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The Inspirational Collections

Helping Build God’s Kingdom Through Our Literary Works

The Inspirational Collections were written to enrich the world and aid people in the various aspects of their everyday lives.

A Message for Readers

About the Authors

Jesus and I Go Way Back, Since Young-Hearted!

Jennifer Smith, I am, the authentic writer of The Inspirational Collections. Shareka Smith, my daughter, is the co-author.

Vigoroulsly, since January 2007, my daughter and I, have been tenaciously a mother-daughter authorship, as part of God's workmanship, to build God's Kingdom.

Moreover, my daughter and I, are harmoniously doing the Lord's work, in accord, with uplifting, positive energy. This mother-daughter authorship, is joyously, passionate about participating, in doing the good works of the Lord. Wholeheartedly, we are most privileged and most honored, that the Lord called my daughter and I, to accomplish his good works. We love Jesus, because he first loved us.

Thank you God, for life. God, you brought us through the storm and the rain. This mother-daughter team band together daily, on our Jesus-journey. Oh yes... my daughter and I will continue to be steadfast, to step out on faith, listening to God, and standing solely on His Word, in directing our paths, with The Inspirational Collections.

My daughter, Shareka and myself, will never take credit for The Inspirational Collections. It is God who has directed our writing journey, path, from the very beginning. I give God the honor and the glory.

As you maneuver throughout The Inspirational Collections website, please be a listening ear to what my daughter and I, are wholeheartedly speaking about. We are speaking about Jesus, the Son of God. We are speaking about God the Father, in heaven, who gave His only Son for the sinners of the world. We are speaking about Jesus, God’s Son who went to the cross, on Calvary for all mankind. We are speaking about Jesus who they made carry His own cross, put that thorny crown on His head, whipped Him, nailed Him to the cross and pierced His side. We are speaking about Jesus, the lamb, whose blood was shed on Calvary.

This is what The Inspirational Collections of books are about. Jesus, the Son of God. God the Father, who sits on the throne in heaven. In each book from The Inspirational Collections, I have written diligently, about daily life, the sins of daily life. The sins of the world. The real-times that we are living in, and the everlasting real-world issues, because we were born into sin.

The sole purpose for The Inspirational Collections website is to “market my life story and books.” If you are inspired by my inspiring writings, I am jubilee! My anointing inspiring writings are written in the name of Jesus Christ, The Spirit of Truth.

My daughter and I are grounded in the traditional Bible, coming from God Biblically. We do not support The Holy Bible taken out of context and redefined to one's appeasement, doing the opposite of what The Holy Bible says not to.

Amen, in spite of the fact that I have moved on years ago and recovered from what transpired in my journey, which was the reason for my Spiritual Writing Journey, long as I have breath, I will give a living testimony about what happened in the wilderness, which is what I am doing with my memoirs and autobiographies.

My memoirs and autobiographies are serious toned books which does not accommodate the fairytale of sitting on the dock of the bay catching the breeze with the falsehood notion that everyday life is smooth sailing into the sunset.

In Spite of Our Setbacks, We Are Getting Closer to the Finish-line with Docking The Inspirational Collections Debut Memoir

Walking in the Spirit is Exceedingly Patient 

My Oldest Daughter’s Latest Venture Movie: 

‘Were It Not for Mama’ 

Is Available on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi

October 25, 2022

Graciously, to all who have supported in viewing my daughter's movie. God is Good All the Time!

Wholeheartedly, I love my daughters, unconditionally, and I have always been a committed, loyal, and supportive mother. I will not allow anything to overshadow this truth. This is what my daughters will tell you if you converse with them. ‘Jennifer, a Young-Hearted Bride.’

Outside of my oldest daughter’s (Dr. Shaquilla Nicole Smith) career, her latest project from her enterprise, ‘Hype Media Global,’ a movie directed by her, ‘Were It Not for Mama’ depicts the portrait of the real-world through her lenses, the way she is calling it; from her life’s perspective that we all dwell in. My daughter’s debut movie can be found on Prime Video and Tubi: ‘Were It Not for Mama.’

When you live in an illusionary bubble, pretending that the world is a magical, fairy tale from your lenses and point of view, a world that has nothing to do with God, the source of life, but everything to do with our day-to-day living of Trekking Through the Wilderness for our daily survival, you will become a statistic.

Let it be noted, just because you are a believer, you are touchable to the real world, no one is exempt nor immune from the harsh reality of the real world and its laws. It is good, fruitful for the soul to face the reality of the real world, and to instruct your children about the unrighteousness of the world, instead, of hiding it from them, which they will discover sooner or later. It is best for you, the parent, to instruct your children about the real world, then for them to be taught by the streets, where nurturing and nourishment is nonexistent.

Hype Media Global

My Oldest Daughter’s Current, Second Venture Movie:

"Kate’s House"

Is Available on Amazon Prime Video 

November 14, 2022

In 'Kate's House' the real world is not the lens of God's Word, and the real world is not the language of God painting a false illusion of desires, wants, and wishes. 'Kate's House' is a portrait of everyday life prevalent even in the Christian life. The picture-perfect life without sin is a fairy tale life.

I am gracious to all who have viewed my daughter’s movie, ‘Were It Not for Mama.’ Your continuous support is appreciated with ‘Kate’s House,’ which is available on Amazon Prime Video.

My oldest daughter has been actively building ‘Hype media Global’ since she graduated from college, and we have always supported her in this venture.

A Borrowed Living Testimony from ‘Daily Life Blues’:

Both our daughters have full, length hair. Their father was particular about their hair. Since elementary school, each time I took our oldest daughter to the salon, her father teased her and was serious about it, ‘Tell Marcia not to clip your ends.’

I had difficulty with the transition, when she went far away, to college. Not long after she left, I packed my bags and went to visit her.

Upon my arrival at the extremely cold destination, our smiles were priceless, when we were sight-seeing each other. It seemed we hugged for hours. She giggled when I said, ‘You need some sun. Look how pale you are.’ She looked Caucasian. Then I was stunned when I noticed she did what her father always forbid. She had weave in her hair.

Jennifer Smith, The Inspirational Collections

God’s Grace

September 17, 2022

Given that you have an appetite for how God’s Grace brought me through the backlashes of the writing of my life story, it’s in my debut memoir for starters!

Given that you have an appetite for how God’s Grace brought me through the backlashes of God’s pulpit used for target practices, it’s in my debut memoir for starters!

Given that you have an appetite for how God’s Grace brought me through the humiliations, it’s in my debut memoir for starters!

Given that you have an appetite for how God’s Grace brought me through the trespasses of the disrespectfulness in my face, it’s in my debut memoir for starters!

Given that you have an appetite for how God’s Grace brought me through ‘A Road Trip to Kentucky’ it’s in my debut memoir for starters!

Given that you have an appetite for how God’s Grace brought my matrimony through the stormy weather of trials and tribulations, it’s in my debut memoir for starters!

Behold Him. Holy Spirit, in His Presence. I gave my hand to God when I was in the eighth grade, when I heard His voice, and when He spoke to me. I know God for myself. I know God is real. I know God exist. When you know what you know, can’t nobody tell you what you don’t know what you know. I have been in God’s presence so many times and I fell the Holy Spirit presence around all the time.

Ongoing, we all need to hear about our recycling sins for our betterment and improvement, on the path to repentance and moving forward on the path of change for conversion; ‘go and sin no more.’

‘I’m Still Holding On’ Luther Barnes

Amen, we are going to have a strong finish!

An Interview Question to My Mother from Shareka:

What harvest have you obtained from your trials and tribulations in the wilderness?

God has given me deliverance with a new set of eyes to see the truth for what it really is, to have discernment to know the truth of a lie standing before me.

This Spiritual Writing Journey has brought me understanding of the truth, to know the truth of yesterday’s journey, put it behind me and move on.

It’s what I discussed in my phone conversation with the reverend, God brought me and the reverend, my hometown pastor together like a magnet and revealed the Spirit of Truth before my eyes through reverend’s sermon ‘Under New Management.’ Which I expound on my ‘Volume Two Memoir.’ The…

The nature of Shareka’s interview of her mother continues on the back of our debut memoir.

'They Said, But God Said’ Jekalyn Carr, the naysayers said we wouldn’t make it this far, but God said otherwise.

Brushing Over A Message In A Bottle 

"The Joy Bells Keep Ringing in My Soul"

August 31, 2022

Bon voyage! Suit up in your life jacket, as you sail through this message in a bottle, hitting a few turbulence waves, but nothing outlandish, to stop you from making it ashore for the core message:

Graciously Jesus! You brought me through in due time and shielded me from the storm, walking beside me. My daughter and I can relate to the ‘Hebrew children, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’ when they were thrown into the fiery furnace because of their faithfulness to God.’ We were in the pit of fire with Satan, the conniving coward, hot on our path trying to stop us from moving forward with The Inspirational Collections. We kept on trusting the Lord pressing on. The coauthor had a few pit-stops, but that’s all right, I threw her a life jacket and pulled her ashore each time, and we kept pressing forward faithfully, because the Lord has been overly good to us. We knew we were in too deep with God on uncharted territory to turn back. So, our only option was to keep pressing on and trusting God, which is how we reached this place where we are today with The Inspirational Collections, standing on the truth of God’s Word.

Although we knew everything was going to be all right, however, when we were in the middle of it with the clouds dark, the sky grey, and it was steaming hot all around us, and we could not see our way out, God restored us, when He ongoing stepped in making a way out of no way for us. You had to have been there to understand why I praise God the way I do. Graciously Jesus!

Amen, I kept holding on to my Lord’s Hand and I never let go. The world is too dark for me to make it on my own. I chose to hold on to my Lord’s Hand and never let go, with Him backing and supporting me.

Count it all joy, I am talking about me, no matter how dark the road got in doing God’s Will, in spite of the backlashes, and the fire of the disrespectful kickback podium, I still kept holding on to God’s Word. The trials came to make me stronger. Amen, steadfastly in God’s Word, I became stronger. God brought me out in one piece, and I refused to give up on God.

A Living Testimony:

My husband had a word to say, when for three years I pointed out and expressed to him that the Holy Spirit was telling me join the Pentecostal Church. I was resistant for years. The Holy Spirit was persistent until I finally went and joined. When I joined, I discovered why the Holy Spirit ordered my steps there. Discriminatory persons should not be in leadership positions in the Lord’s House of Prayer. God is not discriminatory. He loves everybody of every nationality. Not long ago I was discriminated against at the Pentecostal Church by the choir’s director when I joined the choir. The Lord’s Day, after it happened, my grandson and I packed up, and walked out the church doors while…

Everything you do for the Lord, let it be real.

The enlightenment of the Spirit of Truth silences the hearsay of speculations. Isn’t it good to know the Savior!

All right, praise God that we did not lose anyone overboard, after my living testimony. Let’s keep pressing forward! Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ did not walk this earth discriminatory. Jesus had a sit-down with numerous community and spiritual limits. He even sits down and eats with unbefitting people, and so forth.

Christians must remain faithful in our daily wilderness journey. We have nothing to fear in the stormy weather of life, Jesus is with us. He will calm the high tides and tell the sea to settle-down. He will give you peace in the stormy weather. Jesus rebuked the sea and told it to calm down. He did it back then in the Bible days and He will do the same for you today.

During this stormy journey I did not lose my faith. God works in so many ways, especially mysterious. My God worked that thing out! My God fixed that thing! He brought me through the storm on the path of ‘The Undefeated Street: The Church House, standing on the truth of His Word.

The path forward to strengthening your faith in the stormy weather of life, for starters, is to trust God, stay grounded in His Word, connected to Him. Do not doubt Him and ‘Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand.’

The Lord Jesus is God Who we serve joyfully with ‘The Joy Bells Keep Ringing in My Soul.’ In spite of there’s a storm coming your way, the sounds of ‘The Joy Bells Ringing’ brings you comfort in knowing the Lord is with you in your wilderness journey.

  • When you are at the end of your rope, ‘The Joy Bells Keep Ringing!
  • When you are leaning on Jesus in the middle of the storm, ‘The Joy Bells Keep Ringing!
  •  When you are in your enduring seasons of hardships, ‘The Joy Bells Keep Ringing!
  •  When you are weighed down with an overflowing of burdens, ‘The Joy Bells Keep Ringing!
  •  When you are hit with depression again, ‘The Joy Bells Keep Ringing!’

When you are at the end of your rope, communication is healthy, when you in a storm, and when you have a lot of stuff going on. It’s good to get it out instead of keeping it bottled up. Otherwise, it will accumulate in becoming antique ‘Matters of the Heart,’ with superficial uneven closure. Which will cause them to fester becoming an internal brewing storm in your heart and you will explode on someone. Only Jesus can help a deeply rooted angry person who is at the end of their rope.

Moreover, instead of puppeteering with people and relationships, you should express yourself about your ‘Matters of the Heart’ with gentleness, and do not stay quiet to not hurt the person’s feelings. Go ahead and say it, do not be concerned with hurting their feelings. Speak directly. Speak in plain language without intimidation, and reminding them of their unwilling past, and failures.

Although the three Hebrew children were thrown into the burning fiery furnace, they were faithful, and they still heard the joy bells ring. They kept on trusting the Lord would bring them out and they never stop believing. That’s the way Saints must be when we are in a storm. We must keep on trusting our Lord faithfully to bring us through with ‘The Joy Bells Keep Ringing in My Soul.’

When the wave of life gets rough, you got to keep pressing through it, victory on Calvary Hill. Everyday Easter on Calvary Hill. ‘Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand’ and do not let the storms of life steal your joy.

When you are in the weeping season, ‘The Joy Bells Keep Ringing in My soul.’ While the joy bells are ringing in your soul, you hold steadfastly to Him, and He will bring you through anything. He will bring you through your enduring season of the storm and the rain.

Even when you cannot see your way out the storm ‘The Joy Bells Keeps Ringing. Glory Hallelujah!

Shifting gears in rooting around the core message:

Although we have wrestling thoughts through life’s transitions, oppositions, adversaries, and adversity, life’s stormy weather is a part of life. God gives us shelter in the wilderness treacherous weather conditions. We come through all right because somehow God, our overseer makes a way out watching over us, putting us on our daily path forward, as the clock keeps ticking on to another day’s journey.

All the same, when you are in the middle of life’s stormy weather, you must remain faithful and not let your heart be troubled, although it is hard sometimes, there is comfort and hope in God’s Word. The Lord is still with you, and He will strengthen you to go on and not let defeat have the victory. Jesus did it all on Calvary Hill. He rose victoriously with the victory. Sometimes it’s settling to take time out and remind us of everyday Easter in the wilderness, and not wait for Easter to roll around once a year. Every single day we are dwelling in the treacherous wilderness, with the daunting noises of unrighteousness all over the world, from coast to coast.

Christians must remain faithful in the middle of whatever we are going through, and we must know that God is working for our good and His Glory. Hallelujah! It does not matter what you are going through in your wilderness journey God is always faithful to His children. This does not mean that Christians will not endure seasons of trials. 1 John 4:4 (NKJV) reads, ‘You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who in the world.’

The Lord Jesus is good in our troubles. He is our stronghold, and His love endures forever.

In our daily wilderness journey, we must remain faithful and not be unfaithful as Jonah who thought he could run from God when God tasked him. Even though Jonah spent time in a big fish, he went on to fulfill the task that God had given him, when God gave him a second chance. This does not mean that Jonah still did not have reservations.

Even in our disobedience in the middle of our stormy weather, we know as Jonah know that ‘God is gracious, merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love’ for all His children.

After saying all of that, it boils down to our faithfulness to God. All who believes in the Lord, the risen Christ will have eternal life in His name, abundant precious life.

There are people who get lost in the things of the world, instead of focusing on God. They put asunder that everything on earth was created by God, which everything on earth belongs to God. God even used the earth to create us humankind. There absolutely nothing on earth that God did not create. He created the heavens and the earth, a means of God’s Grace.

Everyday Easter in the wilderness on Calvary Hill, Jesus is deserving of daily gratitude. Amen, every single day is Easter of Trekking Through The Wilderness.

How far are you willing to go for God in giving an authentic living testimony? Are you willing to go the distance and give an authentic living testimony for God? How strong is your faith to go the distance and be a mouthpiece for God in standing on the truth of His Word?

God takes care of His children He gives us all our needs and gifts.

My hope is that this borrowed message in a bottle from ‘The Harken Collections of Matters of the Heart’ was inspiring to you.

With the sun shining brightly I will soldier on my journey and count it all joy each day God gives me new life.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Count It All Joy! Each Day God Gives Me New Life, I See All His Greatness!

Oh yeah! The Lord has been good to me and my family. He has brought us from a long way. I have absolutely nothing to complain about, the Lord spared my life to be here on another day’s journey. He didn’t have to do this for me, but He did! Graciously Jesus!

Graciously Lord for allowing me to see too many victories to letting defeat have the last word. I kept pushing forward not let defeat have the last word. I kept pressing on in my trials with perseverance and determination in doing my Father’s Will. I count it victory to have made it this far in my journey through all my trials. Hallelujah Jesus!

Here it is, I started at ground zero to have reached this place in my life where God allowed me to be, humbled and gracious of His Grace and Mercy. I had to travel through hurdles to get here. I sailed through the flood on the ‘Miami Dolphins Dr.’ That’s all right I kept pressing my way through the stormy weather on the ‘University Hurricanes Dr.’ It was a heatwave over on the ‘Miami Heat Highway,’ but Hallelujah Jesus, I am bringing it home to the ‘Undefeated Street: The Church House!’

Praise God, Pastor Rodney Hudson, at Ames Memorial United Methodist Church, Baltimore, MD this mother and daughter authorship is coming your way with God’s Charity from ‘The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness.’ Glory be to God! Exchanging hands in building God’s kingdom for the betterment of all His children.

Oooowee! The Harken Collections of Trekking Through The Wilderness,’ Charity catalog for the Lord’s House is halfway full.

I am so glad Jesus was there with me when I endured backlashes on my Spiritual Writing Journey’ and setbacks, but I made it! Hallelujah Jesus!

Get Onboard for the Next Milestone from 

The Inspirational Collections

A Clipping from First Lady Dr. Clarice’s Sermon from Yellowstone Christian Center Church, in 

“Jennifer, a Testament of a Virtuous Woman”

October 15, 2022

She Preached About Tithing, Faith, the Backsliding Path and More!

‘Backslider starts in the heart which is filthy, and a nasty heart.’ When you leave God, you think everything is okay. The Devil don’t play fair. God don’t leave you. Backsliders are on the Devil’s turf. Our God gets angry and He’s a jealous God. Imagine a husband worked many years, took care of his wife for her to stay home to be a housewife, and he comes home, finds her in the bed with another man. Felt like a cold knife in the air. Okay, then, how do you think God feels. He feels the same way when you leave Him and becomes a backstabber.’

Dr. Clarice Williamson preached this sermon surrounding the stalking of Ms. Jezebel, and my husband.

In spite of meeting a lot of oppositions during my Spiritual Writing Journey, my living testimony is not scripted and programmed, and it is going to get deeper. My determination: to get the job done for my Lord is unshakable. I am just getting started with my living testimony. You are not there yet, in the threshold of my living testimony. The everlasting truth of His Word endures forever.

My daughter and I are not doing the Lord’s work for recognition of being in the spotlight. We are servants of the Lord, standing behind Jesus. It’s not about us and our identity. It’s all about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jennifer, The Inspirational Collections

Next Stop: Reaching for The Field Goal of

The Inspirational Collections Debut Autobiography Under Way

The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, Dawn of My Life

An Autobiography-Volume Three

Jennifer Smith

A Valley Place in the Wilderness

Jennifer, Dawn of My Life

The Beginning of My Life Story

My debut ‘Autobiography’ starts with a remarkable opening and the momentum does not waver. I have lived a drama-filled life.

In the reading of my life story series of books one of my hopes is to bring a fresh look on familiar daily life, that we all go through in our wilderness journey, but are reluctantly lighthearted about the truth of our sins and consequences that follows.

Our Original Debut Novel: Pastor Jerome Cutler Family Livelihood

Brief History About The Inspirational Collections

What makes The Inspirational Collections of books unique? I wholeheartedly believe that The Inspirational Collections of books will give hope and serve as an influential asset. My work will enrich the world, and aid people in all aspects of their everyday, living, as all people navigate on their journey, as well as their spiritual journey.

The originality, creativity, and uniqueness of my books set them apart from other inspirational works. Every story has a new flavorful, and unusual trend. In addition, the church storytelling atmosphere, within the stories, are appealing to read.

The Inspirational Collections is a Christian, fictional series of stories, where the church storytelling atmospheres, are filled with an array of uplifting characters, that will motivate your heart, mind, and soul, to continue your life path and spiritual navigation of life.

The Inspirational Collections of books involve detailed and intimate, martial topics, to guide each reader, in overcoming the stumbling blocks of life, that we all face daily, due to prematurely growing into your manhood or womanhood. Each book explores the adversity of different familiar and marital roles, to aid each reader to heal from the devastation of the shocking truth, of a Christian's walk of life. Our overall goal is to inspire each reader, to truly have meaningful and successful relationships. Never give up on the toilsome of life.

My work, entails, that everyday living is not a fairy tale. Each story, each book, showcases that lovingness and forgiveness, are your options when you are confronted with the trials and tribulations of life. Lovingness and forgiveness are your only choices, your only options, so that each person, who has an everlasting, dwelling spirit of God, can truly move forward, heal, and walk with Christ Jesus, authentically.

My work, also includes the highlight, "the desire of every woman", such as having her own husband and her own family. Each book from The Inspirational Collections addresses these listed issues below, from a new, refreshed, and different perspective, within each storyline. Likewise, these include lessons and messages that guide you to understand, with maturity, the principles of being married and starting a family prematurely, such as

• Loyalty and Faithfulness

• Family and Relationships

• Commitment to Marital Vows

• Family Values and Principles

• Dating Relationships and Marriages

• Spirituality and Beliefs

• Disagreements and Resolutions

• Love and Forgiveness

• Healthiness and Wholesome Lifestyles

• Sacredness and Purity

• Daily Living Difficult Challenges

The sole purpose for The Inspirational Collections website is to “market my life story and books.” If you are inspired by my inspiring writings, I am jubilee! My anointing inspiring writings are written in the name of Jesus Christ, The Spirit of Truth.

The uncomplimentary books/memoirs/titles, and the contents of each book from The Inspirational Collections website is copyrighted.

"These Christ-Centered Sermons are Parallel to the sermons that are written in The Inspirational Collections of Books, which can be purchase in the Amazon Online Store"

A Message for Readers