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The Inspirational Collections

Inspirational Messages From One of the Authors

Through The Inspirational Collections, the authors hope to leave a positive mark in the lives of every reader.

Daily Life Trials

The Inspirational Collections

Empowering and Uplifting All People, Through Our Inspiring Writings, Shining the Light on God's Word



‘Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.’ (Psalm 119:105, NKJV)

Glory Be to Our God! 

His Word is the Light of Truth!

Along the path in our daily lives the path keeps branching off in our wilderness journey of trekking through the wilderness and each new day we are blessed with another day’s journey, from our God.

God’s Word is strong and serene. Just as the lamp illuminates on the path to guiding our steps, the light of His Word illuminates our guidance of every step that we will take in the darkness of the world as we journey through the wilderness in our daily lives. Amen, God’s Word is good medicine for the spirit.

God directs our Godly walk in His Will and He makes our path straight in righteousness. His Word is the footpath forward to providing brightness for our everyday pathways through our challenges and difficulties that we all have endured in our wilderness journey.

God, thank You for the light of Your Word in the darkness of this World. Without Your Light, it is unimaginable where we would be. God, thank You for each new day on another day’s journey. Over and over You blessed us still when You didn’t have to.

Everyday that God gives us breath of our Gospel living journeys, we must not only carry the Gospel everywhere we go, but we must be a reflection of the Gospel of drawing lost souls to our light, and lead them to knocking at Jesus’ Door, to call upon His Name, and He will deliver their precious souls. The only living God is where eternal life is found, who sent Jesus to save us all.

The tender mercies of God is upon us daily. The infinity and beyond the never-ending God loves us all.

Dabbling A Message In A Bottle 

"Lean On Jesus, Not your Compass"

June 30, 2023

Oh yeah! Lord I'm Always Leaning and Depending on You!

 A Complimentary Coming Within This Message in a Bottle... 

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

“Lord Help Me to Hold Out, 

Deep-Rooted in the Rugged Wilderness”

March 20, 2023

Indeed, that’s the good news, Jesus is a keeper! Everyplace we go, guide us Jesus, keep us in our wilderness journey, and take us by our willing hands and guide us through each day with kindness towards others.

Let us go forward with having a looking around this season’s complimentary message from ‘A Woman in the Valley.’

Even before the sun comes up, when you are saddled in a hard feat, you must keep the faith in ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out, Deep-Rooted in the Rugged Wilderness,’ and ‘hold fast,’ to His Word. Yes, life gets slightly, rugged sometimes, whereas things happens all at once, which you are ‘deep-rooted in the wilderness.’ But that’s all right, God the source of Life is with you. God is not going to leave you deep-rooted in the wilderness. When it is time for you to reach the lighthouse, God will deliver you through the deep-rooted wilderness in due time, and not a second late.

Matter of fact, sometimes God will leave you in the rugged wilderness longer before He brings you out, because it is needed for your enrichment and development. God knows us as individuals, He knows what we need, and He knows what is best for us. He leaves you in the rugged wilderness longer for your good, to strengthen you in your faith, trusting in Him, depending on Him, and learn the lesson that He willed for you to learn. I tell you the truth from my own life experiences, if you do not learn the lesson that God willed for you to learn, absolutely, you will dwell in the rugged wilderness longer, and you will find yourself revisiting the same deep-rooted rugged wilderness, which you will pray to God: ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out, Deep-Rooted in the Rugged Wilderness.’

Amen, once you have learned the lesson, you can be rest assured that God will smooth out your rugged wilderness. God can smooth anything out, regardless of how rugged and rigged it is.

Even though we have had a hard-fought of life, the crushing blows of life are, by God’s Grace, the wheels keeps turning to another day’s journey. However, there are people who come out the crushing blows, broken and shattered, and sometimes we succumb, and the pain of our hurting heart slipped through, which shows our emotions. But the good news is, God is a mend-you-back-together One.

And worth noting, when our Almighty God puts you in something, only He can take you out. You are coming through the trials when God says so, not when you say so.

Oh, yes the Lord will help you to hold out in the rugged wilderness until your change comes. When you are deep-rooted in the rugged wilderness, God is working on you. He is renewing a new spirit in you. He is molding and shaping you, the clay to His likings. He is giving you a Jesus’ Makeover. Change comes with conversion. And when you are going through the conversion process, it does not happen overnight, which God takes you through the process, and bringing about ‘your change.’ Amen!

When God is taking you through the process of ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out,’ it takes patience. And you are going to endure your patience until God says it’s time to bring you through.

  • When God is taking you through the process of ‘Lord Help Me to Hod Out,’ He will help you to hold out in the roaring tidal waves!
  • When God is taking you through the process of ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out,’ He will help you to hold out in the rugged mountains!
  • When God is taking you through the process of ‘Lord Help Me Hold Out,’ He will help you to hold out in the gushing waters hitting against your boat at sea!

When you are lacking the patience in your waiting seasons, God will keep you there until you acquire the patience that He has willed for you to learn. We must do things God’s way and not the way we want to. Our way will never be better than God’s way. There are not any quick fixes in life and short cuts to making it happen sooner than God willed. We must wait on the Lord and pray ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out, Deep-Rooted in the Rugged Wilderness.’

Without a doubt, our journey in this earthly place is not easy, and the Lord Jesus Christ did not say that it would be easy. When it gets dark in the deep-wooded wilderness and you cannot see your way out, if you put your trust in the Lord like He told you and ask Him ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out, Deep-Rooted in the Rugged Wilderness,’ He will do just what He said. Praise God!

God knows we tend to get a little agitated when we are holding out for Him in the deep-rooted wilderness. He knows our frustrations and our private thoughts, but still you are encouraged to hold fast a while longer, until God says it is time for Him to bring you through. God will give you the patience to hold fast. And when you are about to make it out the rugged wilderness, pray ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out, Deep-Rooted in the Rugged Wilderness.’

  •  When you need encouragement, pray ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out.’
  •  When you need strength, pray ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out.’
  •  When you need guidance, pray ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out.’

Without a shadow of a doubt, if God brought you through the rugged wilderness back then, when you were down-and-out, at the bottom of the barrel, He will bring you out today, deep-rooted in the rugged wilderness. God is always moving, making a way out of no way for all His Children. Even when we are bickering and cannot be on the same accord, God is still working it out for His Glory. However, things may not work out the way we wanted it to, but it is guaranteed that God works everything out the way He wanted to. God’s Perfect way is always in our best interest. That said, we continue to pray, ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out, Deep-Rooted in the Rugged Wilderness.’

Yes, Lord, sometimes when we are deep-rooted in the rugged wilderness, it gets foggy, the mist gets thick and it gets cold, but the Lord is keeping us. God said, if we trust in Him and hold out for Him, He will never leave us. So, we continue our wilderness journey trusting in You Lord and praying, ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out, Deep-Rooted in the Rugged Wilderness.’

When you are deep-rooted in the rugged wilderness without a leg to stand on, do not cringe in a corner, shaking, weeping, and letting people have a measurement of control over you. Instead, trust in God. He will provide for you and He will take care of you, just as He said in His Word. If you cannot take God at His Word, then there is no other word that you can take, because God is the only living One. And, notably, He is a jealous One.

When you are going through it, the Lord is holding you. He is there with you. Yes, the Lord is always available to help you hold out. He is there when you are in the deep-rooted valley. He is there when you are in the deep-rooted lowest point of your life. God’s Light can light up your wilderness darkness. He is the Morning Star Bright Shining Light. He is the Everlasting Shining Light.

  •  No matter how low your valley gets, the Lord will help you to hold out, if you trust in Him.
  •  No matter how high your mountain gets, the Lord will help you to hold out, if you trust in Him.
  •  No matter how few your so-called friends gets, the Lord will help you to hold out, if you trust in Him.

Listen up, please, God said it in His Word that He will never forsake us, and God is good for keeping His Promises. Absolutely, God is a keeper; this comes at good news.

Before shoveling through the core message let us, briefly, take a look at ‘until a change come.’

Without God there is not anything we can do without Him, and we cannot do anything without Him. Instead of focusing on Christ the Faith and anchored our minds in Christ, there are people who have thrown up their hands and they have given up on God to come through for them, during their seasons of waiting ‘until a change come.’ Not only are they not faithful to their callings, but they have also lost hope to hold fast, to the trials of life. If you hold onto your faith, trusting in God, and do not doubt Him, yes, a change is going to come. Nevertheless, people become anxious in their discomfort, and they want change to come immediately, instead of anchoring their souls in Christ, meditating on His Word. And then, well, change is not going to come until God says you have been ordained from what He willful for you to acquire the lesson.

Jesus the Foundation of the church flows throughout the Holy Bible. He knows everything about us, and He knows what is best for us. There are people who have the notions that they know what is best for them, they have taken matters into their own hands, which they have made matters worse. We must learn to wait on the Lord until a change come.

During your waiting seasons, go ahead and ask, ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out,’ until a change come. The Lord is your helper, and He will help you, when you asked this of Him. Yes, He will ease your discomfort until He brings you through, but He is not bringing you through until it is time. And when He brings you through, a change has come.

In this moment, you can bow to the Lord and ask for a change over your circumstances and give you the discernment to hear His Voice. When you hear God’s Voice, you can freely obey His Word and follow His Guidance. Otherwise, how can a change come when you are not obeying Him?

If you pray to our Heavenly Father for peace, He will give you peace, and He will change things, turning it around for you. For starters God changes things by turning your life upside down, cleaning out major debris in your life, which has cluttered up your life far too long.

God is faithful to His Children. He knows us individually and He knows how much we can bear. He is not going to let us be tempted by the temptation of sins beyond our ability. God will provide a way for you in your wilderness to endure it.1 Corinthians 10:13 reads, ‘No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.’

This inspiring passage is the paramount of God will make a way; Isaiah 43:19, ‘Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert.’

The reality of life is, every day is not going to be the portrait of a sunny day, the stormy weather conditions are coming. And we are going to endure trials and tribulations. We will have many challenges, difficulties, and struggles in this life. We pray ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out,’ and sustain us in our trials until a change come. God sustains you in your trials. Trials and salvation are not the same, there is a significant difference. Jesus did not say our journey would be easy. Undoubtedly, darkness is absolutely, and darkness is always lurking around in the world. The pains of life in the wilderness is not going anywhere and the darkness is surety to stay. We will suffer as Christ suffered on the cross. John 16:33 reads, ‘These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.’

With the Lord on your side He will help you to withstand the deep-rooted rugged wilderness until a change come.

Carry on with, throughout, our journey we will have life-changing experiences. Jesus the Christ who lived and walked this earth saved us, He, Himself was a life-changing experience.

Our life-changing experiences comes for variety of reasons. Yes, it comes for us and our empowerment and betterment, and for a life change. But this is not always the reason for your life-changing experience-which is to help others and uplift others.

We all matter to God, and we are all worthy to God’s Good News of the Gospel. He loves all and He does not want anyone left in the deep-rooted rugged wilderness of oppression.

When God’s Children goes through a life-changing, it is not mildly. It is life altering, which is a magic transformation. You are transformed, reborn again, and the renewal of the mind. God the Potter is shaping and molding you the clay. He is working on you, doing a new thing.

  • Life-changing is a major alternate life change, when you have been in captivity, and God has released you.
  • Life-changing is a major alternate life change, when you have been blinded, and God has removed your blindfold.
  • Life-changing is a major alternate life change, when you have been harboring unforgiveness, and God has removed the anger, bitterness, resentment, and He has placed love and forgiveness in your heart.

There are people who are waiting until a change come for their livelihood and they are defiant with God, because it is taking too long for Him to bring them through the deep-rooted rugged wilderness. The truth be told, God knows what is best for each of His Children. God takes longer with some, and with others, He brings them through quicker. God takes longer with many people because they need a Jesus’ Makeover. Their lives need a major work over. They need to clean out some stuff and getting rid of the old things and only newness again. It is a life-changing when God has favor upon you. The Gospel of the good news brings about life changing and God doing a new thing. The Gospel of the good news is God’s Favor for all people of every nationality.

Catching sight of the core message:

Let us ‘hold to God’s unchanging Hand,’ and do not waver from our faith. We must remain faithful to the Lord in all our ways. If you remain faithful to God, He will come through for you, when you cry out, ‘Lord Help Me to Hold Out, Deep-Rooted in the Rugged Wilderness.’

(Hebrews 10:23, NKJV): ‘Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.’

In our daily journeys: ‘Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering…’ We must hold unwavering in our confidence in God’s Promises. Continuously, we must fix our eyes on the Lord Jesus who is the Author and the Finisher of our faith, and not the things of the world. The Gospel of Hebrew 12 reads, ‘Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnared us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.’

We are reminded in this passage that ‘God made the promises, and He is faithful.’ Believers are faithful to God’s Word, and they are committed to their word, that they have covenant to do, confessed to believe in God, His Word, and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s Faithfulness is shown by sacrificing His only Son the Lord Jesus Christ for all believers who come to Him. When believers hold fast to the confession of our hope unwavering, we move forward in our journey with the strength to do things that we did not think we could do, and we thought were not possible. In essence, we have discovered the strength that all things are possible with God. Only God can explain and make sense of the unexplained that we do not understand. For which we must not lean on our own understanding.

Something that is not foreign to Christians is what the Jewish Christians were experiencing persecution when the book of Hebrews was originally written to them. They were experiencing the affect of being under pressure to return to a more renowned, practical religion. The Lord Jesus Christ is God’s conclusive Plan for mankind’s salvation. Christians are encouraged to hold fast. Hebrew 3:14 reads, ‘For we have become partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end…’ In our journeys we are pressured to be lured in by many things and by the advertisement of material things in the world, which attempts to stray us away from God. We should resist the pressures, the temptations, and anything that attempts to stray us away from God. We must hold fast the confession of our ‘hope’ without wavering, for He who promised is faithful, and resist all temptations, which The Lord Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of God’s Will for mankind.

Christians must not be shallow in one’s faith. We are not shallow people. We must hold fast to our profession of faith and not succumb to fear and doubt, the way Israel succumbed to fear, doubted God, and they did not hold fast to their trusting faith in God. Christians are not called to follow the same path as Israel to make this same mistake. Christians must act, accordingly, and embrace our confidence in Christ who is, undoubtedly, God, and His Salvation.

The crucifixion of the living Jesus Christ is the ‘hope confession,’ for the forgiveness of sins of those who believe in Him and the Gospel of God’s Word, and that they will repent. Hold fast to this confession ‘hope’ is to be saved. To live according to this hope is to ‘hold unwaveringly.’ Walking in Spirit, faithfully, in the Gospel truth is portrayed through your daily lives in living a wholesome and righteous way. When you are walking two paths, which you are not in alignment with God’s Word, instead, you are on a double-minded path, which opposes God’s Word according to the way believers should live. Which also means you have joined forces with Satan because Satan opposes everything God does. Eternal security of salvation is guaranteed, when you are saved, and it cannot be lost. However, we must be faithful and stand firm to our faith, and ongoing following Christ and His Guidance.

Christians have been warned against going astray on the path such as the Israelites. God outstretched His mighty Hand and delivered them from slavery in Egypt, and for their deliverance this is how they repay God for His Deliverance, and they rebelled in unbelief in the wilderness, perishing. The Israelites were difficult to lead because they rebelled, and because of their fretting, complaining, being indecisive, and being waved and tossed by their free will and free choice. God referred to the Israelites disobedience as being ‘stiff-necked.’ Which this significant tragic downfall is a reminder for Christians not to stray away from God in the same direction as the Israelites, or there are severe consequences for this lot.

Faithfulness to God’s Salvation promised to us and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, is the anchor for Christians to ‘hold fast’ to hope, and to faith. God keeps His Promises, and He will do what He said about the fulfillment of His Purpose, which carries eternal life in Christ, for all who believe in Him and the Gospel of God’s Word.

God’s Path is the narrow and straight path. The Gospel of Matthew 7:14 reads, ‘Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.’ We are living in a world filled with sins, evils, temptations, and wickedness, which is why we must stay anchored in the Word, and closer to God, to strengthen us in our faith from going astray. Grounded in the Word is enough for ‘unwavering’ off God’s righteous Path. The hope is for all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ shall not perish but have everlasting life. God loves us all and He does not want any of us to perish. He wants all of us to embrace His Saving Grace. The truth be told, if you reject the Lord Jesus Christ, and reject believing in God and His Gospel, a place called ‘Hell’ will be your new home. ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’ (John 3:16, NKJV)

God’s Promises gives us assured hope. God is Perfect and He is the God of Truth. He is faithful to keeping His Word. When you place your hope in God, He is your Safe Haven.

When the stormy weather comes, we must hold fast, and when life’s trials hits us like a brick, we must not collapse, but we must hold, steadfastly, to God’s unchanging Hand, unchanging Grace, and unchanging Word. The Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 10:4 ‘and all drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ.’ The Lord Jesus Christ is a provision for all who believe, trust in Him, and believe the Gospel truth. Grace is a gift from our Heavenly Father given through His Son, Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

No matter what happened, what we are going through, and what we are enduring, we must always stand on Jesus the Rock, which we are to hold fast faithfully and be faithfulness to God.

A part of God’s workmanship one cannot be worried and timid. ‘For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.’ (Ephesians 2:10, NKJV)

My sincerest hope is that this message in a bottle was awe-inspiring to all.

A Word from Shareka

After all this time, throughout my mother’s Spiritual Writing Journey, I have witnessed my mother’s diligent, tenacious loyalty and commitment to her daily life goals, despite the constant afflictions and hinderances, relating to personal relationships, especially, in the daily stressors of domestics. My mother has kept her ground of self-encouragement, always committed to her Godly tasks and duties, of every day living. I’m always having a sunny, sunshine smile when I witness my mother’s endurance, what an endurer she is.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

 An Upcoming Series

"God's Party Good for the Soul"

I'm Leaning and Depending on You Jesus

  Stay on your Journey of Faith: Part One


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Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

 Hold to your Journey of Spiritual Growth: Part Two


Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Keep God's Commandments in your Journey of Life: Part Three


Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

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Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

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Just to mention, one aspect, The Inspirational Collections of books focuses on how life continues to evolve around the temptations of daily living. How can one differentiate between innocence discovering life's hidden secrets or the tenacious passion of seeking justice from old-aged dilemmas?

To emphasize, The Inspirational Collections of books, is beneficial to the world, because in today's society, aren't we lacking tradition with a new twist of flavor? Perhaps today's new school audience, is repetitious, "All about fun and propaganda!"

The ground-footing of The Inspirational Collections of books, is based on the premise, of each person's heart, longing for true love that rests on loyalty. In Christianity, each individual, in the Body of Christ, must always remember, to have the principle of being truthful in all your paths of life. Without, truthfulness, how can we, as Christians, have life more abundantly?

When considering, The Inspirational Collections of books, if doubt arises, when questioned, "Why this mother-daughter authorship?" The Inspirational Collections, is a fictional book series, which captures the behind-the-scenes, "What is this all about?" Come, read The Inspirational Collections Book Series, and pass the message to your colleagues, networks, and affiliates. The everlasting message of The Inspirational Collections Book Series: "In order to have the unending advantage of life, does it not begin with being at a disadvantage, to acquire the characteristic traits, to ultimately have the grace of honor and privilege?"

The Inspirational Collections, non-fiction memoirs and fictional book series is an influential asset to the world, because beneath the surface, the message from each story, is written with the intent to capture the readers, with the classic reactions, with the classic emotion, "Is this for real?", "Is this real life?"

The Inspirational Collections fictional book series serves as a spiritual guide in daily living, regardless of the book series is fictional, the book series proves to be personable, practical, and a relatable book series, that thrives in today's modern-contemporary world: especially in the Global Economy, in the Global Marketplace, and in the Global World, where each is distinct of each other. However, the three cannot function, independently, of each other. Our readers, our target audience are nationwide of every nationality.

Readers, if your curiosity is aroused about what the "Buzz" is all about, with The Inspirational Collections of books, please swiftly visit, to purchase The Inspirational Collections of books, that are available in "Paperback and Kindle (ebook) formatting, in the Amazon store.

A Charitable Bundle of Fictional Books Coming

The Inspirational Collections of 

Fictional Books Coming to Publication

God’s Labor of Love to the Men Behind the Podium and Women Behind the Altar

Charitable for the Lord’s House of Prayer and for The Book of Ruth Women’s Charities

Oh yeah! Let’s keep ‘God’s Party Good for the Soul’ moving, which is never ending! ‘Jaxson Went Missing’ is the first fictional book to kick off The Inspirational Collections Charities.

Nevertheless, there is a total of twenty churches that are receiving charities from ‘Jaxson Went Missing.’ As we progress forward with ‘Jaxson Went Missing,’ we will post continuous, ongoing updates.

Currently, this bundle of books consist of eight books and as we progress forward, we will post each book, individually, and continue there afterwards.

A Word from Shareka

With my highest affirmation, oh yes our fictional spin-off books from my mother’s life stories are significant to her life story; overall.

It is what my mother told our frontline pastor in the year of 2009; that her life story is not for free; it comes at a significant price.

We will post each church as we progress forward:

1. Pastor Kenny Robinson

   Bass Temple

   Fort Pierce, FL

Count it victory! It’s what I told our frontline pastor in my ‘raw writings,’ the year of 2009; I am in too deep with God to turn around now. I have seen many victories to turn around now. Therefore, I am soldiering forward to holding to God’s unchanging Hand.

God has put us on a detour. We are gearing up to release, simultaneously, ‘Jennifer, a Testament of a Virtuous Woman’ and ‘Jaxson Went Missing’. Afterwards, we are releasing our debut Autobiography, ‘Jennifer, Dawn of My Life,’ and a fictional book.

Next, we will backpedal to ‘Trekking Through the Wilderness.’

‘Detours’ on the strait, narrow gate of God are not foreign to my daughter and me. This mother and daughter authorship had setbacks, constant adversities, we had financial obligations, which this spiritual writing project is not for free and, therefore. Our underground ‘Book Buzz’ was titled ‘Detour Around the Wilderness,’ which is detailed in our debut memoir. The Inspirational Collections is not an illusion; this spiritual writing project is done, simply, by walking by faith, not by sight; and tenaciously finishing our ultimate goal; empowerment to everyone.

Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone of The Inspirational Collections.

God’s Labor of Love Stewardship

11.  God’s Labor of Love Stewardship First Lady McCloud

    Peace MBC

    Miami, FL

12.  God’s Labor of Love Stewardship Angela Bennett

     New Beginnings Christian Faith CC

     Atlanta, GA

Holy Spirit, I need You every single minute of the day. Hallelujah Jesus! I got to praise His Name for another day’s journey. He has been too good to me. All the people ought to praise His Name!

Update Coming…

‘remembering without ceasing your work of faith, labor of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ in the sight of our God and Father,’ (1 Thessalonians 1:3, NKJV)

'My Due Season' Kenny Robinson

God is good all the time.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

The Inspirational Collections of

Jaxson Went Missing

Jennifer Smith

Shareka Smith

Jaxson Went Missing

There is a story behind each of The Inspirational Collections fictional spinoff books from my life story to how each book came about.

The Inspirational Collections books are unique from other fictional books in general, because our fictional books are spinoff books from my life story.

God; Himself surprised me in the writing of ‘Jaxson Went Missing’, because of the storyline. It is a bit different from the storyline of our other fictional books. I had enjoyment in the writing of this particular book a few years ago.

Jaxson Went Missing is a faith-hearted touching story.

As we progress forward, we will be releasing fictional books here and there, to generate more of God's Charities for The Inspirational Collections, which God is bringing all the puzzle pieces together, making the picture whole and complete.

The Inspirational Collections of

The Rejected Heart of God’s Word: The Sequel

Jennifer Smith

Shareka Smith

God's Gospel Vocalists' Charity Book!

We Are Rowing in Seasons Doing Our Father's Business

The Inspirational Collections Gospel Vocalists are kicking off God's Charity for 'The Rejected Heart of God's Word: The Sequel'


As of now, I have not been on your sites, but I am gearing up for it soon, please have your contact information available.

In the making of the next line up for The Inspirational Collections Gospel Vocalists for God's Charity.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

The Inspirational Collections Released Books,

Which Are An Everyday Living Series of Charitable Books

First Edition Released

January 4, 2019

Second Edition Released

May 23, 2019

Released April 28, 2019

Released December 12, 2019

Released July 1, 2021

Release Date Coming 

Closer To the Finish-Line

An Editorial Update Coming...


The sole purpose for The Inspirational Collections website is to “market my life story and books.” If you are inspired by my inspiring writings, I am jubilee! My anointing inspiring writings are written in the name of Jesus Christ, The Spirit of Truth.

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