “full grace,” but it is not a fairytale, doctrine up, and curtailed to appease. Jesus on that “old rugged cross,” was an authentic portrait. Oh no! On Calvary, Jesus did not have on a suit, tie, and shoes.

What I have learned on my writing journey in the Lord’s house, is that there is a big difference between “Saved and a Churchgoer.” Keep your eyes peeled for this upcoming sermon for The Inspirational Collections website, “There’s a Difference in Being Saved and Being a Churchgoer” Saved: For starters is a born again Christian who believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, you accept conversion, obedient to God’s Word. A Churchgoer: Is someone who say they are a born-again Christian, but their lifestyle says otherwise. They attend church unchanged, disobedient to God’s Word, and does nothing the Holy Bible says. They show up for Sunday morning church service going through the motions. They attended church for many different reasons. Their number one reason for attending church is for the “grand old socialization” not fellowship. There is a big difference in fellowship and socialization. Did I hear something about “Dignified Christians?” Oh! The “Dignified Christians” are in my upcoming series “A Church in the Cambridge: Humbling Thanks-Part One. Good Lord, I cannot invest too much time in this overview, I have work to do for the Lord. I am out of here to tackle this mighty sermon.

My Jesus! What I have learned on my journey, it’s not good to go knocking on folks’ doors, if you are not ready to hear the truth. You cannot pick and choose what part of a person’s living testimony you want to hear. It’s all or nothing.

What I have learn is that it’s not good to go knocking on God’s door for the truth, if you are not ready, and equip to handle the truth. When God show up and answer you, there is no turning back. Once God open the doors to the truth lowering the hedges for you to see the unimaginable, there is no turning back. Your only option is to ride it out. Good Lord! I am putting you at the entrance way of my living testimony, my life story that is.

No human being on earth are perfect and live a perfect life. No human being will be perfect because we live in a sinful world and evil lives amongst us. Therefore, it’s safe for me to say I have some problems, you have some problems and the world have some problems. The raining blows of life is residual, becoming combative and grudge-holding is not the solution, you must assess the situation of how you are going to deal with it, navigate through it and not look backward.

Also, I continue where I left off in my “first memoir” about “The Boot Hill People from the Past.” I take you on this voyage giving grave details on the journey with “The Boot Hill People from The Past.” Perhaps after reading more of the grave details you will be shocked as I was, considering I was there in the mix of those “Boot Hill Peoples’ madness”.

My inspiration to you: The power of the love of God can bring you out of any down and out season. Go ahead, just let go of the pain that has been aching your heart. It’s time to let it all go because this is your season for God’s deliverance. He has been preparing you for your season. Now that you have spent time in that old storm, God has opened the door to deliver you, moving on to doing His will, of what He has prepared you for, while you were in the storm. In the storm God blessed you with gator-skin, to withstand what’s ahead as you navigate forward in doing what He has laid out for your precious life.

On my writing journey God gave me deliverance. It felt as if a ton of bricks had been lifted from me. God gave me peace in my heart. God gave me wonderful rest. Oh no! Nothing will sway me from my devotion to the Lord. No amount of “money” in the world can sway me to sell my soul to Satan.

What is posted throughout The Inspirational Collections website is not for enjoyment and pleasure, it is the work of the Lord directing my path in what to post, not what I want to post. God is in control of my destiny, the head of my life. Jesus on that “old rugged cross,” was not for enjoyment and pleasure.

Oh yeah! I have a living testimony that Satan cannot stop! “It’s Gonna Happen,” when God says so.

Oh yeah! I’m out of here singing, “Open Door Season” by Deitrick Haddon

A Tailored Sermon for "Jennifer My Journey Experiences in the Lord's House: A Road Trip to Kentucky: A Memoir-Volume 2

"Overstepping Boundaries in the Lord's House"

Before I make way into this sermon, I speak with glorious joy to the Lord. I am sovereign to God for keeping me. So amazing is Christ Jesus, the sweetest sound of His name brings cheer to my heart. There is an aurora about the name of Jesus, that is so amazingly gracious. If you free willingly, decide to turn your life over to Jesus, He can amazingly turn your life around, putting you on a good, prosperous path. Jesus is so wonderous who can do the impossible in your life, that you thought was impossible. With Jesus’ unconditional love He will change your old ways to new ways. Yes, if you free willingly, decide to turn to Jesus, He will see you through anything.

Victorious God, I am standing at Your door speaking to You, with this sermon. Father, I am standing in the doorway of “Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord’s House: Volume Two.

I take this moment to clarify that this sermon is not about the word “perfect.” There are existent Christians who are complacent taking God’s Word out of context; to excuse their ungodly behaviors, you are saying stuff to get out of it. God has cleared the path for me to write each sermon that I have written for The Inspirational Collections website and written in each of my books. Diligently I work for the Lord. If in any way shape or form that I feel that I am not going to an earnest job for the Lord, putting forth my best efforts, I will move out the way and let someone else do it. But! That will never happen, because I am devoted to the Lord in doing His works earnestly. I believe God is always “first.” Moving forward I have been on God’s obedient journey with this project since January 2007. Oh yeah! Let’s get to it.

Nowadays there is a lack of respect for the Lord’s house. Sunday after Sunday people have and are continuously “Overstepping Boundaries in the Lord’s House.” In this sermon I get in and out swiftly, not hanging out spending too much of God’s time breaking down the lack of respect for the Lord’s house of what I have witnessed on my writing journey. People didn’t you know, no matter how genius you are and how high your IQ is, the authenticity of these real-world sermons that I have tailored-written for The Inspirational Collections website, you cannot make this stuff up. Please do not take my word for it, go ahead and investigate for yourselves. Miraculously, enlightened you will be, or perhaps, you already are.

Everyone has thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Whether they express them or not they still have those thoughts and feelings. Yes, people have expressed to me, including myself, that it is annoying that ministers accommodate residual late arrivals to Sunday Morning Church Service.

Indeed you are “Overstepping Boundaries in the Lord’s House,” and it is disrespectful to God when the same residual people arrive to church service late. People are disturbed during praising and worshipping to accommodate late arrivals.

Indeed you are “Overstepping Boundaries in the Lord’s House,” and it is disrespectful to the Lord when the same residual people arrive to church service late, disturbing pastor’s diligently written sermon. The shepherd of the church should always be given the upmost respect to be on time for church service to hear pastor’s sermon from the beginning to the end. For God is the Alpha and the Omega.

Of course, we all have encountered or will encounter mishaps that will delay us from being on time for church service, but you are in a different category when you are residually late for every church service. My Lord! Is the Lord not important to you for you to put forth effort to break your tardy cycle and attend church service on time? Instead you yield to put forth very little effort continuing with your tardy cycle.

The Lord has to be the perfection of your faith, if not you will fall. Two things that will stop you from entering the kingdom of rest.

1. Don’t go astray in your heart.

2. You did not know Jesus ways.

Bible study and prayer can be an activity. God wants His children to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Knowledge of the law is not what Jesus is looking for, He wants a relationship with you. He wants to know you by the sound of your voice on your bended knees praying to Him. He wants to know you by the sound of your voice in conversation with Him. He wants to know you by the sound of your voice when He hears your voice calling out to Him in praising and worshipping.

A testimony: During a fellowship dinner with church members, the Mrs. expressed that she was disgusted with the stage attire. She mocked how a church member was dressed inappropriately. She pointed out the inappropriate church attire to her daughters, telling them that’s inappropriate church attire and for them not to come to church dressed that way.

Pastor sermonized from the podium, “You don’t have to come to church dressed up for God, come as you are.”

Moving on with my testimony: This Sunday waiting for the church doors to open, a church member complimented my family’s traditional church attire. He was disturbed and assertive when he expressed to my husband and me. “It’s nice to see people in church attire such as myself. People don’t respect the Lord the way they used to. These people come to church dressed any kind of way. My son is in the Children’s Ministry. He wanted to dress like those kids in jeans and sneakers. I explained to him jeans and sneakers are not church attire. We come to church dressed in church attire. I want to teach my son the proper way to dress to church.”

1. Good Lord! This Sunday entering church a lady walked out of church dressed in blue jeans showing her belly button with a short top on exposing her stomach.

2. This Sunday a lady stood praising the Lord dressed in what looks to be a beach dress with her entire shoulders and back exposed.

3. This Sunday a lady in leadership had on shorts with pantyhose.

Gossiping in the Lord’s house you are, “Overstepping Boundaries in the Lord’s House,” and it is disrespectful to the Lord. You must learn to behave yourself in the Lord’s house. When you are in the Lord’s house you must be tactful to be mindful of others, and mostly aware of your surroundings, that someone is always watching and listening, when you think that they are not. What they overheard you said will be repeated causing friction in the Lord’s house.

There is a lack of respect for married people in the Lord’s house. Up close in person, I experienced and witnessed this to be true. When you have a lack of respect for married people, purposely, invading their space by taking romantic interest in one of the spouses, causing interference in their marriage you are “Overstepping Boundaries in the Lord’s House,” and you are disrespectful to the Lord. On my writing journey, the disrespectful things that I have experienced in the Lord’s house are unimaginable to put into writings. But! By the grace of a Lord I was able to put it in my memoirs written with full grace.

A testimony: Each memoir on this website were completed in its entirety. At least I thought they were completed, ready for publication, I can only imagine my own private thoughts when God sent me back to my computer to rewrite each memoir with full grace, not unpurified, the way I had written them, and He gave me new titles for each book. It is not beneficial to go rounds with God. Not only does it please the Lord when you are obedient to His Word, life is less stressful for you.

This sermon is not about protocols in the Lord’s house. But since I am in the threshold of this sermon I may as well briefly touch on it.

Embrace the full gospel. You may not agree with God’s plan, but you must follow it or go somewhere else! If you do not have protocol in God’s house, you will have people wanting you to take their judgement and opinion. Then they will crossover into forbidden boundaries and take on the mindset that they are the “shepherd” of the Lord’s house, when in fact they are not qualified for pastor’s position.

Protocol is a necessity in the Lord’s house, which briefly includes proper conduct, rules, and guidance for His children to follow for “victory blessings.”

1. God gives us vision: Plan of God.

2. God is a God of protocol.

3. Be successful: Get a plan from God.

4. People fail when they do not have God’s plan (1 Timothy).

5. Violated God’s protocol and death will follow.

6. God has a way for us to do things, not your way, but His way (1 Corinthians).

7. God wants protocol in His house.

8. Rules of guidelines must be of the same rules of God. There should not be division in God House. Plan the work and work the plan.

9. Protocol causes peace, harmony, unity, and gives direction (Hebrew 13: 17).

10. Protocol makes it easier for the leader to have sight over you.

11. God leads people to church, when He does, you enter into a covenant.

12. God will open doors for you. Do not do anything without checking with God first. Do not do anything without first asking God about it. And then act quickly when the answer comes.

You should take your time to know people first, who they are and where they came from and not trust them implicitly no matter what their credentials are. Otherwise your life can be turned upside down in a blink of an eye, with the possibility of Satan devastating your life in a short period of time. I am here to tell you that Satan is not good people, that beast is bad weather with miserable conditions of many thunderstorms. People come into your lives for a reason and a purpose, some with secret agendas. If you do not take the time to personally get to know people and you allow them to enter your life at your own risk, there is a strong possibility that you are going to find yourself in a very long storm, with your life a mess. When you are quick to let people in your life, you will find yourself on the edge of darkness. A darkness that only God can drag your mind out of the fog of depression.

When there is a disagreement with leadership on any level, you must go to leadership by appointment, not talk in open but privately. When you make an appointment with leadership, you have attention to the situation. Pastor requires respect for his position as the “shepherd” of the church. Pastor has the final say so. Always end decisions in prayer and peace. Despite leadership heard you out, there are people who will still think leadership was wrong in their decision. They will go out mad with an attitude.

I am at the clincher-heart of bringing this sermon home. “You Can’t Run from God Playing Hide and Seek.” God sees everything that goes on in His House, in your life, in the world, below the covers of the clouds and below the blanket of darkness.

It is not wise of you to think that you are not “Overstepping Boundaries in the a Lord’s House,” and thinking God did not see you when you entered the “club” last night and the next day, you entered the Lord’s house on Sunday morning, sitting in the deacon pulpit. God saw you! “You can’t run from God playing hide and seek. Make up your mind are you going to serve God or Satan? You need to make up your mind, the timeline is getting tighter, which leads you into an upcoming “Fall” sermon.

When you try and serve God and Satan at the same time, you bring confusion about to the Lord’s house, causing a disturbance, by adding to bringing worldliness in the Lord’s house. It does not take an army to cause a disturbance in the Lord’s house. All it takes is one person to spread the contagious sin throughout the Lord’s house.

It is not wise of you to think that you are not “Overstepping Boundaries in the Lord’s House,” committing sinful acts discreetly. Nothing is discreet to God’s eyes. God is the creator of all things, He sees everything. It does not matter if you believe this to be true, which is every soul will have their one on one time with God to explain some things, that they committed, but they knew better. It does not matter if you believe that God is not God, because at the end of the day God is God, the creator who created all mankind. He is the same God who is coming back just like He said He would.

It is not wise of you to know that you are an adulterous wreck of a man, and to brazenly think that you are not “Overstepping Boundaries in the Lord’s House,” that God did not see you when you eased your way into Mr. Blackmon’s back door, to romance Mrs. Blackmon, after her husband left to work the graveyard shift. My, my, my I tell you the truth, in that darkest moment it’s not a big misunderstanding when Mr. Blackmon made a detour home because he left his snack box on the counter. I don’t need to spell out the blood splatters when Mr. Blackmon entered his home to hearing bedroom noises, pulled out his “Smith & Wesson” and headed up the stairs to the master bedroom. God saw you! You can’t run from God playing hide and seek. People who live an illusionary life with a preferred listening ear to fairy tale sermons, have the expectations: a fairy tale outcome from sin, well! They are always going to be disappointed because that is never going to happen, because sin is evil, and evil is sin. The real-world outcome of sin is not always a pleasant scenery to the eyes. The outcome of sin is not always what you hoped. The outcome of committing sin in the Lord’s house has consequences.

My sermon’s main message. When life has thrown you a curve to deviate you off God’s course, with the temptations of the sins of the world and you lose sight of what really matters, Jesus, you must not waste time, you must be swift to getting back on God’s course as quickly as possible. You must be strong in your faith to denounce the temptations of the sins of the world. All you need to do is call on His name. He will give you the motivation to get back on track, by bringing back into remembrance of the goodness that He has done for you, how He supplied all your needs and how he gave you wonderful rest. Yes, you have it all with God, you have all you need with God. Yes, you are deserving of God’s blessings. All things are good with the Father, now, get back on course quickly, our Father will take care of you.

My inspiration to you: Hold onto the beautiful name of Jesus, while you are going through your trying times of life. Jesus can raise you from the weakest moment of your life. Just hold onto the beautiful name of Jesus, He will silence all the noise around you. Hope is alive, within you daily. Do not let the daily challenges of life overshadowed that Jesus is hope and He will never leave you. In your daily life all you need is the Lord who is the alpha and the omega, the Prince of Peace. Get em’ up! Get those hands up and praise the Lord. The Lord will never leave you. Things are not going to go well for you, when you try to make it in this old world without the Lord. It’s too much evil in the world, you need the Lord’s guiding light. You are too close to turn back now. Get em’ up! Get those hands up and praise the Lord. You have come too far on your journey. Just hold onto Jesus’ unchanging hand, He has brought you this far, you are too close to the Lord to turn back now. You are in very good health, with a lot of life left in you. Do not give up on hope now, keep moving forward praising the Lord, through your challenges.

His glorious benediction. It’s going to be all right. Whatever you are going through, God will turn it around for you, making it all right. Please do not give up on God when trouble comes on your path, when you have been lied on and stolen from. When the Christian company embezzled from this mother-daughter team’s debut novel, we did not give up on God and throw in the towel. We did not let evil change who we are. We knew in our hearts nothing happens without God having a hand in His grand plan, for a mighty purpose, for His unchanging hand. I personally know from my life experiences that God allows things to happen and He will turn it around putting you on display, making an example out of you. God will bring down evil within a blink of an eye. We turned the matter over to God. God has never let us down. We believe with our whole hearts that God is handling it. When it’s God’s job to handle evil, you must move out the way while God does His thing. Nothing happens without God allowing it to happen. So, I say to you never give up on God, the sun will shine, you can always count on God. He will never let you down, Everything that has happened and is going to happen because it’s all a part of God’s grand plan, for a purpose. Nothing goes unforeseen by the Father. No sin goes unforeseen by the Father. Keep moving forward on your journey, despite what you are going through and have gone through. Do not let the sins of the world have control over you and who you are. What you do is turn it over to God. When God has a plan laid out for you, no one can stop it. Go in peace with a loving and forgiving heart. It pleases God when you forgive those who have trespassed against you. Hallelujah Jesus...go in His peace.

A testimony: Personally I go to church to hear God’s Word sermonized correctly. It was not a good feeling each time I attended church and ministers came at me from their kickback pulpits. This is what happened to me on my writing journey, each time I attended church service. This is what I experienced each time I attended church service. I was in distress and I had no peace in the Lord’s house. Ministers interfered with me attending church as normal people do, because they were intrigued by my inspiring writings. None of them knew me personally. None of them took the time to know me, if they had I would have joyfully shared with them that the Lord was and still is my guiding light on my spiritual writings journey. A church sister inquired to me out of curiosity on this matter. I responded, “I bore when ministers preaching my writings constantly. I don’t mind them preaching on it in righteousness.” This conversation continues one of in my fourth memoir.

The silver lining is you do not know me, you do not know my journey, you do not know what I have been through, you do not know my story, you may think you know by hearing bits and pieces, but you do not know my story, you do not know why God put the sweetest sound of His Gospel music on my path. When you take the time to know a person, you have the understanding. When you take the time to know what a person has gone through, you will have the understanding. When you take the time to know me, personally, you will have the understanding why God’s sweetest music will always be a part of my life. God’s Gospel music is not a part of my life because I said so, it’s because God said so.

Jennifer, I am, the Godsend unwavering voice behind The Inspirational Collections.

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