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God's Grace! Welcome, welcome to God's Party with The Inspirational Collections of Books!

About the Authors

Jesus and I Go Way Back, Since Young-Hearted!

Jennifer Smith, I am, the authentic writer of The Inspirational Collections. Shareka Smith, my daughter, is the co-author.

Vigoroulsly, since January 2007, my daughter and I, have been tenaciously a mother-daughter authorship, as part of God's workmanship, to build God's Kingdom.

Moreover, my daughter and I, are harmoniously doing the Lord's work, in accord, with uplifting, positive energy. This mother-daughter authorship, is joyously, passionate about participating, in doing the good works of the Lord. Wholeheartedly, we are most privileged and most honored, that the Lord called my daughter and I, to accomplish his good works. We love Jesus, because he first loved us.

Thank you God, for life. God, you brought us through the storm and the rain. This mother-daughter team band together daily, on our Jesus-journey. Oh yes... my daughter and I will continue to be steadfast, to step out on faith, listening to God, and standing solely on His Word, in directing our paths, with The Inspirational Collections.

My daughter, Shareka and myself, will never take credit for The Inspirational Collections. It is God who has directed our writing journey, path, from the very beginning. I give God the honor and the glory.

God is the Master of all Masters. He is the Taskmaster of all Taskmasters. God is the Overseer of all Overseers.

Jennifer, I am, the type of person before I open up to you, I need to get to know you and you need to get to know me. Wholeheartedly, fellowshipping is what I am about. You do not know me through my inspiring writings, you must get to know me, up close and in person, then you will meet the real Jennifer.

When you are a part of God's Staffers, sensitivity and timid, is out the window.

Jennifer, I am not a "pastor" and I am not a "minister". I am an inspiring author, as a part of God's womanship. The Inspirational Collections of books comes with a purpose, to build the "Lord's house," for a Godsend Senior Pastor.

As you maneuver throughout The Inspirational Collections website, please be a listening ear to what my daughter and I, are wholeheartedly speaking about. We are speaking about Jesus, the Son of God. We are speaking about God the Father, in heaven, who gave His only Son for the sinners of the world. We are speaking about Jesus, God’s Son who went to the cross, on Calvary for all mankind. We are speaking about Jesus who they made carry His own cross, put that thorny crown on His head, whipped Him, nailed Him to the cross and pierced His side. We are speaking about Jesus, the lamb, whose blood was shed on Calvary.

This is what The Inspirational Collections of books are about. Jesus, the Son of God. God the Father, who sits on the throne in heaven. In each book from The Inspirational Collections, I have written diligently, about daily life, the sins of daily life. The sins of the world. The real-times that we are living in, and the everlasting real-world issues, because we were born into sin.

Within each of The Inspirational Collections of composed fictional books, I have created scenarios of fictional Christian families going through the trials and tribulations of the sins that exists in the real-world, the real times that we are living in. In each book, I have highlighted how each family triumphs over the sins of the world, that are likely to touch every family in the real times, that we are living in. Perhaps even your family has been touched already by the sins, that are displayed in each book, as I have. If not, keep living on earth, you will be touched by the sins of the world. Why? Because we were born into sin. Sin is all around us. Sin is amongst us daily, wearing different faces, wearing different hats, every day, all day long, seven days a week.

Each of my memoirs are set aside separately, from The Inspirational Collections fictional books. Each of my memoirs are non-fictional books. 

The heart of the main message for The Inspirational Collections is simple, everyone is fighting a personal war. Stop blaming others for your own inadequacies. Every day is a brand-new day, therefore, why not adopt a changed-heart with God, "Every day I am ready to win my personal war, because I know I can triumph over Second Timothy Chapter 3!" Good God, oh no, please! Don't take our word at face value, pick up the Holy Bible, and read for yourselves.

The Inspirational

Collections of Books

can be Purchase in the Amazon Online Store

The Inspirational Collections Released Books

1. Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood

2. Pastor Jerome Cutler: Life Changing-The Sequel

3. Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking-The Final Chapter

Each book on this website is copyrighted.

Please visit the "Publications Page," to view The Inspirational Collections released books. Also visit the "Store Page," to purchase as many of our books as you desire, for gift-giving and for your personal collection.

 God's Got This, Steering The Wheel of The Inspirational Collections of ​Books

Glorious God our Heavenly Father! If you have entered The Inspirational Collections website to read about Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior, you are on it! This platform is used for “The Good News of the Gospel”. I am a witness who believes that Christ Jesus is alive and well sitting on the throne at the right hand of His Heavenly Father.

My God! Jesus came into the world to save sinners. His Word is for “Sinners and Saints”; that calls for stepping outside the “church house” onto Satan’s territory, bringing sinners into His house. For God’s Word reads “This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners: of whom I am chief." 1 Timothy 1:15 KJV. The Inspirational Collections of sermons came to town for the sole mighty purpose to lead sinners to Christ Jesus for saving their souls; spreading “The Good News of the Gospel”. Also, with the hopes of aiding Saints on their journey to stay grounded in the Word, with the prevention from going astray.

Matthew 9:10-12, NIV: “While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and “sinners” came and ate with him and his disciples. When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and “sinners’?”

On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”

Jesus is the focus “At the Foot of the Cross”. I take this moment to briefly express that it saddened my heart when I see God’s people divided and bickering over His Word. This is not pleasing to our Father. One God, One Faith, One Baptism. Please do use The Inspirational Collections sermons “free of charge”. Salvation is for free. Each sermon that I write is God’s property. Each book that I write is God’s property. My life is God’s property.

Faithful is our God! Our Father has been steering the wheel of this mother-daughter authorship from the beginning before we stepped out on faith, standing solely on His Word, with The Inspirational Collections. God has not failed us yet. We are still here holding onto our faith undeterred to give up on God. Why should we give up on God? Without God, what else is there? We have no better place to be than in the Will of God; with our Father continuously molding and shaping us to "His Likings", preparing us for His grand master plan.

I thank God for bringing my daughter and I together, as a mother-daughter authorship. Within my spirit, not only do I encourage mother, but I would like to see more mothers and daughters working together.

I Know It was the Blood

“An Everyday God’s Party is Good for the Soul”

Everyone is Welcome at God’s Party to Hear the Gospel!

Matthew 4:4, NIV: “Jesus answered, ‘It is written: Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

I thank You Lord! God has The Inspirational Collections on a calling; leading lost souls to Christ Jesus to be saved and the spreading of “The Good News of the Gospel”.

Yes Lord! I have been polluting  Satan’s territory with my inspiring writings on “The Good News of the Gospel”; since I started on the path of this “Spiritual Writing Journey” with Jesus, my guiding light. Gracious Jesus! I am going to stay on it, not shifting from this crushing path, tearing down Satan’s kingdom, and clearing away the debris as I progress forward.

When you are walking in the light; “God’s Party” is where you should be at. So I say stop hanging out at Satan’s parties bringing his debris back to God’s house, fuming the atmosphere. Stay onboard God’s kosher parties tearing down Satan’s kingdom. You can always find God’s parties happening versus Satan’s parties. Once Satan’s party is over you are on the hunt looking for the next happening spot. However! You can drop in on the God’s house where the Saints are praising His name, worshipping Him, and just having a hallelujah time! Amen! That’s what I’m talking about!

Many of you have parties and don’t bother to invite Jesus. Since I opened this door I may as well go through it: do not invite me to the party, if Jesus is not there, because I dare not go.

People it’s good news to have yourself “An Everyday God’s Party is Good for the Soul”, because you stay in the word, walking the right way, away from sin, receiving your blessings. God knows about your hardships and trials. Life’s trials that you go through is opening the door, preparing you to receive your blessings from the Lord.

Whenever you are in the atmosphere of God’s Word you are having “An Everyday God’s Party is Good for the Soul”. God’s holy parties are “like no other”. Below is just to mention a few of what I am speaking about when I say “An Everyday God’s Party is Good for the Soul”; to feed your soul giving it the nourishment; that it needs. People my creative thinking is speaking about God’s Word is good for the soul. People I am speaking about God’s Word is food for the soul. People I am speaking about God’s Word is forever the host of His own parties.

• Devotional time reading and studying the Holy Bible

• Stay in the church house atmosphere that preach the Holy Bible

• Bible Study

• Memorize God’s Word

• Ministry Work

• Meditate on God’s Word

• Doing the Lord’s Work

• Share “The Good News of the Gospel”.

• Healthy equally yoked fellowship

• Be obedient to God’s Word

• Relational and fellowship time with God

• Praying time strengthening your one-on-one relationship with God

God’s Word reads in 2 Timothy 3:16-17, NIV: “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

God’s music is heartwarming to the soul. People listen to the lyrics of God’s music. His word is ministered throughout the lyrics that is inspiring to your heart, mind, and soul. His music brings serenity when the noise is too loud with the rumbling of distractions. Good inspiration always comes out of having “An Everyday God’s Party is Good for the Soul”.

When you have yourself “An Everyday God’s Party is Good for the Soul” you are in a good place, without getting caught up in messy situations. Keep on the pathway of staying grounded in the Word and focus on the Lord, which keeps you on the righteous pathway, instead of being tempted by strays encouraging you to join their “backsliding club”. They will tell you it’s better to hang out with them, instead of always in alignment with God’s Word, how boring. Oh! And not only that they will tell you there is nothing wrong with you having a little fun in the world, but God will also forgive you. Folks! It’s always consequences when you are defying to God’s Word. Listening to backsliders, lost souls, and folks over God can be Sho’Nuff atrocious!

Behold The Lamb! You better believe God’s parties are grander than Satan’s parties! Satan cannot offer you what God offerings you at His parties. We already know how Satan get down at his parties, so let’s just skip over him and jump on over to God’s Kosher party. Below is just a few of what God’s parties offered.

• The holy principles recorded in the Holy Bible is a good foundation for your daily life to keep you grounded in alignment with God’s Word.

• The significance and the truth of God’s Word is medicine that is good for the soul of your overall health and well-being.

• Strengthening your health, faith, and your relationship with God, to become a strong warrior.

• Praising and worshipping the Lord.

God's Word.

“But it has now been revealed through the appearing of our Savior, Christ Jesus, who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.” (2 Timothy 1:10 NIV).

Without the Lord! We are not wholesome and complete, but weakened, and lost in this old world that is keeping us from God’s Word. You become weakened in your faith and you are spiritually starving when you are not filled with God’s Devine Word. In your everyday life you must breathe and live the Word of God. Otherwise, you are not living, you are just, a lost soul roaming the earth without direction and purpose. God is the only prescription that you need in your daily life.

Psalm 119

King James Version

The Milestone:

Our Next Happening Late Spring...

The Rejected Heart of God's Word

A Faith-Action Romance Novel


Coming June 4, 2021

The Rejected Heart of God's Word.

Paperback: $14.00

Kindle: $8.00

Jennifer, a Young- Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One

 Release Date Coming...

Jennifer, a Young- Hearted Bride.

Paperback: $26.99

Kindle: $10.00

God is good who came through for me over and over. I give God the glory! He is the God who gave me deliverance. Christ Jesus You did it on Calvary for me. Eternal grateful I am to God for His mercy for giving me deliverance, and His grace for keeping me. Jesus the King of glory! Jesus my mighty strong tower, hallelujah! Jesus You reign on the earth! God ordained me, the head of The Inspirational Collections. I am claiming my inheritance victoriously, with my name on it.

Well, if you must know on a deeper level of what is going on in this book with “A Road Trip to Kentucky”, at in-laws Pastor Evan and First Lady Carla’s house here’s a short sneak peek.

I know in my heart that God was not pleased with what came out of Evan’s mouth, a man of God. Which was shocking and unbelievable to me, that he spoke in such a degrading manner about his parishioners. What was more shocking was the manner in which he said such things, that came with the freshly scent of ungodly language. Therefore, I intervened.

"Evan is the Pastor of a “Holiness” church. Because of his vile speaking about his parishioners, I said with disappointment, “Evan you need Jesus! If a stranger walked through your front door, they would never think you are a pastor considering the way you are talking. They would never think my husband is a Christian, because of the way he’s talking.

My husband looked at me, smirking; and Evan smiled as they continued talking using “that word.” I intervened again. “We all need to go in one of these closets and have intercessory prayer.”

No one said anything. They all looked at each other. I said, “Carla, I’m serious, we need to have intercessory prayer, because Evan’s mouth needs to be rebuke!” No one moved and no one said a word, as I thought, He’s a pastor and she’s first lady and they scared to have intercessory prayer.

On this cold night in a “fellowship” setting, First Lady Carla added to the conversation that Evan started with a frown of disgust.

"Carla sat in the family room chair when she said, “Women shouldn’t wear pants to church, it’s not proper. The pants she had on was too tight. Women shouldn’t wear loud lip color and all that mess they have on their lips. A solid natural color is more appropriate.”

Sweet home Jesus! I have a new home over in Zion. Glory hallelujah! I take this brief moment to share: “A Road Trip to Kentucky” gives you an up close, in person front row seat at me, Jennifer. Which by the way is a “shocking-unbelievable” read that perhaps will be memorable within your heart for a long time. I invite you to come read why I said at the end of the trip “It’ll be a “cold day in hell” before I go back down that road again to their house.”

See here’s the thing! The heart of “My Spiritual Writing Journey” was about me, Jennifer, a virtuous woman receiving unspeakable joy of God’s deliverance, discovering the truth about my young-hearted matrimony, gaining understanding of the why, letting go of the hurt and pains, letting go of the past, moving on again and again, over, and over on the path to loving and forgiveness.

A Living Testimony

Everything was foggy around me for a long time. On “My Spiritual Writing Journey” God gifted me with a new set of eyes. I see things differently from the way I used to; before God gave me deliverance, with clear eyes, to see the truth. God cleared the atmosphere, removed the fog, and gave me “crystal clarity”. He took away all the noise and debris, I heard His voice “crystal clear”. I went through many trials and tribulations; to get to this place where I have “crystal clarity” of seeing what is in front of me, and who is in front of me. In the beginning, it was overwhelming each time God lowered the hedges, giving me a front row seat to see the “rawness” of what people try so hard to shield, with masking and window-dressing. With my new set of eyes, I see beyond the masking and the window-dressing. Today, in real time I am more receptive and relaxed with my new set of eyes. It’s not as shocking as it initially was. With my new set of eyes, I thank God for my new set of eyes! This testimony continues in “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride: A Memoir”.

Count it victory! Today, January 11, 2021, on my morning exercise I thought about all these years. Christ Jesus brought me through my trials and tribulations! Defeat will not have the last word over my life. I’m still in the race. Jesus is my cooling water. He keeps on making a way for me. Jesus is the water. You should go to the well when you are thirsty. Jesus will fill you up with His refreshing cooling water.

Satan tried to steal my joy from living for the Lord! Bump that! I stayed on course with, never shifting. I held on with God with endurance. When the storms came roaring in; God fought my battles and I won the battles! I went rounds with Satan and won. Life’s trials and tribulations kept coming and God fought each of my battles and won! God gave me the victory!

When Satan threw “this and that” stone at me, I was fresh out of tears. I had only one option to go rounds with that serpent. I did not raise my hands up in surrenders. I called on Christ Jesus for strength. Jesus and I are joined at the hip, and we went rounds with Satan. Hey! I won the battles with Jesus. Folks life’s trials and tribulations are going to keep on coming, you need Jesus to fight your battles. You cannot do it by yourself. When you go up against Satan without Jesus who is your protection. Otherwise, Satan will devour you. God is still here just like before in the Biblical Days caring for His children.

Keeping This Living Testimony Moving

Within my upcoming memoir, “Volume One,” I give a grand looking into my next memoir “Volume Two,” which entails explicitly of what I experienced in the “Lord’s House,” while on my “Spiritual Writing Journey,” and what I bared witnessed to. This is an exceedingly personable book. The experiences of what I endured in this book left a negative effect on me. However, with Jesus I got through it, put it behind me, and moved on strengthened by the unholy experiences, that has allowed me to aid others in giving my living testimony. Hallelujah Jesus! Assume nothing. One must read my two upcoming memoirs to discover why each time I entered the “Lord’s House,” on my “Spiritual Writing Journey” I kept my guard up and why my husband permitted me to write a letter to the “anointed,” that is shared in both memoirs. Gracious Jesus for caring and bringing me through each valley.

January 15, 2021, when I let up the garage door the sun hit me, the feel of summer. I contemplated using the home gym. Instead I got on it and hit the sun with my morning exercise. I never stopped moving. I have been on this exercising path since I was a young-hearted teenager. When I came home from school I would put my belongings away and jog a few laps before diving into my chores. This day I came home and dived into my chores. My mother said to me, "Jennifer, you not jogging today." I told her later. She told me to go now because I always go before my chores. So, I got on and stayed on it. Today I am still on it.

Looking back over my life I am so glad God was there to hold me in His comforting arms. If you are pondering how did I make it through all my valleys over the course of the years, after I have bared many burdens, it was only by God’s Mercy and His Grace keeping me daily. If you are wondering how I made it through the turbulence of the wilderness, I never stopped moving, I kept on praying, I made it only because of God’s mercy upon me and because He kept me with His amazing grace. I made it thus far on my journey because God kept me, and He is still keeping me; I feel His presence all around me.

The content in the compelling “Volume Two” memoir, perhaps, will leave you outraged and scratching your head in disbelief. Unfortunately, every word written in this book is the true accounts of my living testimony of what I experienced and bared witness to.

I invite you to purchase each of my “enthralling memoirs” and discover how Jesus fought my battles and fixed those old trials and tribulations for me.

See! That’s what Satan does he comes to kill, steal, and destroy. But I claimed the blood of Christ Jesus, God fought my battles and I won!

You Just Don’t Know My Story

March 25, 2021

I needed understanding. I needed closure. I prayed to God to give me understanding and closure. This day God showed up and answered my prayer. From the beginning of my “Spiritual Writing Journey”, each “Lord’s House” that God led me to, He lowered the hedges revealing the truth to me before my eyes. Not only was it shocking, but I was shocked and disturbed. Come be my shadow, to see what God revealed to me, giving me understanding and closure. Gracious Jesus.

“You Don’t Know” my story, however, many have speculated without knowing the truth, instead of asking me, they ran with speculation, becoming speculative. In this book, I had a sit-down conversation with my husband, expressing to him, “you and people had me in the mix because of my quiet, submissive spirit, and...” Through my series of books from The Inspirational Collections, I take you on a journey throughout the wilderness of my story. I take you to the raging fire in the wilderness of what I endured on my journey. “You Don’t Know” my story. Through my inspiring writings, “You Don’t Know” my story, to know my story, you must purchase a ticket and get onboard The Inspirational Collections Ship” to discover what I endured from every angle of my life. This is when you will have understanding. But you know what, I am “still here”, standing solely on God’s Word.

Come be my shadow, as I take you on a raging sea journey, with tossing and turning, shifting of the waves, which requires you to hold onto something, discovering through my eyes of what I endured in my journey.

On my way out this writing I share this in closing.

I went to church to worship the Lord, praising Him, instead the raging sea of sins coming at me from every angle, God kept me afloat. Jesus was with me, every step of the way. Just ungodly it was. Just unbelievable it was. It is still unbelievable of what I endured. What I endured should not be in the Lord’s house. Holy is our God. A mighty God we serve. Worldliness should not be in the Lord’s house. But you know what, each church God journeyed me through for a divine purpose, he lowered the hedges, revealing to me His divine purpose before my eyes.

What I endured in “The Lord’s House” was an outrage, a disgrace is an understatement. When God brought me out of all of this, glory hallelujah, I felt like “cooling water.”

I invite you to come see can you make sense out of what I endured in the Lord’s House. Jesus can, He was there with me in the middle of it. God can He was my overseer directing my path.

This writing continues throughout my memoirs.

Folks! The Coauthor is the First Reader of "Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride", Keep Looking for the Posting of Her Sentiments


"Don't Be Late to God's Party"

Saddle Up God's People! The Time is Nearing to Clock in and Purchase The Inspirational Collections Upcoming Book!

1. The Rejected Heart of God’s Word

That would be my husband and I, a Young- Hearted Bride on the book cover of “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One: A Novel-The Matrimony”.

Oh yeah! God’s party is happening in Florida, the Sunshine State, my hometown, with God spreading His party from coast to coast.

While you are waiting for God to drop these books you should check out “Pastor Jerome Cutler’s Trilogy” and purchase as many copies as you desire.

1. Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood

2. Pastor Jerome Cutler: Life Changing- The Sequel

3. Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking-The Final Chapter

Keep looking for the shortest book of “Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Beginning”; that completes the “Pastor Jerome Cutler Book Series”, a book that is so small but robust.


Our Next Book in the Spotlight

Jennifer, My Spiritual Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord's House: A Memoir-Volume Two: A Novel-The Journey

This creatively written book is captivating, which exclusively depicts the true accounts of my journey in the Lord’s house from the start of “My Spiritual Writing Journey”, with a “pit stop” from “The Boot Hill people from the Past”.

Let’s briefly sneak peek what is going on in this enthralling, faith-suspenseful book.

Within this enthralling memoir; I take you on a journey maneuvering you through a bunch of debris to reach the height of the piled sinful acts that I experienced and witnessed in the Lord’s house; that will perhaps leave you speechless. All that I experienced and witnessed in the Lord’s house was shocking to the core.

This is what I experienced and witnessed in the Lord’s house:

God led me to Yellowstone Christian Center Church for a Devine purpose. Upon arrival, I did not know anyone, there was not a familiar face to me. However, a disrespectful Jezebel stalked me the entire time that my family and I were there. She desired the attention of my husband. Did they know each other? I invite you to pick up a copy of this memoir upon availability and see how far this disrespectful Jezebel took her stalking, while the Shepherds allowed it and watched.

The Boot Hill People from the Past:

“The Boot Hill People from the Past” infiltrated our lives with their theatrical-dysfunction and dramatic-drama. The people from your past does not fit into your present life. The past is a dead place that will never see the light of day again. It is healthier for you to leave the people from your past, in the past. Otherwise, things can get messy, quickly."

I give a grand sneak peek into: “The Boot Hill People from the Past” in my upcoming memoir “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride”.


The Journey”

“God is a mighty God that does deliver right on time, forever! My daughter and I are going to have a “Strong Finish” with The Inspirational Collections! Nothing can stop us! We have come too far to turn around now. We are not turning back! Nothing can block ‘this mother-daughter team’. By God’s Grace we are in pursuit to win, tearing down Satan’s kingdom, clearing away the debris off our pathway as we navigate forward; keeping our strong faith with every step that we make with the Lord, standing solely on God’s Word. We are staying in the race with endurance! In spite of life’s transitions and life cycles of change, we are going to keep pressing on staying in the race.”


Jennifer, My Father, a Good Man, Not a Perfect Man: An Autobiography Memoir-Volume Three

A Novel Dawn of My Life

Content coming 2021...


Our Original Debut Novel: Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood

Perseverance! Persistence! Determination!

This is the pathway in the wilderness: of where my daughter and I began our writing journey to where we are now on our Jesus-Journey, moving forward; with our introductory debut novel series which explains the basics of everyday life: Scenes From Along Path, Along the Path, The Path Keeps Branching Off…

We kicked it off with The Inspirational Collections: Our fictional, debut novel “Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood”. We continue navigating through the turbulence onto “Pastor Jerome Cutler: Life Changing-The Sequel”. Time did not stop for us to take a break and regroup, we stayed focused on God’s Word and we kept moving onto “Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking-The Final Chapter”. This journey has not been easy; it came with a lot of turbulence and negativity. I remained bound and steadfast on God’s course, with Christ Jesus, the heart and soul of my inspiring writings. I will never backpedal from my commitment walking with Christ Jesus. I trust in God and He showed me the way, every step of the way. Together my daughter and I are still holding onto God’s Word, we are moving onto our next book release “The Rejected Heart of God’s Word and Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One: A Novel-The Matrimony”.

A brief interview about the “Pastor Jerome Cutler Trilogy”: one of my main messages for this trilogy series is to enlighten people that “Pastors are human; with feelings and emotions, the same as us; they do live a separate life from behind the podium”. People have a false expectation and perception that Pastors are perfect: when in fact they are not. When a man of God falls from Grace, you must pray for them, giving them your loving support; continually. When you run, then Christ Jesus was not your focus for being in His house from the beginning. You should not have the false expectation from folks nor have the mindset and mentality that I will just wait on folks to come around or when the raft is over and the atmosphere is calm now; in regards to false hopeful, hopefully talk, when we are set and we become situated; which is never, the idea of being situated is never going to happen and false promise, promising talk; because; always in the end: you will be disappointed. Disappointment starts in those early years when attention wasn’t given to God’s domain of home. My home, my family supersedes all worldliness; I am a devout Man of God and I am a devout, dedicated Woman of God, and we cherish life in itself; and all our family, off springs, as well. I must say, I had so much fun developing Pastor Jerome Cutler’s character. He was so much fun writing, giving me plenty of laughter and teary eyes. Gracious I am to God for such a joyful experience.

The Inspirational Collections Comes with a Purpose: Building God’s Kingdom

Get on board! With The Inspirational Collections and expand the encouragement of purchasing our Godsent books!

My Jesus-Journey started young-hearted. I have traveled to where I am only because of God’s Grace and Mercy. I am not departing from my Jesus’ Path for anything nor anyone. I am here to stay on this Jesus-Journey for the rest of my life; always.

This is a bullhorn loudly, my bridegroom whispered along with the naysayers that I would not make it thus far, standing on God's Word with The Inspirational Collections. Well! The devil is a liar, I am still here holding onto God's hand.

God has the mighty power to always make a way out of no way! My daughter and I are not looking for fame, fortune, and recognition! We are humbled in our affirmations and convictions in doing the good works of God’s Will: with The Inspirational Collections.

Despite life’s “detour-deviations” along the way The God Almighty made sure I made it this far! Hallelujah Jesus! A child of God never gives up. You keep going forward, not looking back, because with God failure is never an option.

Hallelujah! Glory to God! If you pass over on the purchasing of The Inspirational Collections of Godsent books, you have missed your blessings! Thank You Christ Jesus, You keep on blessing me over and over, it’s Your Will.

The Inspirational Collections of books are across-the-board for every nationality. 

Message From Shareka, The Coauthor

Losing was never an option! We came to win hard and strong with Jesus at the forefront. You cannot surrender to defeat and let Satan have the victory over your life. My mother and I came to “win the race”, not to lose. We walk by faith not by sight. Failure is not an option with God. No Christian comes to bow down to lose. Our trials and tribulations were not for nothing. Jesus did not die on that Old Rugged Cross for nothing. We came to win the race. No Christian comes to lose! No Christian comes to fail! God’s people do not bow down to lose. God’s people are here for purpose. Every Christian has a purpose. Christianity comes with upliftment not the drone of negativity.

Where is your faith for you to lack faith that you were not meant to win this race? Every Christian has trials and tribulations, however, every Christian walk by faith, not by sight and every Christian does not doubt God.

Exchanging Hands Benevolence.

1. Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church, (Houston TX) 


God, our praying source.

 Brief History about The Inspirational Collections

What makes The Inspirational Collections of books unique? I wholeheartedly, believe that The Inspirational Collections of books will give hope and serve as an influential asset. My work will enrich the world, and aid people in all aspects of their everyday, living, as all people navigate on their journey, as well as their spiritual journey.

The originality, creativity, and uniqueness of my books set them apart from other inspirational works. Every story has a new flavorful, and unusual trend. In addition, the church storytelling atmoshpere, within the stories, are appealing to read.

Writing the Inspirational Collections of books is a joy to my heart. The Inspirational Collections of books are an added, flavorful highlight to the Literary Arts Ministries and to the Literary Industry. My books are practical stories, that has an enriching, morale lesson taken from each character, that can be used in the reader's everyday living, and everyday spiritual journey. Throughout our series of inspirational books, this mother-daughter authorship, strives to make each reader's day, less gloomy, less daunting, and overall, a much more uplifting brighter day, daily.

The Inspirational Collections is a Christian, fictional series of stories, where the church storytelling atmospheres, are filled with an array of uplifting characters, that will motivate your heart, mind, and soul, to continue your life path and spiritual navigation of life.

The Inspirational Collections of books involve detailed and intimate, martial topics, to guide each reader, in overcoming the stumbling blocks of life, that we all face daily, due to prematurely growing into your manhood or womanhood. Each book explores the adversity of different familiar and marital roles, to aid each reader to heal from the devastation of the shocking truth, of a Christian's walk of life. Our overall goal is to inspire each reader, to truly have meaningful and successful relationships. Never give up on the toilsome of life.

My work, entails, that everyday living is not a fairy tale. Each story, each book, showcases that lovingness and forgiveness, are your options when you are confronted with the trials and tribulations of life. Lovingness and forgiveness are your only choices, your only options, so that each person, who has an everlasting, dwelling spirit of God, can truly move forward, heal, and walk with Christ Jesus, authentically.

My work, also includes the highlight, "the desire of every woman", such as having her own husband and her own family. Each book from The Inspirational Collections addresses these listed issues below, from a new, refreshed, and different perspective, within each storyline. Likewise, these include lessons and messages that guide you to understand, with maturity, the principles of being married and starting a family prematurely, such as

  • Loyalty and Faithfulness
  • Family and Relationships
  • Commitment to Marital Vows
  • Family Values and Principles
  • Dating Relationships and Marriages
  • Spirituality and Beliefs
  • Disagreements and Resolutions
  • Love and Forgiveness
  • Healthiness and Wholesome Lifestyles
  • Sacredness and Purity
  • Daily Living Difficult Challenges

The Inspirational Collections of books are relatable, in everyday living. My hope is for The Inspirational Collections of books are not just another book, to read for your gratification, but to aid you in your overall being, and to aid make your spiritual, journey, much more smooth, comfortable, tolerable, more bearable. Each reader, hopefully, will understand the loving morale, "No Christian will never surrender to the thought process, life is unbearable".

Please spread the good news about The Inspirational Collections of books, onto your network, family members, and circle of friends. The Inspirational Collections of books are inspirational for gift giving.

The Inspirational Collections of books are not just for a certain class of people. The Inspirational Collections of books are for the world of every nationality.

Readers, if your curiosity is arouse about what the "Buzz" is all about, with The Inspirational Collections of books, please swiftly visit, to purchase The Inspirational Collections of books, that are available in "Paperback and Kindle (ebook) formatting, in the Amazon store.

The book title and a beautified book cover does not make the book a good read, the content does. I believe you will find the content in each book of The Inspirational Collections with maximum overdrive, to satisfy your whetted appetite, to curl up with a good book to read.

The Inspirational Collections of books, does not portray a false illusion of the picture-perfect marriage. No such marriage, exists.

The Inspirational Collections Released Books

  • Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood
  • Pastor Jerome Cutler: Life Changing-The Sequel
  • Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking-The Final Chapter

Each book on this website is copyrighted.

"Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope." Romans 5: 3-4.

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