About the Authors

Jennifer Smith, I am, the authentic writer of The Inspirational Collections. Shareka Smith, my daughter, is the co-author.

Vigoroulsly, since January 2007, my daughter and I, have been tenaciously a mother-daughter authorship, as part of God's workmanship, to build God's Kingdom.

Moreover, my daughter and I, are harmoniously doing the Lord's work, in accord, with uplifting, positive energy. This mother-daughter authorship, is joyously, passionate about participating, in doing the good works of the Lord. Wholeheartedly, we are most privileged and most honored, that the Lord called my daughter and I, to accomplish his good works. We love Jesus, because he first loved us.

Thank you God, for life. God, you brought us through the storm and the rain. This mother-daughter team band together daily, on our Jesus-journey. Oh yes... my daughter and I will continue to be steadfast, to step out on faith, listening to God, and standing solely on His Word, in directing our paths, with The Inspirational Collections.

My daughter, Shareka and myself, will never take credit for The Inspirational Collections. It is God who has directed our writing journey, path, from the very beginning. I give God the honor and the glory.

God is the Master of all Masters. He is the Taskmaster of all Taskmasters. God is the Overseer of all Overseers.

Jennifer, I am, the type of person before I open up to you, I need to get to know you and you need to get to know me. Wholeheartedly, fellowshipping is what I am about. You do not know me through my inspiring writings, you must get to know me, up close and in person, then you will meet the real Jennifer.

When you are a part of God's Staffers, sensitivity and timid, is out the window.

Jennifer, I am not a "pastor" and I am not a "minister". I am an inspiring author, as a part of God's womanship. The Inspirational Collections of books comes with a purpose, to build the "Lord's house," for a Godsend Senior Pastor.

As you maneuver throughout The Inspirational Collections website, please be a listening ear to what my daughter and I, are wholeheartedly speaking about. We are speaking about Jesus, the Son of God. We are speaking about God the Father, in heaven, who gave His only Son for the sinners of the world. We are speaking about Jesus, God’s Son who went to the cross, on Calvary for all mankind. We are speaking about Jesus who they made carry His own cross, put that thorny crown on His head, whipped Him, nailed Him to the cross and pierced His side. We are speaking about Jesus, the lamb, whose blood was shed on Calvary.

This is what The Inspirational Collections of books are about. Jesus, the Son of God. God the Father, who sits on the throne in heaven. In each book from The Inspirational Collections, I have written diligently, about daily life, the sins of daily life. The sins of the world. The real-times that we are living in, and the everlasting real-world issues, because we were born into sin.

Within each of The Inspirational Collections of composed fictional books, I have created scenarios of fictional Christian families going through the trials and tribulations of the sins that exists in the real-world, the real times that we are living in. In each book, I have highlighted how each family triumphs over the sins of the world, that are likely to touch every family in the real times, that we are living in. Perhaps even your family has been touched already by the sins, that are displayed in each book, as I have. If not, keep living on earth, you will be touched by the sins of the world. Why? Because we were born into sin. Sin is all around us. Sin is amongst us daily, wearing different faces, wearing different hats, every day, all day long, seven days a week.

Each of my memoirs are set aside separately, from The Inspirational Collections fictional books. Each of my memoirs are non-fictional books, the real McCoy.

The heart of the main message for The Inspirational Collections is simple, everyone is fighting a personal war. Stop blaming others for your own inadequacies. Every day is a brand-new day, therefore, why not adopt a changed-heart with God, "Every day I am ready to win my personal war, because I know I can triumph over Second Timothy Chapter 3!" Good God, oh no, please! Don't take our word at face value, pick up the Holy Bible, and read for yourselves.

Sweet Jesus! How Did The Inspirational Collections Come About?

This day I was jubilant, that my writing journey was over and my daughter and I, were, in the process of gearing up to publish my life story, “The Wilderness Series” of books, when God threw a detour on my path. “My child your writing journey has just begun.” That day went something like this. I was on my morning exercise, walking, singing to gospel music when abruptly, God’s voice took over the music. Repeatedly, God said to me until I arrived home, “Pastor Jerome, The Inspirational Collections.” I hurried on my exercise, making my way home, not knowing what was going on.

Once I arrived home, I told the coauthor about it. After discussing it, my daughter and I, concluded, “The Inspirational Collections of Pastor Jerome.” I said to my daughter, “Pastor Jerome needs a last name. I had the last word saying, Cutler.” It will be “The Inspirational Collections of Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood.” This is how The Inspirational Collections of books, came about.

Within, “Jennifer, A Young-Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One,” I expounded on how God gives me each fictional, spinoff book, from my life story to write. The process is truly amazing. The coauthor has witnessed this process, many times and each time, she is amazed.

This cozy, mid Saturday evening, I was watching a movie, that I had seen before. Abruptly, I paused the movie because God gave me a new book to write. I did not want to break from my movie. Therefore, I said, I will type it later. The spirit would not let me rest and resume the movie until I went through my normal process when God gives me a book to write, type the title and the plot. Once I did this, I resumed the movie peacefully, without disturbance from the Lord.

I must say, I surprised myself in the writing of this thriller. This book is completely different from the other books that I have written, which I thought would be challenging, but it was not. God knew I would truly enjoy the writing of this book. Because it gave me the opportunity to put on my "Investigation Discovery" hat. This book is a representation of what is going on in real time, as each of the books are from The Inspirational Collections.

Oh yeah! “Jesus fought my battle and I won!” Lord, I withstood those rising storms. I did not give up, I navigated through it all. The devil has been trying to “stop” The Inspirational Collections, from the beginning. The devil had the audacity to try and “high-jack” my third “mightiest” book of the “Cutler’s Trilogy,” trying to discredit that “I am not who I say I am. That I am not the authentic author of The Inspirational Collections. That I am not the authentic voice behind The Inspirational Collections. That I am not the authentic illustrator of The Inspirational Collections. Who else would I be? The devil is a liar! Jesus showed up with my documentation in order and said, “No, no, Satan! I have already won this battle for my child. My child is who I said she is, the authentic author of The Inspirational Collections. The Inspirational Collections is my child’s calling on her life.”

“The Inspirational Collections of Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking-The Final Chapter,” is the “mightiest” book of The “Cutler’s Trilogy,” which I have dedicated to my parents. Satan cannot stop the publication of my memoirs, that God has ordained. It has already been written. God has already made the provision for my memoirs, since January 2007, when I started this ”Detour Around the Wilderness” writing journey.

Because God is on this mother and daughter’s team side. We won. We won the victory!

The Inspirational

Collections of Books

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The Inspirational Collections Released Books

1. Pastor Jerome Cutler: Family Livelihood

2. Pastor Jerome Cutler: Life Changing-The Sequel

3. Pastor Jerome Cutler: The Clock Keeps Ticking-The Final Chapter

Each book on this website is copyrighted.

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 God's Got This, Steering The Wheel of The Inspirational Collections of ​Books

Delving into the writing of The Inspirational Collections, I am passionate about being a writer for God. I will hold steadfast to saying, The Inspirational Collections of books has positive energy, in spreading the Good News of Christ Jesus.

The Good News of the gospel messages that I am dropping within The Inspirational Collections of books, are loud and clear, with inspiration, to assist you along the way, in your daily life, on your journey.

The Inspirational Collections of books will be warm-hearted to you, in assisting you to navigate through those rough patches in your daily life. There is the likelihood that you will get watered up and emotional, while reading our inspirational books.

Mmm-hmm! This mother-daughter team are getting ready to kick-it-off to release two blockbuster books, with a spectacular ending, this New Year 2020, (The Rejected Heart of God’s Word” and The Flirtatious Bus Driver”).

Yeeeees! This is what the coauthor had to say about these two upcoming astounding books with a lot-of-action, “The Rejected Heart of God’s Word, is an enchanting read, which you will discover love can conquer anguish. The Flirtatious Bus Driver is a thought-provoking read, which shows the power of the extensive damage that can be done by jealousy. Point-blank, these books illustrate that forgiveness is possible.”

Ah shoot! The buzzin’ rumor mail is...If you are not on board peeping our books, don’t be such a stranger to The Inspirational Collections of books. The search is over for a good book to read, that is not boring and not familiar territory to mimicking other’s work. The Inspirational Collections of books are well-suited, that will appease your whetted appetite, to cuddle-cozy, in the quiet afternoon, or under the cover of the night reading our inspirational, good books. If you have not read the first three contagiously flavorful books released from Pastor Jerome Cutler’s Trilogy, please sprint to your mobile device and order copies, that are available for purchase in the Amazon online store.

Lord behold! I am not kidding around when I say, apparently, something different is going on within The Inspirational Collections of books. You should be speedy to picking up copies to see for yourself, what that something is Buzzin’ in these entertaining books.

The Inspirational Collections of books will catch you off guard with the gripping-plots, which reveals things are not always what they seemed. In the reading of these impressive books, they will speak to you for a multitude of reasons, delivering inspirational messages. If you do not remember your text history from two weeks ago, after reading The Inspirational Collections of books, you will remember the gripping-plots from each book.

The Inspirational Collections of books serves as a spiritual guide in daily inspiration. The practical and relatable book series thrives in today’s modern-contemporary world.

The valuable, rare breed of The Inspirational Collections of books has the same vibe as your cellphone. You never want to be without your cellphone, that is for some their lifeline. By the same token you do not want to be without The Inspirational Collections of books, that is your daily inspiration. Jesus is this mother and daughter’s lifeline.

Saddleback! Now that’s the spirit, when you kickback, and enjoy the readings of The Inspirational Collections of books, while you await the next book release. My daughter and I are rowing in seasons, climbing up the ladder, reaching for the prize, Jesus! Dropping the books from The Inspirational Collections.

It is impossible to read The Inspirational Collections of books and be unspeakable, at a loss for words, about the gripping-plots, in each book. Therefore, I encourage you to shout about it, sharing the good news of these alluring books.

The Inspirational Collections of books are interesting enough, until you cannot resist shouting about it, spreading it like a wildfire through in-boxing your friends and associates, and some people!

Oops! When you climb behind the wheel and turn on that ignition, on your way to Zion, your boy’s house or Chena, your girl’s house, kicking it, please be motivated to tell them what’s shaking, with The Inspirational Collections of fascinating books, encouraging them to sprint to their mobile device and visit the Amazon online store for purchase.

The Rejected Heart of God's Word Coming October 2020

Let's Breeze into The Rejected Heart of God's Word

“The mask came off, the respect was out the door, and the bottled-up issues were unleashed into the atmosphere, when Elaine went and leaned on Leslie’s lap. “Auntie Leslie, Grandma, said, “God sent you a preacher man to straighten you out because you don’t believe in God.” Leslie’s mouth dropped, and everyone had stunned facial expressions including Shay.

Deacon Joe wide-eyes saying, “This apartment is getting ready to be preoccupied with drama, Shay we need to take some food, and move onto your apartment.”

Shay took a sharp tone, “Oh, be quiet Joe, and finish eating what’s on your plate, before you talk about taking more food”.

Marta stopped rocking. “Shay, I told you about gossiping in front of your grandchildren. They are innocent children. It’s not Elaine’s fault that she repeated what you said. That is what children do. They repeat what their ears heard. I am going to share wisdom with all of you, growing up my mama used to say, “If you don’t want something repeated, then don’t say it.” You should know better Shay, I taught you and your brother that as children.”

Leslie stood furiously, as she put her plate on the table saying in an upset voice, “Dawn, you are nothing but a two-faced tattle tale gossiping tongue, who cannot hold her water. You are a motor mouth snake in the grass. Me dating a Pastor is none of any of your business. And for you Shay. I’m sure it’s not pleasing in your God’s eyes for you to gossip about your daughter, and cause strife between your children.”

Ouch! What happened next was jaw-dropping with hardcore drama. Which left no one smiling in an up mood.

Leslie Harrington the main character is a riot, with an unforgiving heart. She is an emotional-touchingly character that will probably leave you shock at the end of the story. Leslie’s current state of mind is angry and bitter, a whole lot of attitude and she is extremely angry about her past. Which has led to her double edge sword tongue, when she is blabbing about she is an atheist. Throughout the book Leslie goes through a life-changing transformation. At the end of the story will she be that same person who she was at the beginning of the story?

If you doubt God, and refused to believe in God’s existence, this book is for you, as well as those who are not walking with Jesus. This book is for the entire world to read. A book that is short, and yet, so powerful. The Inspirational Collections of books are for everyone, no matter who you are and what nationality you are.

Something to think about: Will Leslie Harrington grow tired of hanging out with Satan and her atheist rubbishly talk? When you are tired of hanging out with Satan stealing time from you, you can come hangout with Jesus.

Astonishing this book is short and sweet but compelling. This dramatic book speaks volumes about the main character’s issues. Which hopefully will persuade you to receive the message of the story. This page-turning suspenseful book is a good read.

Shareka, the coauthor is the first reader of The Inspirational Collections of The Rejected Heart of God’s Word. She was heart touched by the book and inspired. She fell in love with the story because of the aspects of love and forgiveness. She said to me after she read the manuscript, “Job well-done, Mother! I enjoyed reading it. It was uplifting.”

This Book Pricing

1. Paperback: $14.00

2. Kindle (ebook) $8.00

The Flirtatious Bus Driver Coming December 2020   

A Brief Showing into the Gripping-Plot

“I’m not taunting or stalking your sister. It’s not about your sister, I’m here to send a message to Kishone. I’m selling the truth, my interest, is in Kishone. Him and I, are cozy, involved for quite sometime. I don’t, sell something Holy, what God has blessed me with. Kishone, gets it for free, without me starving for it. And what are you selling? Or, are you, truly playing the brotherly concerned card?” She started, snapping her fingers, rocking back and forth, saying with a tune, “Silky, silky soul, who let the dogs out? Burn baby burn. I guess, your brother, better repent, before he burn in Hell, with me, huh! With the hope, that God pardon him, from his sins.” Dmitry was speechless. “What, cat got your tongue?” I’m telling, you, a piece of what happened. I’m just trying, to be straight, with you. I know the truth, can be embarrassing, and shameful, at times,” she said giving Dmitry, a silent, creepy, stare down, without batting an eye.”

The Flirtatious Bus Driver, Shawnee, has gone off the deep end, with misgiving intentions. She will keep you reading, trying to figure out, what is her next, unpredictable, misgiving act.

I deemed to sneak peek you, into, “The Flirtatious Bus Driver, by saying, the harrowing tale is, Shawnee, did not play by God’s rules. Her misgiving acts, are far from kosher, and that is putting it mildly. For now, let’s just say she is not, the most savory character, who you want to encounter, in the dark prairie night. She is a generated, attention character, who is far from a pillar, of the community.

Peeping through the window at Shawnee, this is what you see. Shawnee’s misgiving acts are not foreign to to her. She is aggressive, in her powerful blow of words, and behavior in pursuing, what she wants, and she does not care who she steps on, to attain it. One of her misgiving acts, led to the neighbors, scattered, in the streets, trying to figure out, what was going on.

Shawnee is an undisciplined blabber mouth, who actually follows through, on what she says. And she is a reminder, that evil lives among us.

Late-night laughter was out the window. When First Lady Kimmie’s vital discovery, of Shawnee, sneaking around, her front door, which caused her far more than agony, than one can imagine.

When Shawnee, snow-balked, out of control, with her misgiving act, towards First Lady Kimmie, it was more, than a pit she felt in her stomach, it was a life-chance experience.

Upon the release of “The Flirtatious Bus Driver”, it would be a mistake, to deprive yourself, from picking up a copy. For sure, this book, is an emotional, rollercoaster ride with a cranked up, gripping action-drama plot. It is more than likely, that this book will leave you with a whetted appetite, to read the next book, from The Inspirational Collections, which is “Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir.”

Swoosh! This enthralled, marvelous storyline of “The Flirtatious Bus Driver” is a firestorm and a fast-moving, cliffhanger page-turner.

What my first reader, seasoned professional, expressed about “The Flirtatious Bus Driver”. “I have assessed The Flirtatious Bus Driver, and found it to be a lovely work of Christian fiction. You keep the stakes tremendously high while knowing when to be lighthearted. The dialogue remains realistic throughout, which is great for developing a believable story for readers to follow and become engrossed in.”

Oh yeah! It is a splendid idea to be speedy, to pick up a copy of “The Flirtatious Bus Driver”, once, this action-thriller and dramatic-filled book is released.

Once, the release of “The Flirtatious Bus Driver”, consumers can purchase this book in the Amazon online store.

This Book Pricing:

Paperback: $13.00

Kindle (ebook): $7.00

Jennifer's First Enthralling Memoir, 

Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One, 

Coming Spring 2021 

A Brief Showing into The Storyline 

This is what I wrote when I looked back over my life...

My shared extensive notes are the focus of Dr. Reverend Alphonso Jackson "Under New Management Sermon."

First part of Dr. Reverend Alphonso Jackson's "Under New Management Sermon".

He started out speaking with tranquility, and singing with a beautiful sweet tune, about the birds and how humble they are and different from us humans. "A bird was bathing in a birdbath. It didn't need a big pool the way people did. The bird was humbled. It ate food off the ground,  unlike many of us who weren't humbled. Pride was a factor, ridiculing the word humble. Who wanted to be humble?"

"The sign at the grocery store read "Under New Management", he said, "But you go inside, and everything's still the same. Nothing has changed. Don't say that you're Under New Management when you remain the same."

He said, People come to church possessed with the dumb spirit. They can't open their mouth to praise God."

He preached about men coming to church chasing skirts. He made aloud dog sound. "Ruff! Ruff! Aroooooo! As he continued preaching, "Some of y'all can't praise the Lord the way you should, because y'all had no business there, because you are married."

Reverend Alphonso Jackson said, "Y'all younger ladies who walk around, showing your stuff, y'all know the day will come when you get older. Your stuff starts dropping, and your breast don't stand up anymore. Men going to trade you in for a younger model."

Under New Management

Sunday Sermon August 16, 2009, by

Dr. Reverend Alphonso Jackson of

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Miami Gardens Florida

Luke 11:21-22

Satan has power = Prince of power, Strong man = Satan. Stronger man = Jesus.

People come to church possessed with the dumb spirit. They can't open their mouths to praise God. Jesus is in the lead with the devil. For Jesus to cast out demons, He must have power over you.

Don't say you're Under New Management if you're doing the same old things. You need a difference. Their finances and emotions. Satan manages stuff badly. He had control over you = he allows you to fall in love with the wrong people.

Satan gives you stuff, but he has a hook on it with strings attached.

Blessings of the light and peace. If you are inquisitive to read teh remaining of this sermon, upon availablity, please pick up a copy of The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir.

Another Briefing into The Storyline

Her Strong Spirit Made Me Look at Her

Entering the class, I saw a new face. Her strong spirit made me look at her, and chills went through my body. She was cold, and her devilish eyes gave me the creeps when she looked at me.

Who is she? I wondered. She's a Jezebel.

"Once a cheater, always a cheater", she said, one leg folded in the chair and the other hanging down as if she were still a teenager, not forty-one.

"Once you go out there," she said, "you want to go back. You get bored with the person you're with. They no longer satisfy you. You need something else."

She was adamant, calm, cool, and collect.

"Yeah" one woman said, "But each person you end with is someone you're going to cheat on, too, because they lack what you need."

This act continues in Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir.

Oooowee! All hands-on-deck... there's no whispering going on in Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One. Encore, this cultivated, crafty memoir is like no other, without the boredom.

This mesmerizing, suspenseful memoir is written from a deeply rich, and creative angle, with an ingenious-plot, and ongoing twists and turns.

Hallelujah Jesus! I have a beaming smile in saying, "Count It All Joy", I have completed the writings of Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One, I did an earnest job for the Lord, in the writing of this memoir. Upon the availablity of this memoir, please do come read the all exclusiveness of my journey, in this well-suited and fascinating memoir.

Jennifer Up-And-Coming Memoirs

1. The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, My Writing Journey Experiences in the Lord's House: A Memoir-Volume Two

2. The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, An Unforgettable Road Trip To Kentucky: A Memoir-Volume Three

3. The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, My Experience with A Subsidy Publisher: A Memoir-Volume Four

Shareka, The First Reader

of The Inspirational Collections of

Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One, is compelled

to share with all readers, my inital, reaction.

After having a lovely breakfast with my mother, on a rainy, Saturday morning, I decided to be the first reader of my mother's latest memoir: The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One.

Enthusiastically, I dived into the beginning, overjoyed with smiles, because of the unexpected surprise: a down-home memoir reading, that graciously explains, why, to never deprive one's self, from discovering life, even if one, chooses to be defiant, to wisdom and the evident truth of God.

With all the catchy, newly innovation, of God's traditional phrases, such as cruising through and to season you, I fell in a daze, of forgetting about the daily routine of the life cycle: domestic duties, homework, tutoring etc. and I immersed myself in the teachings of learning how to differentiate the meaning of love at first sight, and the reality of a wholesome, fruitful marriage, that produces the gifts of children, love, celebrations, and having fun family events.

I followed my mother's memoir, story-trail, intuitively, and what stayed with me the most, well, it is no surprise to my naturality of wanting to know all the details, is a question to my morale: Am I never too busy to take a moment and acknowlegdge what is more important then I? My mother, softened my inner thoughts, regardless of the day of the week, to remind my spirit, God is always present, and to remember, to silently ask yourself, "Did you remember to be humbled, despite, the personal battles, we all endure daily?"

With all upliftment, I congratulate, my mother, on her biggest achievement, thus far: A memoir, that is for everyone, to start the healing of broken relationships, because forgiveness and restoration, will always triumph over being tenacious of not loving and being unforgiving.

First Edition of Pastor Jerome Cutler Family Livelihood

Sold Well Over 3 Million Copies

Summation of The Inspirational Collections

"What makes The Inspirational Collections of books unique, besides, the books being a gift from God?”, the books are fictional spin off books from my life story, Jennifer, the authentic writer of The Inspirational Collections of books.

Up-and-coming The Inspirational Collections of Jennifer, A Young Hearted Bride: A Memoir-Volume One.

Good God Almighty, this creativity memoir is not written from a research angle, it is strictly written from "real life", my journey, life experiences, and the wisdom that I have acquired on my journey, in the wilderness, that is.

I do not research or do any leg work for the writing of The Inspirational Collections of books. My writing comes from within. When I say from within, I write from my wisdom, knowledge, and life experiences. For each, fictional book storyline, I used my imagination, to add a creative, flavorful touch, as I write. I like that, because I can write each storyline, which allows me to utilize my imagination and creativity.

Keep your eyes, peeled, for two influential sermons in this memoir, that touched my life and stayed with me, on my journey:

Sermon One: Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Miami Gardens, Florida

First Part of Dr. Reverend Alphonso Jackson's "Under New Management Sermon"

Sermon Two: Christ The Rock Community Church: Cooper City, Florida

Visiting Pastor Preached An Uplifting, Inspirational Sermon "Have You Ever Been Up a Tree"

The Inspirational Collections of books are a scenic portrait of living, written from a creatively, fictional storyline, which are fictional spin off books from my life story, that each reader can visualize, the transparency of discovering the truth about the Word of God.

The Inspirational Collections of books, dives into the tensed issues of living that involves a vivid picture that differentiates the various paths of this life’s journey. There are many different paths in life, that we encounter on our journey. God’s path never shifts, it is always the same course. God’s Word never changes. God’s Word is everlasting.

The originality, creativity, and uniqueness of The Inspirational Collections of books set them apart from other inspirational works. Every story has a new flavorful and unusual trend. In addition, the church storytelling atmospheres within the books are appealing to read. The entire collection of The Inspirational Collections of books are incredibly inspiring.

The Inspirational Collections of books, journey through, as well as, explore, the many highlighted issues, that we all endure on our journey. Just to mention a few:

  • Disagreements and Resolutions
  • Loyalty and Faithfulness
  • Commitment to Marital Vows
  • Daily Living Difficult Challenges

There is light in the world of goodness, which comes with the joyous smiles, which cherishes the love of living everyday relationships with everyone, even nature within itself, from the beautiful chiming birds to the attentive noise of the world.

The Inspirational Collections of books will be long lived, and stay with you long, after you have read them.