Brief History about The Inspirational Collections

What makes The Inspirational Collections of books unique? I wholeheartedly, believe that The Inspirational Collections of books will give hope and serve as an influential asset. My work will enrich the world, and aid people in all aspects of their everyday, living, as all people navigate on their journey, as well as their spiritual journey.

The originality, creativity, and uniqueness of my books set them apart from other inspirational works. Every story has a new flavorful, and unusual trend. In addition, the church storytelling atmoshpere, within the stories, are appealing to read.

Writing the Inspirational Collections of books is a joy to my heart. The Inspirational Collections of books are an added, flavorful highlight to the Literary Arts Ministries and to the Literary Industry. My books are practical stories, that has an enriching, morale lesson taken from each character, that can be used in the reader's everyday living, and everyday spiritual journey. Throughout our series of inspirational books, this mother-daughter authorship, strives to make each reader's day, less gloomy, less daunting, and overall, a much more uplifting brighter day, daily.

The Inspirational Collections is a Christian, fictional series of stories, where the church storytelling atmospheres, are filled with an array of uplifting characters, that will motivate your heart, mind, and soul, to continue your life path and spiritual navigation of life.

The Inspirational Collections of books involve detailed and intimate, martial topics, to guide each reader, in overcoming the stumbling blocks of life, that we all face daily, due to prematurely growing into your manhood or womanhood. Each book explores the adversity of different familiar and marital roles, to aid each reader to heal from the devastation of the shocking truth, of a Christian's walk of life. Our overall goal is to inspire each reader, to truly have meaningful and successful relationships. Never give up on the toilsome of life.

My work, entails, that everyday living is not a fairy tale. Each story, each book, showcases that lovingness and forgiveness, are your options when you are confronted with the trials and tribulations of life. Lovingness and forgiveness are your only choices, your only options, so that each person, who has an everlasting, dwelling spirit of God, can truly move forward, heal, and walk with Christ Jesus, authentically.

My work, also includes the highlight, "the desire of every woman", such as having her own husband and her own family. Each book from The Inspirational Collections addresses these listed issues below, from a new, refreshed, and different perspective, within each storyline. Likewise, these include lessons and messages that guide you to understand, with maturity, the principles of being married and starting a family prematurely, such as

  • Loyalty and Faithfulness
  • Family and Relationships
  • Commitment to Marital Vows
  • Family Values and Principles
  • Dating Relationships and Marriages
  • Spirituality and Beliefs
  • Disagreements and Resolutions
  • Love and Forgiveness
  • Healthiness and Wholesome Lifestyles
  • Sacredness and Purity
  • Daily Living Difficult Challenges

The Inspirational Collections of books are relatable, in everyday living. My hope is for The Inspirational Collections of books are not just another book, to read for your gratification, but to aid you in your overall being, and to aid make your spiritual, journey, much more smooth, comfortable, tolerable, more bearable. Each reader, hopefully, will understand the loving morale, "No Christian will never surrender to the thought process, life is unbearable".

Please spread the good news about The Inspirational Collections of books, onto your network, family members, and circle of friends. The Inspirational Collections of books are inspirational for gift giving.

The Inspirational Collections of books are not just for a certain class of people. The Inspirational Collections of books are for the world of every nationality.

Readers, if your curiosity is arouse about what the "Buzz" is all about, with The Inspirational Collections of books, please swiftly visit, to purchase The Inspirational Collections of books, that are available in "Paperback and Kindle (ebook) formatting, in the Amazon store.

The book title and a beautified book cover does not make the book a good read, the content does. I believe you will find the content in each book of The Inspirational Collections with maximum overdrive, to satisfy your whetted appetite, to curl up with a good book to read.

The Inspirational Collections of books, does not portray a false illusion of the picture-perfect marriage. No such marriage, exists.

The Inspirational Collections Released Books

  • Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood
  • Pastor Jerome Cutler: Life Changing-The Sequel
  • Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking-The Final Chapter

Each book on this website is copyrighted.

"Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope."

Romans 5: 3-4

Purpose for the Main Attraction in Building the Lord's House

Graciously and humbled, without complaining, working for the Lord, my daughter and I have been on this spiritual journey since, January 2007. We have been through many trials and tribulations, working on this Godsend “wilderness-inspirational book project.” By the grace of God, we never wavered from His path, we stayed on God’s course, we did not throw in the towel when the ocean rise, when the difficulty came at its hardest. Jesus threw us a lifeline to keep us afloat from sinking. When the pieces of hail fell heavily on our path, God cleared the path, paved it, cleaned it, soiled it with the planting of the seed: The Inspirational Collections and we kept moving forward, not daring to looking back. I personally knew all too well, once I started this spiritual journey there was no turning back and we were never waved and tossed. I had only one option, to keep moving forward. Hallelujah Jesus! This mother-daughter’s team is still here, as a part of God’s workmanship, stronger than ever.

When I started my writing journey, pastorals posed the nature of their curiosity question to me, “Where are you going with your life story?” Hallelujah Jesus! God knew all along where I was going with my life story, which is to build the Lord’s house. God, Himself paved the way for, and cleared the path for my daughter and I, to have made it this far. Where else will I be going with my life story, my life belongs to God?

The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One, takes you on a journey of how my daughter and I started this spiritual journey.

Moreover, God brought my daughter and I over. Hey! Thank you, Lord! We have moved passed the trials and tribulations. We are progressing forward, stepping out on faith, to build the Lord’s house.

The Inspirational Collections comes with a “grand purpose” to build the Lord’s house. My daughter and I are closer than before in building the Lord's house. With or without one's sowing a seed, planting a seed with The Inspirational Collections, my daughter and I will continue this journey staying on God's course, in building the Lord's house.

Jennifer, I am, the Godsend unwavering voice behind The Inspirational Collections.

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