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The Inspirational Collections

Helping Build God’s Kingdom Through Our Literary Works

The Inspirational Collections were written to enrich the world and aid people in the various aspects of their everyday lives.

A Message for Readers

About the Authors

Jesus and I Go Way Back, Since Young-Hearted!

Jennifer Smith, I am, the authentic writer of The Inspirational Collections. Shareka Smith, my daughter, is the co-author.

Vigoroulsly, since January 2007, my daughter and I, have been tenaciously a mother-daughter authorship, as part of God's workmanship, to build God's Kingdom.

Moreover, my daughter and I, are harmoniously doing the Lord's work, in accord, with uplifting, positive energy. This mother-daughter authorship, is joyously, passionate about participating, in doing the good works of the Lord. Wholeheartedly, we are most privileged and most honored, that the Lord called my daughter and I, to accomplish his good works. We love Jesus, because he first loved us.

Thank you God, for life. God, you brought us through the storm and the rain. This mother-daughter team band together daily, on our Jesus-journey. Oh yes... my daughter and I will continue to be steadfast, to step out on faith, listening to God, and standing solely on His Word, in directing our paths, with The Inspirational Collections.

My daughter, Shareka and myself, will never take credit for The Inspirational Collections. It is God who has directed our writing journey, path, from the very beginning. I give God the honor and the glory.

As you maneuver throughout The Inspirational Collections website, please be a listening ear to what my daughter and I, are wholeheartedly speaking about. We are speaking about Jesus, the Son of God. We are speaking about God the Father, in heaven, who gave His only Son for the sinners of the world. We are speaking about Jesus, God’s Son who went to the cross, on Calvary for all mankind. We are speaking about Jesus who they made carry His own cross, put that thorny crown on His head, whipped Him, nailed Him to the cross and pierced His side. We are speaking about Jesus, the lamb, whose blood was shed on Calvary.

This is what The Inspirational Collections of books are about. Jesus, the Son of God. God the Father, who sits on the throne in heaven. In each book from The Inspirational Collections, I have written diligently, about daily life, the sins of daily life. The sins of the world. The real-times that we are living in, and the everlasting real-world issues, because we were born into sin.

The sole purpose for The Inspirational Collections website is to “market my life story and books.” If you are inspired by my inspiring writings, I am jubilee! My anointing inspiring writings are written in the name of Jesus Christ, The Spirit of Truth.

My daughter and I are grounded in the traditional Bible, coming from God Biblically. We do not support The Holy Bible taken out of context and redefined to one's appeasement, doing the opposite of what The Holy Bible says not to.

Amen, in spite of the fact that I have moved on years ago and recovered from what transpired in my journey, which was the reason for my Spiritual Writing Journey, long as I have breath, I will give a living testimony about what happened in the wilderness, which is what I am doing with my memoirs and autobiographies.

My memoirs and autobiographies are serious toned books which does not accommodate the fairytale of sitting on the dock of the bay catching the breeze with the falsehood notion that everyday life is smooth sailing into the sunset.

 Well, Well! The Editor is Coming to a Conclusion with The Editorial Work for 

'Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride' which The Release Date is On the Way

Here It Is: The Matrimony!

The Spirit of Truth, if one conversed with my husband, he would tell you, “My wife doesn’t need to prove her love to me, I know she loves me. She is a Godly wife.”

Better yet, pick up a copy of “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride,” and read for yourself.

Here it is, my love for my husband was never in question, it’s his gray areas where the matter of the heart lies. Even a submissive wife has a breaking point, which is what happened when I put my foot down in the matrimony, tired of being trampled on. I invite you to pick up a copy of “Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride,” and encourage a population of folks.

An Excerpt from "Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride."

"Writing "Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride" was for me. It was a necessity for me..."

Absolutely you Cannot Tell My Story the Way I Can!

Well, Let’s Roll with It! You Can Continue Flowing with the Bouncing Around Speculations and Assumptions, or you Can Discover the Spirit of Truth and Obtain Copies of Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride,” Upon Release!

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

The Next Happening from The Inspirational Collections

Lord Willing Coming 2023

Next Stop: Reaching for The Field Goal of

The Inspirational Collections Debut Autobiography Under Way

The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, Dawn of My Life

An Autobiography-Volume Three

Jennifer Smith

A Valley Place in the Wilderness

Family Matters of the Heart

June 20, 2022

Family livelihood is significant to me. Every single day is ‘Father’s Day.’ In my debut novel, ‘Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood,’ it was important for me to portray Pastor Jerome Cutler’s relationship with his son and daughter. Too many of our youth are in jail, the cemetery, and they have too much idle time on their hands, which leads to them getting into trouble.

My debut ‘Autobiography’ opens the door to my relationship with my father, that had a negative impact on me, which was the root of the reason why I struggled with my past until God showed up years ago and gave me deliverance in putting my past behind me.

My series of memoirs and autobiographies are serious toned novels. Playtime is out the window!

When you know the ‘Spirit of Truth’ you have understanding, and it silences the hearsay and speculations.

Some folks are struggling with forgiveness and to love their enemies as God has told us to do. God is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked. God is merciful and His love endures forever.

When you are biking you keep moving forward which is my point to this life thing, you must keep moving even when you are at the end of your rope.

I kept Holding on Trusting God My Life Story is Simple:

Yesterday, Trekking Through The Wilderness God made it all right, and today God is the same one who made everything all right.

Yesterday, Trekking Through The Wilderness, when I felt like I was leveled to the ground, God made everything all right, and today, God moved the mountains for me to smile my way through the deep wooded wilderness of life’s trials.

Transparently, it has not always been this way, but today it’s my remedy that works for me, when the tidal waves gets rough, I keep smiling holding to God’s hand, even when I shed a tear here and there I keep trusting God with truth on my side, keeping the faith, holding to God’s unchanging hand. Of course, life is not easy facing day-to-day-life, with many challenges, and disappointments, but making it day-to-day is possible with the good Lord on your side. Absolutely, you gotta have God’s Grace to make this old journey day-to-day!

Trekking Through The Wilderness I navigated through the trenches of daily life, listening to God, trusting Him, and He brought me through, making everything all right, oh yeah!

Trekking Through The Wilderness I did not complain about the conditions of the storms and the rains, instead I kept on trusting God. Thank You, Lord for one more day, making a way for me, Trekking Through The Wilderness of daily life.

Faithfully, we must learn to be immovable and listen to the God of Heaven’s Word, when He speaks to us in our private space. You must obey His spoken Word, and bow down, thanking Him for life. God is the focus who we must trust to move the mountains and rid the atmosphere of friction and confusion. If last season you did not listen to God, this season be immovable and listen to His perfect plan.

Wholeheartedly, in this journey we must trust God to bring us through daily life trials.

  • God will move the depression mountain off your path!
  • God will move the doubtful mountain off your path!
  •  God will move the friction mountain off your path!

God reigns on His children giving us a “clean slate” from our sins, and He is our only stop to “clean slate” us when we have been touched by the filth of the world. Graciously, Lord.

God loves us all.

Trekking Through The Wilderness God is in our corner.

Victory comes at a price.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Our Original Debut Novel: Pastor Jerome Cutler Family Livelihood

Brief History About The Inspirational Collections

What makes The Inspirational Collections of books unique? I wholeheartedly believe that The Inspirational Collections of books will give hope and serve as an influential asset. My work will enrich the world, and aid people in all aspects of their everyday, living, as all people navigate on their journey, as well as their spiritual journey.

The originality, creativity, and uniqueness of my books set them apart from other inspirational works. Every story has a new flavorful, and unusual trend. In addition, the church storytelling atmosphere, within the stories, are appealing to read.

The Inspirational Collections is a Christian, fictional series of stories, where the church storytelling atmospheres, are filled with an array of uplifting characters, that will motivate your heart, mind, and soul, to continue your life path and spiritual navigation of life.

The Inspirational Collections of books involve detailed and intimate, martial topics, to guide each reader, in overcoming the stumbling blocks of life, that we all face daily, due to prematurely growing into your manhood or womanhood. Each book explores the adversity of different familiar and marital roles, to aid each reader to heal from the devastation of the shocking truth, of a Christian's walk of life. Our overall goal is to inspire each reader, to truly have meaningful and successful relationships. Never give up on the toilsome of life.

My work, entails, that everyday living is not a fairy tale. Each story, each book, showcases that lovingness and forgiveness, are your options when you are confronted with the trials and tribulations of life. Lovingness and forgiveness are your only choices, your only options, so that each person, who has an everlasting, dwelling spirit of God, can truly move forward, heal, and walk with Christ Jesus, authentically.

My work, also includes the highlight, "the desire of every woman", such as having her own husband and her own family. Each book from The Inspirational Collections addresses these listed issues below, from a new, refreshed, and different perspective, within each storyline. Likewise, these include lessons and messages that guide you to understand, with maturity, the principles of being married and starting a family prematurely, such as

• Loyalty and Faithfulness

• Family and Relationships

• Commitment to Marital Vows

• Family Values and Principles

• Dating Relationships and Marriages

• Spirituality and Beliefs

• Disagreements and Resolutions

• Love and Forgiveness

• Healthiness and Wholesome Lifestyles

• Sacredness and Purity

• Daily Living Difficult Challenges

The sole purpose for The Inspirational Collections website is to “market my life story and books.” If you are inspired by my inspiring writings, I am jubilee! My anointing inspiring writings are written in the name of Jesus Christ, The Spirit of Truth.

The uncomplimentary books/memoirs/titles, and the contents of each book from The Inspirational Collections website is copyrighted.

"These Christ-Centered Sermons are Parallel to the sermons that are written in The Inspirational Collections of Books, which can be purchase in the Amazon Online Store"

A Message for Readers