About the Authors

Jesus and I Go Way Back, Since Young-Hearted!

Jennifer Smith, I am, the authentic writer of The Inspirational Collections. Shareka Smith, my daughter, is the co-author.

Vigoroulsly, since January 2007, my daughter and I, have been tenaciously a mother-daughter authorship, as part of God's workmanship, to build God's Kingdom.

Moreover, my daughter and I, are harmoniously doing the Lord's work, in accord, with uplifting, positive energy. This mother-daughter authorship, is joyously, passionate about participating, in doing the good works of the Lord. Wholeheartedly, we are most privileged and most honored, that the Lord called my daughter and I, to accomplish his good works. We love Jesus, because he first loved us.

Thank you God, for life. God, you brought us through the storm and the rain. This mother-daughter team band together daily, on our Jesus-journey. Oh yes... my daughter and I will continue to be steadfast, to step out on faith, listening to God, and standing solely on His Word, in directing our paths, with The Inspirational Collections.

My daughter, Shareka and myself, will never take credit for The Inspirational Collections. It is God who has directed our writing journey, path, from the very beginning. I give God the honor and the glory.

God is the Master of all Masters. He is the Taskmaster of all Taskmasters. God is the Overseer of all Overseers.

Jennifer, I am, the type of person before I open up to you, I need to get to know you and you need to get to know me. Wholeheartedly, fellowshipping is what I am about. You do not know me through my inspiring writings, you must get to know me, up close and in person, then you will meet the real Jennifer.

When you are a part of God's Staffers, sensitivity and timid, is out the window.

Jennifer, I am not a "pastor" and I am not a "minister". I am an inspiring author, as a part of God's womanship. The Inspirational Collections of books comes with a purpose, to build the "Lord's house," for a Godsend Senior Pastor.

As you maneuver throughout The Inspirational Collections website, please be a listening ear to what my daughter and I, are wholeheartedly speaking about. We are speaking about Jesus, the Son of God. We are speaking about God the Father, in heaven, who gave His only Son for the sinners of the world. We are speaking about Jesus, God’s Son who went to the cross, on Calvary for all mankind. We are speaking about Jesus who they made carry His own cross, put that thorny crown on His head, whipped Him, nailed Him to the cross and pierced His side. We are speaking about Jesus, the lamb, whose blood was shed on Calvary.

This is what The Inspirational Collections of books are about. Jesus, the Son of God. God the Father, who sits on the throne in heaven. In each book from The Inspirational Collections, I have written diligently, about daily life, the sins of daily life. The sins of the world. The real-times that we are living in, and the everlasting real-world issues, because we were born into sin.

Within each of The Inspirational Collections of composed fictional books, I have created scenarios of fictional Christian families going through the trials and tribulations of the sins that exists in the real-world, the real times that we are living in. In each book, I have highlighted how each family triumphs over the sins of the world, that are likely to touch every family in the real times, that we are living in. Perhaps even your family has been touched already by the sins, that are displayed in each book, as I have. If not, keep living on earth, you will be touched by the sins of the world. Why? Because we were born into sin. Sin is all around us. Sin is amongst us daily, wearing different faces, wearing different hats, every day, all day long, seven days a week.

Each of my memoirs are set aside separately, from The Inspirational Collections fictional books. Each of my memoirs are non-fictional books. 

The heart of the main message for The Inspirational Collections is simple, everyone is fighting a personal war. Stop blaming others for your own inadequacies. Every day is a brand-new day, therefore, why not adopt a changed-heart with God, "Every day I am ready to win my personal war, because I know I can triumph over Second Timothy Chapter 3!" Good God, oh no, please! Don't take our word at face value, pick up the Holy Bible, and read for yourselves.

The Inspirational

Collections of Books

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The Inspirational Collections Released Books

1. Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood

2. Pastor Jerome Cutler: Life Changing-The Sequel

3. Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking-The Final Chapter

Each book on this website is copyrighted.

Please visit the "Publications Page," to view The Inspirational Collections released books. Also visit the "Store Page," to purchase as many of our books as you desire, for gift-giving and for your personal collection.

 God's Got This, Steering The Wheel of The Inspirational Collections of ​Books

Faithful is our God! Our Father has been steering the wheel of this mother-daughter authorship from the beginning before we stepped out on faith, standing solely on His Word, with The Inspirational Collections. God has not failed us yet. We are still here holding onto our faith undeterred to give up on God. Why should we give up on God? Without God, what else is there? We have no better place to be than in the Will of God; with our Father continuously molding and shaping us to "His Likings", preparing us for His grand master plan.

With infinite love and peace.

I thank God for bringing my daughter and I together, as a mother-daughter authorship. Within my spirit, not only do I encourage mother, but I would like to see more mothers and daughters working together.

The Milestone:

Our Next Simultaneous Happenings...

1.The Rejected Heart of God's Word

2. Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One

The Rejected Heart of God's Word.

Paperback: $14.00

Kindle: $8.00


Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride.

Paperback: $25.00

Kindle: $10.00


Jennifer, My Black Father, a Good Man, Not a Perfect Man: An Autobiography Memoir-Volume Two

A Novel Dawn of My Life

Content coming 2021...


Our Original Debut Novel: Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood

Perseverance! Persistence! Determination!

This is the pathway in the wilderness: of where my daughter and I began our writing journey to where we are now on our Jesus-Journey, moving forward; with our introductory debut novel series which explains the basics of everyday life: Scenes From Along Path, Along the Path, The Path Keeps Branching Off…

We kicked it off with The Inspirational Collections: Our fictional, debut novel “Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood”. We continue navigating through the turbulence onto “Pastor Jerome Cutler: Life Changing-The Sequel”. Time did not stop for us to take a break and regroup, we stayed focused on God’s Word and we kept moving onto “Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking-The Final Chapter”. This journey has not been easy; it came with a lot of turbulence and negativity. I remained bound and steadfast on God’s course, with Christ Jesus, the heart and soul of my inspiring writings. I will never backpedal from my commitment walking with Christ Jesus. I trust in God and He showed me the way, every step of the way. Together my daughter and I are still holding onto God’s Word, we are moving onto our next book release “The Rejected Heart of God’s Word and Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One: A Novel-The Matrimony”.

A brief interview about the “Pastor Jerome Cutler Trilogy”: one of my main messages for this trilogy series is to enlighten people that “Pastors are human; with feelings and emotions, the same as us; they do live a separate life from behind the podium”. People have a false expectation and perception that Pastors are perfect: when in fact they are not. When a man of God falls from Grace, you must pray for them, giving them your loving support; continually. When you run, then Christ Jesus was not your focus for being in His house from the beginning. You should not have the false expectation from folks nor have the mindset and mentality that I will just wait on folks to come around or when the raft is over and the atmosphere is calm now; in regards to false hopeful, hopefully talk, when we are set and we become situated; which is never, the idea of being situated is never going to happen and false promise, promising talk; because; always in the end: you will be disappointed. Disappointment starts in those early years when attention wasn’t given to God’s domain of home. My home, my family supersedes all worldliness; I am a devout Man of God and I am a devout, dedicated Woman of God, and we cherish life in itself; and all our family, off springs, as well. I must say, I had so much fun developing Pastor Jerome Cutler’s character. He was so much fun writing, giving me plenty of laughter and teary eyes. Gracious I am to God for such a joyful experience.

The Inspirational Collections Comes with a Purpose: Building God’s Kingdom

Get on board! With The Inspirational Collections and expand the encouragement of purchasing our Godsent books!

My Jesus-Journey started young-hearted. I have traveled to where I am only because of God’s Grace and Mercy. I am not departing from my Jesus’ Path for anything nor anyone. I am here to stay on this Jesus-Journey for the rest of my life; always.

This is a bullhorn loudly, my bridegroom whispered along with the naysayers that I would not make it thus far, standing on God's Word with The Inspirational Collections. Well! The devil is a liar, I am still here holding onto God's hand.

God has the mighty power to always make a way out of no way! My daughter and I are not looking for fame, fortune, and recognition! We are humbled in our affirmations and convictions in doing the good works of God’s Will: with The Inspirational Collections.

Despite life’s “detour-deviations” along the way The God Almighty made sure I made it this far! Hallelujah Jesus! A child of God never gives up. You keep going forward, not looking back, because with God failure is never an option.

Hallelujah! Glory to God! If you pass over on the purchasing of The Inspirational Collections of Godsent books, you have missed your blessings! Thank You Christ Jesus, You keep on blessing me over and over, it’s Your Will.

The Inspirational Collections of books are across-the-board for every nationality. 

Exchanging Hands Benevolence.

1. Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Houston TX (Gracious, for your online uplifting services.)


God, our praying source.

Summation of The Inspirational Collections

The Inspirational Collections of books are a scenic portrait of living, written from a creatively, fictional storyline, which are fictional spin off books from my life story, that each reader can visualize, the transparency of discovering the truth about the Word of God.

The Inspirational Collections of books, dives into the tensed issues of living that involves a vivid picture that differentiates the various paths of this life’s journey. There are many different paths in life, that we encounter on our journey. God’s path never shifts, it is always the same course. God’s Word never changes. God’s Word is everlasting.

The originality, creativity, and uniqueness of The Inspirational Collections of books set them apart from other inspirational works. Every story has a new flavorful and unusual trend. In addition, the church storytelling atmospheres within the books are appealing to read. The entire collection of The Inspirational Collections of books are incredibly inspiring.

The Inspirational Collections of books, journey through, as well as, explore, the many highlighted issues, that we all endure on our journey. Just to mention a few:

  • Disagreements and Resolutions
  • Loyalty and Faithfulness
  • Commitment to Marital Vows
  • Daily Living Difficult Challenges

There is light in the world of goodness, which comes with the joyous smiles, which cherishes the love of living everyday relationships with everyone, even nature within itself, from the beautiful chiming birds to the attentive noise of the world.

The Inspirational Collections of books will be long lived, and stay with you long, after you have read them.